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Whitney Tilson’s Stock Picks EXPOSED [Updated 2024]

January 3, 2024 by Anders

If you're looking for Whitney Tilson's stock picks then you're in the right place.

Here I've put together a running list of stock picks that he's teased, which I'll be keeping updated as he continues to pump out the investment teasers... and you probably know this is fairly often.

Tilson was nicknamed "The Prophet" when it comes to predicting the future of the market, and there have been quite a few people looking for a nice list of his stock picks. 

Well, here it is.

If you're familiar with our website, then you know that here at GreenBullResearch.com we expose investment teasers by digging into the clues they leave us... all for free.

I've ordered the list of Tilson's stock picks below so that the newest ones are at the top. This should save you some time and frustration. You'll also be able to skip ahead to any of the picks you want to see with this nifty table of contents here...

*Got a recommendation that's not on the list? Let us know in the comment section below this post*

Tilson's 2023 Picks

His "Project E-92" Nuclear Power Stocks

  • Title of Teaser Presentation: "Washington's Secret 'Project E-92'"
  • Name of "Special" Report: N/A
  • Promoted Under: Energy Supercycle Investor

Here we have tilson pounding the table telling people to get in on a handful of nuclear energy stocks. This teaser is for his Energy Supercycle Investor service, which he started a little over a year ago and which focuses on investing in the energy sector.

Source: empirefinancialresearch.com

We've seen a number of teasers over the years for nuclear energy, such as Gerardo Del Real’s “Yellow Metal” company and Koyfman's "The Amazon of Uranium" stock.

Tilson is all excited about a "groundbreaking new tech/policy initiative [that] could trigger the greatest moneymaking opportunity of the 21st century."

He calls this initiative "Project E-92" and urges investors to get in on his picks now before it sends his handpicked stocks to the moon.

The US government is funding advances in nuclear energy in 30 states and in February of last year, the Department of Energy started to distribute $6 billion to go towards preserving the nuclear reactors that are in the US.

Nuclear energy is starting to be called 'clean' more and more, maybe because governments are getting desperate, and so is beginning to become more mainstream. This is all happening with nuclear waste being the most toxic of all energy wastes.

Whether or not you're a supporter of nuclear energy, Tilson is teasing the heck out of stocks in this space and teases 7 in total here.

We've revealed these picks as likely being:

  1. Constellation Energy Corp. (Nasdaq: CEG)
  2. Vistra Corp. (NYSE: VST)
  3. BWX Technologies Inc. (NYSE: BWXT)
  4. NuScale Power Corp. (NYSE: SMR)
  5. Energy Fuels Inc. (NYSE: UUUU)
  6. Uranium Energy Corp. (NYSE: UEC)
  7. Cameco Corp. (NYSE: CCJ)

>> Full write-up on these nuke companies here

The "DNA Titan" Company

  • Title of Teaser Presentation: "The Last Pill?"
  • Name of "Special" Report: "The DNA Titan: The Next Trillion-Dollar Company"
  • Promoted Under: Empire Stock Investor

This teaser starts off with Tilson talking about how the average American takes a whopping 4 pills per day but how it's all about to change with some new DNA technology thanks to some special company that could make us all a ton of money.

Source: empirefinancialresearch.com

Most people understand that one big problem with Western medicine is that it's usually focused on treating the symptoms and not the cause... which means people never actually get any better.

There are heaps of money spent on prescription medicine each year in the US, but according to Tilson this is all about to change... thanks to this 'DNA Titan' company.

What this company is involved with is what's called 'precision medicine', which is focused on DNA sequencing to determine what genes are causing illnesses.

It's a field with loads of potential that could disrupt the $600+ billion/year prescription drug market here in the US.

What we know about the company Tilson is so bullish on is that:

  • this company has more than 80% market share of the industry
  • it's yielded 10-year returns of 720% to its investors
  • Roche, Bristol Myers Squib, Merck, and even Amazon have partnered with them

What is it? Well, based on these we think it is Illumina, Inc. (NASDAQ: ILMN), which is a company we've seen teased as Adam O'Dell's "x.AI" stock as well as one of Joel Litman's SynBio stocks

>> 'DNA Titan' full review here

"Chaffee Royalty Program" Stock

  • Title of Teaser Presentation: "The NEW 'Chaffee Royalty Program' Which Could Return 10x"
  • Name of "Special" Report: "The New “Chaffee Royalty Program” That Could Pay 10x in 12 Months"
  • Promoted Under: Empire Insider Alert

Here we have Tilson teasing us with some special type of royalty program where he thinks it's possible to make 10x.

Source: empirefinancialresearch.com

We all know what royalties are, but what's he talking about with this 'Chaffee' royalty stuff?

Well, it all has to do with a guy who lived back in the 1800s named Jerome Chaffee who was buying 'royalty rights' on gold and silver claims out in Colorado, later getting into politics and helping create legislation for making 'mineral royalty trusts' a thing.

So, what Tilson is teasing us with here is the opportunity to invest in mineral royalty trusts where, in a nutshell, investors get paid based on what's able to be pulled out of the ground. 

One reason they are so enticing is because profits are not taxed and this means that a substantially high amount of profits, for example, 90%, are distributed to shareholders in the form of dividends.

So, with this in mind, what's the stock that Tilson is teasing that he thinks we could make 10x from?

What he gave us is that:

  • it trades at around $16/share and is a mineral royalty trust (oil/natural gas)
  • it owns royalties on 20 million acres
  • A man named Tom runs the company with just 98 employees

This one wasn't too difficult to figure out. It’s Black Stone Minerals L.P. (NYSE: BSM) that he's teasing us with.

>> Full write-up of this Chaffee Royalty Program stock here

Tilson's AI Companies

  • Title of Teaser Presentation: "This $87 Trillion Market Could Create the World's First Trillionaires"
  • Name of "Special" Report: "How to Profit From the $87 Trillion AI Wave" and "Buy the Platforms: Your Best Shot at a 500% Winner"
  • Promoted Under: Empire Stock Investor

This teaser is all about investing in AI before the crowd gets in and Tilson is teasing us with not 1, not 2, not even 3, but 4 AI stocks to invest in now.

Source: empirefinancialresearch.com

As you can see from the picture above, Tilson is predicting that this AI market will reach $87 trillion... with a T!!

Now that is quite a high prediction and if you search AI predictions on Google right now you won't find much of anything close to it. But, then again... he doesn't give us any time frame so it doesn't mean much. It's just a big number.

In any case, AI is growing faster than we ever imagined with the release of Chat GPT bringing AI into the mainstream. 

And, before it becomes too mainstream, Tilson begs listeners to get in before the buying frenzy begins. 

He tells us that we're at an inflection point and about to enter "society 5.0" with AI, and with this teases us with 4 companies to get in on now.

AI Company #1:

What we're told about this company is that:

  • it allows the use of AI tools that analyze customer behavior
  • 4.5 million websites already use this company to sell their products
  • this year it's expected to have 700 million customers

Shopify Inc. (NYSE: SHOP). This was an easy one to reveal.

AI Company #2:

  • Tilson calls it a 'platform company'
  • Disney is one of its clients
  • it's made 7 huge acquisitions in the AI space

It looks like he's talking about none other than the ecommerce giant Amazon Inc. (Nasdaq: AMZNhere. Nothing exciting, but then again... Tilson usually teases big blue-chip stocks after getting us all riled up for something explosive.

AI Company #3:

  • it's another 'platform company'
  • it has platforms to accelerate the process of deep learning and generate visualizations of scientific experiments

Not many clues to go off of with this pick, but we think it might be another giant... Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT).

AI Company #4:

  • its AI chips are way ahead of its competitors', described as an 'AI supercomputer in a box'
  • millions of companies seek out this company

Again, not too much to go on, but it's probably none other than NVIDIA Corp. (Nasdaq: NVDA) here. After all, its DGX-1 was called a 'supercomputer in a box'.

>> Full review of these AI companies here

The "#1 Whisper Trade"

  • Title of Teaser Presentation: "Whisper Trades"
  • Name of "Special" Report: "My #1 “Whisper Trade” for 2023"
  • Promoted Under: Empire Insider Alert

In this teaser, Tilson claims to have a perfectly legal way to capitalize on "whisper trades" that have to do with insider information.

Sounds illegal, but he assures us that it isn't, and after his explanation it all makes sense.

Source: empirefinancialresearch.com

What Tilson is talking about with these "whispers" come from “Form-4 Statement of Changes of Beneficial Ownership of Securities”, which is required by the SEC and shows us "whenever there is a material change in the holdings of company insiders"... something you might remember from a teaser we revealed way back from Jeff Yastine.

If there are insiders of a company buying stock of their company and lots of it, then this can oftentimes be a signal that something big is about to happen in a positive way.

No, this isn't insider trading and is indeed completely legal. Since the SEC form that is required is publicly viewable and, as mentioned, required to be filled out, viewing such forms does provide potentially lucrative opportunities.

Of course, skimming through Form 4s and finding valuable information is easier said than done. Government websites aren't exactly easy to navigate and it's not like you can easily view lists of recent Form 4s with large insider buying that would be worth looking at. 

This is where Tilson and his team come in, and in this particular teaser, they claim to have found a company that has recently shown large amounts of exactly this. 

What we know about this pick is that:

  • It’s a small resource royalty company based in Houston
  • The Chairman, CEO, President, Chief Financial Officer, Vice President, and several key members of the board of directors, have all been buying up shares per their Form-4 filings
  • Based on Whitney’s estimate, we could have only 60 days to get into these shares before the chance is gone

Limited information is provided here, but our best guess is Black Stone Minerals L.P. (NYSE: BSM), the Houston-based oil and gas royalty trust whose independent director, Jerry V. Kyle Jr., recently filled out a Form 4 which seems to be the blurred out one Tilson showed in his presentation.

>> Full review of his "#1 Whisper Trade" here

His "EoD" Stock Picks

  • Title of Teaser Presentation: "EoD Will Mint Millionaires in the Coming Months"
  • Name of "Special" Report: "The EoD Speculation – How to Quadruple Your Money in the Next Few Years"
  • Promoted Under: Empire Stock Investor

It's obvious that Tilson is a big fan of acronyms. Here we have him talking about "EoD" and how it "will mint millionaires in the coming months."

Source: empirefinancialresearch.com

Not only this, but he claims it could "put up to $4002 back in your pocket every year - no investment needed."

I'm listening.

To the point here, Tilson is all about investing in new and/or advancing technologies. He's the futuristic investor type and here we have him teasing the opportunity to invest in "Everything on Demand". This is what "EoD" stands for, reminding me a bit of that "On-Demand Everything" teaser by Keith Kohl from a while back, which teased the same type of opportunity but completely different stocks.

He talks about how big companies like Google, Walmart, Amazon, and even restaurant chains like McDonald's are in a race to be the fastest.

EoD is all about getting things fast. Everyone wants things NOW, and Tilson says that this movement is “the future of getting everything and anything we want, at any time, delivered straight to our doorstep on demand and often in less than an hour.”

But this isn't just about speed.

Tilson talks about how the convergence of 3 new technologies is changing the game here.

The first is e-commerce. Nothing new here... but it is possible now to buy just about anything online. The second is AI... again nothing new, but with advancements being made and, for example, Amazon using a technology he calls "Anticipatory Shipping" which allows them to begin processing an order before it is even placed based on customer data, this is a big deal. The third piece of the puzzle is the rise of autonomous vehicles, more specifically delivery vehicles.

With advances in e-commerce, AI, and autonomous vehicles, Tilson thinks investors can get rich with this EoD trend stemming from everyone wanting instant gratification.

He gives us 5 picks here. Let's go over them.

Pick 1: Amazon (Nasdaq: AMZN)

He gives us this one for free. With Amazon at the front of this EoD race, it's obvious why it's a pick.

Pick 2: "The Next Amazon"

He tells us that this company is only 1/10th the size of Amazon but is growing rapidly and that last year it acquired a massive fulfillment center in the US.

We think this pick is Shopify Inc. (NYSE: SHOP).

Picks 3 & 4

These companies we are told are critical for automated delivery vehicles and bots.

Pick 3 he tells us provides the tech that helps autonomous vehicles process large amounts of sensor data and that it has helped a truck company deliver produce from Arizona to Oklahoma - over 900 miles in less than 14 hours.

We think this 3rd pick is TuSimple Holdings Inc. (Nasdaq: TSP) as it had an autonomous vehicle pick up watermelons in Arizona and deliver them in Oklahoma in a pilot run... matching his clue.

The 4th pick he tells us is completely devoted to all things driverless and that it's a spin-off from a company that “recently tied up with a leading automotive producer” to create a new tech company.

This 4th one we think could be Aptiv Plc (APTV), but there's really not much to go off of from what he tells us.

Pick 5: The "Small Speculation" Bonus Investment

This pick is more speculative Tilson tells us. What we know about it is that it makes the technology that makes the automated micro fulfillment center trend possible and that it makes “SCARL Technology” - that processes orders in fulfillment centers without human intervention.

Ahold Delhaize N.V. (Amsterdam: AD.AS) matches this description, but there's not much to go off of here either.

>> Full write-up of these "EoD" stocks here

Tilson's 2022 Picks

The "Gold 2.0" Stock from His “SWaB” Pitch

  • Title of Teaser Presentation: "SWaB"
  • Name of "Special" Report: "Gold 2.0: Tap Into the Most Lucrative Vein of the SWaB Revolution"
  • Promoted Under: Empire Stock Investor

In this teaser, Tilson talks about two breakthoughs, SWab and Gold 2.0 - and teases us with his Gold 2.0 stock pick that he says "could be your next- and possibly LAST - chance to see as much as 50X gains."

Our last chance to see 50x gains? I'm interested. Let's see what he has to say and expose this stock pick for you.

Source: empirefinancialresearch.com

Tilson tells us that he thinks these two breakthroughs are about to disrupt $100 trillion in global assets, so this is nothing to be taken lightly.

He says that these technologies aren't very disruptive when looked at individually, but when combined... this is where the power comes in.

What he's talking about here is Solar, Wind, and Battery tech, which he claims promises the world with 24-hour energy.

SWaB = Solar, Wind, and Battery

Everyone knows that the sun doesn't always shine. And we know that the wind doesn't always blow. This is where advances in battery storage technology are of the utmost importance. This is Elon Musk’s Master Plan Part III.

Tilson acknowledges that batteries used as energy storage are very costly, yet claims that the whole SWaB system working in concert can lower energy costs drastically. For example, he claims that Americans could be paying as low as 3 cents/kWh with this. Compare this to some Americans that are paying as much as 33 cents/kWh right now.

SWaB systems have already popped up in Europe and the UK and is now coming to America - The largest utility company in the US just partnered with Tesla to create the biggest SWaB system the world has seen yet.

How can you get in on this SWaB energy revolution? Well, Tilson thinks that "Gold 2.0" is "the most lucrative vein" of it.

What the heck is Gold 2.0?

 It's just a key mineral needed for all of this to work... COPPER - something we haven't covered too many teasers on here at Green Bull, although there was that copper royalty company Dave Forest was teasing a while back.

Tilson says that there's one little-known copper company that has been strategically buying up land to position itself for the rise in copper demand.

We've all heard about the copper shortage and how this could act as a roadblock for the "Green" agendas of many nations. In fact, Market Insider recently released an article covering how copper supplies "can only cover less than 5 days of global demand." 

The supply crunch is here and will likely be here to stay. Luckily, for well-positioned copper companies like that Tilson is teasing, this is good news for their stock prices.

Some of the clues given on Tilson's copper company here include:

  • They are on track to increase output by 102% by 2023
  • They have one of the industry’s lowest costs to produce copper
  • The company is a market leader

Not much, but this is likely Teck Resources Limited (NYSE: TECK) because this company did indeed announce that it is looking at an increase in copper output of 102% by 2023, and its mines in Canada and South America hold an estimated 33 million tonnes.

>> Full "Gold 2.0" stock write-up here

Energy Supercycle “Next LNG Powerhouse” Company

  • Title of Teaser Presentation: "November 15 'Exodus' Set to Wreak Havoc on Your Money"
  • Name of "Special" Report: "400% Upside: The $4 Stock at the Center of the Energy Supercycle"
  • Promoted Under: Energy Supercycle Investor

Here we have Whitney Tilson trying to lure in subscribers to one of his new advisory services, Energy Supercycle Investor, which is no surprise to see having come across so many "experts" bullish on the natural gas and oil sectors lately. 

- Remember Stansberry's "Best Oil Business on Earth" teaser and Louis Navellier's oil plays?

In this teaser, he tells us that a "November 15 'Exodus' Set to Wreak Havoc on Your Money"...

Source: empirefinancialresearch.com

Sounds scary, but of course, if you just invest in the "LNG Powerhouse" company that Tilson is teasing here, you should be good to go... right?

After all, he's teasing this company's stock as an easy 4Xer.

In a nutshell, Tilson is extremely bullish on natural gas at the moment. Due to the demand exceeding supply, there being a lack of refineries, and the US oil companies providing inadequate amounts, he thinks that we're about to see a multi-year bull market for the nat gas sector that is going to be one for the ages.

And, he's not the only one thinking this. What's more is that not only do we have the catalysts mentioned above that are very bullish for the nat gas sector, but if you factor in how Russia is cutting nat gas supply to Europe and the sanctions placed on Russian oil after the Ukrainian invasion... well then... this is even more bullish for non-Russian nat gas companies.

According to Statistica, Russia was the 4th largest LNG supplier globally in 2021 with its lead producer Gazprom... and this supply just nearly vanished from the Western market.

So, how does he recommend we capitalize on this lack of supply and increasing demand? 

As already mentioned, he teases us with his "LNG Powerhouse" stock. 

Some of the clues he gives us on this company include:

  • It's building an integrated LNG business and will control every aspect of the process. And it will be the only US company to do this.
  • It's already secured permits with the Department of Energy and the Federal Regulatory Commission.
  • "One of the founding fathers of the LNG movement" is also leading this company and he's supposedly turned his last company into the 2nd largest LNG exporter in the world.

We've come to the conclusion that he's teasing Tellurian Inc. (NYSE: TELL) here, which has even called itself "the first integrated global gas pure play in the U.S."

>> Full "LNG Powerhouse" write-up here

The "Reversal" Cannabis Stock

  • Title of Teaser Presentation: "Market Reversal Summit"
  • Name of "Special" Report: "My Next Reversal Trade Could Be the Biggest Windfall of my Entire 25-Year Career"
  • Promoted Under: Empire Investment Report

In this teaser, we have Tilson presenting his hype at a marketing event they are calling the "Market Reversal Summit"...

Tilson is convinced the market is about to reverse (I don't know when he first released this teaser, but we reviewed it back on Sep 2, 2022). Just like the market downturn, we saw in 2008 and the subsequent reversal that followed, he's predicting that it's not time for the market to start moving in an upward trajectory, in dramatic fashion.

And, of course, he teases us with what he thinks is the perfect stock to invest in to get in on this reversal, claiming that it "could Be the Biggest Windfall of my Entire 25-Year Career."

He tells us that this reversal stock pick was personally selected by himself after vetting possible companies looking for "visionary management", "real profits with rising margins", the company having a "hidden asset", "industry insight" and signs of other prominent individuals/companies in the industry being bullish on the company, and lastly... he looks for a good old "federal subsidy" that could help increase industry demand.

The stock he's teasing for us here is in the cannabis industry.

We haven't seen much being teased that much by investment "experts" in the cannabis sector as of late. In fact, it was back in 2020 when Blanco was teasing his "Marijuana Millionaire Playbook", Mizrahi his "No. 1 Marijuana Stock for 2020", and Motley Fool was pumping out their #1 Pot Stock ads. 

Nonetheless, according to Grandview Research, the industry is still expected to grow at a CAGR of 25.3% going from 2022 - 2010... and this is pretty impressive.

Some of the clues he gave us for the company he's so bullish on include:

  • Hedge fund billionaire Ricky Sandler is long on the stock.
  • It's shown strong revenue growth and has a positive operating cash flow, with its operating income turning positive in 2021.
  • It meets all of his vetting requirements mentioned above.

We've identified this pick as Cresco Labs Inc. (OTC: CRLBF).

>> Full report on his "Reversal" cannabis pick

His 10 "Hyperscalable" Companies

  • Title of Teaser Presentation: "Two Wall Street Legends Are Making the Same Big Prediction"
  • Name of "Special" Report: "The Hyperscale: Why the Next Leap in Online Technology Could Make You 10,000% on the Best Little Stocks"
  • Promoted Under: Empire Investment Report and Breakthrough Stocks (by Louis Navellier)

What we've got going on here is an example of some cross-pollination as they call it in the marketing world. Tilson teamed up with Louis Navellier, an investment expert from Investor Place, and supposedly they are "making the same big prediction."

In short, they're bullish tech - far from the oil play's we saw Navellier teasing somewhat recently.

Sure, maybe there were actually predicting the same thing beforehand, but I bet you that they also brought together this collaboration for the marketing potential alone. I mean, they're trying to sell us on two different investment newsletter services here (Tilson's Empire Investment Report & Navellier's Breakthrough Stocks)!

Anyway, they claim it could be the biggest investment opportunity in the past 3 generations. Now, if we take a generation to last about 25 years, this means they're telling us that this is the best investment opportunity they've come across in the past 75 years.

Of course, Tilson always makes bold claims like these to hype up his teasers, but nonetheless, it's enticing to hear.

The two guys tell us that they think what happened on March 23, 2020 is going to repeat, which let me remind you is when the market first hit rock bottom from the corona virus panic.

They urge viewers to get their money in the right stocks now... of course, these are the stocks they're teasing us with.

It all has to do with what they call "hyperscalability", which is the ability of a company to grow revenues with minimal costs. In this way, many tech companies would be considered "hyperscalable" and Tilson and Navellier are telling the American public not to fear tech investments even after the market pullbacks we've seen.

For example, take a look at tech companies that offer subscription-based services such as Netflix, Spotify, Shopify, etc. Scaling companies like these that largely exist in the online world has proven to be much easier than, let's say, a mining company that would have to purchase large excavation equipment, etc. in order to scale.

There was a good 2019 article I came across talking about how Netflix's business model is genious, costing close to nothing to sell an additional membership (of course Netflix has run into a number of problems over the years, but the fact remains that a business model like theirs has incredible scaling potential).

They think that investing in hyperscalable tech companies is largely the way to go. In fact, they even tease us by saying that within their 10 hyperscale stock picks there is probably the potential to find 10,000% winners.

The unfortunate side of this story... they give us absolutely NO CLUES as to what these stocks are.

Luckily for us, there was a fellow reader that commented on these 10 picks being KOS-MTDR-TWI-RCMT-CLFD-DAVA-MRVL-UMG-SYNA-LNTH. 

But, it's worth noting that we haven't been able to confirm these for certain.

>> Review of these "Hyperscalable" companies here

The "$4 Inflation Stock"

  • Title of Teaser Presentation: "The $4 Inflation Stock"
  • Name of "Special" Report: "The $4 Inflation Stock That Could Change Your Life"
  • Promoted Under: Empire Stock Investor

Inflation is running rampant and Tilson claims that he has just the solution for us... a "$4 Inflation Stock" that he thinks it's possible to make as much as 100x off of in the coming years.

100x? That's what he thinks is possible.

In fact, he even says that:

"If I had to invest my wife's full retirement account in one stock (again)... Hands down, this would be the one."

Tilson thinks the industry this company is dominating will have a bigger impact than the internet, and he might be right.

What he's talking about here is, yet again, synbio, which is, simply put, a field of science where organisms are redesigned for uses that are more purposeful to humans - anything from microorganisms having their DNA engineered to clean pollutants in the ocean to yeast having its DNA altered to produce rose oil for perfumes.

Overlooking the fact that synbio can be quite frightening if used for bioweapon purposes, there's a lot of good that can come from the industry, with many thinking that it is critical to a sustainable future with human life.

At any rate, the market is expected to grow at a fast pace in the coming years, although probably not as much as Tilson leads us to believe. Coherent Market Insights thinks the market will be worth over $100 billion by 2030, coming from $13.9 billion in 2022.

The stock pick Tilson has for us is what he calls a "Perfect 10 Stock", which is why he thinks it could skyrocket so much in the near future.

Some of the clues he drops include:

  • that the company started in 2008
  • it writes code for synbio platforms
  • it has a codebase that is "the world’s largest reusable, standardized genetic parts list", which over 400 million proprietary codes
  • it just went public last year

Yep, he is once again teasing Ginkgo Bioworks Holdings Inc. (NYSE: DNA) here, which as listed below, he teased in his "America's Next Big 'Monopoly'" pitch. And, as already mentioned below, this company has been teased by other "experts" in the industry.

>> Full write-up of this "$4 Inflation Stock" here

His "America's Next Big 'Monopoly'" Stock

  • Title of Teaser Presentation: "America's Next Big 'Monopoly'"
  • Name of "Special" Report: "America's Next Big 'Monopoly'" - same
  • Promoted Under: Empire Stock Investor

In this teaser presentation, Tilson tells us that he's predicting "America's Next Big 'Monopoly'"...

He tells us that this has nothing to do with tech like AI, 5G, robotics, blockchain, etc., and that it is "much bigger" and "much more important".

This whole pitch has to do with what he's calling the "quaternary code", which is just DNA. 

Unlike our computers which function 0s and 1s in binary code, DNA functions using four different molecules (A,T,C,G) in what can be called quaternary code.

Scientists have learned to program DNA and now we have an emerging industry known as synthetic biology, which we've already seen quite a bit of real-world application for, such as in agriculture with Monsanto and others.

The company he's looking at here, which we know he thinks has "America's Next Big 'Monopoly'", supplies custom genomes in code form.

We're also told that:

  • it already has partnerships with Roche, IARPA, Cargill and others large companies
  • it produces its genomes inside a 219,000 sq ft lab in Boston
  • and, that it has the largest library of DNA codes in the world, which they call a "codebase"

We think this pick is Ginkgo Bioworks Holdings Inc. (NYSE: DNA), which we've also seen teased by Joel Litman as one of his SynBio stocks ,by Luke Lango as "The Next DNA Sequencing Giant", and even as Jeff Siegel's Helix-Scaling stock.

The clues given here match up nicely.

>> Read our full write-up of this "quaternary code" stock here

"Netstake" Stock Pick

  • Title of Teaser Presentation: "Netstake"
  • Name of "Special" Report: "NETSTAKE: The Netflix of Sports Betting: How to 10X Your Money Without Placing a Single Bet"
  • Promoted Under: Empire Elite Growth

"Netstake"...? This is the word Tilson is using here, in a teaser where he talks about a "little-known company that's using the Netflix blueprint"...

Have you heard of decision No. 16-476 made by the Supreme Court?

Well, the ruling favors sports betting and this is the opportunity that Tilson is teasing here, which we've heard some talk about such as from Stephen McBride with his "Phase 2 Crypto" picks (he mentions that he expects Solana to be the go-to crypto for sports betting).

He sees the sports betting industry as massive, and claims this is "one of the biggest opportunities he has come across in his career"... but there's a good chance he says that a lot.

Just as Netflix brought movies into the average American's home like never before, he tells us that "this company will bring the excitement of sports plus the adrenaline rush of gambling in casinos, into people’s homes."

Much of the teaser talks about how dominant Netflix is. Just as Netflix cut into the profits of Blockbuster and other brick and mortar movie stores, Tilson predicts that this sports betting company is going to dig into the profits of traditional casinos.

Of course, if this company really follows Netflix's trajectory then you'll want to get in asap. But, the cost to find out the name of this company? $2,000/yr to join the Empire Elite Growth service.

Luckily, we think we've been able to positively identify his pick here as being GAN Limited (Nasdaq: GAN).

You can see how the clues given match up with GAN Limited in our full review (link below).

>> Full review of this "Netstake" stock here

Those "TaaS" Picks

  • Title of Teaser Presentation: "Have You Heard of 'TaaS'?"
  • Name of "Special" Report: "The #1 Way to Profit on the Electric Vehicle Boom" and "The Two Critical Driverless Technologies You Must Own Today"
  • Promoted Under: Empire Stock Investor

"TaaS" again? 

Yep. This is one of the longest-running teasers I've ever seen. He's been teasing the "TaaS" investment opportunity since at least 2020, as you know if you've looked lower on this list, and this teaser is still actively being promoted in 2022, although not as much.

There have been quite a few variations over the years, but the basics of the teaser are still the same.

Just to recap here, since I've already talked about this teaser in detail under the "2020 Picks" section, Tilson is predicting the rise in what he calls "TaaS", which is an acronym for Transportation-as-a-Service, not to be confused with Ian King's "MaaS" teaser.

In summary, he foresees a future where there are fleets of autonomous, driverless electric vehicles scooting around providing services like Uber and Lyft, which we've mentioned that there's been talk about in our review of Jeff Brown's SAV stock pick (they make image sensors for autonomous vehicles). He thinks that this will not only change the transportation industry, but will also have far-reaching effects, such as on city tax structures, the insurance industry, car values, and more. 

In this teaser, he teases us with 5 recommendations, the first of which he gives us for free - "Investment #1: Buy Waymo".

Then, he teases two investments that "Own the Most Important Technology in the Electric Car Space" and two more that "Own the Two Key Technologies for Autonomous Vehicles".

We think that 2 of these 4 other recommendations are Aptiv (APTV) and Nvidia (NVDA).

>> You can read how we came to these "TaaS" stock conclusions here

The "Connexa Terra" Stocks

  • Title of Teaser Presentation: "Connexa Terra"
  • Name of "Special" Report: "Five Ways to Earn 10x on the World’s Biggest Tech Shift"
  • Promoted Under: Empire Stock Investor

He calls it "Connexa Terra"...

There's a good chance you've never heard of this term before, and the reason for this is because it's a term coined by Tilson. He made it up.

But, what he's really talking about here when he says "Connexa Terra" is the metaverse, which is something we've been hearing about quite a bit lately - we've reviewed teasers by Jeff Brown and Michael Robinson for metaverse plays.

The metaverse is a 3D network of virtual worlds that's largely focused on social interaction. Think virtual reality. This is a large portion of what can be called the metaverse.

There are all sorts of growth predictions floating around out there. For example, on PRNewswire, they mention the market size is predicted to hit $678.8 billion by 2030, but Emergen Research forecasts it to hit $1.6 trillion by 2030, and there are even more wild estimates out there. But, the bottom line here is that it's likely going to be huge. Heck, Facebook even changed its name to take advantage of this opportunity.

Luckily for us, Tilson says that we "could make 10x your money on the five 'buy now' stocks that are about to take control of it all".

5 stocks he teases here... 

  1. The first pick he actually gives us for free - it's Meta Platforms Inc. (formerly Facebook) - not that exciting.
  2. One is big in the music industry and has 15 different recording labels. We're told they're going to create an entire band that is tied to the metaverse.
  3. This is a chipmaker that is providing microchips crucial to the AI needed in virtual reality tech.
  4. Here he teases a crypto play that he thinks will be a big player in the metaverse.
  5. And then there's a gaming company that's been around since the 80's, which Tilson thinks is going to dominate the metaverse in this space.

We've identified the remaining 4 picks as being Universal Music Group (Amsterdam: UMG), NVIDIA Corp. (Nasdaq: NVDA), Ethereum (ETH), and Electronic Arts (Nasdaq: EA) respectively. 

>> Full write-up on how we came to these "connexa terra" stocks here

Picks From 2021

Not much here, but here's what we have from Tilson from 2021...

"TaaS" Stock Picks

  • Title of Teaser Presentation: "Have You Heard of 'TaaS'?"
  • Name of "Special" Report: "The #1 Way to Profit on the Electric Vehicle Boom" and "The Two Critical Driverless Technologies You Must Own Today"
  • Promoted Under: Empire Stock Investor

Yep, he's still teasing his "TaaS" picks here in 2021. There have been some other variations of the teaser presentation floating around, but let's just use this "Have You Heard of 'TaaS'?" one again as an example...

If you've read below this, then you already know Tilson has been teasing this "TaaS" opportunity since 2020, at least.

Since I already talked about this teaser below, I'll keep this short. 

In a nutshell, Tilson is teasing the opportunity to invest in the "TaaS" industry. TaaS stands for Transportation as a Service and he sees a future with autonomous EV's running around like Ubers or Lyfts, all completely autonomous and completely EV.

This is all possible and becoming more practical thanks to dropping costs of EV batteries and advancements in the tech behind the autonomy of these vehicles, which we've seen quite a bit of teasers focusing on (there is Matt McCall's "Quantum Glass Battery", Ray Blanco's "Million Mile Battery", and so on).

Tilson teases 5 picks total here, the first being Waymo (he gives us this one) and then 4 others, 2 of which we believe are Aptiv (APTV) and Nvidia (NVDA).

>> Read our full report on how we came to these "TaaS" stocks here

2020 Picks

Some of Tilson's 2020 stock recommendations...

Here Are The "TaaS" Stocks He's Been Teasing

  • Title of Teaser Presentation: "Have You Heard of 'TaaS'?"
  • Name of "Special" Report: "The #1 Way to Profit on the Electric Vehicle Boom" and "The Two Critical Driverless Technologies You Must Own Today"
  • Promoted Under: Empire Stock Investor

A "new tech breakthrough affecting you and your money"?? That's what Whitney Tilson is telling us about this "TaaS" stuff, which he claims "could put up to an extra $5,500 back in your pocket each year."

Sounds good to me, but "Have You Heard of 'TaaS'?"...

You probably haven't ever heard of the acronym "TaaS" before because it's not very common. 

Tilson tells us that "A slew of new technologies are leading us to a new development, a transformation called TaaS."

This is supposedly going to affect the value of homes across the country, help save families "an estimated $5,600" each year, will have an impact on car value, change the tax structure in "almost every city and small town", and will change the insurance industry.

What is "TaaS"?

We're told that it's the combination of 2 new technologies and a new business model.

"TaaS" stands for "Transportation as a Service", and the technologies he's talking about here are EV technology and the tech that goes behind these vehicles' autonomous capabilities, which could be "computing power, cameras, sensors, laser range finders (called LiDAR), GPS, and artificial intelligence software", etc.

The business model he mentions is that of Uber and Lyft.

So, basically, he's envisioning a future with a bunch of autonomous EVs going around like taxis, similar to what Koyfman envisions with his "EV flight" company (just we're talking about autonomous air taxis here), and we're already seeing this in some parts of the US, although not at scale.

Battery prices have continued to drop over the years and the "crossover point" where buying an EV is cheaper than a traditional car is expected to come in 2022 - claims Tilson. Not only that, but advancements in AI and other needed tech for autonomy have advanced to the point where his envisioned future is possible, and practical in his mind.

So how does he suggest investing to get in on this future?

He teases us with 3 different investment areas here, which include 5 stocks in total. 

  • "Investment #1: Buy Waymo"
  • "Investment #2: Own the Most Important Technology in the Electric Car Space"
  • "Investment #3: Own the Two Key Technologies for Autonomous Vehicles"

So, obviously, for "Investment #1" he gives us his pick for free (Waymo), but this isn't that exciting. The other 4 stocks are elusive, but we think that Aptiv (APTV) and Nvidia (NVDA) fit the bill for two of them.

>> Read our full write-up of these "TaaS" stocks here

Who Is Whitney Tilson?

He went to Harvard for both his bachelor's degree as well as his MBA. He's been all over the media.

Seems legit, right?

Whitney Tilson

The picture above shows Tilson giving a speech at a Robinhood conference.

He's also been featured in Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, and other big financial media outlets. Heck, CNBC even gave him the nickname "The Prophet" a while back.

But, of course, having a lot of publicity isn't necessarily a good thing. After all, it seems that many investment "experts" are more of just talking heads.

Not only that, but let's not forget what happened to Tilson's hedge fund, Kase Capital Management - he had to shut it down in 2017 due to underperformance. If you want to know the full details, I suggest you read my full review of Whitney Tilson here, but in summary, the investment strategy Tilson was using didn't fare well in the decade-long bull run that we saw going on starting in 2009, and with the underperformance of his fund (was trailing the S&P by 9%) he was left with no choice but to shut it down.

That said, it's worth pointing out that Tilson doesn't hide from this failure. He has been vocal about it and claims to have learned his lesson.

Two years later, in 2019, was when he entered the investment newsletter business and launched Empire Financial Research, which is probably how you came across the guy - lots of hyped up promotional material that is bound to lure just about anyone in - keep in mind that his company here is under the umbrella of The Agora.

Now he runs several investment newsletter services under the company, from which he provides market insight and above all else, specific investment recommendations.

But, how well do these recommendations actually perform? 

Conclusion & Should You Buy Tilson's Recommendations?

Here at GreenBullResearch.com we uncover his picks for free, if possible, but this doesn't mean we are telling people to buy them. There's only one stock advisory service we actually recommend, and it has nothing to do with Tilson.

We're well aware of the bragging that you often see in the promotional material... things like making...

  • "268% in 13 months on gun maker Smith & Wesson (245% annualized)"
  • "156% in 10 months on casino stock Penn National Gaming (189% annualized)"
  • Investing in Netflix at $7.78 a share and Apple at $1.42 a share

BUT, keep in mind that claims like these are often misleading. For example, as I mentioned in my full review of the man, Tilson did indeed invest in Apple early on, but only held the stock for less than a year. Not only this, but of course, in the promotional material, you will not find any mentions of losses. Only big gains are talked about.

If you are unsure about whether or not to trust Tilson's stock picks, then I highly suggest reading the full review of Whitney Tilson that I've mentioned. There have been several negative comments about him that we've received at the bottom of the post, one of which is from a lifetime subscriber to Tilson's services (this costs $6k/yr) who claims to have lost a substantial amount of money following his recommendations, calling this subscription a "BIG MISTAKE".

But that's not to say that all of these stock picks are worthless. Just be sure to do your own due diligence and don't blindly follow what he's saying.

I hope you've found this list of Whitney Tilson stock picks helpful. As always, let us know what you think in the comment section below. 

***If you have a stock pick from Tilson that isn't on the list, please let us know!***


Anders is the founder and chief editor of Green Bull Research. When he's not investigating new opportunities and adding to his portfolio, you might find him taking a nature walk or reading a Steven Pressfield novel.

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