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Alex Koyfman’s Uranium Stock Revealed – “The Amazon of Uranium”

Alex Koyfman Uranium Stock

October 23, 2020 by Anders

Investment analyst and speculator Alex Koyfman has been teasing a uranium company that he thinks could make investors incredibly rich, stating that "you could position yourself for a 29,594% revenue surge in possibly a few weeks".

He's calling this uranium mining company "The Amazon of Uranium", and in this post I'll be piecing together the clues he gives us to reveal the name of the company being teased (normally you'd have to pay to buy into his advisory service!).

This is a good one, so read on...

The teaser:

There might be multiple variations of this teaser, but in the one I came across Koyfman is calling it the "Hottest Asset in the World"...

The Investment of the Decade

Alex Koyfman's the man behind it all, whom we're pretty familiar with from his "forever memory" and "internet fuel" teasers. He is a Russian immigrant who came to the US at an early age and began trading in the stock market in his teenage years. His education includes graduating from Law School, but after this he decided to start trading and investing full-time rather than going the legal route. There isn't any fancy Wall Street experience here, but Koyfman has been running investment advisory services since 2014 and claims that: "I'm so tough that 4 days out of 5, I skip breakfast" (funny). He does uncover some pretty good investment opportunities out there, and this could be one of them.

The teaser here starts out with him talking about "This little-known industrial site holds the key to what could be the investment of the decade"...

He calls it an "under-the-radar discovery" and claims that "This 7-Decade-Old Industry Is About To Enter Its Next 100x Super Cycle".

Why does this matter?

Well, Koyfman tells us that the last time it hit this "super cycle" it "made early investors incredibly rich", but this time he thinks it's going to even be better because of three specific catalysts that are in place:

  1. Demand is exceeding supply
  2. There are only 50 suppliers left (actually fewer than 50)
  3. "A once-in-a-decade market event is imminent" - says it normally happens once every 5 to 10 years and the indicators confirming that we've now entered this phase are undeniable

After blabbing on for quite some time, Koyfman finally got to the point of this all. The "hated metal" he's talking about here is uranium, as we know.

There had already been a supply shortage for the metal and on top of that COVID decreased supplies even more.

There are a lot of catalysts acting in favor of price surges here... and he thinks his favorite pick "could hand you a payday of 29,594%".

That's right folks... he thinks the stock could soar as much as 29,594%... quite a bold prediction to make (and he claims it's actually conservative!).

The sales pitch:

In typical fashion, the ending of the teaser ends in a sales pitch for his investment advisory service.

You can get a "free report" he's giving out titled "The Amazon of Uranium"...

However, the kicker is that in order to get this free report you first have to buy into Koyfman's subscription advisory service called Microcap Insider for $999/yr.

So is it really free? 

Well, you decide.

It doesn't really matter anymore though. As stated, I'll be revealing the name of the company he's talking about shortly, but first let's talk a bit about this "hated metal" called uranium.

The Uranium Opportunity

Koyfman isn't the only one thinking uranium prices are going to skyrocket in the near future. Many see it as a "boom or bust commodity", which means that prices cycle higher and then fall, usually in time-frames of around a decade or so.

No one really knows when prices will boom, but there are many catalysts in place for it to happen any time.

Some of the points that Koyfman makes for the argument that it will happen very soon include the number of nuclear reactors that are in the works, the impact COVID has had on things, and the number of long-term uranium contracts up for renewal.

Uranium has already spiked a bit as a result of the pandemic...

As was stated in the presentation, half of the world's uranium comes from Kazakhstan and one of their big state-run miners, Kazatomprom, shut down it's in-situ sites on April 7th after COVID started happening. The miner has resumed production, but continues to operate at a 20% reduction and seems to have no plans to make-up for the volume lost because of the COVID shutdown.

Anyways, the demand is greater than the supply... and we know what this does to prices...

Koyfman goes on to give examples of how investors could have easily become millionaires from the 2006 uranium shortage and claims that this is repeating today... "only this time, it's four times bigger" because of the COVID situation.

Another catalyst has to do with contract renewals. Right now “Only around 67% of European and 28% of U.S. utilities’... requirements are currently contracted”. Power plants usually secure long-term uranium contracts that last for up to 15 years... and with many contracts up for renewal in the near future we could see prices increase just from this - Koyfman thinks they could "easily double".

And on top of all that, you have the US stockpiling uranium and trying to get back in the lead in nuclear energy technology.

There are lots of things acting in favor of uranium price surges here... and Koyfman teases 3 investment opportunities, each of which are speculative and trade at less than $2 a share - all are US companies.

Koyfman's Uranium Stocks

The first two companies are given to us for free. These include:

  1. Azarga Uranium (OTCMKTS: AZZUF)
  2. Uranium Energy Corp. (NYSEAMERICAN: UEC)

However, the company he's teasing the most... the one he thinks could hand investors gains of up to 29,594%... he doesn't tell us.

But the good news is that he did provide enough clues for me to piece things together and find a positive match.

His "#1 Stock for 29,594% Gains"

This is the company he's been calling "The Amazon of Uranium" and some of the better clues we were given include:

  • "Its stock trades for less than a pack of gum right now" - "trading for about $2 each"
  • "It holds the second-biggest domestic inventory of uranium after giant Cameco"
  • It "owns a whole range of mines and production sites in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming"
  • Its "licensed production capacity amounts to a huge 11.5 million pounds per year"
  • "Its market cap is 20 times smaller than Cameco’s"

Any guesses here?

If you're thinking it's Energy Fuels Inc (UUUU) then you are correct my friend.

Energy Fuels Inc is a leading producer of uranium and vanadium in the US, and also offers environmental cleanup and uranium recycling services.

All the clues match up nicely here...

  • Yes, Energy Fuels Inc's stock price has been hovering under the $2 mark for a while now.
  • Yes, their market cap is right around 20x smaller than Cameco's (was around 18.5x smaller based on the latest numbers).
  • Yes, they do have "over 11.5 million pounds of annual licensed uranium production capacity".
  • Yes, Energy Fuel Inc does have operations in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming.
  • And Yes, Energy Fuels is the largest uranium mining company in the US after Cameco.

There's no doubt it's Energy Fuels Inc that Alex Koyfman is teasing here, but is this really a 29,594% opportunity?

29,594% Potential Gain?

The potential to make 29,594% gains on an investment in Energy Fuels Inc sounds crazy, but according to Koyfman this is actually a conservative prediction.

He tells us that based on the 2006 uranium bull run this stock would have went up 29,594%, but since the current situation is around 4x that because of COVID, "we could even be looking at an incredible 103,579% opportunity".

Really? 103,579%...?

I suppose it's possible, but you certainly shouldn't count on gains like this. Koyfman is a speculator and you have to take some of the things he tells you with a grain of salt.

As I'm writing this, Energy Fuels Inc (UUUU) has a VGM score of F from Zacks, which means they think it may be overvalued and don't recommend buying it... but then again they aren't fans of speculation.

While there definitely is big potential here, the bottom line is that this is a speculative play and you shouldn't invest more than you can afford to lose.

Quick Recap & Conclusion

  • Alex Koyfman from Angel Publishing has been teasing the opportunity to invest in 3 uranium companies, one of which he thinks will could surge 29,594% - and this is an estimate prediction according to him.
  • In order to get the details on his #1 pick, you need his "free" report... which you have to pay for by buying into his subscription advisory service.
  • Luckily for you, I've just exposed the stock he's teasing for free so that you no longer have to... it's Energy Fuels Inc (UUUU).

You're welcome!

I hope you've enjoyed this post and got some value from it.

As always, lets us know what you think of this stock in the comment section below. Is a 29,594% prediction being conservative?


Anders is the founder and chief editor of Green Bull Research. When he's not investigating new opportunities and adding to his portfolio, you might find him taking a nature walk or reading a Steven Pressfield novel.

  • Thank for the heads up. Your work is very much appreciated. However – looking at last 5 year's performance on FT.com the data, at first glance, seems to indicate that this looks like a company fast going out of business. The average change in revenue for the last full 5 years is MINUS 33% per year! That being said, the forecasts are of a median share price target of $3.7 for 12 months time.

  • If electric vehicles are the car of the future they'll have to get their fuel from somewhere. Not everyone country can safely and efficiently export uranium. Two years down the road and I believe the investment will return 10x, maybe even 20x. The price of electricity itself will temper the huge gains he is calling for, will it not? Or are we talking fissionable materials used for weapons?

  • Anders enjoyed reading about the Amzon of Uranium. As you clearly stated this investment is a very speculative investment and one should not invest more than they are prepared to loss.

    I also read the Insider Weekly and was quite interested in the Investment Services but it clearly for the long term investor. My investment interest is to invest for the calender year with the goal of significently outperfroming the S & P 500 Index.

    My long term investments are presently managed by an established Wealth Manager.

  • This is not about Uranium, but an old stock tease called "Halo-Fi," That was going to make the internet and TV available worldwide wit something like 759 to 800 satellites stationed at roughly 750 miles in orbit. Tis was supposedly going to be done at a cost of about $7.00 dollars a month to the user. Did this program die aborning, or was it bought up by Apple for their Apple-Fi project??

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