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Hi, I'm Anders, founder and editor here at Green Bull Research. I created this website to help investors avoid the many investment traps that exist online, and today I'd like to show you my #1 recommended investment advisory service for beginner and experienced investors alike.

And yes, it only costs a dollar (this is a special offer they are currently running).

Most Investment Advisory Services Are Over-Hyped And Don't Perform Well

There are plenty of stock-picking services and advisory newsletters out there, but the problem is that most of them... well... suck.

Many are over-hyped and just don't perform very well, with the companies behind them spending much of their money hyping up new opportunities rather than finding good investments for their subscribers.

There's a good chance you've heard of investment advisory services from The Motley Fool, Banyan Hill, Stansberry Research, Agora Financial, etc.

Now I'm certainly not saying that all their services are bad. But, what I am saying is that they are often mass-marketed and hyped-up to no-end... which leads to a lot of disappointed subscribers.

Here at Green Bull Research we like results, not hype.

You've Probably Never Heard of This Little-Known Service Before

The reason it's "little-known" is simple... the professional money managers running this service are focused on results, not on mass-marketing it all over the internet.

And with this said, I proudly present to you INSIDER Weekly - a top-notch, no-hype, no-BS, results-driven advisory service from Capitalist Exploits that targets 3x - 10x opportunities by looking for extremely undervalued and out-of-favor sectors and investing in stocks there. 

I Present to You: INSIDER Weekly...

INSIDER Weekly is the investment newsletter portion of the INSIDER membership. So basically what's going on here is the guys at INSIDER (Chris and Brad) are allowing people to subscribe to just the weekly newsletter part of their service without paying for the whole thing.

Chris (I'll talk a bit more about who he is in a second) is the one who writes these reports up every week and in these issues members are provided with unique investment ideas that are backed by loads of professional research. 

Each issue usually starts out with a nice sunset picture sent in from a subscriber (it's become somewhat of a tradition)...

And in the meat of these newsletters, which can be quite lengthy depending on what's going on in the world, Chris takes a macro-economic approach and breaks down what's happening in the market in layman's terms, often providing graphs, charts, and pictures to help illustrate...

Chris and Brad have been in the money-management business for a long time. They have high-level connections and are able to access information that most can't, not to mention they spend a lot of time pouring over information and charts keeping up with global supplies and demands to keep up with the larger macro-economic picture.

After reading an issue you can expect to have a better understanding of what's going on in the world economically. You'll know what Chris and Brad are interested in, what to avoid like the plague and so on.

And at the end of each issue Chris always leaves off with "The Big Five", which are "five interesting long-term setups - unloved and totally off the radar of the average fund manager"...

Maybe these screenshots I've provided will give you some insight into what you'll get here, but you'll only really know after you join.

As for now, all you can really do is take my word for it. These weekly newsletters really help keep you "in the know" of what's going on out there... and I mean what's really going on, which may or may not be what you hear from the big media outlets.

Chris does an excellent job at helping subscribers navigate the markets to help grow their money, especially in tough times like we find ourselves in now.

Who Is Chris Macintosh?

Far from being "talking heads" in the media, Chris Macintosh and Brad McFadden are the guys behind INSIDER - both professional money managers who put their money where their mouths are.

Chris has founded and built multi-million dollar investment businesses, has worked with overseeing as much as $30 million into Venture Capital opportunities, he advises family offices around the world and so on.

Brad is the othe guy behind INSIDER, and he does a lot of the digging around looking for deep-value opportunities no one else is looking at. His past includes managing high net-worth client funds at Henry Ansbacher as well as managing a trading book for Rand Merchant Bank in South Africa. But since Chris is the one writing the INSIDER Weekly newsletter service, you won't hear from Brad if this is all you subscribe to.

Back to Chris: It's also worth noting that Chris throws PC talk out the window, certainly not following the "politically correct" news you might here from the major media outlets. Sometimes the way he puts economic and political market situations is a little blunt, but I like it this way, and this is the way it has to be if you want to make the best decisions managing your money. So if you're offended easily, well, you've been warned.

The Strategy - Buy What Nobody Else Is Buying

They look to invest in sectors that are extremely under-valued. It's by finding deep-value setups that they are able to target returns of 3x - 10x.

In a nutshell, the goal here is to find sectors that have been beat up and left for dead, yet are still vital for the functioning of society. Out-of-favor, hated, and unpopular sectors that no one else is looking at are what you can expect to be alerted to within INSIDER Weekly.

It's all about asymmetric investing, which is simply finding opportunities with big upside and little downside.

As Chris Macintosh has stated himself, "I engineer my portfolio so that even if I'm right only 25% of the time, I'm still profitable."

Furthermore, as mentioned, Chris and Brad are looking for deep value in sectors that are still vital for the functioning of society. So with this it becomes a waiting game. The question isn't "if" a stock will bounce back, but "when" it will - usually of course (they make mistakes too).

Example: Uranium

I can't divulge too much information here, but Uranium is one sector INSIDER has recommended investing in. It's been hated and unloved for years now, and stocks in this sector can be bought at bargain prices. Not only that, but it is still very much essential for the functioning of society, and countries like India and China are continuing to increase their demand.

At the moment some INSIDER members (myself included) have already made 2 - 3x gains on the INSIDER-recommended uranium stocks due to recent up-ticks in price, and the party seems to just be getting started if prices are going to even come close to past highs...

All You Need Is $1 to Join

INSIDER Weekly costs $35 per month, which is one heck of a deal any way you look at it, but better yet, right now you can join for just $1 for the entire first month.

Just $1 for your first 4 INSIDER Weekly newsletters, the latest issue being sent out immediately upon joining.

You won't be disappointed.

What Members Are Saying..

Capitalist Exploits (the company that runs INSIDER Weekly) has a 4.8 out of 5 star rating on Trustpilot, which is almost unheard of.

The reason for this is simple... they don't hype-up their advisory services and promise unrealistic earnings, and they always over-provide.

I know a lot of people who land on our website are fed-up with advisory services not living up to the claims made, and many subscribers are more than happy to have came across Capitalist Exploits' INSIDER Weekly service.

The review below describes their services as a "rare breed", and this comes from someone who has joined many other advisories in the past...

And here's a review from someone who, like myself and most of our readers, loves the "no hype" approach taken...

"This is by far the best service I've come across" is a quote from no stranger to investing, a 20 year veteran, which goes to show the quality of what you get as a member...

And let's end things with this review, which sums things up pretty well, calling their services "a rare gem" that provides "superbly-researched contrarian investment ideas with asymmetrical risk payoff potential"...

Another important part of the review shown above is that this is something "you will simply not find anywhere else"

I'd agree with this... and if there is a better quality advisory service then please let me know.

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