About Us

Here at GreenBull Research we mostly focus on investment opportunities, with the goal of providing high quality research in an honest and straightforward manner. In a nutshell, we are a research company, independently owned and not relying on funding from any third-party entities.

We like the truth and we’re guessing you do too. Not only that, but we like the truth laid out in an easy-to-understand manner, without all the slick-talk sales pitches and teasers that you too often see in today’s world.

Our company was founded in 2020 and is based in Pennsylvania, USA.

What We Provide

We provide research on everything from up-and-coming technologies that could prove to be great investments, to reviews of misleading teasers from various advisory firms and even reviews of entire companies in the realm of investments.

As mentioned, we are centered around good-old fashion research… so anything in the area of finance & investing is fair game for us.

Our Recommendation To You

We like to think we always provide the truth, and we do to the best of our ability based on the information available at the time we publish content. But, we always recommend that readers do their own due-diligence as well.

We like to do research for you, but we’d also like you to do your own research. Things work out better this way.