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Jeff Yastine’s “590 Triple Digit Winners” Review – 1,450% Form 4 Gains?

Jeff Yastine 590 Triple Digit Winners Review

June 19, 2020 by Anders

Jeff Yastine has been teasing this Form-4 "590 Triple Digit Winners" opportunity for a while now. But, is this a legit opportunity or is it just another over-hyped disappointment?

In this review I'll be going over what we are told, what this Form 4 is that he's talking about, taking a look at his No.1 stock that he thinks could "soar 1,450%" and more.

The teaser:

There might be more than one teaser floating around the internet for this opportunity, but what I came across is shown below, titled "590 Triple Digit Winners" that features Banyan Hill analyst Jeff Yastine...

590 Triple Digit Winners

The reason for this title is because Yastine claims to have identified 590 trades that have been placed by an "exclusive group" that have all went up 100% or more, making them "triple digit winners".

We are told that some "exclusive group" fills out some one-page form, files it with the government, and then "they watch the money flood in".

However, you should always be a bit suspicious of the material laid out in presentations like this, which obviously sounds a bit too good to be true.

As it turns out, the testimonials we were shown of people who have supposedly cashed in on this opportunity are FAKE... well... at least the photos of the people shown are. 

Below you can see "Ed" (shown in the presentation) who has supposedly made gains of 450%...

fake image

And below you can now see that the picture of "Ed" is actually just a stock photo that anyone can purchase and use online... meaning it's a fake...

Jeff Yastine makes it all sound so simple, and pretty much like a guaranteed way to profit. Throughout the presentation he shows us winner after winner, and makes it appear as if every single pick is a winner, but we all know this isn't true.

He goes on to talk about one stock him and his team have their eyes on that could soar. Some of what we are told about this stock includes:

  • his "No.1 stock could start to soar 1,450% by the end of the month"
  • "it could be like buying Apple for just $12"

But, don't count on it soaring 1,450% by the end of the month. This presentation has been saying this for months already. As you can see below, I was able to find an older review of it where it was telling people to get in "before October 31st", and now it's saying "before May 28th"...

This date will likely keep getting updates as it comes to pass.

The sales pitch:

If you made it through the entire presentation, which was around an hour long, then you should know it ends in a sales pitch.

You can get all of the information about this Form 4 opportunity and Yastine's No.1 stock pick in his "free report" titled FORM 4 DECODED: The Secret to Spotting 10-Fold Gains in 10 Minutes...

Form 4 Decoded

HOWEVER, in order to get your hands on this "free report" you must first pay to subscribe to his Total Wealth Insider newsletter advisory service. This costs just $47 per year for the most basic subscription and provides subscribers with monthly recommendations and analyses, trade alerts, weekly updates and more.

This "free report" lure to get new subscribers is a common sales tactic with advisory newsletters like this, as we've seen exposing the "5G Master Key" teaser as well as Alan Knuckman's "Penny Contracts" teaser.

How This Works

It's all about Form 4's, which are required to be filed by the SEC for all company insiders who make insider trades.

Many think that insider trading is illegal, but it's actually completely legal as long as company insiders file these Form 4's with the government, which are all filed through the EDGAR database that is available to the public to view.

The idea behind this is simple..

Company insiders know a lot more than the public. They know when acquisitions might be happening, when new products are coming on the market, and so on. They have access to important information that the public doesn't, and so if you follow their moves the idea is that you can profit like they do.

As Yastine showed in the presentation, there have been lots of records of company insiders who bought a bunch of shares in their company with the price increasing drastically soon after.

But, there are thousands of Form 4's filed every day

This is where Jeff Yastine and his team come in.

They've filtered through the mess of Form 4's and identified one stock they think will really take off. 

Yastine claims that him and his company use tools to find good stocks that cost them over $5 million a year, but he's likely referring to all of the tools that the Banyan Hill Publishing company uses, not just the one used to filter through these Form 4's, or at least this is how I understand it.

When filtering through all the Form 4's being filed he mentions that he only looks at companies that meet the following requirements:

  1. Look at "open market" orders only - What this means is that Yastine and his team are only looking for purchases made by insiders with their own money, not when they are given shares as a bonus or something of this nature.
  2. Look for large purchases in relation to the insiders' salaries - Next they look for purchases that are large considering the salary of the insider purchasing them. Yastine gives this example: if an insider makes $100k a year and buys $50k in stock, this is a huge purchase.
  3. Look for clusters - If there are multiple insiders making purchases then this is a good sign.

*Note: This is the same investment strategy that Alexander Green uses to recommend stocks via his The Insider Alert service. We just reviewed a teaser for this service that calls this "The Smartest Investment Strategy of All Time", and Bill O'Reilly has even gotten together with Alexander Green to help promote it.

Yastine's No.1 Stock That Could "Soar 1,450%"

As we are told, there is one company in particular that Yastine and his team think will do very well. They found this company while going through Form 4's and found that insiders have been buying large quantities of shares, such as the company president buying 683k shares along with others buying even more.

The word is that this company will get bought out and send stock prices soaring.

What is this company? Well, here are some other clues we were given...

  • The company president bought 683k shares
  • It's a California-based company with a "$5 stock"
  • CEO stated that this is "an area of opportunity"
  • Had annual revenue of $1.6 billion with $700 million in cash
  • Has a $1.1 billion valuation

Unfortunately I do not know of the company being teased here. If there are any clues I missed then please let me know, because as of now there just aren't enough for me to piece together this puzzle.

Quick Recap & Recommendation

  • Jeff Yastine and his team at Banyan Hill Publishing have identified "590 Triple Digit Winners" by looking through Form 4's that are required by the SEC to be filed when company insiders make trades.
  • The method behind this trading strategy is simple and makes perfect sense... just look at what the company insiders are doing. If a bunch of company insiders are buying stock then there is a good chance they know something the public doesn't and that the stock price might increase soon.
  • Yastine has identified one company that he thinks will "soar 1,450%" soon, but he's been saying this for months now.
  • You can get a "free report" that goes over all you need to know about this Form 4 strategy and the company he's teasing, but in order to get the "free report" you have to subscribe to his Total Wealth Insider newsletter service.

I hope this review has helped clear things up with what's going on here. Leave any comments/questions below and be sure to let us know if you have any other clues or predictions as to what company he's teasing here!


Anders is the founder and chief editor of Green Bull Research. When he's not investigating new opportunities and adding to his portfolio, you might find him taking a nature walk or reading a Steven Pressfield novel.

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