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What Are Luke Lango’s Stock Picks? [Updated 2023]

July 23, 2023 by Anders

If you're looking for Luke Lango's stock picks then you're in the right place.

What I've put together here is an ongoing list of investment recommendations that he's teased (or is still teasing), which we'll be keeping updated as he continues to pump out the teasers (fairly often).

Lango was ranked as the #1 ranked stock picker in 2020 by TipRanks and is all about getting in on new innovative tech trends with big potential.

Everyone and their mothers want to know what Lango's picks are, but of course, no one wants to pay to sign up for his newsletter services just to find out, myself included.

This is where we come in.

As you may already know, here at Green Bull Research we expose investment teasers by means of good ol' fashion research based on the clues they leave us.

And, we share these exposed teasers for free.

So without further ado, here's the list of Lango's recommendations. I've ordered the list of these stock picks below so that the newest ones are at the top. This should save you some time and frustration. You'll also be able to skip ahead to any of the picks you want to see with this nifty table of contents here...

*Got a recommendation that's not on the list? Let us know in the comment section below this post*

2023 Picks

His ChatGPT Loophole Stock

  • Title of Teaser Presentation: "ChatGPT IPO"
  • Name of "Special" Report: "The ChatGPT Pre-IPO Prospectus"
  • Promoted Under: Innovation Investor

With ChatGPT being the fastest-growing application in history (until an app called Threads beat it out in July 2023), it's no wonder Lango is screaming at the top of his lungs (not really) for people to invest in this new opportunity he has. 

Lango is a futuristic-type investor always looking for the hottest new tech to invest in. We've already looked at his 5G satellite stock and that "area 52" quantum microchip pick to know this... so an AI pick centered around ChatGPT is something we've been expecting.

Source: investorplace.com

But, how the heck is Lango expecting us to invest here? ChatGPT, owned by OpenAI, which isn't actually open-source at all by the way, is still privately traded and not available for investments from normal folk like us. 

Well, he's calling this a "loophole" pick for a reason, and although I wouldn't call it such and think that the term backdoor is more appropriate, I get his point.

In the teaser, Lango doesn't really give us much in the way of clues. But, this is okay, because we don't really need much. It's not that we're geniuses or that we have access to special intel. It's just that there's really only one logical stock pick at this point that we common folk can get in on.

Don't get too excited here. 

Our best guess as to what's being teased here is none other than the tech giant Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT).

Ya, we know... nothing too exciting... already with a ~$2.5 trillion market cap can we really expect to see much more growth?

We can't foresee the future here, but the fact that Microsoft and OpenAI have a partnership (extended in Jan 2023) and that Microsoft has reportedly upped their investment in the company to ~$13 billion with sights of acquiring 49%... things don't look too shabby.

>> Full report for this ChatGPT loophole stock here

That “Area 52” Quantum Microchip Company

  • Title of Teaser Presentation: "Area 52"
  • Name of "Special" Report: "The Quantum Windfall Report"
  • Promoted Under: Innovation Investor

In this captivating teaser with images of an alien shown, as you can see below, Lango teases us with a quantum microchip stock that he thinks has the potential to go up 79x. 

Source: investorplace.com

Some bold claims, but Lango is no stranger to this kind of thing. He's always chasing the next "hottest" stock and this is one that he urges all viewers to buy into.

The reason the teaser is titled "Area 52" has nothing to do with aliens, but rather a 52-mile stretch of land in the Chicago suburbs that is home to the quantum microchip technology being teased.

Quantum computing is being touted as the next big thing. With this new tech that relies on quantum mechanics, computers are able to solve problems much faster than classical computers, which is incredibly beneficial for many other technologies, such as AI for example.

Lango talks about a national quantum internet. This is what's being tested in that 52-mile stretch of land and was brought about by the National Quantum Initiative Act that passed back in 2018.

The reason Lango thinks so highly of this quantum tech is that it is:

  1. unhackable
  2. can process data at the speed of light
  3. has "godlike" intelligence

He thinks we can make 79x off of the company making the microchips that make all of this possible and what we know about this company is that:

  • With its proprietary quantum science, guarded by more than 160 patents and applications this upstart is developing “the gold standard” for the future of quantum computing.
  • It signed a groundbreaking $13 million contract with the U.S. Air Force Research Lab last year.
  • The company had sales of around $25 million in 2022.

These clues lead us to conclude that Lango is talking about IonQ Inc. (Nasdaq: IONQ) here, which matches up with the clues, indeed securing a $13.4 million contract with the U.S. Air Force Research Lab in 2022.

>> Full report on this quantum microchip stock pick here

Lango's 2022 Picks

His 5G Satellite Company

  • Title of Teaser Presentation: "The 'Trillion-Dollar' Phone Call"
  • Name of "Special" Report: "The New Satellite Millionaires – How Anyone Can See up to 50 Times Their Money or More… Buying This Sub-$10 Stock"
  • Promoted Under: Early Stage Investor

In Lango's teaser with the title "The 'Trillion-Dollar' Phone Call", he teases us with a small company that supposedly just got a contract with Elon Musk's SpaceX, which he thinks could send the company's stock soaring. 

In fact, he thinks "anyone can see up to 50 times their money or more... buying this sub-$10 stock"...

Lango talks about the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launch and the rather strange 1.5 ton cube that was deployed into orbit, which went through a process of unfolding and expanding to become a near-700 sq ft satellite that can continuously beem down 5G internet.

We can all imagine the benefits of such satellite internet. Being able to beem down high-speed internet to even the most remote areas of the world? There is a lot of potential here, and the CAGR from 2021 to 2030 is 20.4%.

But, this isn't your ordinary 5G that we've heard so much about in recent years. This is "5G", as we know, coming from satellites... low earth orbit (LEO) satellites to be more exact. With the increased distance that would be required to receive a connection from space (~ 500 km), it is unlikely that you'll have a good connection to watch funny cat videos when inside a building, for example. So... it seems we still have some of the same problems as with the more normal "5G" down here on earth.

Nonetheless, there is still a lot of potential. And, not only does the industry in general have lots of potential growth ahead, but we all know what happens when small companies partner with larger and more successful companies.

Partnering with a company (SpaceX), that some "experts" are predicting could be worth as much as $100 billion "if, or when, it goes public" is no small event. As we usually see with small companies that contract with larger and more successful ones... the stock prices react in an upward fashion.

What is this stock? Well, some of the clues we were given that allowed us to expose this pick include:

  • They recently signed a multi-launch agreement with SpaceX.
  • Their satellite tech has been in development for over 5 years and has over 2,300 patents/patents pending covering them.
  • The company's stock is selling for less than $10 a share and it's generating over 100 million dollars a month in revenue.

The company in question here looks to be AST SpaceMobile Inc. (Nasdaq: ASTS), as they did recently sign a multi-launch contract with SpaceX, have over a thousand patents and/or patents pending, and not only this, but the company does indeed make the strange massive cubes that unfold and reveal themselves to be satellites once in orbit.

>> Full report on this 5G satellite stock pick here

Apple Car Supplier Company

  • Title of Teaser Presentation: "Apple's Next Trillion-Dollar Product?: The i-Car"
  • Name of "Special" Report: "The Project Titan Prospectus: How to Cash In on Apple’s Next Potential Trillion-Dollar Product"
  • Promoted Under: Innovation Investor

"Apple's Next Trillion-Dollar Product?"

"The i-???"

What Lango is talking about here is Apple's move into the autonomous EV space and their "i-Car".

He thinks we could 40x our money with this investment opportunity, but of course, he's not talking about investing in the tech behemoth itself, but rather teases the opportunity to invest in a small company that he thinks will be a key supplier of an important piece of autonomous EV tech for Apple's i-Car.

At the moment, Lango tells us that the project Apple is working on is only known by the code name "Project Titan". If we Google this term, one of the first results that comes up is that "It's no secret, Apple's actively working on Car tech".

In fact, they've been working on this since 2014 with a group of over 1,000 experts and engineers at a secret location near their headquarters (some estimates put this number at around 5k employees).

The goal for the "i-Car" is to be fully autonomous, and, according to a member of the team working on the project, there is an Apple-designed chip in the car that is the most advanced component the company has created yet. TSMC is the company that's expected to manufacture this chip, which Apple already has partnered with for manufacturing chips for their iPhones and other products. But, this isn't the company Lango is teasing here.

I repeat, this isn't the company Lango thinks we can 40x... yes... 40X our money with.

The company, according to Lango, is one that his "contacts in Silicon Valley are currently buzzing with excitement about the key technology this company could supply Apple with".

At the moment, there has been no official announcement that Apple is actually going to partner with the company, but Lango is confident that they will and that the works are already in the making.

Some of the clues that were dropped include:

  • Their tech is already being used by TuSimple, an autonomous trucking company, as well as NASA in support of their next-gen space exploration
  • Their stock is currently trading at around $3
  • They have over 25 Apple alumni working for them

What we've identified this pick as is Aeva Technologies Inc. (NYSE: AEVA), which was one of the possible self-driving car picks that Stansberry Research was teasing a while back.

Aeva was founded by two Apple employees and specializes in making LiDAR technology, which is something we talked about below when going over Lango's "Tesla Killer" company.

In a nutshell, LiDAR is a type of light-sensing tech that can create 3D images of the surrounding environment by blasting out laser beams in all directions and sensing the beams as they bounce back, similar to how a whale uses sonar to sense its environment but with light beams.

Aeva matches up well with Luke's clues, such as the company working with NASA and TuSimple, trading for around $3, etc.

>> Full report on this Apple car supplier here

That "G.C.T." Stock ("The Next DNA Sequencing Giant")

  • Title of Teaser Presentation: "The $80 Trillion Gadget"
  • Name of "Special" Report: "The Next Microsoft: The Software Company Powering the $80 Trillion DNA Revolution"
  • Promoted Under: Innovation Investor

In this teaser presentation, we're told that there is some "$80 Trillion Gadget" that is so revolutionary that it's supposedly going to outpace smartphones.

Where is this "mega disruption" coming from that Lango is teasing us with?

As you can tell from the title, it has to do with DNA sequencing, which refers to determining the sequence of DNA molecules and has been an increasingly hot and controversial topic that no doubt has big potential.

What's more, is that Lango tells us there is a small $3 company at the center of it all and this is what he's recommending at the moment.

DNA sequencing is "a new frontier" and we're told that there is "a mad dash like he’s never seen before" of large investors pouring into this emerging tech, which isn't unusual when looking at a market that is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 20.85% from 2021 to 2026.

G.C.T., as Lango calls it, stands for "Genetic Coding Technologies" and he tells us that it has become cheap enough to spread mainstream, which could lead to an exponentially increased adoption rate.

Some of the clues given on the stock pick here that Luke thinks will make us all rich include:

  • It's a software company
  • It's headed by an MIT scientist who helped build ARPANET
  • It specializes in programming the DNA of microorganisms
  • It has partnerships with Quest Diagnostics, Cronos Group, Bayer, and Bill Gates has invested a lot into it

Ginkgo Bioworks Holdings Inc. (NYSE: DNA) is the pick we've identified here, which has also been teased as Whitney Tilson's "$4 Inflation Stock", one of Joel Litman's SynBio stocks, and even Jeff Siegel's Helix-Scaling stock going way back.

Ginkgo is the self-described "organism company". They use their advanced DNA software tech, in a nutshell, to look at the DNA sequences of microorganisms and then tinker with them to create custom-designed microorganisms for things such as making fragrances, biofuels, ingredients for food, etc. For example, one project they are working on is to design microbes that would help reduce the need for synthetic nitrogen fertilizers.

Of course, there are many concerns around this rapidly-advancing tech and there can be many unforeseen outcomes to messing around with biology like this, but this is the stock that Lango is teasing us with nonetheless.

>> Read the full G.C.T. stock review here

His "Tesla Killer" LiDAR Company

  • Title of Teaser Presentation: "The REAL Tesla Killer"
  • Name of "Special" Report: "The Secret Startup Taking Driverless Mainstream"
  • Promoted Under: Innovation Investor

Here we have Mr. Lango teasing us with a company that he thinks is about to explode. He's calling it "the real Tesla killer" and he thinks that the entire autonomous EV industry is on the brink of massive disruption with this company set to be in the lead of it all.

In the presentation, he shows us "a tiny device that's no bigger than a thumb tack" and tells us that this technology holds so much potential that the company making it could hand investors as much as 15x in the next 5 years. Yes, that's right... 15x within 5 years.

It is this company that he's teasing us with the chance to invest in and what this company is making is LiDAR sensors.

Right off the bat, we know that the LiDAR EV industry is big business. The market is projected to move past $3 billion by 2031 - a CAGR of 19.50% from 2021 to 2031 - and we've heard all kinds of LiDAR stock teasers as of late - think Keith Kohl's "LiDAR King" stock pick, that "L5" LiDAR stock that Charles Mizrahi was teasing, etc.

This tech is what you call the "eyes" of these autonomous vehicles. They beam out lasers in different directions at rapid fire and these bounce back to the sensor (this is what the company Lango is teasing is making). This data can then put together 3D images of the surrounding environment.

This tech used to be too costly, but more recent advances have allowed it to be used more and more in autonomous vehicles, making it what Lango tells us is "the greatest technology opportunity of the decade".

Some of the clues dropped for his LiDAR pick include:

  • It makes one of "the most POWERFUL LiDAR sensors ever made" - 3x resolution and 10x farther range compared to any of its competitors
  • 7 out of 10 of the world's top 10 automakers have already partnered with it
  • Peter Thiel was a lead investor in on of its funding rounds years back

We've identified this pick for you as being Luminar Technologies Inc. (Nasdaq: LAZR). The clues here matched up nicely.

>> Read LiDAR company review here

Picks From 2021

The "Hyperscale" Stocks

  • Title of Teaser Presentation: "1,700 New American Millionaires Are Minted Every Day"
  • Name of "Special" Report: "Seven Favorite Hyperscale Stocks to Buy Now"
  • Promoted Under: Innovation Investor

Lango is well-known for his flashy marketing style where he often throws out futuristic-sounding tech lingo and makes it all sound like a sure shot at getting rich quick. 

All you have to do is invest in these "hyperscale" stocks, right?

In this teaser for his Innovation Investor service, Lango is telling us that this is "the best way to get rich in America right now" and that "1,700 New American Millionaires Are Minted Every Day"...

So, what the heck is a "hyperscale" company?

This isn't any official term or anything, just something Lango made up... and he's saying that companies that can generate $10 billion in profits "in a blink of an eye"... are what are on the "hyperscale" level.

Additionally, in order to meet Lango's "hyperscale" standards, the business mustn't manufacture physical products and mustn't have loads of employees, which would require too much in costs.

Lango is looking for tech companies on the cusp of something big, that have yet to experience their expected explosive growth phase as the world begins to adopt their new technologies, whatever they are.

In the presentation, he talks about how the Law of Accelerating Returns works, which states that technological advances often feed on themselves and increase faster and faster as they continue to advance, skyrocketing past what might be projected by a linear line.

He mentions how some companies, like Netflix, Facebook, and other big-time tech companies that have dominated their respective markets and have low overhead costs, seem to progress according to this law.

The companies he's targeting, as he tells us, aren't creating anything new. They are in the business of collecting data, data analysis, presentation, and protection of information... and importantly, they don't have a lot of employees or large factories they have to pay for.

Some of the very limited clues we were given on these picks include that they:

  • are revolutionizing the way we use tech
  • classified as "hyperscalable" companies
  • are off the radar of mainstream investors 

Ya, we really don't have much of anything to go off of here. It goes without saying that we haven't been able to identify his "hyperscale" stocks based on the clues.

HOWEVER, luckily a subscriber spilled the beans on these picks on a StockGumshoe microblog. The picks - all 7 of them - he says are: 

  1. Sunpower (SPWR)
  2. Pubmatic (PUBM)
  3. Stitch Fix (SFIX)
  4. Workhorse (WKHS)
  5. Shift 4 Payments (FOUR)
  6. Grow Generation (GRWG)
  7. Wayfair (W)

>> Review of these hyperscale stocks here

The "4 Tech Stocks That Could Change Society Forever"

  • Title of Teaser Presentation: "4 Small Tech Stocks That Could Change Society Forever"
  • Name of "Special" Report: "The Quickening: 4 Tech Stocks That Could Change Society Forever"
  • Promoted Under: Innovation Investor

According to Luke, right now we are experiencing one of the biggest opportunities ever to grow wealth in short periods of time. He's come up with a catchy phrase for this period - "The Quickening" - and claims to have, as per usual, identified "4 small tech stocks that could change society forever"...

We're told that these small caps are the "most promising" ones out there and Lango urges his readers to buy them before 2021 ends.

In the teaser, Lango goes on and on about how long it used to take investors to grow their wealth, but thanks to "the quickening", people are able to, quite literally, get rich quick. This new age supposedly minted 4,657 new millionaires PER DAY in 2020. And actually, I looked into this claim and it seems that Lango's number might be conservative. I've also found a report that 2,251,000 new millionaires came to be in the US in 2020, which would equal out to 6,167 per day - incredible.

We can thank what Lango calls "Exponential Technological Progress" for this. 

According to him, "The next few years will be the greatest period ever to be a technology investor".

With words like "exponential" being thrown out there and the idea of striking it rich as a newly minted millionaire, he's got my attention, although I know to take what he says with a grain of salt.

With the speed of progress, we're seeing in new tech like 5G, robotics, AI, etc., it's hard not to get excited about it all. Just take a look at computer speeds, for example. They've been doubling since the 60s and 70s. We've seen, quite literally, exponential growth in this area which has been necessary to usher in new tech like AI and advanced robotics.

But, the companies he's teasing here have nothing to do with 5G, AI, EVs and what you'd expect. Maybe you can take a look at Forest's "5G Keystone" company, Mizrahi's "Forever Battery" EV stock, or maybe Lango's own EV battery pick listed below if you're looking for this sort of thing.

In Lango's pitch here, as we know, he teases 4 promising tech companies. Here are some of the clues for each...

  • The first one is a young company he’s following that is harnessing the network effect to build a massive digital home-buying platform, “like an Amazon of houses”.
  • The second company is in the early stages of development and enables people all over the world to log onto games or “experiences” as they’re known, for all manner of entertainment, from watching a concert from their favorite performer, to virtual birthday parties with loved ones, to acting out a scene from their favorite film, and more. Like other social networks, this company will benefit from the network effect and get better with more users.
  • The third is a young e-commerce company already being hailed as the future of shopping. By merging social with shopping, this business is developing a platform with a ton of highly engaged potential buyers. Today, it’s a small $3 billion dollar company, but it's growing fast.
  • Finally, the fourth company and the one we have the least amount of information on, is doing deals with professional sports leagues to create a “Netflix of live sports”.

Lango isn't looking at any specific technology here, but he is looking for companies leading in promising new tech that is taking advantage of what he calls "the network effect", which can be seen when a company exponentially increases the value of a product/service and this in itself attracts more and more users/buyers to the product/service.

  • That first "Amazon of houses" stock that he's talking about - we think it's the SPAC – Social Capital Hedosophia Holdings II (NYSE: IPOB)
  • The "young e-commerce company merging social with shopping" we think is Poshmark Inc. (Nasdaq: POSH)

The other two stocks, unfortunately, we've come up short on.

>> Full review of this 4 tech stock pitch here

His "#1 Electric Vehicle Stock of the Decade"

  • Title of Teaser Presentation: "#1 Electric Vehicle Stock of the Decade"
  • Name of "Special" Report: "The Biggest Battery Breakthrough in a Century: How to Cash In on the $3 TRILLION Electric Car Revolution"
  • Promoted Under: Innovation Investor

Here we have "one of America's top tech futurists" telling us that he's found "the #1 electric vehicle stock of the decade"...

With EVs projected to continue showing big growth and with some estimates putting their usage at 31% of the global fleet by 2050, it's no wonder Lango is continuing to tell his subscribers to buy this EV stock.

With the innovation we've seen in battery technology EVs are now cheaper and more practical for most people to own than ever before. 

However, Lango tells us that the technology isn't quite there yet... or at least the technology that is currently out there.

What he has his eyes set on is a new type of battery that he thinks will take the market by storm. 

He calls this the "forever battery", but this, of course, isn't any official name for the technology. What he's talking about here is none other than Solid State Battery technology, which we've heard about before in teasers like Charles Mizrahi's "Forever Battery" (yep, he's calling it the same thing).

As per usual, Lango teases us with a stock pick. Well, actually two stock picks to be able to get in on this tech.

The first he gives us for free during the presentation. This is Toyota Motor Corp. (NYSE: TM).

The second one is the one that you have to buy into his newsletter service to find out about. But, with the clues given, such as:

  • it about 1/557th the size of Toyota and owns the critical patents to this technology
  • and it currently trading for less than $3 per share
  • and... it's the firm that Toyota is doing business with to help take this solid-state battery technology mainstream

... we've been able to expose it as Ilika Plc (OTC: ILIKF), a pioneer in solid-state battery technology that currently sits with negative earnings but could be worth a look for futurist investors.

>> Read our full write-up EV stock here

Who Is Luke Lango?

Who is the man of the hour?

Well, if you want an in-depth look at Lango you can read this exhaustive write-up, but I'll give you a summary.

First things first, don't get too excited about the picture shown above. Yes, Lango was ranked as the #1 stock picker by TipRanks (something he loves to brag about in the teasers), but this was back in 2020. This is old news. Kathie Wood's funds were doing well at that time too and her face was plastered all over the mainstream financial news... now look how that is going.

Anyways, Lango is a venture capitalist who looks for small-cap stocks in the tech space with big potential, as well as cryptocurrencies, something else he's quite bullish on.

How is he able to get in early on trends and identify companies with big potential?

Well, he attributes this ability at least in part to having "a Rolodex of contacts across Silicon Valley".

When there's innovation in the tech world or a big new deal going down, he claims to know about it before the general public, just as Jeff Brown does.

How true is this and what are his industry contacts? These are things that we'll never know and that you have to choose to either believe or not.

What we do know for sure about Lango is that he started out his journey at Caltech, graduating in 2017 with a Bachelor of Science degree in economics (yes, he's pretty young). During this time, he became increasingly interested in technology and became more involved in finance, working as a research analyst at the university and post-graduation as an investment analyst at Feinberg Investments and then later for Seeking Alpha.

What's most relevant here is that he now works as the Senior Investment Analyst at InvestorPlace, which is the investment research firm behind all of his over-hyped teasers that we work to expose.

He joined the team at InvestorPlace in early 2017 and runs a number of newsletter services, most containing exciting and fancy names like Hypergrowth Investing, Innovation Investor, Daily 10X Stock Report, Early Stage Investor, Ultimate Crypto, and works with Charlie Shrem to run Crypto Investor Network.

Conclusion & Should You Buy Lango's Recommendations?

Here at GreenBullResearch.com we uncover Lango's picks for free, but don't take this the wrong way. There's only one stock advisory service we actually recommend, and it has nothing to do with Luke Lango.

We don't necessarily recommend that you buy what he recommends. This decision is yours. Be sure to do your own due diligence.

That said, one thing I would like to point out is that Lango is a dreamer - a big dreamer in the future of technology and how it can save mankind, or at least this is how it seems.

In his teasers, he often throws out hot and catchy lingo like "exponential", "hypergrowth" and things like this, coming right out of Kathie Wood's marketing playbook.

And speaking of Kathie Wood, I just read an article that Lango wrote where he thinks her "Growth Stocks Are Primed to Go Parabolic".

While I don't want to give investment advice, I'm not convinced by his general investment stance at the moment.

While he's still pounding the table on all of his flashy and innovative tech stocks... but charts like that shown below tell us that we're due for a correction (and ongoing correction that's still in the works).

This chart represents commodity supercycles over the past two decades. Prices are expected to rise in the near future and we're just starting to see this.

Source: aier.org

There's a tight correlation between commodities and value stocks, and it is growth stocks that Lango invests in... basically the opposite.

Is it time for Lango's growth stock investing method to bite the dust?

Well, take this how you want, but sometimes flashy tech companies with dreamy futures need to be priced more appropriately with their current value. 

Invest in what Lango recommends if it's your cup of tea, but I'm still recommending this stock-picking service over anything else, where the guys running it pretty much look to invest in the exact opposite of what Lango looks at.


Anders is the founder and chief editor of Green Bull Research. When he's not investigating new opportunities and adding to his portfolio, you might find him taking a nature walk or reading a Steven Pressfield novel.

  • What is Luke’s hydrogen recommendation besides PLUG and NFE mentioned below?
    Luke said, “Specifically, the firm (Blackrock) put $200 million into a tiny energy company that my team believes will be the “next Tesla.” That’s increased its stake by more than 20% over the past few months.
    Blackrock owns almost 60 million shares of this company.
    And interestingly, this “next Tesla” isn’t an EV maker, battery company, charging station builder or solar project developer.
    Rather, it’s a hydrogen company that the world’s largest asset manager bet big on.
    And since, there’s been more rumblings within the hydrogen industry. Today, Plug Power (PLUG) and New Fortress Energy (NFE) announced their agreement to build a 120 MW industrial-scale green hydrogen plant in Texas. The facility is expected to be one of North America’s largest. And it aims to produce more than 50 tons of H2 per day.”

  • About Luke Lango:
    In the presentation entitled “The Fourth Divergence” recently published on the web Luke Lango is presented as ” Analyst voted #1 Stock Picker in the World in 2020″ but I have found no evidence justifying this very hefty “title”. I know that TipRanks found him to be the best financial blogger in 2020 but to my understanding this was within the USA only. So, my question is: is it true or not? Can anyone shed light on this claim?

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