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Keith Kohl’s LiDAR King Stock – For 16,795% Profits?

January 11, 2022 by larswriter

If you’re here looking for some information about Keith Kohl’s claims that can give you the highest percentage of profits from your investments, you’re on the right page!

Keith Kohl from Angel Publishing just recently shared another investment opportunity with his readers. In this report, he teases that investing in this stock will help you generate 16,795% profits or more.

As always, this report is filled with bold claims, and huge numbers are hidden behind a paywall. But you don’t have to worry about that paywall anymore. This is because we will be teasing this stock for you, free of charge. So, here’s everything you need to know about Keith Kohl’s LiDAR King Stock.

The teaser: 

Keith Kohl’s LiDAR King Stock is the newest investment opportunity he teased. The stock he’s talking about in this investment teaser is about a company creating a brand-new technology that will soon become a household name. However, this company just recently went public, so it may still be unnoticed by many.  

The new technology teased in question is a “new and strange type of technology” that is currently being tested on Tesla models. He even states that Fortune 500 companies are already utilizing this technology. According to Kohl, this tiny device will change the driverless car market. He also explains that investing in this company creating this technology could help you generate 16,795% profits or more. 

Here are some other hyped-up claims in the stock teaser:

  • Investors can turn their $3,000 into a whopping $506,850. On the other hand, those investing $10,000 can get $1.6 million in return.
  • KoiIt’s not just car manufacturers trying to get their hands on this device. Even companies relying on transportation and navigation services want this new technology. These companies include FedEx, Domino’s Pizza, and Microsoft.

With all these claims, he significantly emphasizes how much of a game-changer this technology is. This is why he highly recommends readers to invest in this stock urgently. And, of course, this teaser of his once again concludes with Kohl’s standard sales pitch.

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The sale’s pitch: 

Complete information about this stock and the company behind this technology is found in Keith Kohl’s report entitled “LIDAR King: The Tiny Tech Firm Destroying Tesla’s Driverless Ambition.” Although it is a free report, getting access to Keith Kohl’s free reports requires you to subscribe to his Energy Investor advisory service. It costs $99 for a one-year subscription and $179 for a two-year subscription.

But of course, the best things in life are free. And you can continue reading this article to find out the name of this stock, free of charge.  

Keith Kohl’s LiDAR King Stock—What is it, really? 

First and foremost, what does LiDAR mean anyway? We’ll finally answer what this acronym means. LiDAR is an acronym that means “light, detection, and ranging.” This tiny piece of technology works by providing machinery with a 3D map of its surroundings. This 3D map helps these machines easily operate and interact with their surroundings, ensuring fewer fatalities and injuries from traffic incidents. 

So, this is what Keith Kohl’s LiDAR King Stock means. It is essentially a technology that could revolutionize driverless cars. And according to Kohl’s report, it might be even better than Tesla’s current technology. Besides, even Elon Musk, the second richest man globally and the CEO of Tesla, stated that this technology “is clearly going to work.”

Keith Kohl’s LiDAR King Stock’s Driverless Technology Explained

After all, compared to Tesla’s driverless technology, this LiDAR device might fair even better. This is because Tesla’s driverless capabilities are reliant on a total of eight cameras. These cameras are in charge of scanning the car’s environment. Unfortunately, inclement weather and damaged cameras may affect this system.

On the other hand, the LiDAR device uses lasers instead of cameras. This easily solves the disadvantages of Tesla’s driving technology. In addition, these LiDAR devices are also known for their accuracy, providing driverless vehicles with more safety.

Additionally, the LiDAR device’s laser capabilities allow quicker information processing. New York Times reported this device’s capability as one of this innovation’s most outstanding perks. 

What Else Is the LiDAR Device Capable Of?

The capabilities of this tiny sensor don’t stop there. This technology is also capable of the following functions below. Here they are:

  • This device can produce maps of Mars.
  • This device can provide farmers with helpful elevation mappings so that they know the best spots for their crops.
  • This device can be used for assessing the damages caused by earthquakes. Such capabilities provide rescuers with more insight regarding the most affected areas in an instant.
  • Lastly, it can track down malignant tumors.

Now that we know what this device is capable of, who is the company behind this LiDAR technology anyway?

Company Reveals: Who is Behind the LiDAR King Stock? 

So, who’s the company behind this tiny, promising technology? Here are some of the other clues included in the teaser:

  • Kohl mentions that huge companies are investing the following amounts below:
  • Google: $2.5 billion
  • Amazon: $1.2 billion
  • BMW: $1.1 billion
  • LG Electronics: $1.3 billion
  • Hyundai: $4 billion
  • Audi: $16 billion
  • Companies such as Caterpillar, NVIDIA, and Honeywell are now utilizing their technologies.
  • This company has a total of 200 projects in the making.

Any more guesses before we officially reveal the company? No more? Now, let’s all find out who this company is in question.  

Do you still recall the picture of the device shown above? After searching about LiDAR devices and referring to the image shown in the teaser, you will find this company: Velodyne Lidar (VLDR).

Velodyne Lidar provides excellent LiDAR technological solutions and is located in San Jose, California. In addition, it is a Silicon Valley-based company that has provided over 300 clients with its products and solutions. Like Kohl mentioned, their products are protected by patents. As of now, they currently have 72 patents.

Now, as to why it’s referred to the LiDAR “King Stock,” this may be the answer we’re all looking for. On June 9, 2014, Velodyne was invited to the Boston Consulting Group Worldwide Officers Meeting. During that time, Velodyne LiDAR was labeled as the “King of the Road.” This is perhaps why Kohl came up with the King Stock code name.

Will I Really Get 16,795% or More in Profits? 

Are you intending to purchase your dream mansion by counting all the money you can possibly make with this opportunity? Well, I think it’s time to hold your horses for now.

To date, the VLDR stock is currently trading for $5.10 per stock. Right now, there is no guarantee that things will go the way Kohl predicts it in his teaser. Still, Velodyne Lidar has a promising range of products. Furthermore, the fact that many big companies are using their solutions already means that this company might have a promising future.

Quick Recap and Conclusion

  • Keith Kohl teased about a new device being tested on Tesla models.
  • This investment opportunity is all about a particular company’s device that might significantly alter and lead the driverless car industry.
  • The company in question has technology that creates 3D maps of its surroundings. In addition, it is also capable of quickly processing information. This will provide driverless vehicles with more accuracy and significantly prevent accidents while on the road.
  • As expected, the details about this company and its stock are hidden behind a paywall.
  • For zero dollars, you managed to find about the stock for free. It’s Velodyne Lidar (VLDR).

So, what’s your thought about this pick? Would it really give us 16,795% profit out of our investments?


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