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Luke Lango’s “Area 52” Quantum Microchip Company – Make 79x Your Investment?

May 18, 2023 by Theodor

Growth investor Luke Lango says something called “Area 52 technology” will be bigger than Amazon, Tesla, and Netflix.

He's not talking about UFOs or Annunaki here, but a 52-mile stretch of the Chicago suburbs, where a “godlike” super-technology is undergoing covert government tests and one Quantum Microchip Company is commercializing this tech.


The Teaser

Just when you think you're up to date on all the new technology being released..something like this teaser comes along about a “Holy Grail” technology.

Source: investorplace.com

Luke Lango describes himself, among other things, as “a VC plugged into virtually all the deals going on in the startup world.” He is also the senior investment analyst for financial publisher InvestorPlace, which has produced such reports as “A New Oil Age.” This “Area 52” teaser, in particular, reminds me of Lou Basenese's “Area 52” presentation, which I reviewed here last year.

All of the most promising economic drivers of today, from artificial intelligence to self-driving cars, advanced robotics, regenerative medicine, augmented reality, million-mile batteries, drone deliveries, unhackable networks, and commercial space flight need “Area 52's” technology to thrive and flourish.

This got me curious about the common denominator among all the things just listed.

If we take AI, for example, its effectiveness relies on being able to process huge amounts of complex datasets. In order for this to be possible in the first place, something called Quantum Technology is necessary.

Quantum Technology uses the principles of quantum mechanics to calculate and process data at much higher speeds than today's computers are capable of. Picture the equivalent of 2-D graphics going to 3-D graphics but for data. It is basically an upgrade to computing as we know it.

A National Quantum Internet

This is indeed what Luke is teasing, with “Area 52” being his codename for the U.S. government’s 52-mile test loop for a National Quantum Internet.

The National Quantum Internet operates under the purview of the Department of Energy (DOE), running 26 miles in each direction of the southwest Chicago suburbs, from the Argonne National Laboratory to the Boughton Road Toll Plaza and then back again.

Source: investorplace.com

This project is the direct result of the National Quantum Initiative Act, which was passed into law by the Trump administration in 2018 and deploys $1.2 billion dollars toward the development of quantum technologies over the next five years.

As amazing as this technology is, it won't make us rich. Just like the Internet itself hasn't made anyone rich, it's about what has been built on the Internet and what will be built with Quantum tech that will make us wealthy.


The Pitch

Luke says a small-cap company 0.08% the size of Amazon could hold the key to Quantum Technology's commercial success and its ticker symbol is revealed in a special report called The Quantum Windfall Report.

Source: investorplace.com

To claim our ‘free copy' of the report, we have to give Luke's Innovation Investor newsletter a test drive. The regular price is $199, but for a limited time, we can get it for just $49 for the first year. Included in the offer is a second special report, which is also centered around Quantum Computing, access to a model portfolio, and SMS alerts to your mobile if and when market conditions warrant it.


Quantum Technology's Three Superpowers

Since Quantum Tech is just now hitting the mainstream, here are a few things that separate it from every other technology today.

Superpower #1: Unhackable

Today’s “chip” technology is fatally flawed for one reason: It turns data into long strings of 0s and 1s and then transmits the data across a network. It looks like this:

Since the sequences of 0s and 1s never change, they are highly susceptible to professional hackers.

Not so with quantum tech.

Quantum data exists at the subatomic level, meaning it is susceptible to any (and all) interactions with the physical environment. So, the moment a hacking attempt is made, quantum data scrambles itself like an egg and becomes unrecognizable.

Superpower #2: Data at the Speed of Light

Quantum data operates according to something known as “superposition.”

This gives e-devices, smartphones, and computers the ability to perform vast calculations all at once, massively increasing their speed.

According to experts, “If you wanted to find one item in a list of 1 trillion, and each item took 1 microsecond to check, a classical computer would take about 1 week, whereas a quantum computer would take about 1 second” Wow.

Superpower #3: Godlike Intelligence

Ever since the discovery of quantum technology in the 1980s, the belief has been that it can solve unsolvable problems, i.e., tasks that are too complex for classical computers.

Take for example Google’s “Sycamore” quantum microchip, which recently was able to predict randomness.

Theoretically speaking, randomness is randomness…it cannot be predicted. But Sycamore seemingly did the impossible by predicting the output of a random number generator in all of 200 seconds.

How long would it have taken the world’s fastest supercomputer? Roughly 10,000 years, according to scientists.

So far we have unhackability, light-speed processing, and all-knowingness. That's quite the combo!

No wonder some well-known investors are already loading up on shares of a certain quantum chipmaker, a company whose product could unlock an entire decade's worth of gains according to Luke.


Revealing Luke Lango's “Area 52” Quantum Microchip Company

Given everything we already know, Quantum tech could be the most promising economic driver of the 2020s and one tiny company is racing to create the premier Quantum microchip.

Here is what we know about it:

  • With its proprietary quantum science, guarded by more than 160 patents and applications this upstart is developing “the gold standard” for the future of quantum computing.
  • It signed a groundbreaking $13 million contract with the U.S. Air Force Research Lab last year.
  • The company had sales of around $25 million in 2022.

This is without a doubt IonQ Inc. (Nasdaq: IONQ). The clues neatly align:


Make 79x Your Initial Investment?

Machine learning and by extension, Artificial Intelligence is the first commercial application of Quantum Computing in action.

This indicates that we are at the beginning of something big, perhaps even bigger than Luke thinks and he's calling Quantum Computing the first quadrillion-dollar technology. Where does IonQ fit into all this?

The company has a few things going for it. First, it is a pure-play Quantum Computing company unlike Google, IBM, and others in this space and second, it is a B2B supplier of proprietary Quantum tech rather than a consumer application provider.

It isn't profitable – yet, but management believes the company has sufficient reserves on hand to get to profitability without needing to raise additional funds, based on its current roadmap.

At a $1.74 billion valuation, the market is obviously expecting great things from IonQ. Given the early stage of the Quantum Computing market, it has a chance to live up to these lofty expectations and perhaps even exceed them. A 79-bagger isn't entirely out of the question over the long term.


Quick Recap & Conclusion

  • Luke Lango is pitching an “Area 52” super-technology and one Quantum Microchip Company is helping commercialize it for the first time.
  • We come to learn that “Area 52” is simply Luke code for a government test site of Quantum Technology.
  • Luke believes a small company roughly 0.08% the size of Amazon could hold the key to Quantum Technology's commercial success and its ticker symbol is revealed in a special report called The Quantum Windfall Report. If we want to get our hands on it, we'll need a subscription to the Innovation Investor newsletter, which costs $49 for the first year for a limited time.
  • If you prefer to keep your money, Green Bull has you covered. We were able to reveal Luke's pick for free as IonQ Inc. (Nasdaq: IONQ).
  • Quantum Computing is for real, as a ton of applications like AI, self-driving cars, regenerative medicine, and others rely on it. IonQ is a long-term growth bet on the industry that could eventually pay off.

What other Quantum Technology stocks are out there? Comment down below with your favorite.


Theodor is an old school value guy, when he's not looking for great companies and great prices you can find him on the basketball court hooping.

  • Theodor’s reveal is right on target. I’m a member of Luke’s Innovation Investor, and IONQ is “the investment opportunity of a lifetime, with up to 100X upside potential,” a quote from Luke’s paper on this subject. It’s priced now (5/20/23) at about $8.88. Missed Amazon & Google? This MIGHT be your second chance.

    On the same subject, another of Luke’s picks to put on your radar is ARQQ, Arqit Quantum Inc., which deals with the problem that quantum computers (now being pursued fast and furiously by companies and governments alike, with some already in existence) can easily break today’s best cybersecurity. ARQQ has a head start on the most advanced quantum security keys that will become crucial when today’s cybersecurity falls by the wayside. Priced now at about $0.90, it’s worth a look.


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