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Is Luke Lango’s Fast Money Line Legit?

March 17, 2023 by Theodor

Luke Lango claims we're about to learn the only way to drastically increase our wealth and income in any market.

He says this “Fast Money Line” could hand you virtually recession-proof income and turn every $1,000 into more than $129,000. We found out if it's legit.


The Teaser

What if there was a way to generate tens of thousands of dollars in additional income, without touching options or putting your money at any additional risk?

Source: investorplace.com

For those that don't already know, Luke Lango is InvestorPlace's Senior Investment Analyst. Prior to this, he was the founding manager at boutique investment fund L&F Capital Management. We've previously done a deep dive looking into if Luke Lango is a Fraud here at Green Bull Research and we have also reviewed some of his most recent stock picks, like his “Fourth Divergence” Stocks.

Any reasonable person should immediately call B.S.

But for argument's sake, let's see how this “fast money line” actually works.

Luke says the biggest requirement (conveniently) is to be willing to try something new. Perhaps some raw power data and analytics into how exactly this can create a substantial side income for us that generates thousands or tens of thousands of dollars will help.

Big Payouts even in Down Markets?

One such example is BP Prudhoe Royalty rust, which could have already made us 459% in a five-month span across 2021/2022.

Source: investorplace.com

This is using a base investment of $2,000 and a yield of over 100%.

Not bad for something that doesn't involve dividends, bonds, options, or a second job. But this isn't the only example.

How about a 500% yield in a single month from Hycroft Mining once it crossed the “fast money line”

Source: investorplace.com

Based on what I gather from these examples, the “fast money line” is some sort of technical indicator.

This guess has been proven correct, as the next thing Luke tells us is “investors who knew how to identify stocks crossing this “fast money line” could have been lining their pockets with quick and massive payouts.”

So the next question logically is, how do we know when a stock has crossed this support threshold and are there any stocks in particular that we should be looking out for?


The Pitch

Based on insights from Luke's proprietary system, four stocks have the highest chances of breaking out today. The details on all four of these “urgent buy” breakout stocks are detailed in a new report called “Four Breakout Stocks for Explosive Gains

Source: investorplace.com

The report is ours when we subscribe to Luke's premium technical indicator newsletter Breakout Trader. The cost? A one-time payment of $1,899 for which we receive video masterclasses, access to a members-only trading room, and a satisfaction guarantee, among other features.


“The Fast Money Line” Defined

At the core of Luke's income strategy is the so-called “fast money line.”

To truly understand it, we first need to understand a concept called ‘Stage Analysis.’

At any given time, every stock in the market is in one of four distinct and predictable stages.

This concept is nothing new, it was first introduced in a 1988 book written by trading pioneer Stan Weinstein called, “How to Profit in Bull and Bear Markets.”  Inside, he details a four-stage breakout method we can use to identify the best quality stocks to buy or sell in any market condition.

The Four Market Stages

These are as follows:

  1. Accumulation Stage
  2. Advancing Stage
  3. The Top Stage
  4. The Decline Stage

The first stage occurs right after a stock has crashed and bottomed out, so the sentiment around it is still broadly negative.

Eventually, the sentiment shifts from negative to positive, and the table is set for the advancing stage. This is typically where large sums of money are made and also where the “fast money line” comes into play.

This happens when a stock’s price breaks through its sideways trading pattern in stage one and enters stage two. Whether we realize it or not, virtually every single time a stock crosses this line, its share price surges. In fact, most of the profits you make when investing are made during this second stage.

So in short, we want to buy stocks as they exit the first stage and enter the advancing stage, also known as stage two. This is where sentiment and news surrounding a stock turns positive and begins attracting new money.

Luke's system has created a simple way to quickly uncover every stage two stock in the market, in a matter of seconds. It's the most surefire way to quickly build wealth in any market condition and it has identified four breakout stocks to buy immediately.


Luke Lango's Four Breakout Stocks

Of these four, only one is revealed to us – Nine Energy Service Inc. (NYSE: NINE).

Without knowing anything else about NINE, its stock chart looks like it is now entering the advancing stage.

As for the other three “breakout stocks”, no further word or clues are provided. But, since this method of identifying stocks has been around for quite some time, let's take a closer look at the results it has produced to date.


500% Cash Payoauts in Only One Month?

As previously mentioned, Stan Weinstein's four-stage system for profiting in both bull and bear markets has been around for the better part of three decades and more than a few websites exist dedicated to tracking its results.

So what's the consensus? Most profitable trades occur when buying in stage one and selling in stage, followed closely by buying in stage one and selling in stage three.

This mainly coincides with Luke's “fast money line” indicator, which advises buying a stock as it is leaving stage one and entering stage two.

There's no question that stage analysis is helpful and knowing that stage one (right after a stock has crashed) is empirically the best time to buy, can make us money. It's almost as if value investing or the time-honored strategy of buying stocks, bonds, or any other asset for less than its intrinsically worth actually works.

The system is legit and has merit, but gains will vary greatly, as it all depends on the fickle market, and trying to time it is a fool's errand. So there's absolutely no assurance of triple-digit returns over a month or even several months' time for that matter.


Quick Recap & Conclusion

  • Luke Lango is promoting a “Fast Money Line” trading indicator that he says could hand us virtually recession-proof income and turn every $1,000 into more than $129,000.
  • We learned that this indicator is essentially piggybacking on Stan Weinstein's four-stage trading system for profiting in both bull and bear markets by signaling at what stage we should be buying a stock.
  • All the details along with four “urgent buy” breakout stocks are revealed in a new report called “Four Breakout Stocks for Explosive Gains.” The report is ours when we subscribe to Luke's premium technical indicator newsletter Breakout Trader at a one-time cost of $1,899.
  • Only one “breakout stock” is revealed – Nine Energy Service Inc. (NYSE: NINEand no hints are given about what the others could be.
  • The four-stage trading system and “fast money line” indicator are the short-term trading equivalent of value investing, which encourages us to buy stocks whose market prices are depressed and sell when valuations top out. In short, it works, but results will vary dramatically.

Have you tried Luke's “Fast Money Line” trading indicator? Tell us about your experience in the comments below.


Theodor is an old school value guy, when he's not looking for great companies and great prices you can find him on the basketball court hooping.

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