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Luke Lango’s “100X AI” Apple Announcement – 10x Your Money Overnight?

Luke Lango's 100X AI Apple Announcement

June 10, 2024 by Theodor

Shortly after 1 PM ET on Monday, June 10th Apple CEO Tim Cook will take the stage at its annual worldwide developer conference and make the biggest announcement in the company's history.

Luke Lango is calling it Apple’s “100x AI” Announcement and he believes it will make one tiny small-cap tech stock soar.


The Teaser

If you're quick and have your investment account tab open, this could be an opportunity to capitalize on the biggest AI stock winner of 2024.

Source: investorplace.com

We have reviewed Luke's #1 AI Stock and ChatGPT Loophole teasers in the past, which produced some underwhelming picks, so I'm curious to see if he can redeem himself with this one.

If you've been following Apple, it won't come as a shock that it recently hinted at a partnership with ChatGPT parent, OpenAI.

However, according to tech investor Luke Lango, the media is missing the most important part of the story.

How a tiny AI company with more than 20 patents holds the key to Apple’s AI aspirations.

The Biggest Tech Story of the Year

Whatever Apple's upcoming announcement is, whether it is an OpenAI partnership or laying out their future AI blueprint, it will be one of the biggest tech stories of the year.

Luke excitedly says “If Apple’s CEO mentions this small-cap company's name on stage June 10th, there’s no telling how high its stock could go. We’re talking about the potential to double in a matter of minutes. There is even potential for this stock to soar 10x or more in the coming months.”

This sounds like some mighty wishful thinking, but what does Luke know that maybe we don't?

According to his research, Apple CEO Tim Cook is going to make an AI announcement that could quite literally change the world as we know it.

His research also suggests a potential partnership, which hasn't been covered by any mainstream news outlet, but which could end up being the biggest investment story and he has three reasons why.


The Pitch

Luke has compiled all the details on this tiny small-cap tech stock in a special report called Apple’s Secret Weapon: The Small-Cap AI Company Poised For 1,000% Gains.

Source: investorplace.com

This includes the ticker, name, and detailed analysis, which we get when we subscribe to Luke's high-level research service, Early Stage Investor.

The cost to join is $1,799 and includes a bundle of four special reports, full access to Luke's model portfolio, sell alerts to maximize profits on open positions, and more.


3 Big Reasons This Small Cap Could Soar 100x

Luke admits this is a speculative opportunity, but if things go the way he envisions, the results could be “extraordinary.”

I kind of picked up on this when “potential partnership” was mentioned, but let's see where this goes.

1st Big Reason

We already mentioned how Apple and OpenAI are partnering up, but what does that look like?

Luke suspects it means “integrating ChatGPT throughout the iPhone, perhaps even replacing Siri and equipping every iPhone with its own unique ChatGPT AI assistant, personalized to the phone owner.”

He also believes the biggest component of this OpenAI/Apple AI tie-up will be related to the Safari web browser, more specifically, the upgrading of Safari to an AI-powered web browser.

However, one company has built an entirely new AI-optimized web browser powered by OpenAI’s core generative AI technology. In essence, it is a ChatGPT-powered web browser.

And this company just announced that they are launching the app version of this AI-optimized web browser for iPhones.

2nd Big Reason

This small company is poised to strike a deal, as Apple doesn't have the technology it does.

It has more than 20 approved patents that protect its proprietary technology and it provides a critical piece to the puzzle that Apple needs.

3rd Big Reason

For these reasons, Luke thinks Apple will ultimately buy this company for a huge premium.

All of Apple's peers have made splashy AI investments. Microsoft has poured $10 billion into OpenAI. Amazon has put $4 billion into Anthropic. Apple is eventually going to follow suit and put some of its $162 billion cash pile to use.

As of February 2024, Apple's Safari was the most popular mobile internet browser with a 55% market share. So if Apple wants to really upgrade the iPhone to be an AI experience, it would make sense to focus on upgrading one of the most used features on its mobile device.

Could this be Apple’s “100x AI” announcement and what is the company behind this AI-optimized web browser?


Revealing Luke Lango's “100x AI” Apple Partner Stock

Clues are dispersed throughout the presentation like a murder mystery novel, so I pieced them all together and this is the snapshot we get of the stock being teased:

  • The company makes an AI-optimized browser, which has about 2% of the web browser market.
  • It has a market cap of $1 billion.
  • Their web browser is powered by OpenAI’s core generative AI technology.
  • It recently announced plans to launch the app version of this AI-optimized web browser for iPhones.

Based on this composite, Luke's “100x AI” small-cap stock is Opera Ltd. (Nasdaq: OPRA). Here is what my web browser search turned up:


Make 10x Overnight And 100x Long Term?

There are several ways I see this playing out:

  1. Apple partners with Opera for an AI-optimized web browsing experience and its stock goes up 1x or 2x virtually overnight.
  2. Apple acquires Opera outright for a healthy multiple, which could be 10x its present market value.
  3. No partnership is announced, Apple doesn't acquire the company, and the stock keeps chugging along as it has for the past few years.

Notice that the headline of the teaser “100x” is not in play, so it's a little or a lot deceptive in this regard.

Under no scenario is Opera becoming a $120 billion company. That's crazy talk.

However, the third scenario I described – no Apple partnership or acquisition isn't so bad after all, due to Opera's sound underlying economics.

The company has only $11 million of outstanding debt, $90 million cash on hand, and it is valued at only 8x trailing earnings with a 3% dividend yield, which is rare to see for a high-tech company.

From this perspective, Luke may have unwittingly just put us on to a quality value stock.


Quick Recap & Conclusion

  • Tech specialist Luke Lango is frontrunning Apple’s WWDC announcement, as he believes it will make one tiny small-cap tech stock soar “100x.”
  • Luke suspects Apple's announcement will center around AI and more specifically, upgrading Safari to an AI-powered web browser. Luke's research also suggests a potential partnership with a tiny small-cap stock, which hasn't been covered by any mainstream news outlet and that could end up being the biggest story.
  • Luke has compiled all the details on this tiny small-cap tech stock in a special report called Apple’s Secret Weapon: The Small-Cap AI Company Poised For 1,000% Gains. It is ours with a subscription to the Early Stage Investor research service, which costs $1,799 for the first year.
  • Fortunately for Greenbull readers, we were able to uncover Luke's pick for free before Apple's big announcement as Opera Ltd. (Nasdaq: OPRA).
  • The headline of Luke's teaser is hyperbole, as Opera stock is not appreciating “100x” anytime soon. However, based on its financials, it is a solid business available for a great price of only 8x trailing earnings.

What do you think about Apple jumping into the AI space? Let us know in the comments.


Theodor is an old school value guy, when he's not looking for great companies and great prices you can find him on the basketball court hooping.

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