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Nomi Prins’ Stock Picks REVEALED [Updated 2023]

January 30, 2023 by Anders

If you're looking for Nomi Prins' stock picks then look no further.

I've put together a running list of stock picks that she's teased and will be continuing to add to the list as she continues to pump out the investment teasers, which there seems to be no shortage of. 

She seems to be the perfect person to listen to when it comes to investing. She claims to have a Ph.D. in International Political Economy and to have worked on Wall Street making millions of dollars a year.

But, we'll talk more about her background later. For now, let's get to the list of the stocks she's teasing that we've been able to expose.

If you're familiar with our website here, then you'll know that we take a look at the investment teasers people like Prins pump out and dig around to see if we can expose the stocks being teased for free. While sometimes there aren't enough clues given for us to expose them confidently, we try our best.

Below, I've ordered the list of Prins' stock picks with the newest ones at the top. You can skip ahead to any of the picks you want to see with this nifty table of contents here...

***If you know a stock pick that we haven't listed, let us know in the comment section below this post. We beg you!***

*Got a recommendation that's not on the list? Let us know in the comment section below this post*

Prins' 2022 Picks

The "Liquid Energy" Company

  • Title of Teaser Presentation: "Why 5 Billionaires are Buying this $4 Stock"
  • Name of "Special" Report: "Liquid Energy: The #1 Stock for the $130 Trillion Energy Revolution"
  • Promoted Under: Disruption Report

The title of this presentation, or at least the one I came across (because there could be different variations of it floating around online), is "Why 5 Billionaires are Buying this $4 Stock".

It sounds interesting. I mean, if a handful of billionaires are buying it, they're must be some big potential here, right?

Source: rogueeconomics.com

Well, according to Nomi, there is going to be a $130 trillion (with a T) energy revolution and a small company she's narrowed in on is going to be at the head of it.

She claims to have recently visited Tesla's Gigafactory in Austin, TX, and thinks that this other small company, the one she's teasing, is going to give Tesla a run for its money. Or, rather, she thinks that Musk is dead wrong about the future of batteries and that this small company is going to dominate Tesla.

Yep, batteries. It's another presentation about battery technology, which we've seen no shortage of (Remember Ray Blanco's "Million-Mile Battery", the "Forever Battery" Charles Mizrahi was teasing, or Jason Williams' "Newton Battery"?).

What this whole presentation comes down to is something called an Iron Flow Battery. This is what she's calling "liquid energy" because of how these batteries store electricity in tanks of liquid electrolyte.

Nomi thinks this battery tech is the future, largely due to it being cheaper to store energy when compared to Tesla's lithium-ion batteries, for example. Not only this, but she also mentions how these iron-flow batteries are environmentally friendly. This is largely because of iron's abundance on earth and the fact that they are easier to recycle and reuse.

Of course, these batteries do have their downsides, but the fact that billionaire investors are interested in the technology really makes me wonder what the stock is that Prins tells us is "The #1 Stock" for this tech. Not only this but in 2021 the global market was predicted to grow with a CAGR of 29.3% going from 2021 - 2028 - not too shabby.

Luckily, we were able to figure this one out based on the clues given, some of which include:

  • The company is trading for $4 (at least around this price when she first released her presentation).
  • The company manufactures these batteries and only requires 3 ingredients to do so.
  • Bill Gates, Jack Ma, Richard Branson, Michael Bloomberg, and Jeff Bezos are among the billionaires investing in it.

Based on these, we found the company she's teasing to be ESS Tech Inc. (NYSE: GWH). 

As I write this, the stock is trading at $4.64, but this isn't far off from Nomi's $4 statement. And, I can see that it was trading at this price rather recently.

>> Read our full write-up of this "liquid energy" stock here

Her "#1 Stock for America's New Era"

  • Title of Teaser Presentation: "The REAL Reason Why 263 Million Americans Could Face a 'Permanent Recession'"
  • Name of "Special" Report: "The #1 Stock For America’s New Era"
  • Promoted Under: Disruption Report

A "Permanent Recession"? A big crash that "263 Million Americans Could Face"?

Once again, here we have Nomi Prins fear-mongering to get people to keep their faces glued to their computer screens for her presentation.

And guess what? It sure does work. But this is nothing new. From past presentations like Bill Bonner's "America's Nightmare Winter", Stansberry Research's "The Big Lie", etc... I've seen plenty of doom & gloom teasers of this nature recently.

Source: rogueeconomics.com

In this presentation, Nomi talks about how the wealth gap in America continues to grow. The top 1% of our society is getting richer while the majority of us, the middle class, continue to struggle more and more to get by.

The wealth gap was already increasing pre-COVID, but what we've seen more recently is the pandemic acting as somewhat of a catalyst to increase the gap further and further, largely due to rising inflation and decreased purchasing power, which remember was just "transitory"... until it wasn't.

In the presentation, she also talks about how she thinks CBDCs, or Central Bank Digital Currencies, are going to be increasingly pushed on the populations.

It's no secret, and no matter how much you're for or against them, a future with them seems more and more inevitable.

This all sounds bad and all. But, luckily for us, Nomi claims to have identified "The #1 Stock For America’s New Era" and she thinks we can all collect a 500% return if we invest now.

We're told that:

  • Blackrock just acquired 24 million shares of the company and Jack Dorsey has 48 million shares.
  • It's been bringing in $1.3 billion in annual profits.
  • It was called the decentralized "Bank of The Future" on CNBC.

... and with this, we've narrowed it down to being Block Inc (NYSE: SQ) that she's teasing here.

Another stock we've seen teased in the past, Block Inc was teased as the "Crypto Dark Horse" by The Motley Fool as well as their "Top Crypto Play".

>> Read our full write-up of her "#1 Stock for America's New Era" here

That "Great Distortion" Stock of Hers

  • Title of Teaser Presentation: "Fill Your Gas Tank While You Still Can"
  • Name of "Special" Report: "The #1 Stock for America’s Great Distortion: 10x Gains on a Small Firm Disrupting a Critical American Industry"
  • Promoted Under: Disruption Report

"Fill Your Gas Tank... While You Still Can." 

These are the words of advice Prins is giving us.

Sheesh. This sounds horrible. Does this mean filling our tanks might be increasingly hard in the future?

Source: rogueeconomics.com

What Prins is harping on and on about here is the energy crisis we're facing.

According to her, "America's New Energy Crisis is Unfolding", but, of course, all you have to do is listen to her and you'll survive.

She says that she thinks we can "maybe even 10x our money, but only if we prepare now."

The energy crisis we're looking at now largely comes from increased demand, yet at the same time decreased supply of oil.

It's almost like a perfect storm, largely fueled by COVID, the Russian-Ukrainian war, and the push towards "renewable" energy that we've been seeing.

Of course, the Davos crowd says that oil is NOT the answer, but right now I think people are mainly worried about being able to put food on the table and not freeze to death this coming winter.

Whatever the solution may be, the fact of the matter is that gas prices are soaring and the commodity is in high demand, and let's remember that this is in addition to Biden draining the Strategic Petroleum Reserve at an alarming pace.

But, what Nomi's teasing here actually comes from the other side of the spectrum. She's teasing the opportunity to invest in EVs, something that you can imagine we've reviewed quite a bit of teasers on here at Green Bull (remember Andy Snyder's "No. 1 EV Stock" or that "Bigger Than Tesla" EV stock Jeff Siegel was teasing?).

With rising gas prices, it only makes sense that the transition to EVs would come at an increasing rate, right?

She thinks so and the company she's teasing has something to do with EV charging stations.

Some of what we were told is that:

  • The company in question is bringing about a whole new type of charging station, one that you can use while inside Walmart shopping or grabbing a cup of coffee.
  • They are striving to be a "commerce-centric" charging company and want businesses to use their stations in their parking lots.
  • They have Toyota and Volvo in partnerships.

We were able to figure out this one as being ChargePoint Holdings (NYSE: CHPT), a company that, among other notable accomplishments, has managed to partner with Starbucks to bring EV charges to their parking lots.

This is also a stock we've seen teased by David Fessler as the "Charging King."

>> More on her "great distortion" stock here

Who Is Nomi Prins?

Source: rogueeconomics.com

The types of presentations you normally see Prins pumping out are of the typical "doom & gloom" variety.

This comes as no surprise to me seeing that she's working for Rogue Economics, which is under the umbrella of "The Agora", a company that has many of these independent investment research firms under their control with a... well... horrible reputation.

These companies often lure in subscribers to their services via fear-mongering and by other somewhat less than ethical means. Nonetheless, some of the "experts" they have running their investment advisory services are highly qualified and the type of people you'd want to listen to when it comes to investment advice.

Where does Nomi Prins fit in? Should you actually listen to her advice?

Prins' Background:

Well, she claims to be a "20-year Wall Street veteran" who has "ties" to Morgan Chase, Bear Stearns, and Goldman Sachs. This is all in addition to her Ph.D. in International Political Economy, which she claims has helped her a lot in her professional carrier:

I used these skills on Wall Street. Where I made my employers at JP Morgan Chase, Bear Stearns, and Goldman Sachs rich.

Since her time working on Wall Street, she claims to have written 7 books and has appeared on media outlets such as Fox Business, CNBC, Bloomberg, PBS, and CSPAN.

Is she telling the truth here?

Sounds legit, right?

Well, I have yet to do an extensive background check of her, but I will say that based on what research I have done, her claims seem to be no lie.

In a recent presentation (her "Liquid Energy" teaser), she mentions quitting Wall Street "20 years ago". This matches up with her employment record on her LinkedIn profile, which shows her quitting as Managing Director at Goldman Sachs in Apr 2002 (this was after working Lehman Brothers as a Senior Strategist and then at Bear Stearns & Co. as a Senior Managing Director).

Not only this, but I can easily see that her claims of being an author are true by going to Amazon. She's written a handful of books, some of which are very highly rated. For example, at the time of me writing this her book titled Collusion: How Central Bankers Rigged the World has 366 ratings with an average of 4.6 out of 5 stars and her book All the Presidents' Bankers: The Hidden Alliances that Drive American Power has 309 ratings with an average of 4.6 out of 5 stars as well.

Furthermore, she claims to have attended Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul for her PhD and although I didn't verify this claim through any official university documents, her Wikipedia page does corroborate this.

And yes, you read that correctly. She has her own Wikipedia page. This is a pretty big deal in and of itself.

In my opinion, based on what I did find about Prins in the short time that I researched her background, she seems legit... very legit. In fact, I'd say she seems more legit than most of the financial "experts" out there.

She's still actively appearing on high-level financial media outlets for her expertise and continues to publish in-depth and highly acclaimed books. And please take note, these aren't those books that you often see investment newsletter publishers writing where they write them more to promote their newsletters than anything else. These are quality books in and of themselves.

Conclusion & Should You Buy Nomi's Recommendations?

All this said, should you buy those recommendations Prins is telling you to buy?

Well, here at GreenBullResearch.com we cover Nomi's picks but don't take this as a recommendation to buy these stocks. At the end of the day, there's still only one stock advisory service we actually recommend, and it has nothing to do with Nomi Prins.

But, don't take this the wrong way either. We're also not telling you not to buy what she recommends. 

The decision is ultimately up to you. Just, please, please do your own due diligence before buying anything.

These "experts" don't always get everything right.


Anders is the founder and chief editor of Green Bull Research. When he's not investigating new opportunities and adding to his portfolio, you might find him taking a nature walk or reading a Steven Pressfield novel.

  • I’m a subscriber of Rogue Economics.

    Your prediction has so far been accurate. I get bored of the seemingly endless list of people who ‘can show us where to put the nxt order’.
    They’re all hoping to receive funds from us separately.

    Jeff Clark, Larry Benedict, Nomi Prinns, Teeka Tewaari & some others that are constantly coming up. We get emails from one of them, recommending that we subscribe to the rest. This week they’re all adding Jeff Clark to their feed & he’s here with three different offers, each one with a unique strategy & price.
    They’re each other’s friends.

    Keep up the good work & get us all the trends.

  • I think that once the fed rate total 4.75% future forecast is reached and is a threat to servicing the u.s.debt of 31 trill, then they will increase qt tightening
    to try to get to 2%. inflation.

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