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“The #1 Stock For America’s New Era” (Nomi Prins) EXPOSED

July 27, 2022 by Theodor

Former Goldman Sachs managing director, Nomi Prins thinks 263 million Americans face the dire prospect of a permanent recession.

Today, Nomi is going to reveal the real reason the top 1% of Americans continue to drift farther away, while the rest of us stay stagnant. She will also reveal her “#1 Stock For America’s New Era” to get out of this cycle.


The Teaser

America has become a land of extremes, where the winners take all, while everyone else settles for the scraps. But the truth is, this is so much bigger than partisan politics or monetary policy.

Source: rogueeconomics.com

Nomi Prins spent time at Chase Manhattan Bank, Lehman Brothers, Bear Stearns, and Goldman Sachs, before hanging it up and becoming an investigative journalist that sheds light on Wall Street’s more nefarious practices and the US economy at large. We have covered some of Nomi’s past work here, including her Rapid Growth Opportunities and “Great Distortion” Stock Pick.

Almost no one knows why this is happening or why it’s about to accelerate beyond anything we’ve seen before, directly affecting our savings, jobs, and even our personal freedoms.

Rest assured, all will become clear as day in the months ahead. Including the strange force creeping under the roots of America slowly robbing the savings and freedoms of millions of Americans. However, on the flip side, it could also be the biggest profit opportunity we ever see in our lifetimes.

When we take a step back and look at the statistics, this all begins to make more sense. For example, about 1,700 new millionaires are minted every day. But at the same time, the average American worker is earning $32 less per week than they did in 1974. This is just one example, but what is the real underlying reason for this growing disparity?

Wall Street has clearly benefited from this trend, but they’re not the cause of the problem maintains Prins. Who is directly responsible is a group of unelected officials – the strange force in America, shifting wealth from the middle class to the rich. This strange force in America is The Federal Reserve.

Before we go off writing about this topic, as it is a weighty and worthy one. We need to know that the final robbery of the American people by this institution is now taking place and there are a few things we can do to protect whatever wealth we have left.


The Pitch

Nomi has compiled everything we need to know inside a new blueprint, called: The #1 Stock For America’s New Era: How to Collect a 500% Return As History’s Biggest Wealth-Shift Dominates The Nation.

Source: rogueeconomics.com

This #1 Stock pick along with a few other freebies are included when you sign up to something called the Distortion Report. Every month readers will get a #1 play to not only keep their wealth protected from market distortions, but also walk away with new wealth. A subscription currently goes for $49 for the first year, with access to everything.


How The Game Has Been Rigged

Hardly any mainstream publications stray far from the official narrative nowadays, but surprisingly Business Insider recently asked a powerful question regarding The Fed: Is America free if a private bank owns and controls our economy?

In my own humble opinion, the answer is a clear no. A free market cannot exist, so long as a central entity is setting interest rates and without a free market, some (chosen) parties will always prosper more than others. So, if you’ve ever felt like you have been held back, running in place, working long hours only to just barely get by, now you know why. The Federal Reserve is the reason 64% of Americans are now living paycheck to paycheck.

While we’re being told our present predicament is because of “Putin’s price hike”, the war in Ukraine or greedy businesses raising prices each week. It’s actually much bigger than this, all we have to do as the old saying goes, is follow the money.

On paper, this is what central banking is supposed to do:

Source: rogueeconomics.com

“Trickle down wealth” is the term it is given, but Nomi believes this to be the biggest lie in financial history and I would tend to agree with her in this instance. Instead, this is what The Fed actually does:

Source: rogueeconomics.com

As one of the only entities in the world that can “print” or fabricate trillions of dollars and funnel it to the rich, it is doing exactly this.

This is the permanent distortion -the separation of the rich and elite versus everyone else. The bad news, is that it could get worse. As we are on the verge of a financial shock that could soon replace all the physical cash in the world, with a digital counterpart. That’s right, Central Banking Digital Currencies (CBDCs) are on the way, with some 90% of central banks in the process of planning the digitalization of their currencies as we speak.

The good news, is that the biggest investment opportunities in history always happen when there’s a world-changing transformation like this. This time around is no different, with a massive amount of new money now moving into a few specific sectors.


Revealing the #1 Stock for America’s New Era

Nomi believes one single stock holds the power to create extreme wealth for early investors. One that the rich and elite are piling into, right now.

  • For example, the world’s biggest asset manager Blackrock has just acquired 24 million shares and Billionaire Jack Dorsey who founded Twitter is in for 48 million shares.
  • This stock is one of the few in its market to actually pull in profits, quarter by quarter, to the tune of nearly $1.3 billion in annual profits.
  • It was also recently touted on CNBC as the decentralized “Bank of The Future.”

Based on this set of clues, the stock in question here is Block Inc. (NYSE: SQ). This is why we are so sure:


A Trillion Dollar Stock?

This would imply a discount of 2,500%, given Block’s present market cap of around $38.7 billion. High expectations for the financial services and digital payments company that is comprised of popular businesses such as Square, Cash App, TIDAL, and Spiral, which builds open-source projects that advance the use of Bitcoin. So, can it get there and become a trillion dollar stock?

Block’s stated aim is to create tools that help expand access to the economy. In this respect, its ecosystem of products is doing this. With the number of mid-market businesses using Square’s payment processing suite up by 5% over Q1 2021 and Cash App gross profits also up 26% on a year over year basis.

The group is profitable and growing fast, including internationally, where profits are currently under $100 million annually, but growing at an increasing clip. To call Block the #1 stock for a digital currency era is ambitious, but it also isn’t that farfetched if a cashless future becomes reality.


Quick Recap & Conclusion

  • Nomi Prins is here to reveal the real reason the top 1% of Americans continue to drift farther away, while the rest of us remain stagnant. She also promises to reveal her “#1 Stock For America’s New Era”, which is fast approaching.
  • The real reason why a majority of Americans are now living paycheck to paycheck is The Federal Reserve and not any other myriad of things the mainstream media would have us believe, which are simply symptoms of the underlying cause. Things may also get much worse before they get better with Central Banking Digital Currencies (CBDCs) on the way.
  • This is why Nomi has compiled everything she knows about this looming “permanent distortion” inside a new blueprint, called: The #1 Stock For America’s New Era: How to Collect a 500% Return As History’s Biggest Wealth-Shift Dominates The Nation. It’s ours for free with a $49 annual subscription to the Distortion Report newsletter.
  • Fortunately, we were able to reveal this #1 Stock For America’s New Era as the digital payments company, Block Inc. (NYSE: SQ).
  • Block is a highly profitable, fast growing, global business, which could become a trillion dollar company as payments become increasingly digitized.

Do you agree or not agree with Nomi’s assessment of a looming switch to Central Banking Digital Currencies (CBDCs) from paper fiat currencies? Tell us in the comment section below.


Theodor is an old school value guy, when he's not looking for great companies and great prices you can find him on the basketball court hooping.

  • Anders. I find Nomi Prins a pretty straight shooter. I was not sure about her at first. I have been following her for 3 months, and have enjoyed her insights more and more. She is a bit more reasonable on her predictions and stock picks than other contemporaries and has a certifiable background. She gives away information each day that is helpful for education and worth the time to read. When she has a video she also includes a transcript. I’d agree with you that Block is maybe not 500% but I believe it will certainly grow and be worth investing something into it. Keep up the good work.

  • I find Nomi Prins an Aggressive Marketing Professional that has taken her Financial Talent and Math skills and exposed it to millions of others. She has made claims that could happen. But tracking stocks she has raved about like Block,
    and Silvergate with 500% growth predictions can only rest if the Euro – Zone and the United States go digital in with their currency. Is anything possible – Yes. Right now after diving into her raving suggestions to invest in these 2 firms, we are down almost 50%. A $10K investment is running about $5,000 in value now. There are ups and downs in the Market. We all understand this. Time is our ally. But to Market a service with a 1 hour video, promise the name of a firm for 3 days, 20 e mails over, regarding an EV company that is going to save AMAZON and then at the end of the presentation hit us with her hook to spend $1,750 to get a lead on a warrant is BULL SHIT. – I have no respect for this woman at all. My God damn time running a company is valuable.
    Share the God damn warrant if you know it. Her idiots at Rogue have already claimed in 1 day the Warrant has gone up 80%. Yea sure, get 10,000 people to buy into a warrant in 1 day and walla – PUMP AND DUMP. If I made 80% in one day, and invested $50K and picked up 80%, I would be out in todays market and run my ass off. Tha tis exactly what will happen today. Not my way of working with clients, and this is all BULL – SHIT. Tha tis what Goldman does. They buy a ton of stock. Talk it up, let it trickle down to the retail investor, after the Institutional Investors and Pension Fund Investors pump it up. Then I buy it and 2 days later, everyone is out, and my investment is off 20% – 30%. Nomi is from Goldman Sachs. Her style is right in line with Goldman. Pump, wait for buying pressure to explode, and then quickly sell and take 16-30% in 2-5 days, and do that all day 5 days a WEEK year round. Give me a million dollars, and in 1 year, I will turn that into %25-50 million investing all day on buying pressure and dumping before everyone else dumps. I am a 50 year INVESTOR, not a trader. Seen it all. Lived thru 86, 200, 2008- 2009, and everything else. Bought 1 oz. Gold bars at 14 in 1974. Sold them in 1982, paid for a $35,000 College Education with no debt. My parents had nothing. Got me thru
    school, now everyone wants free money, no one works, no one creates, and people like Nomi Prins just take.!

    Name of her EV Warrant?
    Mr. Ettinger

    • I believe you missed the point sir. He did all that shit for you and tells you, for nothing other than the read; What he takes away from it… hold on to that square. I’m not 50 yrs in, hell im only 40 myself. but Ive watched Square from the start, had and recommended the cash app to many, then when started my own small HVAC company I used square not knowing they were connected to cash app in anyway yet was impressed how easy it made that side of the business for me being a first time business owner in such a demanding field and still use as do my friends and business associates that i recommended it to when I did over 3 yrs ago and like any good thing, It has only gotten better. Ive followed it as a company ever since I found out both were one in the same because of how much I liked both as a consumer and seen the potential. Hold on its going to be a rough 3 yrs from here only to let up a little just when we get used to it, but I am sure square will be there on the other side.

  • I think that it was the fact that the u.s. dollar is the world’s reserve currency that held it up when the 9 trillion qe prog.was completed.At this point the velocity of the currency was 1,very low.GDP/No.of u.s.dollars in circ.This held every thing together.China keen to have the yuan as World reserve currency.
    As for block chain when Ether.goes to 100k tps and smart contracts go boom
    World over, we’ll see the consequences.

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