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Chris Curl’s Crypto Cycle Review – 10X Your Money?

April 19, 2023 by Phil

Before we dive deep into this Chris Curl’s Crypto Cycle review, let’s talk about typical conversations on the topic.

Are you into crypto?

What digital currencies are you investing in?

Why are you not into crypto?!!

Everyone seems to be talking about crypto these days. Most of the time, people seem to be on the either extreme side. Some swear by the investment and are all in. Others do not want anything to do with it.

Wherever you are on the spectrum, there’s no doubt it’s here. So for sure, it pays to know more about it.

Only when we have educated opinions on the subject can we decide if investing in digital currencies is for or not for us.

This is where research services like Crypto Cycle come in. Curl and his publishers know there seems to be an unquenchable thirst for the topic.

In the past, we have already tackled similar services in our reviews:

Due to the interest, Curl joined the trend and put his spin on the crypto research services space. 

In this review, we will discuss Crypto Cycle’s unique selling proposition. Additionally, our article details how the editor plans to help you navigate your crypto journey.

Since most of you want to know details about Curl and the publisher, we will also tell you what you need to know. As well, you will learn about the subscription process.

Continue reading to know more if Chris Curl’s Crypto Cycle is for you. We subscribed to the newsletter to give you an inside look at the service.


  • Name: Crypto Cycle
  • Editor: Chris Curl
  • Publisher: Digest Publishing / Resource Stock Digest
  • Website: www.digestpublishing.com and www.resourcestockdigest.com
  • Service: Crypto investment newsletter
  • Cost: $999 sale price, $1,999 regular price for one-year subscription

Crypto Cycle is a financial research service dedicated to digital currencies from Chris Curl. It is the only newsletter on crypto from its publisher, Digest Publishing / Resource Stock Digest.

According to the company, you can get ten times your money when you follow the editor’s recommendations. As per Curl, his vast experience in this space makes him your best crypto go-to guy.

Based on the “special” offer we’ve come across, you can get the portfolio, alerts, and newsletters for “only” $999. Originally, its regular price was $1,999.

Since, according to the publisher, this is a premium service, Curl says this is a steal for its price. In fact, Digest Publishing claims that everything you will get from the service is actually worth $4,999.

What exactly will you get from Crypto Cycle? How will you get the promised returns for your money? Finally, is it worth the steep price?

Since all these are valid questions, we will help you answer these all throughout this article. But first, we will talk about our experience when we signed up for the service.

Subscription Process

Typically, publishers take advantage of the time you subscribe for an upsell. There are some that overdo it, while others are more measured.

When we subscribed to Crypto Cycle, we took note of the fact that the service has a refund policy.

We highlight this here because such a clause is critical, especially for a service in this price range. Imagine if you subscribe and find that the editor does not provide valuable content. That'd be a disaster.

So for starters, this policy is a great feature from the publisher. Again, it's a positive sign for potential subscribers because it shows confidence in the product's quality.

As well, such a feature protects consumers. We know there are a lot of scams, misleading ads, and inaccurate claims out there.

Going back to signing up, like all other newsletters, we entered our personal information and credit card details. This step is usually the first for most, so no surprises at this stage.

After, we were directed to an upsell, which was, again, not surprising. 

In it, Curl was hoping that we subscribe to the lifetime membership instead of the one-year commitment we signed up for. The cost? An additional $999 plus a yearly maintenance fee of $99.

If we were really so into crypto and have proven how great Crypto Cycle is, this might seem a good deal.

However, we wanted to take a peak inside first, so we declined.

On the next page, we were already taken to a Congratulations banner. Here, we were surprised a bit. Only one upsell? What in the marketing gods happened here?

But we judged the publisher prematurely. The page actually was another pitch, after all. Digest Publishing was upselling Foundational Profits from Nick Hodge.

Looking at their website, this seemed like its banner newsletter. Apparently, the service:

seeks to identify and profit from longer-term trends with a contrarian perspective, and has often outpaced the return of the stock market.

We have already encountered Nick Hodge on Green Bull Research. In fact, our team exposed a few of his teasers:

Again, we have decided not to subscribe to Hodge's service at the moment. After this, we were already able to move forward.

What is Chris Curl’s Crypto Cycle?

Digest Publishing touts the service as one of its kind:

... the only cryptocurrency service on the planet trading with full transparency using $50,000 of real money.

According to them, the objective is straight to the point. Curl will transparently show you his cryptocurrency plays. This way, you can get great returns with your money the way he does with $50,000.

To emphasize, the editor says that he could easily multiply that amount by 10 since he has a unique strategy in the space.

We know we've all heard such promises in the past. But according to him, the difference is that here, when you lose money, they also lose money.

Essentially, the editor and publisher are telling subscribers they're putting their money where their mouth is.

Three Crypto Keys

How exactly do they intend to put the money to work?

According to Curl, a strategy is to put 20% of the holdings in "more established coins." As for the big chunk, he will invest it in the "big opportunities" others do not see yet.

For us, this is a bold move. Others usually allocate more to the "safer" investments. But the editor appears to be gung ho about his crypto skills that he will risk 80% to "untested" cryptos.

But of course he has chutzpah!

Since Curl says he is an "expert" in crypto, he has the ability to spot them. As proof, he cited examples which show he has already made huge gains in the past, but more on this later. 

Based on experience, he was able to come up with "3 crypto keys."

The editor is confident these "are nothing you’ve heard before." For him, going against the "mainstream narrative around certain coins" benefitted him greatly.

Moreover, Curl is confident that his keys are "the secret to huge profits for me and you."

To clarify, we will discuss them here not to promote Curl and his strategy. We want this review to be comprehensive so you can see if you can trust the thinking behind the service.

Read on to see if these look legit to you. 

  • 10X Crypto Key #1: Layer 1 Protocol

First, when looking at investing in a specific coin, the crypto "guru" looks at a key sign. Is the coin "established on a blockchain or network that has credibility?"

For him, a "true blockchain is extremely hard to break and developers are constantly working on building more on top of it."

Additionally, this means that trading these will be faster, safer, and more secure. 

  • 10X Crypto Key #2: Utility for Users

The second key to spotting profitable digital currencies is usefulness. According to Curl, they need to have actual "utility in the real world."

One indicator for this is if you can spend the actual coins in stores.

  • 10X Crypto Key #3: Meme-ability

As for the third key, Curl observes if there is hype behind smaller coins. For him, this is one sign that a coin has the potential to "make a big move."

If people are rallying behind it to the point where they make memes about it, there's interest. If there's a huge following, then people may actually buy them.

At this point, what can you say about his three keys? Were you impressed? Are they convincing enough that he knows what he's talking about? Share your thoughts below.

In fairness to Curl and Digest Publishing, they tried to be sober in their pitch. In fact, they mentioned the risks, scams, and pitfalls of investing in crypto.

Traditionally, marketers usually do not mention these words. For them, there's a chance readers might unknowingly associate the product with such negative words.

However, it's not the case in Crypto Cycle's pitch. In the write-up, it's clear Curl wants subscribers to know that crypto is not all about great returns, gains, and success.

Who is Chris Curl?

Chris Curl believes he has a winning proposition for those interested in crypto.

First, he is using $50,000 to invest in the space. Second, you will see how he will invest it through his portfolio. Third, his three crypto keys are a sure ticket to growing his and your investment.

For someone as bold as he is, Digest Publishing has not provided ample background information. Compared to other editors who have extensive experience in various financial firms, he has a thin resume.

Based on his bio, we just know he's into technology, gaming, and cars.

Actually, we do not really know much about his investing career. If at all, the publisher admits Curl has focused on crypto and not even other stocks.

Moreover, Curl also says he's not an engineer, doesn't own "some big company," and has "never worked in real estate." Apparently, this is supposed to be a good thing because he is focused on crypto alone.

Digest Publishing just wants us to trust Curl and his claims of having made early calls in now uber-profitable coins. But did we see actual evidence of these? Like other editors' claims, there was zero verifiable proof.

Other gurus usually employ the same tactics, and this is something we have already seen in the past.

I was able to spot some of the BIGGEST cryptocurrency moves in history and trade them for 9,150% gains.
That’s a 2,233% return! I made 23 times my money in less than six months!
That made my trade worth 9,150% more. A 92X return on my money!

One thing that caught our attention, though, is that this service is his only newsletter. Or at least for now.

On the one hand, this can be a great thing, meaning Curl can focus on the portfolio.

But on the other hand, it could mean he is a noob editor. As well, another possibility is that the publisher does not trust him that much yet to give him more newsletters to handle. 

After all, most financial research services are all about making money. If they have popular editors, expect them to cash in on them with various newsletters.

However, since the newsletter is also still relatively new as of this writing, it's too early to judge.

What You Get - Subscriber's Notes

Curl and Digest Publishing package the service as advantageous for both beginners and seasoned investors.

Based on their pitch, newbies will learn a lot from the educational content Crypto Cycle provides. These include:

  • Crypto-U Series - a library of topics like Bitcoin Basics 101, Centralized and Decentralized Exchanges, and Setting Up Trust Wallets.
  • Ongoing Education - additional reports on newer subjects like non-fungible tokens (NFTs), decentralized finance (DeFi), and initial coin offerings (ICOs).

For those who have advanced knowledge in digital currencies, Curl offers these:

  • Access to the $50K real-money portfolio - subscribers will see which coins Curl is buying and selling, when he does these, and for how much.
  • Special Report - My Top 3 Cryptos to Buy Now
  • Bi-monthly Issues - advisories on "ongoing rationale for the coin allocations as well as additional crypto insights and commentary."
  • Quarterly Crypto Call-ins - live chats where the editor answers questions from subscribers


Once you subscribe and enter the site, Curl welcomes you with a short overview message. He also invites you to navigate all the features to maximize the service.

Under the Issues tab, you will see the latest of his bi-monthly reports. By the time we publish this, it was about SEC regulation and a "crypto company that’s been quietly building for years."

The newsletter is a straightforward discussion that provides a good amount of information with external links as sources.

Though Curl sees potential in the company's token, we can see that it's not included in his portfolio. Maybe he just wants to tell subscribers about it in case they're interested? 

Meanwhile, when you go to Alerts, you will see updates on his actual purchases.

Purchased XXX.XX ZZZ tokens at a price of $X.XX for a total cost of $507.

The alert also includes a brief situationer as well as specific instructions on how to buy the tokens.

Exploring the site further, the Crypto-U Series tab contains 17 videos and articles on various topics around digital currencies. An exciting video here is the editor's conversation with investor and Shark Tank mentor, Kevin O'Leary.

Are the contents of the series groundbreaking? Honestly, not quite. Most of what you see here, you could pretty much learn elsewhere, some for free.

However, we do commend the fact that Curl walks through some how-to videos with screen captures. This way, newbies can understand better.

To be fair, if you look at the tab as a one-stop-shop for different crypto topics though, it is useful. If you trust the publisher or Curl, at least you're getting curated information.

For us, it's commendable that Digest Publishing also wants to educate its readers instead of just dictating investing choices.

Further, Digest Publishing also highlights its regular question-and-answer with the editor. Subscribers will get the latest schedule for the call-in. They also have the chance to send their questions in advance.

Now, we proceed to the main meat: the $50,000 Portfolio. Of course, we cannot divulge key information since you have to pay for the service. As well, we want to be fair to Crypto Cycle.

As you can see, Curl does publish where he has invested the amount. You could also see the allocation per coin.

Of course, we did our due diligence and added those on the Allocation column. We were surprised to find out that it was only $31,363.04.

Scandalous! Was Curl taking us for a spin? Now, they will definitely hear it from me. Wait till I send the letter.

However, the Karen in us was gone after a few minutes and tried experimenting. We noticed that the table was not seamlessly integrated into the website.

So what we did was open the website on a different browser. Additionally, we adjusted the zoom levels. Despite these, we still could not see the whole table.

So we tried pressing Ctrl + A to copy the table and paste it on a spreadsheet. And that seemed to have solved it!

From here on, refer to us as Sherlock, okay? Seems fair, right?

Maybe Curl's tech team could not make the Portfolio smooth looking, or something's wrong with our laptop. Either way, this means others could have the same experience as well.

The difference is, not all of will check and double-check.

Based on the more complete table, we can see the full allocation. It looks like the editor invested in 13 coins while still leaving $18,130.84 cash as of this writing. 

Just as a side note, these may not be the exact figures on your screen when you access it. Based on the site, they update it every five minutes. But you get the idea based on our post here.

Additionally, you could also see that there is one closed token. Supposedly, it gave them 181.04% gains.

For us, we do like that we see the coins and how Crypto Cycle allocates his investments. But we would also love to see the coins' returns in real time.

After all, we know this can be done. Other services show percentage returns of open investments. This way, we have a better idea of their performance.

Most importantly, we hope they can fix the table feature on the website. What's the use of such a key feature if some subscribers are not seeing the full picture?

How about you? What are your impressions so far? Do these features entice you to subscribe for $999? Are you inclined to trust Curl and Digest Publishing? Share your thoughts below.


As mentioned, the newsletter is still pretty new as of this writing. It began in January 2022 but the team has been hyping it up for months prior.

Its publisher, Digest Publishing / Resource Stock Digest was founded by Gerardo del Real and Nick Hodge. According to a microblog on Stock Gumshoe, both left Angel Publishing in October 2020 to set up their own.

Looking at their website, the publisher only has seven services, including Crypto Cycle. Curl, del Real, and Hodge are also the only editors they have.

Given these circumstances, it is understandable that it would be a challenge to find legit reviews from subscribers.

We tried looking at various trusted websites to check for feedback on Crypto Cycle and Curl. But we could not find any from our reliable and reputable sources.

But since we do want to give you an idea, at least on Digest Publishing, we will give you related reviews.

In the same subscriber post in Stock Gumshoe, Travis Johnson raised a particular concern about "sponsors."

Seconding the subscriber, Johnson argues that paid sponsorships could be compromising for publishers. Yes, it could be legal, but would it be the best for readers?

The issue here could be about integrity. If sponsors are paying you, you would naturally be more inclined to give them favourable opinions, right?

This may not seem like an issue if everything is going well. But given the risky nature of investing, problems always arise.

So what if you see some on your sponsors and investments in them? Can you really be completely honest with your subscribers about your assessments?

Of course, these are their opinions. But we also want to flag this for you so you can check and weigh for yourself if you are comfortable with this.

Since this is Curl's first and only newsletter, plus it's relatively new, it was hard to look for reviews about him. 

In this case, we just looked for feedback on his colleagues. After all, del Real and Hodge are supervising the editor and his service. In a way, their performance and standards will reflect in newsletters in their company.

Again, this is not a fool-proof indicator of Curl and Crypto Cycle's performance. But we want to give you a background, at least of Curl's colleagues. Take what you can get from the following information.

The now-defunct Junior Mining Monthly was del Real's newsletter from Angel Publishing. By the time we publish this, 87 subscribers gave him an average of 2.4/5 stars on Stock Gumshoe.

Commenters on the page gave his service mixed reviews:

A horrible advisory service. Cherry-picks the few winners at their long past highest point to brag about and completely ignore the numerous big losers when he had the gall to send a renewal letter.
This service has been great, but now since they left the insider club and started their own publication it sucks!

As you can see, those who left negative comments gave reasons as to why they didn't like the editor's previous newsletter.

On the plus side, one liked it so much that it was a pain to see him leave his former publisher.

Meanwhile, 99 Stock Gumshoe subscribers gave Hodge's former newsletter, Wallstreet Underground Profits, an average rating of 2.4/5 by the time we publish this.

Commenters also did not seem too pleased with the newsletter.

However, his Early Advantage from Angel Publishing received positive comments despite getting 2.8/5 stars from 46 votes on Stock Gumshoe.

But of course, we also want to show you negative feedback.

To reiterate, these do not necessarily reflect on Curl's service or del real and Hodge's current performance.

After all, Curl is a different person, and the two may have changed their styles when they formed their own company.

But we still opted to show these to you so you can have an idea on Digest Publishing and Curl's bosses in the company.

Think of these as background information. Therefore, you do not necessarily decide on subscribing or not subscribing based solely on these.

Cost and Refund Policy


According to Digest Publishing, the actual value of everything you will get is $4,999. But you can avail of it at a special promo rate of $999, from the regular $1,999 price.

Refund Policy

Crypto Cycle has a 60-day money-back guarantee for its subscribers.

Pros v Cons


  • Transparency: subscribers will get access to an actual $50,000 portfolio devoted to crypto.
  • Chris Curl details his allocation and the process behind his crypto picks.
  • The service contains foundational information on crypto, including step-by-step instructions with screen captures.


  • Crypto Cycle is more expensive than other crypto advisory services.
  • It's challenging to see more subscriber reviews from trusted sources on Chris Curl and his newsletter.
  • Since 80% of the portfolio is on relatively new and/or coins that are not established yet, the risk is higher for investors.

Conclusion - 10X Your Money in Crypto?

Since everyone cannot seem to get enough crypto information, Digest Publishing is offering its own service. This Crypto Cycle review of editor Chris Curl's newsletter intends to help potential subscribers get more details.

For $999, readers will be able to see how Curl will invest actual $50,000 in digital currencies. He will also give you alerts on new movements, periodic Q and A, and an educational set of articles and videos.

The editor is confident he can multiply the investment by ten times because of his three crypto keys:

  • Layer 1 Protocol
  • Utility for Users
  • Meme-ability

We discussed that Curl seems to be lacking experience in the finance sector. However, he says that he's had success in crypto. Also, he is fully devoted to the newsletter, as this is his only offering in the company.

Looking at the website, you do get a sense that there is an effort to provide genuine service. However, we noticed that the Portfolio section needs some work, especially since it is the main feature.

Since we could not find legit reviews on Curl and his newsletter, we looked at Hodge and del Real, the founders of his publisher. We showed reviews on them to provide context but we clarified these are just background information.

After having read through everything, including the pros and cons, what's your opinion on Chris Curl's Crypto Cycle? Let us know below.


A writer and researcher, Phil enjoys exploring topics about finance, investments, and consumer behavior. His two young kids serve as inspiration for his advocacy on education and the youth.

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