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READ NOW: Crypto Flash Trader Review (Banyan Hill)

February 21, 2022 by Phil

So what's all the fuss about this service? In our Crypto Flash Trader Review (Banyan Hill), we will go deep.

If we believe Ian Dyer, its editor, we are all on the cusp of a financial revolution. Before you roll your eyes and say, "here we go again with these WILD claims," let's check what he means.

We know you are tired of the same old outrageous tactics of investment research editors. But since we are talking about cryptocurrency here, it is worth examining.

Sure, Dyer employs the same style of using attention-grabbing predictions. But it would benefit us all if we know the specifics first before we reject or even accept them.

A New York Times article on crypto has this subheading:

The ranks of cryptocurrency speculators have swelled, with even obscure tokens minting the newly wealthy: at least on the blockchain.

According to the paper, it's logical to observe that crypto has become a "widespread phenomenon." As per the article, this is evident in the kind of wealth various coins have generated.

Even The Guardian acknowledges its popularity in an intro to a crypto podcast. It also cites that due to game-like apps on mobile phones, about 211 million traded the currency worldwide in 2021.

It seems like crypto is the future and that future is already fast approaching.

So, are we really heading in this direction whether we like it or not? 

Currency 2.0

According to Dyer and his team at Banyan Hill, the transition they speak of is indeed almost here. They add that there has never been anything like it in history.

Why? Well, if proven correct, the new system will eliminate the "middleman" in your financial transactions. According to Crypto Flash Trader, the Currency 2.0 revolution means a lot of convenient things.

First, Dyer claims that banks will no longer need banks when crypto is entirely mainstream. Indeed, for those who find the inefficiencies and high fees of banks ridiculous, this is excellent news.

Before these people rejoice just yet, we want to ask if this is indeed the immediate next step. Even if crypto becomes such a success, is this really the next step? 

What do you think about this prediction? Is this a realistic or even a responsible prediction? We would love to hear your comments below.

Goodbye hassles

Second, the other effect of such a financial tectonic shift is that there will no longer be delays in money transfers.

Well, since the supposed crypto revolution eliminates the middleman, such transactions will flow more smoothly. Anyone who has experience dealing with banks knows the hassle of fund transfers.

It is such a mystery why it takes days to transfer money on secure channels despite all the technological advancements. Since the infrastructure is already there also, why the need for exorbitant fees?

We imagine that this will be a welcome development for people who want more control of their money.

The thing with most financial institutions is that some of their systems do not seem to advocate for the customer.

People see and feel that. Even if they are dealing with their personal money, some make them go through hoops before accessing their funds.

Third, the result of the mainstreaming of cryptos is that you do not need to stay on long hold times on the phone. This is another pain point for the customer.

Since a middleman exists, we do not have complete access even if we are talking about our personal money. Of course, we always hear about the convenient excuse that the delays are for our safety.

We imagine that more than predictions, these are also the wish list of consumers. Since banks inconvenience a lot of people, the idea of having this much control is liberating for many.

Ye know neither the day nor the hour

Are they realistic? Well, it depends on the time frame. Are we talking about weeks, months, or years? Regarding this, Dyer understandably becomes vague.

This is some sort of "therefore keep watch, because you do not know the day or the hour" moment for Dyer, to borrow from the Bible verse.

But he does say that we are already on the way to what he calls a "mass adoption." 

So, in the end, what's the goal of it all?

Dyer says you have to believe him. Cryptocurrencies are the most important investment you should make as we move closer to the digital age.

As we discuss his service further, we will tackle a lot of information about cryptos as well. We think our goal here is not just to review the newsletter.

To help you make a more informed decision, it would also be better if you understood basic concepts about the currency. This way, you will not just blindly follow "experts"' recommendations.

It is always better to at least have a basic understanding of cryptos. So do read our review until the end as we tackle the truth behind the often silly claims and predictions. 


  • Name: Crypto Flash Trader
  • Editor: Ian Dyer
  • Mentor: Paul Mampilly
  • Publisher: Banyan Hill
  • Website: www.banyanhill.com
  • Service: Crypto research advisory
  • Cost: $2,995 annual fee

What we have here is an advisory purely about cryptocurrency. According to the marketing page, this is the first full crypto service from Banyan Hill.

The move is indeed wise, albeit late, because of the ever-increasing popularity of the trade. People need more information to know which way to go so that they can capitalize on it.

Paul Mampilly is the natural go-to person to introduce Ian Dyer, the service's editor. Mampilly is a Banyan Hill editor who has lots and lots of positive reviews on various legit review websites.

So the publisher is hoping that he can lend his credibility to the new advisory. Since it is new, there really is not much evidence as to how good it is. 

The main selling point, for now, is the great results of the beta test. But more on that later. 

To further entice potential subscribers, Banyan Hill is offering a generous discount to its first 1,000 customers.

Dyer says that instead of paying the already low set price of $5,000, there's good news for a privileged few. If you are among the first to register, you may avail of the one-year service for the low price of $2,995.

What a bargain, right?

Of course, it's still expensive. But the publisher thinks it is worth it, especially considering the interest in crypto nowadays.

Once you subscribe, you will receive regular trade alerts, weekly updates, a crypto manual, and the usual features. Crypto Flash Trader emphasizes the time element here because it is crucial in crypto.

What is Crypto Flash Trader?

Undoubtedly, many people are still confused about cryptocurrency. Even if it has been around for a while, a lot still find its mechanics hard to understand.

The only thing that's clear for some investors is the income potential of the currency.

That is why there are some who invest in them without knowing what they are and what the consequences could be.

This is the topic of a Reuters article on "misleading cryptocurrency adverts."

Apparently, Britain is running after companies and individuals who scam others. Shady ads target those who are not aware of the risks involved in crypto.

According to the article, about 2.3 million in the country are already involved in crypto by January 2022. However, studies show that despite this, knowledge on crypto is declining.

It is alarming because it attracts scammers. This is why the government wants to ensure that investors are aware of the real risks in crypto. 

People need to know that it is possible to lose all their money.

If this is happening in Britain, for sure, it is also happening elsewhere. That is why it's crucial to have more credible sources of information.

This is where Crypto Flash Trader comes in. According to Ian Dyer, he wants to teach people how they can understand the trade better. In addition, he wants to help them earn more.

Apparently, the editor has a unique system that recognizes high-quality cryptos. These can give you consistent winners.

Dyer says that the three-point, multi-flash strategy has proven very effective in their tests. So subscribing to the service will be worth the $2,995 you will pay for one year.

Who is behind Crypto Flash Trader?

No, the man in the photo is not a grunge band leader who suddenly needed to appear for a job interview.

He is actually the editor of Crypto Flash Trader.

Based in the Baltimore office of the company, Ian Dyer is one of Banyan Hill Publishing's "best internal analysts and editors." 

This comes straight from the publisher's website, so he must really be well-regarded in the firm.

He earned a finance degree from Duquesne University.

Dyer says he uses his finance skillset to assess valuable investment proposals for Banyan Hill's 300,000 readers as a frequent contributor to Bold Profits Daily.

The website also says that Dyer has already "cemented his place among top investing experts in the world of stocks, options, and cryptocurrency."

How? By joining Paul Mampilly as an internal analyst across his various services.

It does seem like the company is really highlighting the connection and mentorship Dyer has received from the popular Mampilly.

In fact, he is the co-editor of the more senior investor's Rapid Profit Trader and Rebound Profit Trader.

How it Works

Dyer says that in 2017, crypto had what he calls the "hype phase." This means that the boom and eventual crash were expected and natural. 

People were getting in and out because of "pure mania and individual speculators." But it is a different case in the current times.

Bandwagon effect

He says that even high-level financial institutions already realize what the future looks like. If they do not keep up with the times, they will go extinct.

So, in addition to individuals, such formal entities are now in on the trade, so to speak.

Dyer presents a few pieces of evidence to make his case.

First, Fidelity conducted a poll of over 800 investment firms. It found that 36% of them had cryptos by the second quarter of 2020.

Evidently, it's not merely a niche investment in which a group of nerds trades hands.

Second, large banks will soon release institutional-grade cryptocurrency products and services, according to KPMG. This is a Big Four auditing firm, a huge deal. 

What this demonstrates is that bitcoin is soon becoming a conventional investment.

Third, since the lowest of the COVID-19 crisis, Grayscale Bitcoin Trust has risen 900 percent. 

Grayscale is the only alternative for asset managers to buy bitcoin as a fund. The fund is currently worth more than $35 billion.

Dyer asserts that Bitcoin heralds a new digital, decentralized, and superior currencies era.

According to him, the concept of digital currency is not new. Dyer says that, currently, 92 percent of the world's currency is digital. Physical money makes up only 8% of the total.

As a result, the editor says it's evident that digital currencies are the way of the future.

Dyer also claims that the dollar was never intended to be digital. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies were at the time. They're far more suited to the digital world we're about to enter.

Safety nets

Another factor why the shift is inevitable is decentralization.

Dyer says we currently exist in a world where control is concentrated in the hands of a few individuals. In our monetary system, central banks wield incredible, disproportionate authority.

Decentralization addresses this issue by returning power to the people, he adds. A centralized authority once held data, money, and personal property.

We now have blockchains, which generate a permanent information ledger encrypted across several nodes. As a result, your data cannot be changed or tampered with.

The editor says this makes the banking system safer for everyone.

Do you agree with him on these points?

In with the new

Dyer adds a final point for crypto.

He says the goal is to create better currencies — and, in fact, a new financial system. In the global currency system, there is a lot of fat. It's a complete waste of time.

It is true. A wire or cash transfer can still take days to accomplish. But you can send money to anyone on the opposite side of the world in two seconds using cryptos.

The final result, he says, is a monetary system that is safer, better, and faster. Everyone will benefit from a new, unified environment.

As a result, this makes the banking system safer for everyone.

Are you on board so far with Dyer's assessments? Will the real-time transactions result in a safer environment? What do you think?

Method to madness

Specific to Crypto Flash Trader, Dyer says that he has a system to determine crypto winners. He calls it his "three-point checklist."

The first is the "10-day moving average", which he uses to follow trends. When you observe this, you will see which cryptos are about to break out.

Meanwhile, the "10-week moving average", Dyer says, is a "support line." In his own words:

When a crypto falls to this level and finds support, it’s often a sign it’s about to bounce back. This indicator is commonly used by institutions to add shares to their holdings.

The third one, the "200-hour moving average," is Dyer's so-called secret weapon. He uses this to know where a specific crypto is relative to the market.

This helps me separate the ones that are in demand from the ones that aren’t. It can also alert me to short-term buying opportunities if cryptos fall too far, too fast.

When he puts these three together, they work like magic and tell him what he needs to know. This resulted in 32 closed wins in a row in their beta test in five months.

What You Get

As usual, when you see the offer page of Crypto Flash Trader, you will see a fake 15-minute timer. Once again, do not be pressured into subscribing just because of it. It's not real.

Before you see the features, the team prefaces them with lots of promises.

You have an opportunity to pick up one of the limited DISCOUNTED spots in Bold Profits’ newest research service.
You’ll plunge headlong into the exciting new world of crypto assets, where life-changing gains are happening left and right.
There should be plenty of opportunities over the next 12 months to rack up successive gains in the crypto-universe.

Of course, the service repeats what you have been reading for a while now. Dyer never had a loss in his five months of beta testing.

So what will you get for $2,995?

Weekly Check-Ins

  • "Big picture" updates
  • Answers to your questions
  • Details on any sectors and individual tokens he’s targeting

Trade Alerts

  • Will arrive in your inbox between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. ET Monday through Friday
  • You may opt into SMS text messaging to receive a notification to your phone

Ian's Guarantee

  • Minimum of 30 trade alerts over the next year
  • If not fulfilled, he will give you a second year of Crypto Flash Trader for free

The Crypto Flash Trader Trading Manual

  • Everything you need to know about crypto
  • Tokens Ian will be targeting
  • Strategy for targeting lightning-fast moves

Special Reports

  • You’ll get a copy of two Special Reports
    • “Cryptionary” (Crypto Dictionary)
    • Step-by-step guide on how to trade crypto in your new Coinbase account

A Dedicated Customer Care Team

  • A team of highly trained and educated customer care representatives


  • 24/7 access to the members-only area

What we noticed here concerns the so-called "Ian's guarantee."

Often, editors will guarantee a specific number of winners. If you will not reach that number, that's the time they will give you an incentive.

Here, the threshold is way lower. What they guarantee is merely the number of trade alerts they will give you.

But what if Dyer reaches the quota, but these are bad trades? What will you get?

So for us, it seems like a not-so-special "special" feature. It does not really have much value for the subscriber who will pay thousands of dollars for the annual fee.

However, we want to commend the disclaimers on the offer page.

Dyer has been consistent with this. He explains that crypto is volatile, risky, and speculative even on his lengthy pitch on his sales page.

Here, he goes a step further and warns subscribers not to invest more than they can lose. So this move is one we can respect because readers need to know this undeniable fact as well.

Just keep in mind that the offers usually change. Some features here may not be the same ones you'll see when you finally click on their page.

Cost and Refund Policy


According to the service, the actual cost of Crypto Flash Trader is $5,000. Dyer says that this is already a low price considering the value that it offers.

But, as you might have guessed, they slashed the price further. Out of the goodness of the team's hearts, they are making it available for only $2,995 for one year. How nice of them, right?

Seriously, who believes these kinds of scripted lines? 

Refund Policy

Unfortunately, because of the ridiculous, loose change price, expect no refunds. According to the service, you are in it for the whole year once you subscribe.

So before hitting that subscribe button, think about that first.

Track Record and Reviews

Being a new service, it's understandable that it's still not within the radar of most legit review sites. Even Stock Gumshoe does not have an official rating page for it yet.

However, there is a Crypto Flash Trader microsite on it where we found insightful comments.

The general consensus among the less than ten comments as of this writing is that it's a bad service.

Some said they lost money based on the recommendations of Dyer. One even said it would be better to put the fee on actual cryptos that you can invest in, implying that subscribing is a waste of money.

One commenter also remarked that they should not have believed the too-good-to-be-true wins claimed by the service.

TomT's comment seems to contradict the claims of the others' experiences. 

As with the other services, experiences vary. But being a new service, it always pays to be more cautious. The fee is no small amount.

Can you help us figure this out? Is it really standard for investment research services to use stock photos for testimonials?

In one portion of the sales pitch, there was a discussion about Paul Mampilly and how great he is. That he mentored Dyer is such a big deal for Banyan Hill.

But take a look at this photo from the Crypto Flash Trader page.

The next one is what we found when we searched for similar images online.

Obviously, it's a stock photo, meaning it's a fake one. And this is just for one picture. The others they used yielded similar results.

What do you think about this? Are you okay with using a fake photo for a so-called testimonial?

Well, maybe it's standard to use stock images, but the testimonials are legit.

But if a firm can use a fake photo, would it also be possible for them to use fake quotes from supposed subscribers?

From our end, we find this disingenuous, if not totally deceitful. If customers are not willing to give their photos, why not just settle with a quote?

Or among thousands of satisfied subscribers, could Banyan Hill not find even a single person who could vouch for them? 

Is this a case of no one willing to testify for an outstanding firm? Or is the marketing team just lazy in getting genuine testimonials? After all, it is more convenient just to invent a quote.

We don't know what the answer is. But this is a red flag, for sure.

Pros v Cons


  • Seemingly impressive performance in the beta test
  • Crypto has a lot of potential when done right
  • Contains disclaimers on the risky nature of crypto


  • Since it is new, there's no long track record to check
  • Tendency to make bold claims about crypto's future
  • Performance in the beta test will not guarantee actual future performance

Conclusion - Is Crypto Flash Trader your vehicle to the future?

Mention crypto in any conversation, and you will start a never-ending discussion. People have a lot to say about the topic.

We think this is a good sign. With the barrage of misinformation and false advertisements on the currency, people talking could lead to the correct information.

We have also written about the topic a lot on this website. We have reviews of Weiss Crypto Ratings and Blockmint, and even a teaser expose of Teeka Tiwari’s “Tech Royalty” Crypto Picks

It would be helpful to visit these past articles as they are also well-researched.

So the question is, if you want to do crypto, should you subscribe to the service? 

Well, our Crypto Flash Trader review (Banyan Hill) has already given you enough information to help you understand the details. We believe that the final decision is yours alone since it's your money that's on the line.


A writer and researcher, Phil enjoys exploring topics about finance, investments, and consumer behavior. His two young kids serve as inspiration for his advocacy on education and the youth.

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