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Paul Mampilly’s Blockchain Stock Exposed! – The “Stock of the Century”

Paul Mampilly Blockchain Stock

August 4, 2020 by Anders

Paul Mampilly's blockchain stock is one that he thinks could make early investors very wealthy, and he's even calling it the "stock of the century".

But what is this elusive stock? Well, if you're looking for the name and ticker symbol then you are in the right place.

In this short review I'll be piecing togther the clues and exposing Mampilly's stock of the century once and for all.

Let's begin by going over the teaser...

The teaser:

There might be multiple teasers floating around the internet for this, but what I came across was for some warehouses that supposedly "hold the key to a $3.1 trillion dollar revolution"...

Paul Mampilly Stock of the Century Teaser

Paul Mampilly is the guy behind things here. Although he throws one heck of a sales pitch and can come-off as somewhat of a con-artist, his background is very impressive and he knows what he's doing when it comes to investing. Mampilly comes from a background on Wall Street. He has managed multi-billion dollar hedge funds and even won an investment competition back during the 2008 recession with an impressive return. But you just have to take what he says with a giant grain of rock salt, that's all. He's also the guy behind teasers such as that for "America 2.0" and the "Rebound Profit Summit".

For this teaser Mampilly talks about how the opportunity at our feet today is bigger than any other opportunity he's every seen during his 3-decade career on Wall Street.

He goes on to talk about something being developed in some warehouses that "holds the key to a technological revolution that is about to transform the global economy".

We are told that this "little known technology" is expected to soar 77,400% and that "early investors have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to become extremely rich, extremely quick" - quite a bold claim.

Did he just say we can get rich quick? You bet he did. And what's more is that he claims you can get started with just $10!

At this point I was daydreaming of traveling the world with my new-found riches... and after about a half hour he finally got around to telling us what the technology is that he's talking about, which is blockchain of course.

The image shown here, that comes from inside the warehouses Mampilly was showning, which shows some sort of mining operation for some type of blockchain, such as a bitcoin mining operation for example...

Mampilly goes on to talk about how this new revolution is similar to that of the rise of computers, the internet, and online shopping... and supposedly he has "identified the one company at the center of it all".

According to him, "this company's microchip is essential to the success of blockchain technology".

Some more hype from the teaser includes that investing in this company could be better than investing in Amazon and Intel back during the early days or even "could be like scooping up Microsoft in March of 1986", which has brought early investors gains of over 80,000%...

And in typical get-rich-quick style, Mampilly finishes things off talking about how investing here will allow you to take that dream vacation around the world, buy "that home you've always dreamed of", and even set your children up for life.

If it grows just half as much as he's expecting, "you could turn a $1,000 grubstake into more than $250,000".

And right on queue, "the time to take action is now".

The sales pitch:

Fortunately for us, Mampilly is extremely generous and is giving away an "absolutely free" report that details everything there is on the company he's teasing. It's called Blockchain Fortunes: The Company at the Cusp of a 77,400% Windfall...

Blockchain Fortunes - The Company at the Cusp of a 77,400% Windfall

Such a nice guy.

You only have to pay $97 to subscribe to his Profits Unlimited newsletter service, which he claims is a massive discount and is the price it costs his company to produce it.

But wait a minute!

This isn't "free"! And why would they be selling subscriptions without making any profit?

Smells like a steaming pile of BS.

*Warning: If you join Profits Unlimited through this sales funnel you will also be signed up for a 3-month trial of Alpha Investor Report. This is a tricky way they have of getting people to sign up for as many subscriptions as possible.

The Opportunity Here

We've all heard about blockchain by now. Bitcoin first made it popular, but the applications of this new tech are endless.

Blockchain, in a nutshell, is just a secure way to store information across a decentralized network of computers, as explained here...

It could be used for everything from sharing medical data, to cross-border payments, to personal identity security, voting, and much more.

There are already companies pouring billions of dollars into this tech, and according to Statistica the global spending in 2023 is expected to reach over $14 billion.

It's going to be big... and Mampilly thinks investing in just one company behind this new tech will make people filthy stinkin' rich.

Let's expose that company now, shall we?...

Mampilly's Stock of the Century Brought to Light

In order to figure out what this stock is, let's take a look at some of the better clues that were provided in the teaser:

  • It's a California-based company
  • The CEO holds a Ph.D. from MIT with over 25 years of leadership in the microprocessor business
  • This company's net revenue has "shot up to $5.3 billion last year alone"
  • It is "the ONLY major chipmaker to have signed an exclusive agreement with the largest blockchain user in existance and over 250 of its major corporate partners, including Bancor, CME Group, Credit Suisse, Hewlett Packard, JP Morgan and Microsoft"
  • "The stock is still trading around $10 right now"

Now the teaser is outdated, so I wouldn't count on the stock still being around $10, but the other clues are still good.

Any guesses as to what the company is?

It's Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) that he's teasing. AMD is in the semiconductor business and makes flash memories, GPUs, motherboard chip sets and more. They are probably most well known for processors in PC's.

  • Yes, AMD is based in California.
  • Yes, Lisa Su, AMD's CEO, is a MIT graduate with several decades of work in leadership roles in the microprocessor business, working for other companies such as IBM, Texas Instruments and more.
  • And that $5.3 billion that was mentioned refers to AMD's revenue from 2017 (yes, that's how outdated this teaser is)...
  • Going along with that, the stock price at the time was around $10, so this also makes sense. 
  • I'm not sure what Mampilly is talking about when he says that this is "the ONLY major chipmaker to have signed an exclusive agreement with the largest blockchain user in existance", but I did find AMD is working with the companies listed as its corporate partners, such as Bancor, CME Group, Credit Suisse, Hewlett Packard, etc.

AMD is Mampilly's blockchain stock, but is it really that great of a pick?

Will You Really Get Rich Quick

First off, AMD's stock isn't even close to $10 anymore. Mampilly's teaser is so outdated, but I guess it's still working and luring in unsuspecting individuals or else Banyan Hill wouldn't be running it anymore.

So right off the bat the opportunity isn't quite as good as was teased. Not only that, but AMD certainly isn't exclusively a "blockchain stock", as the teaser might lead one to believe. Yes, they make computer hardware that is used to keep blockchain systems up and running, but their customer base is much more than just this. In fact, AMD is one of the companies being teased by Jeff Brown as an "AI Accelerator". AI, IoT, blockchain, etc... their products have many uses.

So, it's not a pure blockchain play, but that's not a bad thing at all. However, it's worth nothing that Wall Street analysts' 12-month predictions aren't anything to write home about... not very impressive at all. But then again, Wall Street analysts don't speculate like Mampilly does. 

AMD is certainly a solid company and is one of the best in the industry, right up there with Nvidia and Intel, but do you really "have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to become extremely rich, extremely quick", as Mampilly puts it? 

Don't count on that.

AMD has competition. Is "this company's microchip is essential to the success of blockchain technology"? Well, not really because other companies like Nvidia also make much of the same microchips that can, and are, used for blockchain systems. Mampilly acts as if this company exclusively makes this blockchain tech, but this simply IS NOT TRUE.

Quick Recap & Conclusion

  • Paul Mampilly's "stock of the century" is a blockchain stock that he believes "early investors have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to become extremely rich, extremely quick".
  • Mampilly even compares this stock to buying into Microsoft early, which has went up over 80,000% since.
  • All the details on this company are conveniently provided in a "free" report that isn't really free... first you have to buy into his subscription service.
  • No longer do you have to buy into his subscription service because I just exposed his pick for you!
  • Mampilly's blockchain stock is AMD.

You are welcome, valued reader.

I hope this review has provided some value to you and lived up to your expectations. 

As always, let us know what you think of this stock pick in the comment section below? Will you be scooping up any shares?


Anders is the founder and chief editor of Green Bull Research. When he's not investigating new opportunities and adding to his portfolio, you might find him taking a nature walk or reading a Steven Pressfield novel.

  • Great report guys. This just shows me how easy people can lie to you to get your money. I've never trusted Jeff Brown. Never heard of the Mamphily but I'll avoid him.
    Thanks for a good straight forward call it like it is review. ?

  • Thank you for this information. I am very small investor ($5000.00) total. I own small shares of a variety of stocks. The largest shares I have are INSG 125 shares at $7.50 a share, And SOLO 900 shares at $1.09 a share. thank you again for your report. You are a gem.

    • Hi Julie.

      We’re always glad to help out the small investors here at Green Bull. I’m glad you appreciate our service and thank you for the comment.

  • Well, well….I finally found an outsider that literately exposes the true nature of the proverbial financial gurus. I am a newbie, retired 25 years, and gullible for investing information. So far, I have subscribed to several sites of these gurus, that have multiple tentacles (affiliates, over 100 emails a day), including the ones you mentioned on your site.

    You can be sure I will be checking your web site.

    • Hi Martin. Glad you came across our site. We expose teased stocks regularly. If you want to stay updated then you can join our mailing list. There is a signup form on the homepage.

  • Your "unveiling" is spot on. I did subscribe to Profits Unlimited but abandoned quickly. Still encouraging to have your supporting arguments.

  • Y'all are awesome! Thank you for your time and effort! I'm a HUGE fan of no b.s.!!! The teasers are so time consuming and I need the bottom line. Time is hard to come by so I appreciate you immensely!

  • Thank you! I was just thinking along same lines and was landing to just block ALL!
    Funny I just sent a response to Bleeding Edge for precisely the same reason – but surprise! Email to member services not working.

  • Are any of the stocks worth investing, but just don't expect the results these people are claiming, or are they not worth the risk at all?

  • I have been a subscriber to many of Paul Mampillys' publications and found his advice very valuable and credible. First, I have to tell you I have the report about the warehouses and it has nothing to do with blockchain or AMD. I will not give you any hints as to where you are wrong, but you need to spend a little money to really read the report. He is talking about something completely different, and your guess has nothing to do with what is in the warehouses. You will find out because the technology is being used right now and it will change the world more than little things like the iPhone or Amazon and other such stocks. It will completely destroy a huge industry. It will change your life. It is as big as Paul says.

    I will give you a hint and in less than a year from now, you will see what I am referring to: Elon Musk knows all about it.

    You will miss out on that life-changing investment unless you actually read his report.

    Incidently, I bought into his service in July. I have used his advice to buy a large portfolio of 78 stocks and options and, as of today, December 19th, I am up 68.28%.

    • Funny how all the hate ended after your post Terry!! I have the report as well and he is totally wrong about the stock being AMD, plus, I only paid $47 for the yearly subscription and Paul does an awesome job. To to the guy who back in August said DDD has done nothing, look at in now buddy!! Investing is long term, not short term.

    • Hi Terry. This is a review of Mampilly's blockchain stock teaser. The stock is revealed in his report titled "Blockchain Fortunes: The Company at the Cusp of a 77,400% Windfall".

      Is it possible that you're referring to another stock being teased by Mampilly here? Because in this teaser the stock certainly has to do with blockchain. That's what the whole teaser is about, and the report.

      Is there something I'm missing?

  • Thank you for the no-nonsense fax all that hype is ridiculous I appreciate your getting right to the point that's why I look for answers from you other people throwing things out there so thanks once again

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