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Paul Mampilly’s Rebound Profit Summit – Scam or Legit? [REVIEWED]

Paul Mampilly Rebound Profit Summit

May 2, 2020 by Anders

You've probably seen the presentation for Paul Mampilly's "Rebound Profit Summit" in which he talks about these "fast money glitches" that can earn you $20,466 every 2 weeks. 

Is this legit? Is it a scam? Is he full of BS?

That's what we are going to look into here.

The presentation I came across was titled: "Rebound Profit Summit: Catch These 'Rebound Trades' for the Chance to Make $122,000 in Profits Every 90 Days"...

Rebound Profit Summit video

The video starts off with Paul Mampilly showing a bunch of trades that have been extremely profitable... and supposedly were all "fast money glitches", as he calls them.

He goes on to claim that you can bring in $20,466 every two weeks with his method, and that it is reliable and can be used again and again....

There are a bunch of bold statements made, such as that "I'm willing to guarantee it could be your reality". And while statements like this may seem to be guarantees of riches, they are actually far from it. The key word he uses here is "could". It "could be a reality". But then again... it also might not be. 

There's a lot of marketing hoopla thrown in here, but what are these "fast money glitches" really? And what's the point of this "Rebound Profits Summit"?

Let's first talk about who this Mampilly guy is.

Who Is Paul Mampilly?

Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly may just sound like another sales guy, but his background and knowledge in the financial world is pretty darn impressive.

I'll keep things short because he already explained a bunch about himself in the video... but what he claims is true. Mampilly has over 25 years of experience on Wall Street, managed a multi-billion dollar hedge fund which received high rankings from Barron's and Kiplinger, and participated in an investment competition in 2008 where he was able to grow a $50 million investment into $88 million - which let me remind you was during the recession.

Hes the type of guy you'd want to provide you with financial advice, and this is the reason he's been on Fox Business News, CNBC, etc.

In short, Mampilly knows what he's talking about - and also knows how to throw one heck of a sales pitch.

What Are "Fast Money Glitches"?

By the sound of "fast money glitches" you might think that this has something to do with a computer glitch or something in the trading system, but it doesn't.

All Mampilly is talking about here is the opportunity that arrises when large shareholders, or market-makers, dump their holdings to drive prices down, which leads to other investors getting scared and selling their positions further driving the price down... and then the market-makers come back in and buy up the stock at a cheaper price.

There is no doubt that this happens, but what Mampilly claims is that these market-makers do this at specific times and often have inside-information to buy back the stocks right before good news about the company comes out - basically he is accusing these market-makers of insider trading.

That said, while it is illegal to participate in insider trading, selling off large quantities of shares to push down stocks is not illegal - unethical and market manipulation? Yes, but not illegal.

The Strategy for Finding Them

Mampilly claims that he has made a large portion of his own money doing this, and has developed an analytical model to find these stock crashes.

As we are told, he has an algorithm in place that catches stocks that have plummeted in price. Then him and his team come in and analyze each stock further. Some of what Paul looks for when choosing stocks includes:

  1. The stock must have an average of $100 million or more in daily volume over the past 5 months
  2. It must have sales growth of 15% of more over the past few years
  3. He looks at the bottom 25% of stocks in the market - the ones with the worst week
  4. They need to have returned at least 5% in the past 90 days
  5. The stocks must be up at least 30% over the past year, even with the recent price drop

The Sales Pitch

If you were able to make it through the entire video, which was close to an hour long, then you know that it was all a sales pitch - as already mentioned.

The idea is that anyone can take advantage of these "fast money glitches" by following Mampilly's recommendations through his investment advisory service called Rebound Profit Trader.

This is the same way that most investment teasers work, such as the "profit lining" and "Q shares" teasers that I recently reviewed.

 What Is Rebound Profit Trader?

Rebound Profit Trader is the advisory service that they are luring subscribers into here. It is ran by Paul Mampilly alongside Ian King, but Paul is the chief editor here.

Basically, this subscription service is a follow-along advisory that tells members what to invest in and when.

Rebound Profit Trader

It's important to know that this service is specifically focused on options trading.

Mampilly and his team look for the "fast money glitches", or stocks that dropped in price due to market manipulation, and then profit from trading their options.

The core of this service provides:

  • At least 2 trade recommendations per month - also includes how to execute the trade to get the option at the best price
  • Trade alerts when it's time to sell along with additional details
  • Weekly updates that go over the portfolio performance and the how the market looks
  • "The Rapid Rebound Report" which goes over exactly how the strategy works
  • Members area website access where there is a full archive of all past information provided

Cost & Refunds

The cost is pretty steep, at $2,995/yr, which is supposedly already a 40% discount. However, if the service performs well then I guess the price could be well worth it.

But if it doesn't perform well, then you are pretty much out of luck. The refund policy is disappointing... because there is none!

Instead, they offer a "satisfaction guarantee" where you can get a 2nd year of service for free if it doesn't perform well the first year. But if it doesn't perform well the first year then you likely won't even want a second year.

Is Rebound Profits Summit Legit?

If you can look past the somewhat over-the-top sales pitch and claims of making huge amounts of money... which Paul pretty much makes seem guaranteed... then you'll realize that this is legit. Misleading, Yes... but legit.

Paul Mampilly definitely knows his stuff and has an excellent background... and his trading advisory service provides a lot of value. Just don't expect to be making $100k and more each month as he tells us.


Quick Recap:

  • "Rebound Profit Summit" is a promotional presentation to lure in new subscribers - for Paul Mampilly's Rebound Profit Trader advisory service
  • The "fast money glitches" being talked about are really just signs of market manipulation in which a stock price is driven down by market-makers
  • In order to get more information on this opportunity and to follow along with Paul's recommendations you have to pay $2,995/yr for his service

Did this quick review help? I hope so. 

Please leave any questions or comments below!


Anders is the founder and chief editor of Green Bull Research. When he's not investigating new opportunities and adding to his portfolio, you might find him taking a nature walk or reading a Steven Pressfield novel.

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