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We Just Exposed Paul Mampilly’s “America 2.0” Stock! – 1,000% Gains?

Paul Mampillys America 2.0 Stock

June 19, 2020 by Anders

There's been a lot of talk about what Paul Mampilly calls "America 2.0". 

He claims it's going to be a huge boom for the US economy and that there will be some incredible investment opportunities... one stock in particular that he thinks will "surge over 1,000%".

But what is America 2.0 and what is this stock that he's teasing? Here at Green Bull Research we expose investment teasers like this regularly, and today we'll be exposing this America 2.0 stock.

The Teaser:

You've probably come across one of the teasers for this opportunity. There are likely many floating around the internet, but what I landed on was this...

In this presentation investor Paul Mampilly sat down with John Daily and did an interview about this America 2.0 opportunity.

Paul claims that his message isn't something you'll hear on mainstream media and that those left behind "could see absolute financial devastation".

Who is Paul Mampilly?

Besides being a tricky salesman, he is currently an editor at Banyan Hill Publishing where he provides investment newsletter services so that people can follow along with his stock recommendations.

Before all of this his background is actually pretty darn impressive. He had worked on Wall Street for over 25 years, managed multi-billion dollar hedge funds, had a great record during the 2008 recession and more.

Right now with this "America 2.0" pitch he claims that this could be one of his biggest recommendations ever, and talks about "stocks that could surge over 1,000%".

That said, some of what we are told and shown is a bit concerning..

Not only is this opportunity hyped-up way too much, in my opinion, but some of what was shown in the video presentation I watched was FAKE.

The testimonials from people Paul claims made larges amounts of money from his recommendations - fake. Below is one of these fake testimonials...

fake testimonial

And here you can see the same image on a stock photo website, which means that it's nothing more than a stock photo that anyone can purchase and use online...

Back to some of the claims he made...

Paul Mampilly claims the "DOW 100,000 is inevitable"

He goes over some charts and compares what we are seeing now with past economic booms, such as the Golden Age and the Boomer Age...

Mampilly thinks that we are at the beginning of another boom, and this one much bigger than the last, stating that it will be the "biggest economic boom in history".

And, of course, he has one particular stock pick in mind that can help you get in on this boom. 

We are told that this stock:

  • is "perfectly positioned" to benefit from the stock market boom
  • and that it "could soar 1,000%"

How do you get your hands on this stock?

He provides all the information in a special report titled "My No. 1 Stock", and also provides another report titled "The Blacklist", which goes over popular stocks he thinks you should avoid like the plague...

HOWEVER, in order to get these reports you first must become a paying subscriber to Paul Mampilly's Profits Unlimited investment advisory service, which is the same tricky sales tactic he used with his "endless energy" teaser

This service only costs $47/yr for the most basic subscription and provides members with stock recommendations and market analyses on a regular basis... but of course you'd just rather know what Paul's "No. 1 Stock" is for free... am I right?

The good news: I'll be exposing what stock he's teasing. 

Let's first talk about what this "America 2.0" is in the first place though...

What Is "America 2.0"?

"America 2.0" is just a term that Paul Mampilly made-up for referring to the economic boom that he predicts is coming, which he believes will be bigger than the Golden Age and the Boomer Age combined.

According to Mampilly, this new economic boom will be driven by 2 things: technological innovation and younger Americans using these new technologies more and more, which makes perfect sense.

The industries he thinks will see the largest growth include newcomers like AI, 5G, renewable energy, 3D printing, robotics, etc.... and this "No. 1 stock" pick is in one of these industries, which we'll go over now...

What Stock Is He Teasing?

Luckily he provided enough clues for me to piece this whole thing together.

Some of the better clues that he tells us about this stock that he thinks could "surge 1,000%" include:

  • you "can scoop it up for about $10"
  • it is a "little-known" company in the manufacturing industry
  • it's based in South Carolina
  • the company is valued at around $1 billion, has around 2,000 employees and it's revenue is around $700 million
  • BlackRock, Vident, and Invesco Advisors are all large institutional investors in the company

So what is it that's being teased here?

Well, the hints really aren't all that great, but I was able to find a match after doing a fair amount or research and digging around.

The company is 3D Systems Corporation (DDD).

  • Yes, 3D Systems Corporation's stock is priced around $10 (it fluctuates of course)
  • Yes, 3D Systems Corporation is a small company, aka "little-known"
  • Yes, 3D Systems Corporation is based in South Carolina
  • Yes, its current valuation is just over $1 billion, it has not much over 2,000 employees, and its revenue is around $700 million (can't take these number to be completely accurate)
  • And not only that, but BlackRock and Invesco Advisors can be found on CNN Money's list of the largest owners of 3D Systems Corp, and I've found that Vident bought some shares of the company as well...
institutional investors

All things point to 3D Systems Corporation, which is a company that manufactures and sells 3D printing, which also makes sense with what he said about this company disrupting many of the manufacturing industries. 

Will It Really "Surge 1,000%"?

One thing that you have to keep in mind when viewing investment teasers like this "America 2.0" presentation is that they always end in sales pitches... which often means that the information provided is over-hyped and makes things sound better than they really are.

Paul Mampilly thinks this stock will "surge 1,000%", but other analysts haven't made predictions even close to this amount. The highest predictions from analysts at CNN Business aren't even over 100% for the next 12 months, and other Wall Street analysts' predictions are similar.

That said, these analysts almost never predict massive growth... this usually requires too much speculation, and they aren't in the business of speculating.

It's possible that this stock could rise 1,000%. After all, it is in a rapidly growing industry and is positioned well... but there is just no good way to speculate whether or not it will increase 1,000%, and even if it would, how long would that take?

Quick Recap & Recommendation

  • "America 2.0" is a term made-up by Paul Mampilly that refers to the economic boom he predicts will be coming from all of the technological innovation we are currently seeing
  • Mampilly predicts that this economic boom will be the biggest we have ever seen
  • He believes his "No. 1 stock" will "surge 1,000%" 
  • The details on this stock pick are included in a special report he's giving out, but in order to get your hands on this report you have to subscribe to his Profits Unlimited newsletter advisory service
  • I've done some digging around and the stock he's teasing is 3D Systems Corporation (DDD)
  • Don't expect it to "surge 1,000%"

And there you have it. Now you don't have to buy into his newsletter just to find out what he's teasing.

You're welcome!

Let me us know what you think about his stock pick in the comment section below. Do you think it will "surge 1,000%"?


Anders is the founder and chief editor of Green Bull Research. When he's not investigating new opportunities and adding to his portfolio, you might find him taking a nature walk or reading a Steven Pressfield novel.

  • I wonder if Mr. Paul Mapilly is cringing everytime he thinks about his America 2.0 statements in the wake of something called Co Vid .19 ….

    This is Dave Gardner and Paul Mapilly, Im gonna slap you silly and make a real FOOL outta you !

    Fool 4 Life !

  • I listened to Mampilly video and I came up with a different stock pick. Mampilly said that the company produced a memory chip and that they were working on developing a new chip to usher in AI – Artificial Intelligence that could be used in Hospital equipment, Driverless vehicles, Gaming systems, cell phones, televisions, etc. Company I found is involved in just that…

    • The Only Fool is those who believe "Fools Rush In' the minute they see Desperate Warmings of Real Fake FRAUD 'greenbullresearch! They're so interested & JEALOUS of PAUL MAMIPHILLY'S RECORD & GIFT – they go into DEEP RESEARCH To STEAL HIS RECOMMENDATIONS & GET THE PUBLIC TO BUY THEIR PROGRAM! PAUL MAMIPHILLY'S SOLID REPUTATIONS & GIFT OF MAKING MILLIONAIRES AGAIN & AGAIN to PEOPLE – Who LISTEN & BELIEBE IN HIM because of this SOLID RECORD – are the WINNERS!
      Mamphilly PICKED BITCOIN – NOT Once BUT TWICE – & made MULTI-[MILLIONAIRES! His PREDICTIONS 'ALWAYS COME TRUE'! Why else would this Company stoop so low as to STEAL his PICS from Him & Publish Them! SHAME! Some Pics Paul has may not go as HIGH- but HIGH ENOUGH TO MAKE YOU A WINNER IN HIS TRUST IN HIM! God Bless Him!
      THE ONLY SCAM HERE – IS 'COMPANIES like this one – Who DON'T have GIFT for Foresight & 'STEAL from REPUTABLE STOCK GURUs like MAMIPHILLY-Who 'EARNED their Right to Be Famous & HELPED THOUSANDS BECOME STABLE&RICH & Does IT GENUINELY & with HEART! This is Man who walked miles every day as a young boy to bring bread home to his family, feed his ailing Mother, siblings & later his children= IS a MAN OF GREAT HONOR! Shame on GreenBULL!
      Remember, he grew up POOR IN INDIA! HE WORKED & WORKED FOR HIS FAMILY UNTIL HE GOT A JOB IN STOCKS – God's Destiny for him? – help OTHER POOR PEOPLE!
      I WOULD NOT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH COMPANIES LIKE THIS – THAT ONLY BAD MOUTH GREAT LEADERS! As the Old Saying Goes: "The People Pointing the Fingers are Usually the Ones Guilty! The REAL 'LIARS LIARS PANTS ON FIRE!' Bw SMART – Don't be Fooled! Bad Mouth a CARING Man to STEAL & EXPOSE HIS PRODUCTS is PRETTY DIRTY! SHAME! Everythig PAUL MAMIPHILLY has PREDICTED has come TRUE! Not this company! "What You Do Unto Others – Will Always Come Back Unto You" Shame Shame!

      • Hi Dennis. We don’t “steal” his ideas. We just use the clues given to figure out what he’s teasing, which is usually hyped to no-end in a nearly-insulting attempt to lure in as many subscribers as possible to his services. And, most definitely not all of his predictions have come true.

        We try to save people money.

        You should join our list to get updates when we expose the stocks he’s teasing.

        PS: We don’t have any stock advisory service of our own. We just expose picks, as mentioned, and point readers to some of our top recommendations – personally used.

  • Thanks for the info, It really does help the little guys like me.. I'm new to the stock market and it wouldn't be hard to mislead someone like me.. I really appreciate what you guys do.. I can't stand a liar..

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