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Jason Stutman’s Senolytic Biotech Company – “The #1 Stock of This Generation” (exposed!)

Jason Stutman Senolytic Biotech Company

October 14, 2020 by Anders

Jason Stutman has been teasing the opportunity to invest in a small biotech company that could lead to "the end of aging"... or so he thinks.

This company makes senolytic compounds, which I'll talk more about, and right now it's being teased as a "tiny $5 stock" that could turn an initial $500 investment into $1.5 million.

I've just exposed the stock... you can thank me later. 

The teaser:

From what we're told, this is "The #1 Stock of This Generation" and we have a handful of billionaires investing money into this company...

The #1 Stock of This Generation

Jason Stutman from Angel Publishing is the guy behind it all. He's the senior technology analyst at the publishing company and his goal is to get into new tech before it goes mainstream, and to help his readers do the same. As far as his background goes... well... I couldn't really find much information. He doesn't seem to have any impressive past working on Wall Street or anything like that and just seems to be a regular guy who spends his time looking for breakthrough investment opportunities in technology. Lately he's been placing a lot of focus on biotech investing, and we're already familiar with the guy since looking into his "Project Greenlight" teaser.

In this new teaser, Stutman claims there is a company that has "140 patents that will soon alter the very fabric of the world as we know it".

We're told that this "secretive" company has been quietly filing for patents for a tiny technology will reshape human history "more than the atom bomb, the combustion engine, and the electric lightbulb combined".

More than the combustion engine? Really now?

The technology we're talking about here comes in a pill... a pill that "could completely rejuvenate your body in as little as a week" and "eliminate all the age-related diseases"...

The company being teased focuses on anti-aging, and Stutman claims that this one pill could lead to "the end of aging" altogether, similar to Jeff Siegel's anti-aging stock that we revealed recently... yet very different.

It sounds like madness, but I'll get more into the specifics soon.

According to Stutman:

  • You could "turn just a $500 stake into more than $1.5 million"
  • And "anyone who invests in this small company now can grow richer than their wildest dreams"

... but I guess it depends just how wild your dreams are in the first place.

The sales pitch:

As always, the teaser ended in the typical sales pitch.

In order to find out more about the company being teased you are going to need to get the "completely free" report that he is giving out, which is titled The #1 Stock of This Generation: How You Could Ride the End of Aging to Enormous Stock Returns...

And how do you get this "completely free" report?

You guessed it! 

You're going to have to take out that wallet of yours and buy into the subscription advisory service being pushed, which in this case is Technology & Opportunity. This costs $99/yr and is where Stutman shares stock recommendations in breakthrough technology on a regular basis. 

*But of course you no longer are going to have to buy into it to find out the name of this stock. 

How This Magic Pill Works

Stutman talks about how big the diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, etc. industries are and how much potential a pill like this has.

According to the numbers he gives, all the different areas of healthcare that this single pill could disrupt sum up to a market of around $15 trillion a year.

According to Stutman, these new pills could cure aging and sick people forever... but how?

Well, the senolytic pills help to get rid of old "zombie cells" that build up as we age and cause damage and harm.

Cells divide and multiply, but eventually reach their "Hayflick limit", which is the limit to the amount of times that cells can do this... and old cells then either are recycled or turn into these "zombie cells".

What you want is for your cells to die and be recycled, but some turn into the unproductive "zombie cells", which are in a state of senescence - in this state they become difficult to kill.

And not only are they unproductive in this state, but they also excrete toxins and help to bring more cells going into this state... instead of being recycled.

The immune system helps to get rid of these cells, but as you age more and more build up and as they build up the immune system is weakened more and more... a vicious cycle.

For more info on this you can watch this video:

The company that Jason Stutman is hyping up makes pills that kill these zombie cells. They contain what are called senolytics and how they work is they target the genes that senescent cells have that make them resistant to death.

As we are told by Stutman, the company making these pills is about to enter human trials and you want to get in before the (hopefully) positive trial results are revealed.

So, without further ado... let's expose the company he's teasing here.

Stutman's Anti-Aging Biotech Firm

So... what is the "tiny firm" that is going to make you filthy stinkin' rich?... and potentially turn every $500 invested into $1.5 million?... according to Stutman of course.

Let's take a look at some of the clues we were given to piece this puzzle together.

In the teaser there was a bunch of talk about one of the guys leading the company.

What we know is that...

  • He "was named by the MIT Technology Review as one of the top 100 innovators in the world under 35" and went for his PhD at the University of California Berkeley
  • He sold one company he helped start to Takeda Pharmaceuticals for $270 million and another company that was acquired by Allergan for $2.1 billion
  • In 2007 he discovered some way to extract fuel from pond algae

Luckily the clues here were pretty good. The guy they're talking about here is Nathaniel David, an American scientist who got his PhD in Molecular and Cellular biology from the University of California, Berkely, and that has co-founded a number of biotech companies, including Syrrx (the company acquired by Takeda for $270 million) and Kythera (acquired by Allergan for $2.1 billion).

So we know Nathaniel David plays a big role in the company being teased, but we need some more clues to figure out the company.

  • The company has patented around 140 anti-aging compounds over the years and eventually discovered a single senolytic compound "to rule them all" in 2018
  • Blackrock has 2 million shares, "The Mayo Clinic's venture capital fund has added 1.5 million shares to its portfolio"
  • Its market cap is only around $400 million
  • It's a "tiny $5 stock"
  • He didn't specifically state it, but had mentioned an office park "on the outside of San Francisco" where this company has filed patents - probably where the company headquarters are

Any guesses as to what company is being teased here?

If you're thinking Unity Biotechnology (NASDAQ: UBX) then you'd be absolutely correct, and deserve a pat on the back.

Unity Biotechnology is a biotech startup company that was co-founded by Nathaniel David in 2011 and specifically focuses on anti-aging by targeting senescent cells.

  • Yes, the stock price is at around $5 right now (at the moment less than)
  • Unity's market cap is actually not much over $200 million right now, but its average over the past 5 years is just over $400 million, which is where Stutman must have got this number from 
  • And I couldn't find too much information on their patents, but in a Form 10-Q They filed with the SEC they did make mention of having more than 140 patents 

All the clues here match up pretty nicely here...  enough to conclude that Unity Biotechnology is the stock being teased.

Now the question is whether or not this company's stock is really going to skyrocket to the moon so that you can buy that private yacht and sportscar you've been eyeing.

Potential to Turn $500 Into $1.5 Million?

It has some serious potential and if things do pan out well then investors should be pretty satisfied with the results. However, it's still a very speculative play.

On October 12, 2020 they announced that their first patient was dosed in Phase 1 of studies. This means that at the moment things aren't conclusive. Their anti-aging pills are still going through testing and until we have concrete results it's hard to say how things will play out.

After disappointing clinical trial results were announced for their lead drug candidate, UBX0101, back in August, 2020 the stock price fell by over 63%...

And at the time of me writing this the stock price is still way down, which is good if you're looking to invest right now... but the bottom line is that this is still, as you know, a very speculative investment. Clinical trials often fail to produce the desired results, and failures to meet expectations can really affect the stock price, leading to big drops or gains almost overnight.

If things turn out as planned then this could be one heck of an investment, but you certainly shouldn't count on it and don't invest more than you can afford to lose.

Quick Recap & Conclusion

  • Angel Publishing's senior technology analyst, Jason Stutman, has been teasing the opportunity to invest in a small biotech firm that will lead to "the end of aging".
  • He thinks investing in this company could turn every $500 into as much as $1.5 million... and is calling it "The #1 Stock of This Generation".
  • There is a "completely free" report with all the details on this small company, which you are going to have to pay for indirectly by signing up for his newsletter advisory service.
  • I just revealed the stock being teased so that you no longer have to... it's Unity Biotechnology.
  • It's still a largely speculative play and you shouldn't invest more than you can afford to lose.

You're welcome! 

I hope this quick review has provided some value to you.

As always, let us know what you think of it all in the comment section below.

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Anders is the founder and chief editor of Green Bull Research. When he's not investigating new opportunities and adding to his portfolio, you might find him taking a nature walk or reading a Steven Pressfield novel.

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  • Interesting!! I bought Unity Bio about a year ago, at just under 6 bucksundefinedshare. It went south and has not moved up more than penniesundefinedshare. My plan–plan???-is to continue to hold it and if Angel's brain is even close to its claim, I'm in hog-heaven, right?

    Jerry Perron

    • Jerry,

      I don't want to be negative my friend, however the Lord said back in Genesis 6: 3, "My Spirit (indicative of the Holy Spirit) shall not strive with man forever, for he is indeed flesh; yet his days shall be one hundred and twenty years." It took Noah 120 years to built the ark. Translation: most humans in our modern world won't live past 120 years. So far, God is right.

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    • Hi Ira,

      I’m not sure you fully understand the service we provide here at Green Bull. We have no affiliation with the research services whose investment teasers we expose. We simply expose investment teasers being advertised for free.

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  • Thank you for tackling these companies that put out teasers and require you to buy a subscription to get the report. Of course they always say you can cancel @ anytime during the first few months and get a full refund. Mean while they have been making money off all our money and many people forget to cancel their subscriptions so they have more money. Great service!.

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