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Motley Fool’s “AI Disruption” Stock – Revealed (Ticker & Name)

Motley Fool AI Disruption Stock

October 12, 2020 by Anders

The Motley Fool has been teasing the opportunity to invest in an "AI Disruption" stock lately that they claim could make investors hefty amounts of money.

According to the promotional material I came across, "Five years from now, you’ll probably wish you’d bought this stock".

They actually tease the opportunity to invest in three different stocks, but only provide information on one of them... and this is this stock I'll be revealing for free here in this article.

I took the liberty of doing some investigative research and was able to piece together the clues disclosed to us in order to figure out the "AI Disruption" stock being teased.

The teaser:

The email teaser that I received was for what The Motley Fool has been calling their "AI Disruption Event", and it all started out with a quote from Jeff Bezos where he said that "I predict one day, Amazon will fail."

We are told that Bezos predicts "Amazon will be disrupted one day" and are even told the company "will go bankrupt". 

It sounds crazy to think about... one of the most valuable companies on the planet going bankrupt? But then again, all good things come to an end and it's perfectly logical to predict Amazon's demise... the real question is when this will come.

It was also said that Bezos is dumping Amazon stock and "reinvesting his money into a company utilizing a fast-emerging technology".

Some information included on the company here is that...

  • the company he's investing in will "improve every business"
  • it is producing a "tiny component powering this tech revolution"

And just how great of an opportunity are we talking here?

Well, in some additional promotional I found they go on to claim that "some of the smartest minds in Silicon Valley are comparing this company to Apple before the iPhone."

Now that's a pretty bold comparison... Apple before the iPhone?... but don't get too excited just yet because this information is a bit outdated.

The sales pitch:

So, how do you get the full details on the "AI Disruption" stocks being teased here?

They are included in a report The Motley Fool is giving out called the AI Disruption Playbook: An Investor's Guide to this $19 Trillion Market, and of course you have to take out that wallet of yours and buy into what they are selling before you can get your hands on this. In this case, you have to join Motley Fool's Stock Advisor service which retails for $199/yr but often is discounted to just $99 for the first year.

In the promotional email that I was sent they boasted how the "AVERAGE stock pick has returned over 516%" since the advisory's inception in 2002. However, these numbers are a bit misleading because of how a few recommendations a while back, such as Netflix going up over 19,000% and Booking Holdings going up over 7,500%, have really inflated the average profit.

The good news: As you already know, I'll be revealing the main AI company they are teasing for free so that you don't have to buy into their subscription advisory service. 

The AI Investment Opportunity

AI has been around for years in less advanced forms, but with all the new advancements in computer hardware and new tech like 5G, it's being catapulted forward and this is why investors from all over are trying to get in on it.

There have been many varying predictions as to just how big this emerging market will get, with Grand View Research predicting it to reach $733.6 billion by 2027... and I've even heard an insane prediction by McKinsey & Company of it growing to as much as $19.9 trillion in the future... but I don't know when this prediction was made and am not sure how many years into the future that is for.

BUT, the general consensus is that it's going to be huge... and with huge advancements in technology comes huge investment potential.

The Motley Fool is teasing what you could call a "pick & shovels" play, with the company making hardware that is essential to AI technology.

So, without further ado, let's get to the point of this article and expose the stock here...

Uncovering Motley Fool's Top AI Disruption Stock

In the short promotional email teaser The Motley Fool teases the opportunity to invest in their "top 3 stocks" for this AI revolution. However, they don't provide much of any information on anything. 

The only good information we have is on one of the companies they suggest buying into, as mentioned, and what we're told here is that:

  • It is "less than 1/6th the size of Amazon"
  • It "is producing a component so powerful that it is absolutely annihilating the competition"

Besides knowing that this company is building tech for AI, this is all we were given from the most recent teaser, which isn't enough information to find a match. 

HOWEVER, the good news is that during my research I was able to find out more information from past teasers for this same opportunity.

In fact, The Motley Fool has been teasing this one stock since at least 2018 (they just update the information teased a bit), and I stumbled across presentation by The Motley Fool's Senior Technology Analyst Rex Moore recently that provided additional information. 

What I was able to gather from this includes...

  • One famous hedge fund manager said he'd "put all our money on this remarkable company" if he were starting a hedge fund today
  • The company's "hardware is powering this revolution"... and we're also told that they make "groundbreaking processors"
  • Venture capitalist Marc Andreesen was quoted saying that "We've been investing in a lot of start-ups applying deep learning to many areas, and every single one effectively comes in building on the [same company's] platform"

And that's all we really need to find a positive match here. The company being teased as a way to strike it rich in the AI revolution is none other than Nvidia, which I was suspecting from the very beginning because I know how bullish The Motley Fool is on this stock.

Nvidia is a GPU (graphics processing unit) manufacturer that started out making hardware for gaming systems, but is now one of the companies leading the way in the AI revolution here with their GPUs being used in AI tech in everything from autonomous vehicles to biotech. All the clues match up here, and yes, Marc Andreesen was quoted saying that shown above, as found in an article on Forbes

Is This Opportunity Really That Great?

Nvidia (NVDA) could be a very solid investment choice. The company is still being teased by other investment research firms besides The Motley Fool. It was actually one of Teeka Tiwari's blockchain stocks as well as an "AI Accelerator" stock being teased by Jeff Brown.

However, the reason I said not to get too excited earlier in this post is because the stock has already increased quite a bit since it was first recommended... around 4x.

It's not some small-cap stock that has the potential to multiply your money many times over. With a market cap of well over $300 billion, don't expect to get rich off of this stock.

Quick Recap & Conclusion

  • The Motley Fool has been teasing "AI Disruption" stocks, one of which "Five years from now, you’ll probably wish you’d bought this stock"
  • There wasn't much information provided in the recent teaser email, but this company has been teased in the past by The Motley Fool and so I was able to find additional information
  • Nvidia is the stock being teased - don't expect to strike it rich here

And there you have it. You're welcome!

I hope this quick review has provided some value to you, which is what we always strive for here at Green Bull Research.

Let us know what you think of this stock pick in the comment section below! Could it still be a multi-bagger?


Anders is the founder and chief editor of Green Bull Research. When he's not investigating new opportunities and adding to his portfolio, you might find him taking a nature walk or reading a Steven Pressfield novel.

  • After being sucked into their video about this stock, half way through, I thought to myself: "i bet this is going to be something stupid like Nvidia." Then when they asked for money at the end (which was where I figured it was leading), i knew it wasnt going to be worth it. Figured I could find the info for free elsewhere. So, thanks for that write up and saving me money!

  • Awesome job, man! It's fun reverse-engineering these ads, isn't it. I mean, it's not that fun when it's one of those Brown-style videos you can't pause, but deconstructing Motley Fool is a challenge I enjoy. I wasn't able to attempt this one, even though this is one of their recycled ads, and I've passed on it a bunch of times. Figured I'd never get on it, so I went to see if anyone else had any ideas. This sounds right to me–so nice work (I'm about to hit up Reddit and she what folks over there have come up with). One day, this–decoding ads and teasers–should become a competitive sport.

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