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The “Fluorescent Sand” Stock Symbol – Don’t Get Too Excited

December 6, 2020 by Anders

Investment analyst Ian King over at Banyan Hill Publishing believes a company that has something to do with "Fluorescent Sand" technology holds the key to the 5G revolution. In fact, he claims this company is "leading the 5G revolution" and for investors looking to make money this is a good opportunity... well... according to him.

We are told that "the price [of this company] could soar" and that we could potentially see 3x to 4x gains over the coming years.

Now don't go on out and sign any papers for that new sports car just yet! Here I'll be doing what we always do here at Green Bull Research... expose this "Fluorescent Sand" stock symbol once and for all.

Let's start out by going over the teaser and what we were told.

The teaser:

"Fluorescent Sand" Is The Key to Unleashing 5G on a Mass Scale - this is the title here. And of course there is one small company at the front of it all...

As we already know, Ian King is the guy behind it all. He works for Banyan Hill Publishing where he runs several investment advisory services, but before getting into this line of work his background is pretty impressive. He comes from Wall Street where he started out at just 21 years old as a mortgage bond trader at Salomon Brothers, and eventually worked his way up to managing a hedge fund with a team at Peahi Capital... where him and team were able to pull off a 339% gain during th 2008 recession - impressive no doubt.

However, you sometimes have to take what King says with a grain of salt. His promotional pitches can get a tad carried away, as we've seen with his "spectrum" and "master technology" teasers, and this one is no different.

This investment opportunity, as we are told, "all starts with a petri dish of ocean sand"...

But of course it doesn't end there. This isn't an opportunity to invest in play sand for making sand castles. Thanks to a "Nobel Prize-winning discovery" that harnesses the true potential of this sand, which I'll talk more about in detail in a minute, this ordinary sand can be transformed into a "miracle material that glows and changes color", hence the term "fluourescent sand" that Ian King is using...

Why is this all important?

Well, because 5G is coming and there seems to be no stopping it... and this technology "holds the key to unleashing 5G on a mass scale"... his words not mine.

Throughout the presentation he goes on to show a bunch stocks that he's recommended and that have soared in the past, and hints that this could be the biggest opportunity he's found yet - you know, the typical marketing lure.

King goes on to compare the 5G opportunity to that of mobile in the early days, talking about how shares of cell phone tower companies traded for cheap and then "returns on these companies went through the stratosphere" after mass adoption started catching on. 

One example that was shown was that of SBA Communications, which provides mobile communication infrastructure, and which went on to soar a massive 46,197%...

So what's the point of showing us this?

Is King hinting that the opportunity he's teasing could produce similar results?

Well, we are told that "these were rare and extraordinary gains, but I expect a similar opportunity stands before us today".

That's right folks. Ian King claims that the opportunity we have here is similar to that of investing in SBA Communications in the early days, which let me remind you provided investors with 46,197% gains.

But don't get too excited just yet. This entire teaser is promotional content, and besides... King also tells us that this has real potential to 3x to 4x your investment... which is a far cry from the 46,197% that we just talked about.

You should also be aware that this all ends in the typical sales pitch and I already mentioned that you have to take some of what is said with a grain of salt... sometimes a giant grain of rock salt.

The sales pitch:

Over at Banyan Hill Ian King is giving out "free" reports titled The 1 Company Leading the 5G Revolution. Inside this report is where you can get all the juicy details on the company being teased...

However, there is a catch. 

The catch is that in order to get this "free" report, you first have to buy into his investment advisory service called Automatic Fortunes. 

The cheapest subscription to this service is only $47 a year, but wouldn't you rather just find out the name of the company he's teasing for free?

I thought so. 

Keep reading... I'll go over the name and ticker symbol in a bit.

What Is "Fluorescent Sand"?

"Fluorescent Sand" is a made-up term that Ian King and Banyan Hill Publishing came up with to refer to fiber optics. It's catchy, sounds cool, is intriguing, and this is why the term is perfect for marketing pitches for his investment advisory service.

All marketing trickery and hoopla aside, the opportunity here is to invest in fiber optics, so lets talk a bit more about this technology before exposing the company that Ian King's teasing to make us all filthy stinkin' rich.

The power of fiber optics

As we were told, fiber optics was discovered by Physicist Sir Charles Kao, who is now sometimes referred to as the "father of fiber optic communications".

Fiber optics are long, thin strands of glass that are about as thick as a human hair. They are put together in bundles and used to transmit data via light signals. In a nutshell, data is encoded in light signals and transmitted via the fiber optics to the receiving end where it is then decoded so that you can watch that funny cat video on Youtube, Facetime with your friend, or access Green Bull Research to read all of our great articles.

Prior to Kao's discovery, glass fibers weren't seen as having much information-carrying potential. There was high signal loss due to light scattering, which made them unsuitable for telecommunications. However, in the 1960's Kao found that after purifying the glass the thin fibers were able to carry loads of information over long distances with low signal loss... and this is what brings us to the fiber optics cables that we have today.

5G is around 20x faster (sometimes up to 100x faster) than 4G and transmits a lot more information. That's great and all, but then there is the problem of having the infrastructure in place to handle these communications... and this is where fiber optics come into play.

Fiber optics compliment 5G well because this technology's scalability, security, and capability to handle large amounts of information.

The 5G's opportunity

There have been so many 5G investment teasers lately, and I hate to sound like a broken record here, but let's talk a bit about the investment opportunity this sector has.

We are told that 5G will lead to $12 trillion in new revenue over the next 15 years. Yes, $12 trillion... with a "t".

There are all sorts of number being thrown around by analysts, some much higher than others, such as Qualcomm's prediction that the 5G economy will have sales as high as $13.2 trillion by 2035, but I think we can all agree that the opportunity is going to be huge.

Driverless cars, robotic surgeries, quantum computing, augmented reality, smart cities... 5G is going to be a major driving force behind all of these new technologies. It will be essential, or so it seems at this point in time.

So, without further ado, let's get to the point of this article and expose the single company that King claims is leading the charge of this entire 5G revolution.

Revealing the "Fluorescent Sand" 5G Stock

The investment opportunity being teased by Ian King here is a bit misleading. The company being teased doesn't have anything to do with fiber optics directly. So you aren't actually investing in "fluorescent sand" when you invest in this company... but instead are investing in another piece of the puzzle that helps keep the 5G network afloat.

We are told that there is "real potential for triple- and quadruple-digit gains by 2035", which is a really toned-down marketing pitch compared to how this marketing pitch used to be (the "fluorescent sand" teaser has been around for over a year... but is continually updated).

Anyways, let's go over the clues that we were given in the teaser and piece them together:

  • It's a "tiny California company".
  • It trades "at under $10 a share".
  • "They’ve mass produced a simple device, roughly the size of a thermostat" to "fill the gap" in between the fiber optic cables and peoples' 5G phones.

Okay, so by the sounds of it the device that King is talking about that the company manufactures is a hotspot or router of some kind. He talks about how the fiber optic cables will be used to transmit 5G signals over long distances, but then the small devices the company makes will be the part of the system that wirelessly transmits the signal to your phone, laptop, etc.

Another clue that was given is that:

  • "Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile... have ALL partnered with this one company ahead of the massive 5G upgrade"

So, really not all that many clues here, but enough to get to the bottom of things and figure out what he's teasing.

It's a company that trades for around $10, is based in California, makes hotspots for 5G, and has partnerships with Verizon, Sprint and T Mobile.

Any guesses?


Well, if you were possibly thinking it's Inseego (INSG) then you would be correct my friend.

  • Inseego is based in San Diego, CA.
  • Inseego's stock price has been in the $10 area for a while (it's actually a bit above $10 at the moment, but flucutations are expected of course).
  • Inseego does indeed manufacture 5G hotspots. Their 5G Mifi series is really taking off. These are simply hotspots that connect to 5G and transmit WIFI to your devices. Verizon is using Inseego's 5G Mifi M1000 hotspots and they describe them as "an ultra-fast, user-friendly hotspot with 5G Ultra Wideband connectivity"...
  • And yes, Inseego obviously has a partnership with Verizon, as well as a partnership with Sprint and T-Mobile, the other two large mobile providers that were mentioned in the teaser.

Not only do the clues match up well here with Inseego, but as I mentioned earlier, this "fluorescent sand" teaser has been around for quite a while - over a year. While it has evolved a bit and been updated to stay relevant, the same company has been teased the whole time... Inseego.

Huge Profit Potential?

As we know, at one point Ian King compares the opportunity we have in front of us today with that of investing in SBA Communications before it went up 46,197%.

However, expecting a 46x gain by investing in Inseego is only going to lead to disappointment.

A less hyped-up prediction that we were also told is that "there is a real potential for triple- and quadruple-digit gains by 2035".

Could this really happen? Well, Inseego does have strategic partnerships, they are leader in 5G hotspots and analysts are expecting the company to start turning a profit in 2021, but predicting its stock price over a decade into the future is a far reach.

3x to 4x gains are easily possible with a company like this in a new industry like 5G, but only time will tell.

If you're interested in investing in 5G tech then Inseego is worth a look, just keep your head on straight and don't expect 46,197% gains.

Quick Recap & Conclusion

  • Ian King from over at Banyan Hill Publishing has been teasing the opportunity to make boatloads of money investing in what he calls "fluorescent sand" - which he compares to a past investment opportunity where gains as high as 46,197% were seen.
  • "Fluorescent sand" is just a made-up name he uses to refer to fiber optics, which can be used to transmit 5G signals.
  • He teases one company that doesn't really have anything to do with fiber optics, but is somewhat of an indirect (very indirect) way to invest in it... I suppose you could make this arguement since fiber optics will play a big role in 5G infrastructure and since the company he teases is working on 5G equipment.
  • Normally you'd have to buy into his investment advisory service to get the name of the company he's teasing, but I just exposed it for you so that you no longer have to.
  • It's Inseego (INSG).

Yes... you're welcome for that.

I hope you enjoyed this article, and if so, go ahead and share it with someone you know. 

Also, don't forget to comment down below. What do you think of this stock pick? Here at Green Bull we actually like to hear back from our readers.


Anders is the founder and chief editor of Green Bull Research. When he's not investigating new opportunities and adding to his portfolio, you might find him taking a nature walk or reading a Steven Pressfield novel.

  • Thanks very much for the information you provided, I currently have the stock by chance due to so many teasers giving hints about small businesses in California with stock prices at $10 that have potential for being the best buy to make enormous profits. I would prefer the names of the companies to invest in upfront to avoid times delays and possibilities of still being alive to enjoy my profits and help others to obtain financial security. Thanks again for the information and hopefully I have been lucky so far with my other stock choices.

  • Your company is a blessing to inexperienced investors. So many of these Banyan Hill-type companies seem more like pyramid schemes than real help for investors who aren't already filthy-rich folks. Thank you for your insightful, honest evaluations, as well as your ability to spare us buying subscription after subscription to get anywhere. God bless you. Small investors cannot play their "buy your way up to the REAL info." sales strategy.

  • Any clues on Jeff Seigel’s Green chip stocks investment letter that teases a company that has a spray on coating that turns ordinary widows into solar panels

  • Thanks for the information I really do appreciate. My thoughts for this company Inseego, I think it's good for long time investment and most importantly all investment involves risk, one needs to invest what he can afford to loose. And never put ur money in one basket.

  • Thanks for the info. I saw this pitch online and was wondering who and what this was all about.
    I figured it was just another sales pitch, like most of these "GREATEST" thing since water.
    I believe I'll stick with things that have already shown some validity.
    I am glad to have found your info. It does answer questions without costing more money.

  • Well, you've done it again. Great work. All of these "Spruikers" always have the same spiel. Always like buying a well know company which may be trading in multiple hundreds to the thousands of dollars, and, they say it's like buying that company 30 years ago when it was a fledgling and trading for only a dollar or so. They are always repetitive in showing the same charts of about six or so of the same companies over and over, absolutely full of "WAFFLE" and saying absolutely nothing in presentations which span for nearly an hour or so. Then comes the crunch, when you join up at a cost from anything from $50 special for today only and then reverts back to, from anything from $200 – $2000 normal fee. They also inform one that you will receive about 5 or 6 lots of additional information worth all up from anything from $1000 – $2000 absolutely free. Also, best deals if you sign up for 2 or 3 years subscription.

    All of what I describe as a load of "CLAP TRAP".

  • I also have Inseego for quite some time now, and it hasn't harmed me either.
    Sold 50% after 68% gain, will keep the rest for longer time.

    Many thanks for all research!

  • You know Anders, this kinda, actually does sound very good and I thank you so much for bringing it to light"shall we say". I think I'm going to seriously look at this one. I like its price too. It's probably worth a grand or 2 to start.ill keep you posted if I invest.. I love your style!

  • Thank you for the info you have provided , I’m fairly new
    At this stock trading , any info will help . Definitely will Get back to you. Enjoy all your positive comments.

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