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Ian King’s “Spectrum” Stock Pick – EXPOSED

Ian King Spectrum Stock

June 19, 2020 by Anders

What is Ian King's "spectrum" stock pick and is it really as good as he claims?

He says that this "little known" company "could soar up to 300% in the next 12 months alone", but is this just over-inflated marketing hype, or is this the real deal?

In this quick review we'll be going over what's really going on here, who Ian King is, and the name of the company he's teasing.

Spoiler Alert: You'll probably be disappointed

I'm guessing you came across the presentation that starts out with Jeff Yastine and later features Ian King...

This long-winded presentation goes on for what seems like eternity and leads viewers on and on.

It begins by teasing this "spectrum" technology, which will create 22 million jobs, will lead to $12 trillion in wealth and is 2,400x bigger than blockchain, 400x that of big data, and 2x the size of AI.

Ian King goes on to claim that early investors "could make a lifetime's worth of gains in a matter of months", and provides past examples of companies in different industries that surged in price shortly after president Trump showed support for them, hinting that his new stock pick could follow a similar trajectory because of a new memorandum that Tump issued...

Information on the company can be found in a "free copy" of "The $5 Stock Leading the 5G Revolution"....

But, of course this "free copy" comes at a price.

*And you aren't going to have to pay that price because I'll be going over what this company is!

It's All a Sales Pitch

The idea is that you can find out Ian King's #1 Spectrum stock pick in his "free report", titled "The $5 Stock Leading the 5G revolution", but first you have to subscribe to his paid advisory service called Automatic Fortunes, which costs $49/yr for the most basic subscription.

So is his "free" report really free? Well, you decide.

Automatic Fortunes is a follow-along investment advisory service that provides subscribers with...

  • Monthly newsletter briefings that provide details on Ian King's newest recommendations
  • Model portfolio access where you can view the performance of his recommendations
  • Weekly updates with information on the current recommendations - video webinars where Ian provides analyses of market conditions are also provided
  • Trade alerts when it's time to buy in or sell
Automatic Fortunes Bundle

*Important Note: If you sign up for Automatic Fortunes through this sales funnel you will automatically be signed up for Jeff Yastine's Total Wealth Insider service as a "bonus". This is provided with a 3-month trial, which you will then be charged for if you forget to cancel. Sneaky, I know!

Who Is Ian King?

Ian King

Ian King has over two decades of experience analyzing financial markets and trading, with one of his most prestigious past positions being that of a hedge fund manager. He knows what he's talking about and his insights have even been featured on major media outlets such as Fox Business News, Investopedia, Seeking Alpha and others.

He joined the Banyan Hill publishing company back in 2017, where he currently runs the Automatic Fortunes and Crypto Profit Trader advisory services.

What Is This "Spectrum" Technology Really?

So, what the bejeezus is this "spectrum" technology that is being hyped up?

Well, if you watched the entire presentation then you will know that it is just 5G they're talking about here. Disappointing, I know. Everyone has been promoting their 5G stocks as of late, such as Motley Fool for example.

This is just another marketing angle for them to lure in new subscribers from.

What Is 5G?

In case you haven't heard, 5G is the 5th generation of the wireless communications network. 

  • 1G brought us cell phones, but only calls could be made
  • 2G allowed use to send pictures and text messages on mobile devices
  • 3G gave access to the internet
  • 4G made internet access faster
  • and 5G will have data speeds up to 100 Gbps, which is about 100 times faster than 4G

It's definitely a big opportunity, and I've already invested in a couple 5G related stocks. There are some kinks and problems that will need to be worked out with this new mobile data network, but the opportunity is there and the US wants to be ahead of other nations with it.

Is there really a "Spectrum Strategy Task Force"?

Believe it or not, there is. While some of the promotional content is misleading, it is based on real information (loosely at some points)

President Trump really did order a memorandum to get this technology rolling, and the "Spectrum Strategy Task Force" is in charge of this.

You can read about this at WhiteHouse.gov.

What's His "#1 Company" to Invest In Today?

There's a lot of vague talk about this being an "undiscovered company" and whatnot, but let's focus on the hints he gives us that actually provide some details. 

As I sat through the entire, nearly hour long, presentation, some of the hints I noted down include the following:

  • less than $10 a share
  • California-based
  • Manufactures 5G routers and hotspots
  • Large shareholders include Black Rock, JPMorgan Chase, and Deutsche Bank

There were other small hints as well, but this was all I needed. As it turns out, the company he's teasing here is the same company he's been teasing through other promotions.

It's Inseego (INSG).

  • Yes, Inseego trades for less than $10 a share
  • Yes, Black Rock and JP Morgan Chase are two of the top institutional investors...

[Source: Yahoo Finance]

  • Yes, Inseego is based in California (San Diego)
  • Yes, Inseego make routers and hotspots for 5G technology

All hints point to Inseego, and this makes sense based on past promotions from Ian King.

Good Investment or Not?

The truth is that no one knows how the 5G revolution will turn out. There are still some hurdles that this new tech will have to overcome to improve usability, such as its signal's inability to pass through solid objects.

Yes, Ian King thinks this company is going to absolutely skyrocket in price and could provide 1,000%+ gains... but he's also promoting his advisory service here... so outlandish claims should be expected.

Current 12 month price predictions from analysts project much more modest future gains.


Quick Recap:

  • "Spectrum" technology refers to 5G tech
  • The president really did issue a memorandum to push forward with 5G tech in the US
  • You can get a "free" copy of Ian King's "The $5 Stock Leading the 5G revolution" special report that goes over his top recommended 5G stock
  • In order to get a "free" copy you have to subscribe to his Automatic Fortunes advisory service - not really free then
  • I've done the research and found his #1 stock to be Inseego, which he has been promoting heavily lately through various teasers

So there you have it! 

I hope this short review helped and provided you with the information you were looking for.

Let me know what you think of it all in the comment section below...


Anders is the founder and chief editor of Green Bull Research. When he's not investigating new opportunities and adding to his portfolio, you might find him taking a nature walk or reading a Steven Pressfield novel.

  • Thanks so much for a very good information 🙂 I listened to the entire pitch of Ian King and just led to selling his service. But bravo to your research and legitimate Free infoundefinedarticle, I didn't have to sign up for a costly subscription. Cheers!

  • Mr. Anders,
    Thanks so much for sharing your information with us. Earlier this year, I decided to take an interest in the stock market to learn and to take on a time-worthy hobby in my retirement. One place I signed up for was the Ian King monthly newsletter AND the name and ticker symbol of the ever coveted new 5G Stock that was going for $3 at that time. I did receive one copy of the Automatic Fortune letter (Dated March, 2020},
    but that was it. I never heard anything else. I tried to reach his Customer Service, but could never make contact.
    You have done a lot for me and I wanted to thank you.

    Jean Glombicki

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