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Charles Mizrahi’s Alpha Investor Review: Crazy Claims or Legit Advice?

July 27, 2021 by Phil

Former Governors Sarah Palin and Mike Huckabee give their thumbs up on Charles Mizrahi's newsletter service. These political figures are lending their credibility to his claims.

Do you want to know more? Read on as this article is an honest Alpha Investor review.

Its promise is simple: ordinary citizens like you can invest and earn well in the stock market. Follow the investment advice of Mizrahi and you are on your way to financial freedom.

So, should you start listening to Mizrahi through the Alpha Investor Report?


  • Name: Alpha Investor Report
  • Service: Monthly newsletter subscription
  • Website: https://charlesmizrahi.com/alpha-investor/ and https://banyanhill.com/alpha-investor/
  • Founder: Charles Mizrahi
  • Cost: $49 Standard, $79 Premium (discounted from $199), $129 Deluxe

Who is Charles Mizrahi?

The main hook of the pitch for the newsletter service is the editor himself, Charles Mizrahi.

He even has two prominent endorsers, former Governors Sarah Palin and Mike Huckabee. Both highlight the profile of Mizrahi as a finance guru and top investor.

In two videos, they play up his 37 years of experience as a Wall Street trader and fund manager. According to them, Mizrahi has been a top market timer seven years in a row.

In fact, Barron’s also ranked him as the number one trader. The trader was also among MarketWatch’s Top 10 Best Advisers.

Aside from Palin and Huckabee, Mizrahi also advises Dave Ramsey and Bill O’Reilly.

In the 1990s, he was also able to help his clients get annual growth of up to 100%.

In addition, people made gains of up to 1000% because Mizrahi recommended Apple, Microsoft, and TJ Maxx to them.

Further, the investor is a part of the Banyan Hill Publishing family. He has also taught at New York University.

According to his profile, the he was also able to call the October 1987 Black Monday Crash. As a result, Mizrahi had time to move his clients out of the stock market and save their money.

This kind of insight is what he is selling through his newsletters. Thus, he is building his credibility to convince you to subscribe to his service.

Green Bull Research knows him quite a bit. We have written about his teasers on an SoE industry stock, an IoMT stock, and his AI stock pick.

What is Alpha Investor Report?

Charles Mizrahi’s Alpha Investor Report is a newsletter service that highlights his business savvy.

According to him, the reason why he left Wall Street is to help Main Street. His goal is to teach investing to as many Americans as he can.

This is why he shares all his insights in his report. In it, he includes tips, forecasts, and analyses. His top-notch team does all the dirty work so they can provide sound financial advice.

In fact, Huckabee claims that people are calling the service a “Miracle on Main Street”. The subscribers, he says, total 100,000 across the country.

As a proof, they are reportedly seeing their investments gain significant profits.

What is the third option for Americans?

In her video for the American Prosperity Summit, Palin talks about investing. She says that most American investors are stuck with only two options.

The first involves entrusting your money to an investor. This means you will have no control over your money. Thus, you just hope that the investor will make wise financial decisions.

Yet, studies show that the majority of financial advisors underperform their benchmark. A sad reality.

Another concern here is the high management fees that will be crushing in the long run.

Option 2, meanwhile, is investing on your own. This is hard because most people do not handle money well. Also, a lot of us do not have a deep understanding of how markets work.

We panic when we see that the stock market is falling. As a result, we sell at the wrong time. Clearly, we do not have enough knowledge, discipline, and patience.

Palin asserts that there is a third option. We can turn to someone who has a proven track record. The best option, according to her, is to have a wise guide for our investments.

But the guide must be compassionate. He must share his insights without taking much of our hard-earned money.

This third and best option, according to Palin, is to learn from Mizrahi.

Continue reading as I will also be discussing the metrics he uses in choosing investments.

Other FAQs

Is Charles Mizrahi’s Alpha Investor Report offering crazy claims or legit advice?

He offers a legit service. Mizrahi does have a solid reputation as an investor and trader. Also, his expertise and years of experience give credibility to his financial insights.

But, as with any advice on money matters, he can only recommend options. His insights, no matter how credible, are not gospel truth. Even the most careful and wise investors make mistakes.

So temper your expectations and do not expect to be a millionaire right away.

Can you trust Mizrahi's recommendations?

No one can dispute 40 years of experience as a high-level financial executive. Mizrahi has a proven track record as an investor and a lot of people trust him. Thus, there is value in taking his advice.

But, he is still human and can still make mistakes.

Thus, a good approach is to learn about the stock market. You must understand his principles in investing. This way, in the end, you still get to decide what to do with your money.

How do I get a refund?

His basic newsletter is already very affordable. But if you are still not satisfied with the service, you may unsubscribe. The process is fairly easy.

At any point during your first year, just get in touch with them. Alpha Investor will give you a full refund.

How it works

Alpha Investor claims that you can be rich through their wise advice on how to invest in stocks. Mizrahi also says that he knows which companies will be profitable in the future.

How? His vast experience in investing gives him such discernment.

The idea is basic. By buying these companies’ stocks, you are, in effect, partnering with them. As a partner, you can then partake of their financial success as they grow in the future. 

In fact, some of them could even be the next Netflix or Amazon.

But figuring out which companies have the potential to make it big is the tricky part. If you do it on your own, you could bet on the wrong companies. You could lose your money.

However, he says he will equip you with sound advice based on the system he created. He claims that he will lead you to companies that will skyrocket in growth.

What is the Alpha-3 Approach

To illustrate his process, he talks about the Alpha-3 Approach in looking for alpha stocks:

  • Alpha Market

    According to Mizrahi, a company has to be in a large, established, and growing market. The projected growth should be 100% over the next few years.

    Examples of these are cloud computing, 5G technology, and artificial intelligence.

    In the field of health care, he considers businesses involved in precision medicine as solid bets. Companies involved in treating the health conditions of the elderly are also good stocks.

    He recommends investing in companies that will thrive in a “futuristic” world and economy.
  • Alpha Management

    In addition, he looks at the leadership teams of companies.

    Are those at the helm able to drive the business forward? Do they have a proven track record of increasing earnings, share price, and revenue over time?

    Mizrahi believes that leaders who have done great in the past can succeed again in the future.
  • Alpha Money

    The finances of a company have to be sound. He studies and examines all the dirty details to see how they can perform in the future.

    Furthermore, his team inspects income statements, balance sheets, cash flow, and financial disclosures.

In the interview, Palin noted that not everyone has the time to do these kinds of research. Also, people do not have the technical know-how.

Mizrahi agreed. He further added that his team of experts and industry insiders give Alpha Investor an advantage.

So he is making this accessible to help more people make sound financial decisions.

What you get

The features of the newsletter service make investing accessible, easy, and understandable. This is refreshing for people who find the stock market intimidating.

When you subscribe, you will know which stocks Mizrahi recommends that you buy. You will also see in-depth research on why he is confident with those stocks for that period.

Getting this newsletter is also convenient. You may open it using your computer, tablet, or even your phone.

Moreover, here are the other features:

Twelve monthly research briefings
Charles Mizrahi will send you his research findings every month through these updates. The briefings will contain his analyses on market trends and stocks.

Further, he will tell you about stocks to buy and avoid.

Model Portfolio
You will also see all his top picks in this list based on his strategies in investing.

Weekly alerts and updates
These regular prompts will update you often so you can act fast. He will give you up-to-date news and developments.

24/7 access to a private members-only website
The Alpha Investor Report subscription service offers convenience with a website. Members will be able to see all the reports, updates, briefings, and portfolios. Anytime, from anywhere.

Customer service support
If you need help with the setup or need clarification on anything, they will help. Subscribers may call their hotline or send an email.

Costs & Refund Policy


There are three levels of subscriptions to Alpha Investor.

The most basic package is the Standard. It comes at $47 and includes:

  •  One full year of Alpha Investor Reports
  • A free trial to Automatic Fortunes for three months

    This is a newsletter from Ian King. In it, he shares his views on “tipping point trends” that will make you rich.
    The newsletter automatically renews after three editions. It will charge $97 per year, so be mindful of this.
  • Special Reports:
    -The Leader of the $15.7 Trillion AI Revolution
    -The Emerging Superstars of AI
    -The Alpha Investor Report Trading Manual
  • Model Portfolio
  • Alpha Investor Report Digital Edition


If you upgrade to the Deluxe ($129), you will get the print edition of the Alpha Investor Report. They will mail this to you monthly.


Finally, the Premium is normally priced at $199 but has a promo price of $79. This option has the features of Standard and Deluxe with extra resources:

  • The Company Leading the $12 Trillion 5G Revolution
  • This Firm will Dominate The $11 Trillion Fintech Industry
  • The Company Leading the 18,767% Big Data Money Boom


They have a 100% Satisfaction Promise that will allow you to cancel at any point during your first year. You will then receive a full refund.

Conclusion - Should I subscribe?

Charles Mizrahi’s Alpha Investor Report relies on the reputation of its editor. Indeed, Mizrahi is a trusted financial guru and investor.

He has a track record as a financial heavyweight with 37 years of experience in the industry.

Hence, you could gain wise tips on investing by subscribing to his newsletter. A $49 fee for one year is solid and affordable.

Besides, it is suitable for those who do not have the time to study and analyze market trends.

But, the key to maximizing your learning is to not only take his advice on which companies to invest in. You also need to understand how investing works.

Given all the features of the basic package, you will see lots of useful information.

Yes, they dub this service as Miracle on Main Street. But, do not expect instant magical wealth.

Ultimately, the decision to subscribe is up to you.

Our only goal is to give you an honest Alpha Investor review so you can make an informed choice.


A writer and researcher, Phil enjoys exploring topics about finance, investments, and consumer behavior. His two young kids serve as inspiration for his advocacy on education and the youth.

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