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Charles Mizrahi’s AI Company Stock Pick – Review

Charles Mizrahi AI Company

June 19, 2020 by Anders

Charles Mizrahi has been teasing some AI company that he claims could explode in price in the near future. He claims that this one particular company is well-positioned to take advantage of the $15.7 trillion in new wealth that the AI revolution could bring to the world.

What is the AI company he's talking about? In this quick review we'll be going over what we are told to try to figure it out. Let's begin with the teaser.

The teaser:

There might be more than one teaser for this AI stock, but the one I came across and that I have seen promoted heavily is titled The “Hidden” Innovation On Boats Like This Could Make You Very Rich...

This presentation starts out with Charles Mizrahi talking about ships bringing some new technology to the US. As usual, the presentation is long-winded and it takes forever for him to get to the point, but eventually he mentioned that it was the AI technology these ships have that he was referring to - they are autonomous ships.

AI's been around for a while but, as we are told, we've finally reached a point where it will be able to be adopted on a mass scale and with more advanced uses. Three of the big enablers for this mass scale adoption that have all fallen into place include big advances in:

  1. Collection of big data
  2. Fast computer processing
  3. Cloud computing 

After hyping up the opportunity to invest in AI technology beyond belief, Mizrahi finally starts to tease a particular company, claiming that he has "identified one company poised to take full advantage of the entire AI revolution" and that this is a company that will give "folks who take action now stand to make a fortune in the weeks ahead".

Some of the other hyped-up claims about this company include:

  • $15.7 trillion of new wealth that will be created could "all flow through this one company"
  • it is a "company with a chance for dominance that the world has never seen before"
  • "they could see a 2,510% tidal wave of revenue flooding into their company"
  • believes it is "the undisputed leader of AI"

The sales pitch:

In order to find out the name of the company he's teasing you will need to get a copy of the special report Charles Mizrahi put together, titled The Leader of the $15.7 Trillion AI Revolution...

The Leader of the $15.7 Trillion AI Revolution

He claims that he wants to send out this report "for free", but of course this isn't really true and in order to get it "for free" you first have to pay to subscribe to his Alpha Investor Report investment newsletter service, which provides investment recommendations and market analysis on a regular basis to subscribers. This costs $49/yr for the cheapest subscription level.

This is the same sneaky sales tactic that is used for just about every investment teaser nowadays, such as Alan Knuckman's "Penny Contracts" and Zach Scheidt's "5G Cash" that we've exposed here.

Who Is Charles Mizrahi?

Charles Mizrahi

Charles Mizrahi is an analyst that works for Banyan Hill publishing, where at he runs several investment newsletters services, including Alpha Investor Report of course.

Before joining the team here he started out on the New York Futures Exchange floor at the age of 20, and went on to perform incredibly well, eventually being named the No. 1 commodity trading advisor by Barron's. 

In short, he has 35 years of stock analysis in his background, has a record of good performance, and is probably the type of person you'd want to give you some investment advice.

What Is The AI Company That Could Lead to 2,510% Gains?

Normally what we'd do here at Green Bull Research is go over all the clues we were given and then piece together the puzzle to find a company that matches. However, what Charles Mizrahi tells us about his AI stock pick is extremely limited.

The only somewhat decent clues we are given include that this company:

  • has 3,849 patents
  • has partnered with Apple, IBM, Intel, Amazon and others

But this doesn't tell us much of anything.

First off, the company having a certain number of patents isn't helpful. The whole teaser presentation is somewhat outdated and I'm sure the number of patents this company currently holds isn't the same as it was. Furthermore, there are lots of companies dealing with AI in one capacity or another that have partnered with big companies like Apple, IBM, Intel and Amazon.

That said, the company could be on this list of companies with the most AI patents.

The only way that I see plausible for finding out what company Mizrahi is teasing here for certain is to actually get some inside information from a subscriber who received his "free" report briefing.

*If you know his AI stock pick, please let us know in the comment section below. I'm sure other readers will be forever grateful for this!

Quick Recap

  • Charles Mizrahi claims there is one "undisputed leader of AI" that is "poised to take full advantage of the entire AI revolution"
  • All of the information on this company can be found in his "free" report, The Leader of the $15.7 Trillion AI Revolution
  • You must purchase a subscription to his Alpha Investor Report newsletter service in order to get a copy of his "free" report
  • Unfortunately there weren't enough clues provided for me to be able to figure out what the company is that he's teasing, which we normally would expose here at Green Bull Research

I'm sorry this review couldn't be of more help. 

Please leave a comment below if you have any additional information regarding the AI company he's teasing here. 


Anders is the founder and chief editor of Green Bull Research. When he's not investigating new opportunities and adding to his portfolio, you might find him taking a nature walk or reading a Steven Pressfield novel.

    • Hi Garfield. If you paid this money to Banyan Hill for Charles Mizrahi’s newsletter service then you will have to contact them directly. We have no ability to give you a refund here, as we weren’t the people you paid the money to.

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