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Charles Mizrahi’s IoMT Stock – Claims Its Price Will “Skyrocket”

Charles Mizrahi IoMT Stock

March 11, 2021 by Anders

Banyan Hill's Charles Mizrahi claims to have identified one IoMT stock that he thinks could greatly reward investors that buy now. 

He calls it "the hottest stock to buy right now" and claims that this is "one overlooked company [that] dominates an industry projected to soar 2,125% over the next five years".

This IoMT stock is what we'll be revealing here today after piecing together the clues. But before we get to that, let's go over the teaser a bit...

The teaser:

He's calling it "tech's next big wave" and claims this newly-emerging industry could increase by as much as 2,125% in the next 5 years.

As we know, Charles Mizrahi is the guy behind the teaser here. He started out on the floor of the New York Futures Exchange when he was just 20, opened his own money management firm at 23, and had some good calls for his clients over the years, such as moving their money out of stocks before the 1997 stock market crash. He was even called one of America's top traders by Barron's and has developed a network of contacts on Wall Street that most people simply don't have. So he knows a thing of two, and now he's working for Banyan Hill Publishing where he runs several investment advisory services, which is the point of the teaser he's presenting here... to get people to sign up for his one subscription service, Alpha Investor. Because of this, you sometimes have to take what he says with a grain of salt, as was evident from his AI company teaser and his Profits of a Lifetime Summit.

This investment opportunity is all about IoMT, which he talks about billionaires such as Mark Cuban and Jeff Bezos going "all in" on.

According to Mizrahi, "most people don't even know it exists", and this "could be the biggest investment opportunity of our lives".

The opportunity is further hyped-up with the showing of companies involved in the IoMT space that have already shot up in price, such as Livongo going up 546% here...

But of course that's just the beginning. Mizrahi has identified a company that he thinks is going to dominate the industry and make investors filthy rich in the process.

And... of course... you have to act now if you want a shot at being able to buy that fancy new sports car from your newfound profits.

The sales pitch:

As is usual, the only way to get your hands on the information regarding the stock being teased here is to get the "free" report being given out, titled IoMT: The Hottest Stock to Buy Right Now...

But, in order to get this report you are going to first have to buy into his paid subscription advisory service, Alpha Investor. 

This only costs $47 at the lowest membership level, but here today I'll just be telling you the stock he's teasing for free. So go ahead and put that credit card away.

What The Heck Is IoMT?

If you watched Mizrahi's presentation then you already know what IoMT is. It stands for the Internet of Medical Things and this refers to all the collection of medical devices applications that connect healthcare IT systems.

Telehealth, wearable smart devices like vital monitors, a doctor performing remote surgery, etc. - these are the types of things included in IoMT. 

As Mizrahi mentioned, the industry is projected to soar to $534 billion over the coming 5 years, which is over 2,000% growth. There are lots of estimates out there and this seems to be on the higher side of the projection spectrum - Globe Newswire expects the market to reach $155.8 billion by 2027 for example - but there seems to be no stopping the growth and the reasons for this are simple: IoMT makes doctors more easily accessible by patients, it cuts down the cost of healthcare (will save the healthcare industry $300 billion a year in the US alone according to Goldman Sachs), and overall it makes things much more efficient. And with this increased efficiency millions of lives could be saved.

Not only was IoMT bound to be the future of healthcare regardless, but with COVID hitting and the use of televisits increasing because of it... this has acted as somewhat of a catalyst towards a more IoMT-dominant future.

And with this growing trend comes a great investment opportunity. And... of course... Mr. Mizrahi here has "uncovered the one company at the center of it all", which has products that he claims touch every single facet of your health. And best of all, he believes "the stock price of this company will skyrocket".

So without further ado, let's expose this IoMT company once and for all.

Mizrahi's IoMT Company Unvealed

Here are some of the better clues about the company that he gave us in the teaser presentation...

  • It's a Missouri-based company
  • It "has helped companies expand telehealth more than 100-fold in some cases" - helped the University of Missouri Health Care system incorporate telehealth
  • Plays a part in connecting telemedicine, remote home monitoring apps, healthcare devices, producing big data, and uses AI to analyze the collected data

And that's about it. Not much to go off of here, but luckily I was able to find a positive match.

From what we know, the company has a focus on communications - as Mizrahi puts it, it's "the glue that binds the IoMT technologies".

He also mentions that the company he's talking about has been around for a while, and he claims that if you go into any healthcare facility today and the "odds are you'll find the company's system linking patients' records to pretty much everything else".

So we know that this company "connects" things in the healthcare industry and has some sort of "system" to do so. And we know it's based in Missouri and has helped expand the telehealth of the Univesity of Missouri Health Care.

Any guesses on the name of the company?

Well, it seems that he's talking about Cerner Corporation (CERN) here.

Cerner Corporation is a North Kansas City, Missouri-based company that supplies health information technology (HIT) services, devices and hardware, with its products being used at over 27,000 facilities wordwide.

  • Yes, Cerner Corporation is Missouri-based
  • Yes, Cerner plays a part in connecting IoMT and does use AI for certain things, such as improving clinical documentation
  • And Yes, Cerner was selected by University of Missouri Health Care to manage its revenue cycle (back in 2018), which has allowed them to move to one integrated system for doctors/nurses to access patients' health history, 

Based on the limited number of clues provided, Cerner Corporation matches up pretty well.

Not only that, but it was also mentioned by Mizrahi that 90% of this company's revenue is "recurring or highly visable", which I found word-for-word in an investor presentation by Cerner in 2020.

So Cerner's the pick here, but is this the get-rich opportunity that it's teased as being?

Will Its Stockprice Skyrocket?

Even Charles Mizrahi told us that this isn't some new little company. It's not some penny stock that can easily multiply in price. He mentioned that its products/services are being used by many healthcare facilities around the world, and it's numbers reflect this. 

At the moment, it has a stock price of around $70 with a market cap of over $20 billion. 

That said, the company is doing very well and the fact that nearly 90% of their sales come from recurring and "highly visible" revenue is worth some consideration. The reason for this is because these healthcare IT systems are complicated and once a hospital impements one and get's used to it, it's unlikely they'll change. 

There has also been some good insider activity recently, and the company's collaboration with GetWell Loop to offer a new COVID digital care plan is seen as a big plus.

Cerner could be a good addition to your portfolio with it's positioning and the fact it's in a fast-growing industry. But you shouldn't expect astronomical gains and of course always do your own due-diligence before investing any money.

Quick Recap & Conclusion

  • Charles Mizrahi from Banyan Hill Publishing recently started teasing the opportunity to invest in the IoMT industry.
  • He's teasing on company in particular who's stock price he believes will skyrocket.
  • Normally you'd have to buy into his paid subscription service to find out the details, but we've done the digging and found a good match.
  • Cerner Corp (CERN) seems to be the pick here.
  • Don't expect fast and large gains, as the company is already large and well-established. 

And that's it. 

You're welcome!

I hope this information has provided some value to you. As always, let us know what you think in the comment section below. Will its stock price skyrocket?


Anders is the founder and chief editor of Green Bull Research. When he's not investigating new opportunities and adding to his portfolio, you might find him taking a nature walk or reading a Steven Pressfield novel.

  • Anders,
    Really appreciate the no bull and common sense you apply to your review process. Not to mention the speedy walk through to a reveal. I am so sick of being led down a death spiral path via video presentations that repeat and repeat themselves and do nothing but test one's patience.

    Keep up the much appreciated insights and facts on these hypers!
    Thank you

  • Anders,
    Thanks for your intelligent, thoughtful, and honest appraisal of CERN.
    My group and I appreciate your candor.

  • Thank you for exposing this teaser. The information is very helpful since like everyone else I've probably spent a small fortune on investment advice while at the same time I don't lose any respect for Charles as we're all in this to make a buck.

    There is another tease I've been seeing for some time by Matt McCall in reference to the battery of the future for EV's. He says this small company is already supplying the Quantum Glass battery to Toyota but it's not Ilika. Any idea what this might be? Thanks again for your service. You have already saved me tons of money.

  • Hi!
    Thanks for the article, I read all the ones you post!
    I was wondering, could you/have you exposed 'elon musk's next big project s.a.v" from Brownstone Research?


  • Thank you for this well analyzed teaser, Anders. The advisory at the end of it just does it for me. "… always do your own due-diligence before investing any money"

    Thanks again.

    • Hi Lee. We don’t provide our own portfolio service here at Green Bull. However, a service I personally use and recommend is Insider by Capitalist Exploits. It’s a great stock picking service run by professional money managers looking for severly undervalued sectors, often with potential 10x+ returns. It costs a good bit, but can be worth it if you have a decent amount of money to invest.

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you. Finally, we can actually find someone brave enough to do what you are doing. I know this isn't an easy thing that you're doing, but I like many others commend you on revealing these money hungry people and keeping it real for people like us. There is hope……..thank you again for all that you do. Keep up the good work……

  • Michael Robinson – $1.4 trillion – 1000% 20 shares

    I think I have found 3 – ZNGA/VUZI/Fubo TV

    This leaves just 17 for you.

    Thank you for all your discoveries.

    • Thank you Donald for the detective work! We’re going to be writing a post exposing the stocks Robinson is teasing shortly.

  • Thank you Anders for telling the truth about these " once in lifetime " investments according to the advisors , i am sure some may work out in long term , but it helps to put them in perspective like you do .
    Keep up the great work

  • Anders,
    Thanks for the insight. These constant teasers of nothing great, used to pull you into the latest newsletter, are getting soooo old. The half hour is now expanded and you feel like you should do something to validate the time wasted on these carnival barkers pitch. You are a breath of fresh air.

  • Thank you very much for the info. Its very much appreciated and rare that someone provides any info. for Free. You are helping many to save and not waste their hard earned money. Thank you again

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