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Keith Kohl’s “TriFuel-238” Company – Opportunity to Make 46,000%?

July 23, 2021 by Theodor

In one of his latest newsletters, energy investor Keith Kohl teases a brand new type of fuel that will supposedly undercut every other form, thanks to the breakthrough of one small company in the field of nuclear fuel technology. He claims those who get in early on this investment opportunity “can turn each $5,000 investment into a $1.2 million profit”.

He calls this world-changing, scientific discovery “TriFuel-238” and says that “the immense power it holds is hard to grasp”. Lets find out exactly what is being pitched.


The Teaser

The author starts his presentation aggressively by saying that what he is about to let us in on is a $48.78 billion cash-grab opportunity and he claims we can make up to 46,018% off just one stock, should we get in early. 

Keith Kohl is the chief investment publisher at Angel Publishing, specializing in the energy sector. Over the long run, he says his average return has crushed the S&P 500 by an incredible 78%. That said, Keith is known for his bold takes and he is always looking for new and reliable sources of alternative energy. We have previously covered some of Keith Kohl’s teasers in the past, including his “5G Volta” Company and a Texas Oil Company.

According to Keith, you should forget about batteries and solar as real renewable energy cheaper than a cup of coffee from a rest stop” is now available. He continues by stating that “it’s not solar, wind, or anything else that needs Mother Nature in order to function or anything like scarce resources, such as coal, oil, or gas”. So, what is it then? He talks about a “contorted metal fuel” and that “a rod of this twisted fuel no bigger than 35 nickels stacked together could power your entire home for 15 years”.

To better understand the opportunity, Kohl talks about how the current government “is now diverting an incredible $775 million per year into operations like TriFuel-238”. He is also convinced “that TriFuel-238 will start going mainstream in just a matter of months”.

This scaling up in direct alternative energy investments is because America is dealing with a “silent energy crisis” brought on by exponentially higher energy consumption compared to just a few years ago. As houses employ more integrated “smart technology” and we become even more reliant on the Internet to power our everyday activities, energy consumption is set to increase by up to 300% over the next five years. 

Given this context, Kohl’s pitch is definitely timely if nothing else. But he assures us that the company he teases is not only developing a new type of 100% green energy, he also says that it can be used by simple upgrading older power plants, at little additional cost. He says “any old coal plant can generate power from TriFuel-238 with a simple upgrade”, which means that, as soon as it is approved by utility regulators, the energy could easily get into the hands of millions of Americans.


The Sales Pitch

In this end this is another pitch from Angel Publishing, which have become rather notorious for not giving away too many details. This is why we are encouraged to subscribe to Keith Kohl’s investment newsletter Energy Investor, for $99 per year, if we want to find out the name of the company being teased.

Included in this offer, you will receive the bonus report “The Undiscovered Tech Company Behind the Coming TriFuel-238’ Revolution”, as well as two additional bonus reports, monthly issues with at least one new investment opportunity, 24/7 access to a model portfolio, as well as a free subscription to the “Energy and Capital” e-newsletter. 


What in the World is “TriFuel-238?

All we know this far is that this new “metal fuel” relies on nuclear power and that it is also 100% renewable. Moreover, it doesn’t rely on any of Mother Nature’s elements and can be easily stored and delivered using the same power plants that have existed for decades, which means cheaper maintenance costs and little to no upfront costs at the beginning.

Although we already have renewable energy sources including hydrogen, wind, and water, the main problem with these technologies is the lack of a proper way to store the excess – solar and wind power cannot be stored, which translates into the extra energy always going to waste, whereas hydrogen-based energy requires a more complicated system to extract and hence, higher initial costs.

According to numbers from the U.S. Energy Information Administration, after sourcing, building, and labor, and all other costs are factored in, “TriFuel-238” comes out the cheapest of them all!

The true innovation about TriFuel-238 is using the same plant system now in place to deliver 100% sustainable energy – something Keith calls “a breathtaking technological advancement”.  At the end of the day, TriFuel is nuclear fuel technology, which is pioneering a new type of metallic fuel rod that may be significantly more economical and safer than traditional fuel rods.

If you are not familiar with fuel rods (who is, except for nuclear scientists) fuel rods are the base element of a fuel assembly. They are the first barrier which retains radioactive material within the fuel and protects the environment. TriFuel is supposed to do a better job at this, at a lower cost as well.

Now lets find out if this “twisted” energy tech really will become the world’s go-to energy solution and more importantly try to reveal the tiny 13-man operation behind it all.


Revealing the TriFuel-238 Company

When talking about the company behind this innovative energy technology, Kohl remains vague. But here are some of the details that the author does offers us:

  • He starts by saying that the company consists of 13 key men and that it is located “on the outskirts of Virginia”, which tells us a very important detail – Kohl is talking about an American company.
  • He continues by mentioning the generous investments some of the world’s leading billionaires have made into this new tech – including, some of the usual suspects of Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Jack Ma.
  • We’re then told that “two more energy giants have inked partnership deals with the firm behind TriFuel-238” and combined, they operate no less than 15 nuclear reactors. 
  • The company is also close to a $6.9 billion income opportunity as “refitted” power plants can be used to transport and store the TriFuel-238.
  • This company “has partnered with nuclear giant Framatome, France’s sole nuclear supplier”.

Based on these veiled clues and our own sleuth work, we think the company Keith is teasing here is: Lightbridge Corp. (Nasdaq: LTBR). Here is what gave it away:

  • Lightbridge is based in Reston, Virginia and it is an early-stage advanced nuclear fuel technology company. This fits the “outskirts of Virginia” description.
  • It formerly had a joint venture partnership with Framatome, which was mutually dissolved this past March.
  • Lightbridge recently signed an R&D agreement with the US Department of Energy’s GAIN program. 


Opportunity to Make 46,000%?

In its own words, Lightbridge “is focused on developing and commercializing metallic nuclear fuels that could enhance resistance of nuclear fuel in existing and new nuclear reactors”.

It is currently a $40 million market cap, pre-revenue business, losing about $15 million annually. While this doesn’t paint a very pretty picture (downright ugly actually), it does possess some proprietary, international patent-pending tech that could potentially improve the economics, proliferation resistance, and safety of nuclear power. Will this be enough to engender a potential 46,000% return? Perhaps…in your grandchildren’s lifetime, but definitely not over the short/mid-term.


Quick Recap & Conclusion

  • In one of his latest marketing newsletters, Keith Kohl talks about what seems to be a revolutionary technology behind a 100% green and renewable type of energy that could potentially fuel the entire country. 
  • He calls this tech “TriFuel-238” and claims there is a small company based in Virginia that is commercializing it.
  • In order to find out the name of this small company, we must subscribe to Keith Kohl’s investment newsletter Energy Investor, for $99 per year.
  • Keith doesn’t give too many details away about the tech per se or the company that has developed it, but fortunately our stock detective work was able to find it for free. It is none other than Lightbridge Corp. (Nasdaq: LTBR)
  • Lightbridge is still an early-stage business that is refining its business model and figuring out a path to profitability. In our estimation, this is going to be a long journey.

What are your thoughts on this nuclear fuel tech? Are you already invested in some emerging energy tech businesses? Let us know in the comment section below.


Theodor is an old school value guy, when he's not looking for great companies and great prices you can find him on the basketball court hooping.

  • U 238 is an isotope of Uranium used in nuclear reactors – as in nuclear power stations. The only way this "new" tri fuel can mean anything is if the company builds small modular reactors at great cost and this will indeed produce huge amounts of electricity – same as any nuclear power company. Nothing new here and this claim is total BS.

    • I agree. The number 238 set off the "isotope of Uranium" bell in my head right way. I personally don't see nuclear power, which the article eventually acknowledges, as either "green" or a ground floor opportunity.

    • Nothing is said about the Pu-238 which is used as a heat source. Please post that one major problem is the alpha/neutron production of neutrons. This is the reason Pu-238 failed in the development of an artificial heart pump, i.e., significant neutron exposure to the body. Somebody needs to address the potential release of this material and human inhalation of the material. It would be deposited in the alveoli of the lungs as insolvable material rand producing a fibroid encapsulation to remain in the lungs and produce cancers due to alpha particle exposure. We developed the heat source and research such as artificial heart pump at Los Alamos many years ago and have had a few accidental releases in Labs. Please don’t use this material as a source for electrical production without publishing the real and significant biological human hazards from the isotope and if the material is released from the encapsulation there could be significant problems to the public.

  • This could well be defined in the renowned cliche', "Time Will Tell". Time, "?", is any-ones guess on how long. In a lot of instances, time is not on our side. Certainly not in my case.

  • I don't invest in the stock market…but always enjoy your sleuthing! Thank you for the bottom line as it teaches us the difference between a sales pitch and the reality.

  • Green Bull, Alex, Thank you so very much for your excellent advice, you have saved me many dollars (that I did not have) investing in the teasers.
    I am so thankful for you.
    Charles Gantt

  • I suspected trifuel-238 was uranium. The existing nuclear power plants produce the very dangerous plutonium as a waste product. So I do not consider them clean.

    Is trifuel-238 completely different in that respect? If not or if it also leaves a waste product, I do not want this revolutionary fuel to be used.

    As it is, some future generations may have to neutralise the plutonium we have created over the last 50 years or so. We must not addto their problems.

  • Glad I stumbled upon your site. Thanks for revealing the name of the company doing this research. Lightbridge.
    As I listened to Keith's presentation I almost got hooked. I went looking for this Keith guy and stumbled upon you guys.

    Glad I didn't get hooked on Keith's company. I just don't have the $99USD to invest in his company. Glad I found you guys.

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