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Teeka Tiwari’s “Tech Royalties 2.0” – Crypto Picks Exposed!

November 12, 2021 by Anders

If you're looking for Teeka Tiwari's "Tech Royalty 2.0" picks then you're in the right place.

We've been getting quite a few questions about these and so I've finally decided to write up this review, luckily being able to reveal all 6 of his crypto picks.

But before we jump into that, let's go over what exactly Teeka is teasing us with.

The teaser:

Teeka Tiwari is joined by John Burke in an interview-like presentation that seems like it's never going to end. 

This thing goes on for about 2 hours and is enough to make even the most patient of people start to lose their mind.

It all has to do with what Teeka is calling "tech royalties" and "the second phase".

*Note: This is all about Teeka's "Tech Royalties 2.0" pitch, which is his latest. He has also teased tech royalties in the past, which I've reviewed, but has since released a newer batch of crypto recommendations in this area.

They call him the "number 1 crypto analyst in the world", and although I thought that this just used to be a self-proclamation, it turns out that somewhere along the line he actually was called this.

Anyways, a bit of background. Teeka is an ex-Wall Street hedge fund manager that got his start in the financial world working at Lehman Brothers when he was just 18 and later became the youngest VP ever at Shearson Lehman. He used to publish conservative blue-chip stock investment newsletters, but has since made a switch and now spends much of his time covering crypto investing.

Teeka claims this "tech royalties 2.0" opportunity is still very early... even earlier than when he recommended Bitcoin back in 2016 before even the first crypto boom.

He believes that "what's at stake with 'tech royalties' is nothing less than generational wealth", and he even says that the group of "tech royalties" he's identified...and I quote... "can make you 10 lifetimes worth of wealth" over the next 365 days.

  • Better than investing in Bitcoin back in 2016..?
  • Generational wealth.. 10 lifetimes worth..?

Sounds good to me, but of course you always have to take what Teeka says with a large chunk of rock salt.

The reason he is so excited about this opportunity has to do with a catalyst that's about to make crypto boom like never before thanks to a "second phase". This is something I'll go over in more detail soon.

And, in the marketing fashion typical of these types of investment services, the presentation goes on to show many cherry-picked charts of past coins that have provided extremely handsome returns.

Here is the capital gain from one of his previous "tech royalty" picks...

And these are just the capital gains, the appreciation of the coin's price, but in addition to this investors would have also made, for example, $1,410 in "royalties" if they had invested $1,000...

Teeka goes on and on, showing more and more examples of cherry-picked results that you could have made loads of money from.

Here's another example from the presentation where a $1k starting investment could have started paying out over $40k a year in these "royalties"...

.. and along with that is a massive capital gain of nearly 300k%...

And, as we know, right now we are told that he has found 6 "tech royalties" that he's recommending everyone buy right now.

We're lucky enough to get the first pick, which he calls his "#1 tech royalty", for free.

This happens to be The Graph (GRT), and I'll go more into detail on this opportunity shortly.

The sales pitch:

You probably know what happens next. 

In order to get the juicy details on his other picks, you'd have to get your hands on that report of his, "Teeka's Top Six Tech Royalties for the Second Phase"...

But, in order to get your hands on this report, you'd have to subscribe for a year's worth of his Crypto Income service.

Through the sales funnel I went through, this costs $2,000/yr... which is already a 50% discount from its normal $4,000 price.

What the Heck are "Tech Royalties"?

Teeka tells us that you get paid simply for owning these "tech royalty" coins.

If you haven't figured it out yet, he's talking about staking rewards.

Crypto staking is the process of locking up crypto coins in a designated crypto wallet to earn interest.

This is possible because many crpytocurrencies use PoS (proof of stake) consensus mechanisms and staking one's cryptocurrency helps to secure the network.

There are different ways to earn staking rewards, but what Teeka suggests through his Crypto Income advisory service is the easiest way, which doesn't require running any fancy computer programs or much at all.

I personally stake cryptocurrencies myself and have reward payments of anywhere from 5% to 20% per year.

But what Teeka really is beating on and on about is the potential to have much higher payments than that thanks to the appreciations of the coins you invest in.

Example: Let's say there's a crypto that pays out 10% reward per year for staking. And let's say that this crypto coin is currently priced at $1.

Now if the price of this coin goes up 10x to be worth $10, then you would effectively be earning 100% per year with the staking rewards you get.

So if you had invested $1,000 then you'd collect staking rewards of $1,000/yr.

  • 10% of $1,000 = $100/yr
  • 10% of $10,000 (original investment times 10) = $1,000/yr

$1,000 in rewards per year from a starting investment of $1,000 could be said to be a 100% return.

And that's not a crazy example by any means.

A "Second Phase"?

He says it's the "rarest event I've ever seen in crypto" and that this event is coded in and is set to only happen once.

Right now there are around 221 million investors in the crypto market today, but not many of them have had easy access to staking opportunities - less than 2% according to what Teeka says.

The code change shown above is supposedly going to change all of this.

Luckily for viewers, Teeka actually goes ahead and reveals what the heck he's talking about here.

The event he's talking about is the Ethereum 2.0 upgrade, which should have its 3rd phase rolling out by the beginning of 2022.

Teeka is expecting a lot of increased usage, which will lead to higher "royalty" payments.

I'd agree with this, at least to some extent, although I don't think crypto adoption is going to skyrocket overnight like Teeka seems to think.

Eth 2.0 is going to be a big change. Much faster transaction speeds, efficiency, and scalability are what we're looking at here, as well as a switch to a PoS mechanism.

Many of the problems Ethereum currently has shouldn't be nearly as bad.

Transaction speed has plagued Ethereum for a while now. At the moment it can only handle about 30 a second, but after the upgrade it should be able to handle up to 100,000 a second.

That's a big deal for the 2nd largest crypto by market cap.

This is why Teeka is so excited and this is why he's teasing the heck out of his 6 new "tech royalty 2.0" picks.

Teeka's "Tech Royalty 2.0" Picks Exposed!

Let's expose them shall we?

We already know his first pick...

  • #1) The Graph (GRT)

GRT is the native coin for The Grapht ecosystem, which is a decentralized protocol that indexes and queries blockchain data. 

Basically it organizes data for blockchains like Google does for the internet.

This is much needed if we're going to move to "web 3.0", where the internet is blockchain-based and users control their own data instead of being slaves to Facebook, Google, etc.

So that's the free pick Teeka gives us. 

What about the rest?

Well, unfortunately we were given exactly ZERO hints in the presentation.

Fortunately, a kind subscriber left a comment on Stock Gumshoe that I was able to find exposing his other picks:

ETH, MATIC, AVAX, FTM, and LPT are what's listed.

Let's talk a bit about each.

  • #2) Ethereum (ETH)

We already know how bullish Teeka is on Eth 2.0 being rolled out in early 2022.

This is when it will switch over to a PoS (proof of stake) mechanism. And if you remember from above, a PoS mechanism is what's needed to earn staking rewards.

However, Ethereum has already went through "partial" upgrades and it is already able to be staked for rewards. It's just that the complete revamp hasn't happened yet.

  • #3) Polygon (MATIC)

MATIC is the coin that is native to Polygon, which provides layer-2 solutions via sidechains to allow Ethereum to scale more.

This is also a "hyperboom catch up coin" pick of Teeka's.

It's all about helping with Ethereum scalability, which is great, but how important it will remain after Eth 2.0 rolls out is still unknown. 

Teeka is extremely bullish on it, however.

  • #4) Avalanche (AVAX)

Avalanche consists of a network of many blockchains (subnets) so that it is easily scalable, with the goal of being a digital assets exchange. 

It's similar to ethereum in a way too, because users can create their own decentralized applications, giving it the name of the "potential Ethereum killer".

  • #5) Fantom (FTM)

The Fantom project, that FTM is the native coin for, is basically a smart contract platform for digital assets and decentralized apps.

It's a layer 1 blockchain with good scalability and low transaction fees.

Recently the team behind this project launched Fantom Finance, which is a platform that makes trading, lending, and borrowing digital assets simple... making DeFi more easily accessible.

  • #6) Livepeer (LPT)

This is an interesting project that provides decentralized video streaming services.

Basically, it's a protocol (Ethereum-based) that "distributes video transcoding work throughout its decentralized network".

What this means is that users can contribute unused computing power to the network to help process videos.

This is one I'm pretty interested in myself.

*If anyone can confirm these crypto picks it would be greatly appreciated!*

"10 Lifetimes Worth of Wealth" Within 365 Days?

While I am generally bullish on crypto and participate in crypto staking opportunities myself, I certainly wouldn't count on striking it rich like Teeka leads one to believe they will.

But I guess this depends on how much a "lifetime" worth of wealth is to you.

While Teeka likes to hype the heck out of all of his picks in an attempt to lure in as many subscribers as possible, his crypto-focused investment services have generally performed pretty well.

And, I do like what I see with this group of "tech royalty 2.0" picks.

Just don't expect to be buying a mansion and private yacht within the next year, that's all.

As I mentioned, Tiwari also recommended Polygon (MATIC) recently to his Palm Beach Confidential subscribers.

He things it will bring investors returns of over 9,000%.

However, as I wrote in the article exposing his "hyperboom catch up coins", which included Polygon (MATIC)...

"Right now as I'm writing this, Polygon (matic)'s price is at just under $2, and even for it to hit $10 it's going to need one heck of a run.

Consider this: Polygon (matic) has 10 billion tokens. So if it were to hit $10 a coin, then the market cap would have to be $100 billion.

Right now, only the top two cryptos, Bitcoin and Ethereum, have crossed the $100 billion market cap line.

Sure, it's possible, but I'm just saying that even for a 5x return on this investment it's going to require quite a lot."

If we're all really going to earn "10 lifetimes worth of wealth" within the next year, then we are going to have to see huge capital gains from these coins on top of the staking rewards they pay out.

Quick Recap & Conclusion

  • Teeka Tiwari is luring new subscribers into his service via a pitch for "Tech Royalties 2.0", where you can earn regular income by investing in cryptocurrencies.
  • "Tech Royalties" = Staking Rewards earned when staking crypto.
  • He teases 6 picks that, altogether, he thinks "can make you 10 lifetimes worth of wealth" within the next year.
  • Normally you'd have to pay $2k (aleady a discount) to get access to these picks, but here at Green Bull we like free.
  • The first pick was free: The Graph (GRT), but there were no clues provided on the other 5. Fortunately, a subscriber shared them online. 
  • Altogether, according to this subscriber, they include: The Grapht (GRT), Ethereum (ETH), Polygon (MATIC), Avalanche (AVAX), Fantom (FTM), and Livepeer (LPT).

You're welcome!

I hope this review has been of value to you. As always, let us know what you think of these picks in the comment section below!


Anders is the founder and chief editor of Green Bull Research. When he's not investigating new opportunities and adding to his portfolio, you might find him taking a nature walk or reading a Steven Pressfield novel.

    • Well, these “tech royalties” he’s talking about are really just cryptocurrency staking opportunities. What you’d have to do is first purchase whatever cryptocurrency it is that you want to stake, and then delegate it to a “validator”, “orchestrator”, etc. that is helping run the network. It’s not difficult, although it may sound so. But just do some Googling. You’ll be able to find detailed instructions on how to stake any crypto that allows for it.

  • Speaking of Tech Royalties, I understand staking, I staked ETH almost a year ago. But, what is Teeka talking about when he gives us the passcode:
    “second phase” to be used with his VIP Passholder Report? I can’t find out anything about it, perhaps you can clarify this?

  • Hi Anders, Many thanks for your sharing & commentary on these cryptos. I do stocks & commodities, but know very little about cryptos.

  • Dear Sir; I am a newbie to the crypto market, I have the 6 royalty picks by Teeka likes. I appreciate the spy lead because I could not find them from the newsletter. What I need now is a good exchange that I can use to buy the coins. Let me know because they are as confusing as the coins are.
    Let me know kennethschnad71@gmail.com

    • Hi Kenneth,

      I would say using Coinbase is one of the easiest and safest options. You can buy all of his tech royalty 2.0 picks on this exchange except for FTM, which you could buy on Binance or Kucoin for example.

      Hope this helps.

  • Thanks for the info. Teeka’s videos are interesting & informative but way too time consuming and always seeking subscribers

  • Hi Anders. Tks for the details, and for putting them out there where Almost everyone can understand.
    My only question is – it’s now 6/19/22 and we are still in the Crypto “Free Fall 22” = is any or all of this still the same?

    • Hi Randy,

      I personally am buying more crypto during this downturn right now, including some of Teeka’s “tech royalty” recommendations. As far as I know, these projects are all still “buys”.

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