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Teeka Tiwari’s “Final Halving” Crypto Picks – Possible 53,500% Profits?

February 2, 2022 by larswriter

Are you wondering what are Teeka Tiwari's “Final Halving” Crypto Picks? If you're here looking for answers regarding these picks of his, then you're in the right place. And just in case you're not aware of what this is all about, we'll fill you in. In a special broadcast, Teeka Tiwari teases an event he refers to as the Final Halving and how those investing in these coins will provide you with life-changing profits.

Before we talk about these crypto picks, let's talk about what Teeka discusses in one of his latest crypto pitches. 

The teaser:

In a one-on-one presentation with John Burke entitled the Final Halving Summit, Teeka Tiwari teases what he thinks will possibly be one of the last cryptocurrency opportunities that you could significantly profit from. However, before we go into further details about Teeka's teaser, let's learn more about Teeka Tiwari and his beginnings. 

Prior to earning his success today, a sixteen-year-old Teeka came to the US with only $150 and just a few clothes that he brought in with him. And after two years, he managed to become the youngest worker at Lehman Brothers. Two more years later, he became the youngest Vice President at Shearson Lehman. He now has over thirty years of experience and knowledge in investing. Furthermore, he also has connections to some of the most prominent figures in the field of cryptocurrency.  

And if you're no stranger here at Green Bull Research, you've probably already heard of Teeka Tiwari's other teasers, which include his Tech Royalties 2.0 and New Banking Rule teasers.

Anyway, now that you know enough about Teeka Tiwari, let's go back to his teaser. 

Throughout the awfully long video, it's explained how Teeka has managed to help his readers gain 3,370%, 6,041%, 15,912%, and even 53,500% in profits with his teased crypto halving recommendations. So, if you missed out on any of these jaw-dropping opportunities, the presentation states that there's one more lucrative event that's bound to happen soon. He then asserts that this occurrence is far from those ordinary crypto halvings. This is all due to a particular discovery that makes this event possible. 

This event is what he calls the Final Halving. And based on the video, he claims that this event will take place in the next twelve months. He then proceeds to tease us that six tiny coins are set to explode in profits once this event takes place. Now, here are some hyped-up claims he stated in his Final Halving Summit below: 

  • The presentation says that investing in these unknown coins involved in the said event can give you gains that amount up to a century's worth of halving gains in less than twelve months. 
  • He says that the coins involved could soar up to fifty times in profits or more. 
  • He states that this opportunity can ultimately change your entire life without having to take any life-changing risks. 

Sounds pretty good, right? But of course, you know what's bound to happen next after this. 

The sales pitch:

As usual, the crucial details regarding Teeka's crypto picks are hidden behind his report entitled The “Final Halving”: Teeka's Top Six Coins.

The “Final Halving”: Get Teeka's Top Six Coins for FREE

To gain access to this report, you'd need to take out a whopping amount of $2,500 to subscribe to his research service, Palm Beach Confidential. This is already a discounted amount that he's offering for readers who have watched his Final Halving Summit.  

Moreover, upon obtaining a one-year subscription, you also get access to his other special reports and receive bi-weekly video notices. In addition, you also get unrestricted access to his Teeka Crypto Corner, where you get to access various learning materials to jumpstart your crypto investment journey. 

But of course, you don't have to pay upfront just to get a peek at Teeka Tiwari's “Final Halving” Crypto Picks. ,

We'll be revealing these crypto picks shortly, so do keep reading if you're curious to find them out. 

What is Halving According To Teeka?

Basically, a halving works in accordance with the law of supply and demand. In halving the supply is reduced, literally in half. Once this reduction occurs, as history in the crypto market has shown, big players like Bitcoin experience huge profits, while the profits gained by smaller players in the crypto space are usually even higher.

For instance, one good sample would be the recent 2021 chip shortage. The supply of the chips was cut by 33%. From there, big companies in this industry gained 240% in profits. But it doesn't simply end there.

Another variable to take into account is the reduced circulation of BTC due to BTC miners keeping their BTCs instead of sending them to crypto exchanges. This adds up to the halving that's taking place. 

Teeka further explains that the smaller chip companies got 651%, 2,008%, and up to 14,491% in profits. 

Essentially, halving events start with amounts of supply shrinking and are preceded by prices soaring in thousands. And as he stated, the winners in this situation are always the small players. He then proceeds to cite more enticing instances to offer a clearer picture of what to expect in the Final Halving (and so viewers like you are convinced to subscribe to his research service). 

Wait, What Does Bitcoin Have to Do With the Final Halving? 

Later in the presentation, Teeka finally mentions how Bitcoin plays a role in this Final Halving. This is because Teeka got information from his contacts saying that they could make the impossible possible. This discovery is also what allowed this Final Halving to take place so soon.  

Stock selloff hits Bitcoin and other cryptos | Fox Business

Anyway, this impossible-turned-possible discovery in question is a backdoor discovery that allows Bitcoin to pull forward all scheduled halvings shortly. That's about 118 years of Bitcoin supply pulled forward so suddenly.

So, due to this backdoor discovery, all the remaining 29 halvings that are set to take place until 2140 will be rendered obsolete. 

Because of that discovery, Teeka emphasizes that the real Final Halving will actually take place in 2022.

And as previously mentioned, six small and relatively unknown cryptocurrencies are set to benefit and gain the most profits from the Final Halving.

Considering that, he urges readers not to miss out on this opportunity to earn life-changing profits and invest in these tokens before it's too late. 

Exposing Teeka Tiwari's “Final Halving” Picks

Finally, we're now down to exposing Teeka Tiwari's “Final Halving” Crypto Picks. Unfortunately, Teeka barely gave any hints about his six crypto picks in his interview-like presentation with John Burke that lasted more than an hour. And to make things worse, his presentation couldn't be fast-forwarded either. 

But gladly, we found ourselves a savior who managed to collect the names and buy-up prices from Reddit. We've also managed to get double-conformation that these are the right picks too. This user managed to post them on this Stock Gumshoe thread:

Anyway, here are more details regarding six confirmed Final Halving picks below:

  1. Crypto.com (CRO)

Crypto.com Coin is the native currency of crypto.com, whose purpose is to provide a network that allows the creation of various crypto works. In addition, it also serves as a platform where merchants can hone their abilities to take crypto as a type of settlement. Moreover, its blockchain solution aims to create smoother, more guarded, and economical business flows. 

Hype or no hype, Crypto.com (CRO) will continue making big gains - Crypto Economy

  1. Helium (HNT)

Helium is the next crypto pick included in Teeka's roster of Final Halving choices. This cryptocurrency is a decentralized network that is generated with the aid of blockchain. Helium lets low-generated gadgets connect and transmit data across its structure created from nodes. And those operating these nodes can mine and collect rewards through this cryptocurrency's corresponding coin. 

Helium (HNT) Son 24 Satte Yatırımcısına %26 Kazandırdı

  1. Illuvium (ILV)

Meanwhile, Illuvium is a role-playing adventure game created and backed by the Ethereum Blockchain. It features an open-world gaming concept where you explore the game's vast territory and collect creatures referred to in the game as Illuvials. 

What is ILV coin? Details of the project, its future and what you need to know - Arover

  1. Polygon (MATIC)

On the other hand, Polygon is a cryptocurrency that is the first-ever highly-organized and straightforward platform for the scalability of Ethereum and the creation of infrastructures. It uses the main element called Polygon SDK, which aids in the creation of various kinds of apps. 

Buy Polygon MATIC at the best price

  1. Sandbox (SAND)

Next on the list of Teeka's six Final Halving picks is Sandbox. This cryptocurrency is developed on the Ethereum blockchain and consists of a virtual place that allows the creation, development, purchase, and selling of digital properties within the game. More importantly, this cryptocurrency has the goal of introducing blockchain technologies in the dominant gaming field. 

Sandbox (SAND) Price Prediction 2022 2023 2024 2025 & 2026!

  1. Stacks (STX)

Last but not least, Stacks is the last crypto pick included in Teeka's six Final Halving Crypto Picks. This cryptocurrency is developed to welcome intelligent contracts and decentralized apps into Bitcoin, offering users a secure and stable platform. 

Stacks Down 1.1% to $1.01- Where to Buy STX

Will You Truly Gain Life-Changing Profits with These Final Halving Crypto Picks? 

The reveal leads us to one big question–will you truly gain life-changing profits with Teeka Tiwari's “Final Halving” Crypto Picks.

Will these picks explode in price within the next twelve months or so? Well, if you're reading this and are already browsing through fancy mansions and cars that you've been dreaming of owning, we'll have to rain on your parade.  

Again, although panelists vote Teeka Tiwari as the most trusted crypto expert, it's still important to take what he says lightly and not be guaranteed as financial advice.

The volatility of the crypto market can affect the prices of these crypto picks at any time. So, there's no guarantee that the price will go up and down in the next days to come.

Due to that, we don't think that you should expect any life-changing gains from these picks in the next twelve months. But then again, the definition of life-changing might vary for you.

Just make sure to tread with caution if you ever decide to invest in Teeka's Final Halving crypto picks. 

Quick Recap and Conclusion

  • In a special broadcast with John Burke, Teeka Tiwari teased six crypto picks that he thinks will explode in profits once the Final Halving event happens. 
  • Later into the video, Teeka discusses that the Final Halving in question is an event where Bitcoin manages to pull forward 118 years' worth of Bitcoin profits due to a specific Bitcoin discovery. 
  • As expected, further details are locked behind a paywall that requires you to subscribe to Teeka's $2,500 (already discounted) subscription to Palm Beach Confidential. 
  • Although it's hard to get a sneak peek of Teeka's picks, we were able to present that they are potentially Crypto.com (CRO), Helium (HNT), Illuvium (ILV), Polygon (MATIC), Sandbox (SAND), and Stacks (STX) based on what the subscribers post online. 

So, are you also waiting for the Final Halving event to take place? Or do you think there are other huge game-changer events out there that are worth looking out for? Let's check out Teeka's Final Halving and see if these cryptocurrencies could really bring 53,500% in profits! 


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