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Teeka Tiwari’s “Final Countdown” Picks – His “American Crypto Summit” Final List

May 31, 2022 by larswriter

Teeka Tiwari claims that there will be an explosive event in crypto history that's set to happen shortly. He claims it's so explosive that he's already identified seven billionaires participating in this event. And it's all got to do something with Teeka Tiwari's “Final Countdown” Picks. 

So, what are these “Final Countdown” Picks of his? And why should you consider investing in these, anyway? Moreover, is the event really urgent as Teeka Tiwari makes it out? If you have the same questions and have other ones to ask, let's all have them answered below. 

The Teaser:

Note: In his teaser, Teeka Tiwari highlights the date when he will reveal the explosive crypto event. Take note that the date keeps on changing. 

So, we're told that Teeka Tiwari has caught wind of what he thinks could be the most profitable event in crypto history. But before moving on to Teeka Tiwari's teaser, let's first get to know more about him. In an independent poll, one hundred thirty thousand analysts allegedly vote Teeka Tiwari as the world's renowned crypto expert. 

He also claims to have over thirty years of experience as a former Wall Street VP and hedge fund manager. In 2016, he became the chief editor of Palm Beach Research Group.

It's also stated that he has shared his various recommendations to more than 600,000 worldwide. He is also best known for recommending both Bitcoin and Ethereum, and both cryptocurrencies have skyrocketed 170x and 480x in value. 

And if you're no stranger to Teeka Tiwari and GBR, you should know that he's also made other teasers. These include his Third Trillion-Dollar Trade and Final Halving Crypto Picks. Although he may have a seemingly good track record of recommending particular cryptocurrencies, it's still best to take whatever he says with a grain of salt.

Anyway, let's go back to his teaser. Teeka Tiwari joins host John Burke in an event called the American Crypto Summit: The Final Countdown. In the mentioned presentation, Teeka states that the “Final Countdown” could be the last opportunity where the biggest potential crypto profits are up for grabs. 

Fortunately, Teeka will give out his number one crypto recommendation for free in the broadcast. He believes that this specific cryptocurrency will become much more valuable than Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, and Google. And he says this feat is possible once the Final Countdown takes place. 

Furthermore, he's also identified two tiny crypto coins that are bound to benefit the most from this forthcoming event. Teeka claims that these gains are “bigger and faster” than anything you've seen this year. And here are more bold claims he presented in his teaser: 

  • A Forbes article says prominent investors are suddenly shifting their attention from Bitcoin to this particular cryptocurrency. And according to Teeka Tiwari, this specific cryptocurrency will play an essential role in the Final Countdown event. 
  • Teeka has identified seven billionaires participating in this “massive” event that will offer “explosive growth.”
  • Goldman Sachs predicts that this particular crypto will soon become the most valuable cryptocurrency globally. 

Teeka claims that this explosive event in crypto history will take place on April 1, 2022. And he also says that this event is already coded or “hard-wired” into a particular cryptocurrency, which he will later expose for free.

In addition, he also sees four ultimate backdoor profit plays that are expected to have incredible gains from this event. He also mentions that these company picks are playing a critical role in making crypto mainstream. 

But of course, he won't be exposing the two tiny cryptocurrencies or the four companies he teased in his pitch for free. 

The Sales Pitch

Like most typical pitches, further details regarding Teeka Tiwari's “Final Countdown” Picks are hidden behind a paywall. If you want to get your hands on Teeka Tiwari's “Final Countdown” Picks, you will have to gain access to Teeka's two special reports. Details about Teeka's two tiny crypto picks are included in a report entitled The Final Countdown Buy List: Two Tiny Cryptos to Own Now. 

On the other hand, information regarding the four companies laying the groundwork to propel crypto into the mainstream field is found in a separate report. This report is entitled The Final Countdown: Ultimate Backdoor Profit Plays.

To gain access to his picks, you will have to subscribe to his investment service, The Palm Beach Letter. Subscribing to this service costs $49 and includes a sixty-day money-back guarantee. Besides getting your hands on the reports above, you will receive other perks upon subscribing to his service. 

These other perks include one-year access to The Palm Beach Letter, Teeka's complete model portfolio, his Crypto Master Course, and the entirety of his digital vault of financial secrets. You will also get another bonus report entitled The Bitcoin Boost: How to Supercharge Your Crypto Gains With the 1170 Account, professional US-based customer service, and weekly updates and alerts. 

Well, What is the Final Countdown All About? 

Teeka Tiwari likens his Final Countdown event to a Bitcoin halving. A Bitcoin halving is an event that takes place every four years. In the Bitcoin Halving, block rewards are cut in half, leading to the increase of Bitcoin's prices. 

And later in the presentation, we managed to find out the crypto involved in this so-called explosive crypto event. This crypto is also apparently Teeka's number one recommendation at the moment. It's Ethereum (ETH). And in the Final Countdown, Ethereum is expected to have a difficulty bomb that will go off and increase the mining difficulty of Ethereum. 

This leads to longer block times and lesser ETH rewards for all Ethereum's miners. So, after the difficult bomb sets off, it will lead to a supply shock to ETH. From there, the number of new coins mined will be cut by approximately 90%. But with the reduced supply, ETH prices are expected to receive a massive increase. 

To simply put it, the Final Countdown includes a code built-in in cryptocurrencies that will set off a supply shock. This, in turn, lets the involved cryptocurrencies' prices skyrocket. And for Ethereum, their Final Countdown involves the usage of their difficulty bomb. 

In addition to everything above, Teeka also states why he's urging people to take action towards the Final Countdown before it's too late. Because in the presentation, Teeka talks about five different phases that a particular technology goes through, which refers to as the Adoption Curve:  

  • Phase 1: The idea or prototype phase
  • Phase 2: The early adoption phase – this is also the phase where investors of phase 2 companies receive life-changing profits 
  • Phase 3: The bandwagon phase or growth phase 
  • Phases 4 and 5: Equilibrium phases where everyone utilizes the said technology. Also, the phases where the largest profits have been taken

During the American Crypto Summit broadcast, Teeka says that cryptocurrency is currently in the second phase is set to enter the third phase shortly. Due to that, Teeka wants viewers to ensure that they enter the cryptocurrency market just before it enters the mainstream phase to receive extraordinary gains. 

It's also why he refers to the event as the Final Countdown – it's apparently a timer counting down to the time crypto hits the mainstream world.

Finding Out Teeka Tiwari's “Final Countdown” Picks 

Unfortunately, we couldn't find concrete clues regarding Teeka Tiwari's “Final Countdown” Picks. For now, we have no idea what the two tiny cryptocurrencies and the four companies are. But we did manage to find out that an author from Affiliateunguru made guessed one possible company that's part of Teeka's four company picks. 

In the stated article, the author from the website said guessed that one of the mystery companies must be Bakkt Holdings (BAKKT). Although we don't have any confirmation regarding the accuracy of this information, this piece of information is still worth sharing. You can read the said article here

UPDATE MAY, 2022: We've just dug up some information on his “two tiny cryptos to own now”, thanks to a comment on Stockgumshoe

According to this person, the picks are Compound (COMP) and 0x (ZRX), both of which can easily be purchased on large exchanges like Coinbase.

Will Teeka Tiwari's “Final Countdown” Truly be the Start of Crypto Becoming Mainstream Soon?”

Since we were unable to find concrete leads regarding Teeka Tiwari's “Final Countdown” Picks, we'll simply be talking about the future of crypto and the launching of the Final Countdown event. But based on our findings, you should note that Teeka's Tiwari's “Final Countdown” Picks teaser has been floating around for quite a while. 

After further lurking, we found out that the said event's date used to be December 1, 2021. By looking at just that piece of information, it seems that this teaser is only being continually updated to present a sense of urgency for readers. However, an article posted on Coindesk.com stated that Ethereum's difficulty bomb has actually been postponed four times since 2015.

And based on other articles, the delayed date hints at the difficulty bomb being set off by June 2022. Moreover, upon reading the linked article above, it seems that ETH's devs plan to set off the difficulty bomb once their merge takes place, which is something that they deem essential for Ethereum's 2.0 release.

But according to Teeka's pitch, the date has been pushed forward. So, instead of the event happening in June 2022, it's now said to take place by April 1, 2022. So, due to the varying dates, there's no certainty that the Final Countdown will finally push through the date Teeka mentions in the American Crypto Summit. 

More importantly, given the volatility of the crypto market, there's no guarantee that you can receive life-changing profits if you ever decide to invest in Teeka picks, either. That is if we manage to get a hold of them. And until there's no certainty regarding the official Final Countdown date, it seems that we'll all have to wait for further updates. 

So, for now, it's safe to say that crypto's “mainstream era” is still uncertain. While we wait, let's hope that we finally have information regarding the two tiny cryptocurrencies, and the four backdoor profit plays by then.  

Quick Recap and Conclusion

  • In the American Crypto Summit hosted by John Burke, Teeka Tiwari teases an opportunity that he claims is the most profitable event in the crypto world. 
  • Teeka claims to identify two tiny crypto coins and four backdoor profit plays that will experience extraordinary gains once the Final Countdown happens. 
  • As expected, further details regarding Teeka Tiwari's “Final Countdown” Picks are locked behind a paywall. 
  • Teeka gives out his number one crypto recommendation in the presentation for free. It's Ethereum (ETH). But since we cannot gather sufficient information about his two small crypto and four company picks, we'll have to end our findings here for now.

So, do you have any ideas about what the two tiny cryptocurrencies could be? If you have any ideas, do share your thoughts in the comment section below! Our readers would greatly appreciate it. And if you're looking out for other profitable cryptocurrencies, do share them as well!


    • it can’t be comp, remember he said its tiny crypto. comp is too high even for $226 at the time of this writing.

  • Hm…. I got scripts to Teeka and Jeff Brownstone so just holler if u need know … best cyto meta coin – Storj- 1.30 will be estimated 56.00 next ten yrs

  • I’m subscribed to the cheap news letter the pics are 0x Enjin Grt XRP comp ether and bitcoin plus monero

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