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Teeka Tiwari’s Blockchain Stocks Exposed! – Will They Make You Rich?

Teeka Tiwari Blockchain Stocks

August 1, 2020 by Anders

Teeka Tiwari has been teasing blockchain stocks to invest in for quite a while now. They have been receiving a lot of attention and it seems that just about everyone wants to know what these stocks are... without having to pay to buy into his subscription services of course.

Luckily for you, in this short review I'll be exposing some of these blockchain stocks that he's teasing. So you're going to want to read this.

Let's begin by talking about the teasers he has floating around the web.

The teaser(s):

There are at least two different teasers that I know of, and maybe more out there.

In his one titled "The Investment of The Decade" he teases three different blockchain stocks and then in another, newer teaser,  titled "America Reborn", he teases several other blockchain stocks he's recommending...

Teeka Tiwari The Investment of the Decade
Teeka Tiwari America Reborn

"Investment of The Decade" teaser..

Here he talks about what he calls "genesis" technology and says it is "the most important technology since the internet".

After a long-winded presenation he finally gets around to mentioning that this "genesis" tech he's talking about is actually blockchain - would be nice if he would have just said this from the start.

Teeka says that it's all about investing in the companies that provide the underlying technology, and goes on to give all sorts of examples of stocks that have soared in the past from providing such.

According to him, "you can become a millionaire many times over" by investing in these companies... "and be set up for life".

Sounds good to me! Who wouldn't want to become a millionaire and be "set up for life".

The companies he teases include...

  • The first company is positioned as a "gatekeeper" that has been cleared by the SEC to trade blockchain investments.
  • The second company will be "the next Visa" Tiwari claims, and is a payment company that has implemented blockchain into their system.
  • The third company he calls the "modern-day 'Cisco'" and it's a company that makes hardware necessary to power the whole blockchain boom. He expects it "will triple—bare minimum—over the next three years",

All the details on these companies are provided in a nifty little "free" report titled “The Investment of the Decade: Three Must-Own Stocks that Will Power Blockchain’s 295,000% Revolution”.

And, of course, in order to get your hands on this "free" report you first have to subscribe to the Palm Beach Letter newsletter service that he runs, which is discounted to $49/yr. The good news is that you won't have to though... because I'll just be exposing his stock picks to you in a bit.

"America Reborn" teaser..

In this teaser Teeka says that "at this moment, an historic opportunity stares you in the face" (yes, that's a direct quote, and yes... that is a typo. It should be "a" not "an").

He goes on to talk about how America is breaking down and falling apart, but is also changing for the better thanks to "one revolutionary technology"... which he finally get's around to saying is blockchain after going on and on for what seems like all of eternity.

He says that "you and I must adapt" and those who embrace it and take the right steps "will grow fantastically wealthy".

According to him, America will be reborn stronger than ever into what he calls a "Cryptocracy", and this will bring about a new class of ultra-wealthy people.

He says you need to get in now, and goes on to hype up the opportunity by showing blockchain stocks that have already soared in price - the typical promotional content of these types of teasers.

  • There are 2 blockchain stocks he says you need to buy immediately. One is "the only exchange for blockchain assets" (sounds like it might be the same stock teased in his other teaser), and the second pick is a company that "dominates the blockchain hardware space today" (also sounds familiar).
  • He then recommends making more speculative investments in blockchain. Here he's talking about investing in "a handful of tiny, speculative assets -with deep ties to the blockchain revolution" - not much information given on these.

After a monumental amount of teasing and hyping up the opportunity, the real reason for the promotion is brought to the the surface, which is to sell subscriptions to the Palm Beach Letter just like in the other teaser. All the details on these investment opportunities are provided in a report titled Blockchain Millionaire: How to Turn $675 into $1 Million, but you must take out that credit card of yours and subscribe to his newsletter service to get your hands on it.

*But remember you won't have to buy in because I'll be exposing his picks in a minute. 

Who Is Teeka Tiwari?

Teeka Tiwari comes from an impressive past on Wall Street, which is after growing up in foster care in the UK. He was supposedly the youngest employee ever (or at least at the time) to have worked for Lehman Brothers as well as to have been vice president of Shearson Lehman. Moving forward he made a lot of money in 1998 during the Asian crisis but ended up hanging onto investments too long and lost just about everything... but was able to rise back to the top and went on to launch a successful hedge fund of his own.

He's been on all sorts of media outlets for his expertise, which leads one to believe he must be legit, but then again you often find comments online about him being a scammer of sorts. Teeka knows his stuff and what he's doing, but the complaints often come from the fact that he's also an incredible salesman and hypes up the different opportunities he's promoting to no-end, which is why you have to take what he says with a giant grain of rock salt, as was evident after reviewing his "Project DeepWave" teaser.

Exposing Teeka's Blockchain Stocks

There's a lot to talk about here, so I won't be going into quite as much detail as I normally do on each stock.

Let's break this section up into two parts.

Part 1) Teeka's "The Investment of The Decade" Blockdchain stocks:

Blockchain Stock Pick #1

  • We are told it is positioned as a "gatekeeper" and is "the only company cleared by the SEC to trade blockchain investments", that insiders own 93% of the company, and that Vanguard, Blackrock, and State Street have bought up tons of shares.

Now don't get too upset here, but this first stock I'm a bit unsure of. The clues given are confusing.

During my research I found some people thinking it might be Overstock with their blockchain-focused venture capital side of the business, but not all the clues match up too well here. tZERO is what Overstock calls the blockchain arm of their business, and one of the main aims of this is to provide a platform where companies can hold ICOs instead of the traditional IPOs, meaning that they can issue tokens to raise capital early on instead of issuing shares on the stock market... and these tokens will be tradable on the tZERO platform.

ICE (Intercontinental Exchange) was another company that seemed to fit the bill in some ways, but insiders certainly don't hold 93% of the company as Teeka tells us... which is a statistic that is hard to believe and is likely twisted in some misleading way.

And then there were the banks Credit Suisse and Société Générale, both of which the SEC has allowed to clear trades using blockchain, but neither of these fit the entire profile either.

Blockchain Stock Pick #2

  • This is the stock he says is "the next Visa" and is a payment company that "has already implemented blockchain into its system". We are also told that "the company has attracted Goldman Sachs's former CFO to its board of directors. As well as former secretary of Treasury, Larry Summers."

And that's all we need to find a positive match here. Square (SQ) is the company being teased. 

Square is a payment processing company based out of California. They make both hardware and software for payment processing, with their first product being the Square Reader - a little square device that could be plugged into a mobile phone's audio jack and would accept credit card payments. All the clues match up well here, including Larry Summers joining the Board of Directors back in 2011 and the company providing users of their products to pay and accept Bitcoin.

Blockchain Stock Pick #3

  • This is the company he calls the modern-day "Cisco" and we are told that it "the hardware needed to power the blockchain boom". Some other clues include how Fidelity "already scooped up 7.5% of all available shares" and that Honda started working with this company.

Any guesses on the company?

It's good old Nvidia, which has been teased a heck of a lot lately and was one of Jeff Brown's "AI Accelerator" stock picks.  

Nvidia (NVDA) is a another tech company based out of California. Their main focus is on GPUs (graphics processing units), which are known as being the top-of-the-line. The company actually started out making GPUs specifically for gaming, but has since broadened its focus and now is targeting the AI market.

Honda is partnered with Nvidia and Fidelity does own close to 7.5% of all shares (not exaclty, but close enough)... and any long-time follower of Teeka knows how much he likes this company.

*FMR, LLC is Fidelity.

Part 2) Teeka's "America Reborn" Blockchain Stocks:

Blockchain Stock Pick #4

  • This is a company that he says "has positioned itself as the only exchange for blockchain assets" and that "the Securities and Exchange Commission even granted them approval on the most profitable form of blockchain trading". According to the teaser, "they get a cut every time someone buys, sells, or trades through their platform".

Any guesses?

Yep! It's the same stock being teased as was teased in the other "Investment of the Decade" teaser.

Again, this might be for Overstock which has their tZERO exchange platform... but there still aren't any good details provided in the teaser to really figure this out with complete accuracy.

Blockchain Stock Pick #5

  • This company is said to "absolutely dominates the blockchain hardware space today". It supplies hardware to Google, Apple, Microsoft, Dell, Cisco and IBM, and they've partnered with Toyota, Volkswagen, Mercedes and Volvo. And he also tells us that "The last time I recommended a stock in this explosive niche, it went on to become the #1 S&P Stock of the Year in 2017".

So, what is it?

It seems it's another repeat here. Everything matches up with this pick being Nvidia, the GPU hardware maker. 

Well, almost everything. Everything besides the misleading claim that "The last time I recommended a stock in this explosive niche, it went on to become the #1 S&P Stock of the Year in 2017. It crushed 499 other companies, soaring 1,065% had you held through 2020." - this makes it sound like it went up 1,065% in the year of 2017 alone, which isn't true at all.

However, the stock chart that was shown for this stock matches up perfectly with Nvidia's, as you can see here...

Nvidia stock chart

Tiwari also teases several speculative blockchain investment opportunities in this teaser after talking about these two blockchain stocks, but these he provides pretty much no information on... only hyping them up as what seems to be a get-rich-quick opportunity.

So a quick recap here to sum things up:

In Teeka's "Investment of the Decade" teaser he talks about 3 blockchain stocks.

  1. The first pick is some sort of exchange, which could be refering to tZERO exchange. This is a branch of Overstock, so you'd have to invest in them to get a piece of the business.
  2. The second pick is Square, this one I'm 100% confident on because the clues match up very well.
  3. The third pick is Nvidia - also confident on this pick.

And then in his "America Reborn" teaser he talks about 2 blockchain stocks and some speculative investment opportunities that very little information is provided on.

His 2 stock picks seem to be nothing more than repeats.

  1. The first company is an exchange, again... it could be Overstock's tZERO he's talking about.
  2. The second company is a hardware maker - the clues match up with Nvidia again.

Now that we know what the heck he's teasing after deciphering the incredibly hyped-up and misleading presentations... are any of these worth investing in?

Good Opportunity or Not?

I know he makes it seem as if you can buy into these stocks and you'll soon have enough money to retire with enough money to buy a private jet and travel the world, but don't count on that.

None of these companies are tiny enough to give you 10x returns like that, or at least nowhere in the forseeable future. 

That said, they are worth a second look. None of these companies are even close to being purely blockchain plays. In fact, they all are hardly blockchain plays... Teeka is just really good at hyping them up as such.

Overstocks' tZERO project is still small-scale and still not profitable. Nvidia's largest market certainly isn't blockchain, and it actually passed Intel recently as the largest US chip maker based on market cap. And, Square's main focus isn't blockchain either.

If the blockchain industry really does "grow 279,000% in the next few years" as Teeka predicts, this could change everything... but as of right now there's a heck of a lot of speculation in his predictions.

Quick Recap & Conclusion

  • Teeka Tiwari is very bullish on blockchain and has been teasing a handful of "blockchain stocks" that people can supposedly make a lot of money investing in.
  • None of the stocks he teases here are pure blockchain stocks by any means.
  • He claims "you can become a millionaire many times over" by investing in these companies - or at least that's what it seems like he means - and he provides all the information on his teases in special reports that you must pay to get.
  • I've just exposed most of his picks so that you no longer have to buy in just to satisfy your curiosity.

You're welcome! 

I hope this short review has provided some value to you. I wish I could have found a 100% positive match for that first company, but with the lack of clues I did what I could.

As always, let us know in the comment section below what you think of these picks. We like to hear back from our readers!


Anders is the founder and chief editor of Green Bull Research. When he's not investigating new opportunities and adding to his portfolio, you might find him taking a nature walk or reading a Steven Pressfield novel.

  • Hi,
    I have invested in cryptocurrency. Xrp and verchain being the two. There are a lot of talk, articles, and partnership with these two blockchain.

    • After you join teeka he then charges $2,000.00 and $2500.00 for each new subscription to other news letters, to get the picks. He and jeff brown and Jeff Clark are all in business together. There also some more operatives joining into the pictures. Hell of a racket and you could spend a lot money if all of it is true. You could have a lot of money tied up for years. All of the newletters if you join could be $10,000 and more for each group of people. So your spending $30,000.00 or more to get their picks and who know what will happen.

  • It got my attention when I saw the videos from Jeff Brown and Teeka Tiwari, using the same examples just changing how to charge people for the same $49.
    Thank you for helping with the teasers. This is new to me and I could very easily fall into it. I'll have to read more, actually a lot more LOL

  • Thanks, Anders. Your exposures and explanations have really helped me pick and choose from among all the "advice" that is out there. As I am new to investing, this has been extremely helpful. Thanks so much,
    Cheryl Inglish

  • Yup, I got sucked in. My first move after signing in here is to go back and hit "UNSUBSCRIBE"!

    Thanks! I wish my friend had sent me this first.

  • Thanks for the great review exposing the nonsense Teeka Tiwari is attempt push. I sat through an hour and change of his hype video and he's quite convincing although I couldn't shake feeling the whole thing was an orchestrated script played out a 100 times over. I don't even believe the video was live as he and his cohost had claimed another red flag.

    I had the feeling it was more of a dump scheme until they hit me with the ridiculous $5000 sub fee reduced down to $2500. Where have I heard that before.

    An hour of my life lost but no money.


    • Hi Ted, and All

      I cannot believe the arrogance and Disrespect TIWARI and JEFF BROWN have towards their so called clients. I got drawn in initially but when I actually got into the so called Palm Beach service, I saw nothing but outdated stocks on show. Some were posted in 2017. After a few weeks of being patient,I waited for the next newsletter, in case they had fallen behind, but nothing came. After a few weeks of repeatedly providing the feedback and what I had found, I was refunded without apology. As for Jeff BROWN, he teases the most. Oh yes only to make people sit through over an ENTIRE briefing to be given a ticker name of either an obvious stock or you don’t get a ticker but you will if you pay ridiculous amounts of money for the service. They use the dramatic word “Urgent Briefing” to catch your attention. TIWARI is offering his so called must have crypto service, but it will cost you thousands. His Free tip was to invest in DASH. Well DASH, is a great crypto in its own right, but it’s established and it won’t be making you a millionaire any time soon. I’m sick of being conned but these so called experts trying to sell you your retirement. FACT – It’s not going to happen, well not from these two anyway. Good luck everyone and I’ve found, more help and useful tips on YouTube and they are FREE. Don’t give up your hard earned savings for URGENT stocks that actually have little to no chance of making you money, let alone enough to retire, GREENBULL Research, I thank you for your service, in exposing these scoundrels. You help so many. Sadly though so many lose so much money before stumbling onto your site and by then it’s too late,

      • thanks for this article honestly the bald guy got my attention. i focus too much and all m,y research are confusing the last article earliear trhat i was read about overstock.. thanks for nopt being a teaser lol

  • thanks for your work and service..satisfied my curiosity ……..appreciated your good deed…….he sounds so sisincere………. stuff like this makes for a cynical world….. he probably doesn't even realize he is doing what he is doing……just more teeka is great, i am i am. shame. poor poeple…….always getting tempted and tantalized……..kind of an evil energy

  • Thanks for the exposure of the picks. All 3 have roughly doubled since he hyped them 1 year ago. Not bad but nowhere near the mayja gainz he promised.

  • I happen to’ve come across Teeka’s ads on YouTube for quite a while that swear by some “blockchain technology-using startup companies” delivering about 16 times of one’s investment within 12 months !

    He goes on to providing recorded proof of some of his past advisories about similarly based companies having Actually earned as much as 200 times or more on timely investments over about 5 years

    He charges 49 bucks for a 12 month subscription to his Palm Beach Letter- of which Teeka is the Editor- and is based in Fl

    Now MrAnders have you – by any chance – been able to actually speak with Teeka on the phone etc to get his numerous “riddle me Rees” given structure worth deeper analysis ?

    At my age of 92 years now, I’d consider making a small investment in 3 or 4 of such exponentially upwardly capable “Bloch Chain”using start up companies especially those that are manufacturing HardWare that generates the so suggested resultant exponential processing of Block Chain Technology gadgets

    With thanks

  • These are the 'blockchain genesis technology' stocks he's pushing:

    Signature Bank (SBNY)
    Intercontinental Exchange (ICE)
    ARK Fintech Innovation ETF (ARKF)
    Nvidia (NVDA)
    Square (SQ)

  • Hello – hope I'm not in the wrong place to ask this, but I subscribe to the Oxford Press and Alex
    The first thing I invested in on their strong suggestion was Marvel. It's pretty much been in the red since the first day. Any information or opinions on that?

    I'm pretty new too, like so many in here, and we really have to be careful because that makes us so vulnerable.

    Please advise!

  • Just wonder why you wouldn't invest the 49 bucks yourself to find out for sure. I do love your grammar though!

  • Thanks so much for your deep honesty and openness. I will take small bites from each of these companies and watch them like a hawk.

    Thanks again,

  • First off, I'm 91 years old and have been away from the market since 2008 when I lost what I consider lot of money. On 8/13/2017 I was influenced by Palm Beach Confidential (Teeka Tiwari) and bought $2500.00 of Bitcoin. I think I bought it through Coinbase. A few months ago I heard someone talking about Bitcoin and remember that I had purchased a part of a share. I contacted Coinbase customer service and they told me I needed more information. The only thing I could give them was a 16 digit code, but it wasn't enough to get any info. It would be nice to know if the part of a share of Bitcoin is gone or could it be worth a couple bucks. Could you please advise me: Is there anything further I can do regarding this issue?

    Thanks for any help!

    Robert Riedel

    • Hi Robert. If you bought Bitcoin through Coinbase and didn’t transfer it then it should still be in your account. You should be able to login to their website with your username and password to check on your Bitcoin.

    • I think you can read the blockchain. You need to know the date. I wish I could give you more information!
      I also think you could see if you can go back in TRANSACTION HISTORY
      IF YOU USED COINBASE, you probably had to do KYC ( know your customer)
      ID proof, verification process.
      Also, you probably purchased with ACH ( checking account) 1. Get statement from your bank (details of your purchase!)
      They may have a hard time. BUT, it CAN BE DONE.
      Maybe you may still have it on file at home.
      2. Go to Coinbase exchange and if you DID NOT SELL IT
      it may still be there.
      I lost all my crypto due to Russian and CHINESE (a team of hackers . Compromised over 60 of my crypto accounts, are in all my Wi-Fi devices even phone . Stole my Apple ID, apple nor any tech company I went to cannot figure it out! They STOLE MY IDENTITY!!! Over $150k when the market was DOWN 90%
      11 months and still actively hacking me, mirroring, keylogging my phone, listening to me, took over my Robinhood account , changed my profile,selling my information on the dark web, pretending to be Norton LIFELOCK,
      Not one solution can I get!!! I’m financially ruined!!
      I say this
      DRIVE A CAR…

      Smart phones should also suggest a license or take a class. Kids 2 year old-100 year old use these phones. These phones are financially ruining many!
      And the company cannot tell me how to fix this, refuse to admit a phone can get hacked! If they are going to sell this Equipment, they should refer me to who can help me WHEN ITS OUT OF THEIR HANDS!
      With my research

      Behind NOTES

      AND MORE!
      God bless you! I do hope you don’t give up on crypto or finding your BITCOIN!
      Too many crooked, greedy theives and CEO’s out there.
      Coinbase is one of the better exchanges though . You have that on your side.
      You can call them
      Customer service are very good!

    • Robert , YES that amount of bitcoin is worth a LOT.
      You probably paid $3,500- $4,300 in august 2017 and it went as high as $70 K in 2021
      Today , around $29,000

  • Hi there, Anders.
    Another great result through your findings. Yes, I received the last "Teaser" on Teeka's , all about his "3 MUST OWN STOCKS" about blockchains. I must say with a BIG ? I didn't watch the video of the tease, but read the issue instead. You can certainly fly through the presentation. All they seem to do is "WAFFLE ON AND ON AND ON'' and tell you nothing at all. To watch their, or any other teasers around is the best sleeping pill I know. As it is, through a mutual fund in which my wife & self invest with, they do invest in with both Square and Nividia as part of their technology sector on our behalf.

    Another self proclaimed millionaire by age 25 in this "SPRUIKING" game of teasers is LUKE LANGO. He joined forces with Fry, Nevallier and company to do a MEGATRON tease just recently. Again, a whole heap of "WAFFLE" and nothing much else, but for us to invest in their subs.

    Luke, himself spruiked a massive push to buy into augumented reality technology company OUSTER on August 11, '21. At the time of close the price of $10.21. At close of trade Jan 5 '22 at $4.93. These are typical of results of buying into subs by SPRUIKERS.

    Keep up the great findings in your research. It's all extremely appreciated. Thank you.

  • I wasted a lot of time on this and two others all millionaires Ya of course This was very helpful thank you

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