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Southbank Investment Research Review – Worth Subscribing To?

Southbank Investment Research Review

August 25, 2020 by Anders

Should you subscribe to any of Southbank Investment Research's services? Are their newsletters legit? Can you trust their advice?

If you're looking for more information on this company then you are in the right place. In this review I'll be going over quite a bit, such as backgrounds on the experts running their investment newsletter services, what all they offer, costs and the refund policy, complaints and more.

Let's begin with an overview of the company...


Southbank Investment Research
  • Name: Southbank Investment Research
  • Type: Investment research company
  • Websitesouthbankresearch.com
  • Services: Investment newsletter advisories

What Is Southbank Investment Research?

Southbank Investment Research is an independent financial research firm based out of London that provides newsletter investment advisory services to help guide investors when it comes to investing in disruptive technologies, emerging industries, cryptocurrencies, an so on.

The company was founded in 2015 with the focus of providing quality research and good investment advice, but it should also be known that they lean towards a libertarian standpoint and value small government, the rule of law, liberty, etc. With some of their services they provide more than just investment recommendations, and so this standpoint could become apparent.

They offer a wide range of services and so what you get will vary quite a bit, but generally speaking you can expect contrarian investment insight that you won't hear from the mainstream media, along with structured and easy-to-follow investment advice, such as specific investment recommendations.

If you want to follow what the company is up to and even get some free advice, you can follow their Facebook page as well as YouTube.

Company Details

Southbank Investment Research is registered in England and Wales under the company number 9539630 and VAT number GB629 7287 94 at the address of:

Crowne House
56-58 Southwark Street
London, SE1 1UN

Prior to taking on the Southbank name, the company was registered as MoneyWeek Research Limited from 2015 to 2016... or at least that is what is said on the Companies House website

However, the facts here seem to be a bit unclear. According to EverybodyWiki, the company was started in 2016 by Bill Bonner, having first been registered in 2015.

As I suspected from the familiar looking investment teasers that I had stumbled across first leading me to investigate this company, it is an "Agora" company.

The Agora is a large independent research company that was founded by Bill Bonner back in the 70's and is behind the majority of the investment newsletter websites out there on the internet, such as Bonner & Partners, Agora Financial, Rogue Economics, Brownstone Research, Angels + Entrepreneurs Network and many others. Their UK branch, Agora Publishing Limited, was founded in 1994. 

The Experts Behind It

As with all Agora companies, the experts on the team at Southbank that run their services are all very well qualified in one way or another, often coming from backgrounds as professional money managers. These experts include the following:

  • Nick O'Connor - Nick is a well-known financial publisher in the UK, mostly for his contrarian/alternative ideas. Besides being the associate publisher at Southbank, Nick is a fairly well-known author, having published The War on Cash, that exposed the government's plans to abolish cash, as well as The Exponentialist, a book published in 2016 about some of the most technological trends predicted for the next decade. It's also worth mentioning that he has worked with best-selling authors, including Bill Bonner... but this is no surprise considering Bill Bonner is the founder of The Agora.
  • Sam Volkering - He is considered a cryptocurrency and tech investment expert, and often spends his time searching for the best crypto and stocks to invest in. He first bought Bitcoin back in 2011 and that's how he got a start in this area, and 2013 seems to be when he first got involved in the financial publishing business. Before this he was advising private clients and businesses on managing their money.
  • Fahad Hassan - Fahad is a CFA Institute charter-holder that manages millions as a professional money manager at Atlantic House Fund Management (AHFM), in addition to running newsletter services here at Southbank. Before all of this started out working at Legal and General. He's worked as a stock analyst, has ran unit trusts, income funds and emerging market equity portfolios.
  • Robin Griffiths - Griffiths has a pretty impressive background, as you'd expect from someone who has been on CNN, CNBC, Reuters, etc. somewhat often. He went for a degree in economics at Nottingham University and later joined Phillips & Drew in the late 60's. Later he partnered with WI Carr, which was actually the first British stock broker with offices in Hong Kong and Tokyo, and later in the 80's he joined James Capel who owned HSBC, where he stayed until 2002... later becoming the Technical Strategist at Cazenove Capital and managing the hedge-fund Worldwide Absolute Return.
  • Eoin Treacy - He comes from a background in market psychology. After studying philosophy in Ireland, Eoin joined Bloomberg and taught seminars on how to use technical indicators effectively... and has come out with The Chart Seminar on Behavioral Technical Analysis. He has been featured on CNN, CNBC, Bloomberg TV, etc. and besides running newsletter services at Southbank he also manages a Global Top 100 fund with more than $600 million.
  • James Allen - An expert in the energy sector where he has reported on trends affecting the wholesale energy markets in areas like LNG, coal, carbon, oil, etc., James worked for Montel's newswire bureau in Manhattan and for Platts as a Team Leader at the power markets desk prior to this.
  • Gerard Pontonnier - This guy comes from a background working for drug development companies for over two decades and was actually a senior executive for Pfizer, but later became a sell-side analyst in 1999 after moving into the investment banking sector. He also has daytrading experience, and it is his dual experience in the biopharma industry as well as investing that he relies on to run his newsletter services at Southbank.
  • Tom Meyer - Tom began was a financial advisor starting in the 90's where he became a manager in the Morgan Stanley system after the company he was working for, Dean Witter Reynolds, merged with the Morgan Stanley company. After the dot.com crash woke him up a bit, he took a different route and started working with a software engineer to help develop an algorithm-based trading program... one that he still uses to day to supply Bloomberg's large network with data. At Southbank he helps traders use complicated trading algorithms, which he believes are the future.
  • Nick Hubble - Nick isn't just an editor at Southbank, but also helps run newsletter services in Australia, such as Jim Richards' Strategic Investor and The Daily Reckoning Australia. He has finance and law degrees from Bond University and originally was on a path to work for investment banks, but somehow got involved with The Agora and ended up joining the Southbank team where he now helps predict financial crises and opportunities.
  • Charlie Morris - In the early days Charlie served in the Grenadier Guards as an officer. Then, for 17 years he worked as Head of Absolute Return at HSBC Global Asset Management where he managed more than £3 billion for wealthy clients. He is mostly known for his investment expertise on gold, cryptocurrencies, and momentum investing. Lots of the team members have been featured on financial programs, but Charlie here has made over 200 appearances, which might put him in the lead.
  • Tim Price - He went to work in finance after graduating from Oxford University, moving into fund management after originally starting out as a bond salesman. Some of his more impressive feats include winning the Ansbacher Defensive Investor of the Year award in 2005 and maneuvering his clients' wealth through the 2008 financial crisis safely... a time when the FTSE 100 fell 50%. Currently he runs his own asset management business besides working for Southbank as an editor.

Newsletter and Trading Services

There are a lot of different trading and investment strategies coming from the diverse background of experts on the team at Southbank, and so it makes sense that the company would offer quite a bit of services. These range from crypto investing newsletter services, to those focused on investing in breakthrough pharmaceutical stocks, to gold-focused investment newsletters and more. Most follow the basic investment newsletter layout, which includes monthly newsletters, weekly updates, trade alerts, special reports and so on.

Here are the different services you can choose from:

  • Crypto Profits Extreme - This service is run by Sam Volkering and the goal is to be able to get into early stage crypto investment opportunities. Sam shares the most promising crypto developments with subscribers and makes specific investment recommendations. Also, this is not just buying and holding, but also has a focus on a recurring income strategy from crypto investments.
  • Double Your Income - This service is run by Fahad Hassan and the focus is simple... to alert subscriber to good investment opportunities... without a focus on any particular market sector, although investing in stocks is what you should expect. The goal here is to help investors double their investment income, but of course this is something that can't be guaranteed.
  • Dynamic Investment Trends Alert - Robert Griffiths is the main guy behind this service. Here they use a proprietary investment model to find strong winners going in an uptrend and a method of selling losers. Subscribers get access to their asset ranking table that scores investment opportunities as strong, neutral and week... and are encouraged to buy the top four strongest assets each month.
  • E.V. Profit Alert - This newsletter service is focused on identifying investment opportunities in fast growing markets using the V.E.L.O.C.I.T.Y. trading system. This is a system Sam Volkering developed to identify good buys and when to cash out for maximum gains.
  • Exodus Trader - At least once a month Eoin Treacy alerts subscribers to stocks that are about to fail and shows how to trade them for quick gains. He uses a 3-point target system to make fast trades and utilizes stop losses to avoid risking too much.
  • Exponential Energy Fortunes - This newsletter advisory service is run by James Allen and is focused on opportunities to invest in technological innovations in the energy sector. Here he often looks for technologies that are key to the future of 100% renewable energy... and more specifically he's looks for investment opportunities in this sector that have 10,000% gain potential and higher. Much of what he recommends has to do with renewable energy, distributed "micro-grid" energy and blockchain solutions.
  • Exponential Investor - A premium subscription to this service will provide you with daily 3-minute videos recorded by expert Eoin Treacy. Here he records video analyses when he finds anything important... which could be about why he thinks gold is about to go up, a specific stock he thinks is sure to provide investors with big returns, making money from future rises in interest rates, and so on. Videos are delivered via email at 9 am.
  • Frontier Tech Investor - This is another service by Eoin Treacy and the focus here is on investment opportunities in new technologies, such as technologies in the biotech industry, AI, renewable energy, cryptocurrencies and so on. The goal is to get into stocks before they become mainstream investment choices.
  • Gold Stock Fortunes - Here Eoin Treacy provides his top way to profit from the gold bull-run that everyone is predicting will continue for quite some time. Eoin claims to have identified the "perfect storm" of converging forces that are opening up opportunities to profit big. He's aiming for 10x returns on the recommendations he makes through this service... so it's no joke.
  • New Drug Speculator - Here James Allen teams up with pharma veteran Gerard Pontonnier to provide subscribers with recommendations in breakthrough pharmaceutical stocks. The opportunities recommended here have the potential for explosive gains of 100% or more in a day, so we are told.
  • Reflex Trader - Yet another service form Eoin Treacy, Reflex Trader seems to be a more general newsletter service focused good and unique investment opportunities that he finds by using his behavioral analysis skills rather than just technical analysis.
  • Revolutionary Tech Investor - Sam Volkering runs this service and, as you can tell, it's all about investing in new technologies... technologies that have 10x investment potential. Sam had somewhat predicted the big opportunities in 3D printing, augmented reality, self-driving cars and AI already... and he has a solid background... so there is definitely potential in this subscription service.
  • Short the World - Subscribers to this service get access to a proprietary "quant" system that was developed by Tom Meyer to make the decisions for you, taking emotion out of the equation. The three choices this system gives subscribers are to 1) go long, 2) sell and go to cash, and 3) go short. The idea is to stay in the market during the good times and short it when things get bad, such as during the 2008 recession.
  • Southbank Investment Daily - This is a free newsletter service that provides very general market commentary, news updates and basically just keeps readers up-to-date with whats going on in the world, but doesn't provide any specific investment advice... or at least not usually. 
  • The Fleet Street Letter - Nick Hubble is an editor of this letter. Here he keeps readers updated on the dangers of the financial system, such as those of negative yielding junk bonds. There is a large focus on wealth protection strategies, and sometimes you'll find tips/advice that has nothing to even do with the financial system and investing.
  • The Price Report - If your a fan of Warren Buffet's approach to investing then you may be interested in what Tim Price has to offer here. This service is focused on long-term value investing. Tim looks for stocks that are trading at discounts compared to their true value and capitalizes on these undervalued opportunities. He also makes sure to keep his recommendations diversified to mitigate risk when there are downturns in certain sectors. According to the website, during the 2008 crisis his clients' wealth held firm.
  • Trigger Point Trader - This is an unleveraged trading service that is centered around a 3 step process that occurs regularly in the markets. It was developed by Eion Treacy and with a focus on big profits in short amounts of time. Trades last anywhere from 3 to 12 months and aren't in any specific market sector.

Costs & Refunds

The costs of their services vary greatly. You have their free Southbank Investment Daily newsletter service and then you have more expensive options that cost thousands per year.

As far as refunds go, their policy will vary quite a bit as well.

On their Terms and Conditions page they state that they offer a 14 day trial period where subscribers can get a full refund if they are not happy with the services bought...

On this page they also mention it could be possible to get a pro-rated refund as well if you cancel after the trial period is up.

However, for some of their services, usually the more expensive ones, money-back refunds are not an option. Instead the only option is to receive a credit to your account, which you can then use to purchase another service that they sell.

If you are interested in a refund or account credit, go to the help guide page and click on the "I need help with something not listed here" tab. This will open up a contact form that you can submit.

Alternatively, you can call the company at 0203 966 4580 Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm.


One good sign is that there is a lack of complaints. The company claims to have over 100,000 subscribers to its different newsletter services, yet I haven't had much success finding any negative comments/complaints about them, and this says a lot.

However, one complaint that I will express myself has to do with the investment teasers they create and pump tons of money into advertising.

These investment teasers usually talk about some amazing new investment opportunity, tease a specific stock, and then force people to sign up in order to find out the details. There is nothing wrong with this, but often times the teasers are a bit misleading and get people to believe they are somewhat guaranteed to make a bunch of money, which we all know is not true when it comes to investing.

And if complaints for other Agora companies are any indication as to what you can expect with Southbank here, then the customers service is probably fairly poor and it might be difficult to get refunds.

Pros v Cons

  • Independently owned company
  • Experts are all well-qualified to provide advice and many have very impressive backgrounds
  • Good variety of newsletter and trading services
  • Contrarian, non-mainstream advice is often what subscribers get
  • Lack of complaints means a lot
  • Money-back refunds not always offered
  • Promotions can be misleading
  • Aren't guaranteed to make money following their advice (obviously)

Is Southbank Investment Research Legit?

Yes, the company is legit. This is obvious but I just want to make this point very clear, because a lot of people have been asking... which is understandable considering they provide advice for what people should be doing to secure their financial future.

They are a registered company. They provide legitimate investment services. And they have well-qualified experts running these services.

Conclusion - Worth Subscribing To?

Quick recap: Southbank Investment Research is an independently owned company that provides investment advice through a variety of newsletter and trading services that are run by experts, many of which have professional backgrounds and are highly qualified. 

It all sounds good and they are legit, but is it worth it to join any of their services? 

Well, this is a question you'll have to answer yourself. The company's reputation is good and they offer such a wide-range of services that it's possible they have what you are looking for as an investor.

Here at Green Bull Research we certainly aren't going to tell you to avoid this place.

Hopefully this review has provided some useful information and will help with your decision.

As always, leave any comments/questions down below, especially if you have experience with any of the services this company offers. We like to hear back from our readers!


Anders is the founder and chief editor of Green Bull Research. When he's not investigating new opportunities and adding to his portfolio, you might find him taking a nature walk or reading a Steven Pressfield novel.

  • Here is one complaint about Crypto Profit EXtreme. I got into this in 2017 and bought into some of the ICOs Sam Volkering recommended.
    All of them without exception went close to 0 and Sam suggested no risk management whatsoever.
    He does not seem to be better at predicting anything than a complete outsider.
    He gives you this impression that you are buying into the next big thing when in reality he does not have more insight than anyone else.

    Moreover their marketing is extremely aggressive aimed at novices and people who know very little about investing and therefore vulnerable. I would not be surprised if their customers were turning over rather quickly.

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