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Paul Mampilly’s Super Bull Summit – What Is It? [Review]

Paul Mampilly's Super Bowl Summit Review

August 26, 2020 by Anders

Banyan Hill Publishing, the company that Paul Mampilly works for, has been blasting out emails like crazy about this Super Bull Summit event. But what is it and what is his "#1 Super Bull Stock" he's teasing could give you 1,460% gains?

In this quick review I'll be covering what's all going here as well as revealing that elusive stock pick. But first let's talk about who this Paul Mampilly guy is in the first place.

Who Is Paul Mampilly?

Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly has a lot of fans and a lot of haters. His fans are those who have made good money following his investment recommendations, while his haters are those that have been suckered into his investment newsletter services via misleading promotions.

Mampilly is an ex-Wall Street hedge fund manager. he has a lot of high-level professional investment experience and certainly knows what he's doing. Some of his more impressive accomplishments included managing a multi-billion dollar hedge fund as well as winning an investment competition back in 2008 (during the recession) where he grew a $50 million starting investment into $88 million.

He knows a thing of two... but also is one heck of a salesman and because of this you often have to take what he says with a giant grain of rock salt, as was evident in his America 2.0 teaser and the one for his Midwestern company.

What Is The "Super Bull Summit"?

The Super Bull Summit

This "Super Bull Summit" event is a recorded event between Paul Mampilly and Corrina Sullivan where Paul goes over what he calls "the most powerful wealth creation event of our era", and teases one particular stock he thinks could make early investors very rich. The presentation is supposed to look like some sort of news interview, but in reality both Corrina and Paul work for the Banyan Hill Publishing company and this is nothing more than a promotion... and half of the presentation is just filled with Mampilly showing a bunch of charts from stocks that have soared 1,000's of percent and claiming that the opportunity we have to day is even greater. 

Paul claims that he has "never been more bullish" in his life. According to him, there are three powerful economic forces converging "that will push the market into regions of titanic growth".

What he's talking about here is what he calls the "American 2.0" market that he has teased in the past, which refers to the big economic boom that will be stemming mainly from technological innovation. Mampilly predicts new tech like AI, 5G, renewable energy, 3D printing, robotics, etc. to lead to more economic growth than we have ever seen.

AND... there is one particular stock that he thinks could make investors rich. He's predicting 1,460% gains here...

Not only that, but he "thinks this could be the bare minimum if you're in early".

Really?... 1,460% minimum?

Sounds pretty good, but in order to find out the details on the company you have to buy into Paul's newsletter service called Extreme Fortunes, which costs a couple grand (currently a promotion for $2,995/yr).

The good news: you won't have to buy in just to find out. I'll be going over the stock he's teasing in a minute.

Mampilly's 3-Signal Strategy for 1,000%+ Gains

Paul claims to have developed some strategy he uses consistently to find 10x bagger investment opportunities. 

It doesn't matter what industry these companies are in, as long as the meet the following 3 criteria then they are on his radar:

  1. Disruption - The company has to be an industry disrupter.
  2.  Numbers - Must have a small market cap of $300 million to $3 billion and sales growth of 10 - 20% per year but under $3 billion in sales total.
  3. Scarcity - Must be an imbalance in demand and supply for shares of the company, which give more chance for stock prices be bidded up higher and higher.

The one example Mampilly gives of a company that has ticked all the boxes is Sarepta Therapeutics, which he made 25x his money investing in...

Sarepta 1) was disruptive in the market, having been developing a new drug to treat duchenne muscular dystrophy, 2) its numbers were good, with a small stock price and massive sales growth, and 3) it was one of the only companies working on a treatment for the disease with a low number of shares on the market.

But that's a past example. As we know, he's teasing a new stock to invest in that supposedly meets all of the requirements and is predicted (by him) to rise over 1,000%.

Let's reveal this company, shall we?

Mampilly's "#1 Super Bull Stock"

Some of the better clues we were given on this Super Bull stock include that:

  • Its CEO worked for years at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
  • "Since 1979, it won 129 'R&D 100' awards"
  • It operates in the semiconductor space 
  • It's a key supplier of Indium phosphide - important for linking 5G base towers, creating high resolution radar systems, security scanning systems and other imaging systems - and also a supplier of Gallium arsenide and Germanium
  • It has "a proprietary process to generate semiconductors, called vertical gradient freeze"
  • Its share prices is around $5, it has a $200 million market cap, and almost $100 million in sales

Any guesses on what the company is?

Luckily we were given plenty of good clues here, so piecing them together want' all too bad. It's none other than AXT (Ticker Symbol: AXTI) that is being teased.

AXT is a semiconductor materials supplier company composed of scientists in the US and China. Their main focus is on enhancing 3 high-performance semiconductor substrates... Gallium arsenide, Indium phosphide, and Geranium.

All of the clues given by Mampilly match up well here.

  • Yes, AXT's CEO, Morris S. Young, did work at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory for years - was a physicist there.
  • Yes, they've won a lot of R&D awards.
  • AXT's market cap is over $200 million (don't know how old the teaser is).
  • And, AXT is the first company to commercialize the Vertical Gradient Freeze (VGF) technology.

We were also shown a chart of its stock price, which went from around $2.75 to $5.60 from April 1st, 2020 to May 1st, 2020...

This matches up perfectly with AXT's stock price during that period, which was largely affected from the initial COVID-19 panic...

There is no doubt that AXT is the company Mampilly is teasing here... but is it really the incredible investment opportunity he leads us to believe it is?

Should You Expect 1,460% Gains?

AXT has good numbers, as Mampilly tells us. However, no one should buy into this stock expecting 1,460% gains... although not impossible.

The company is positioned well in the industry and with all the new tech that could use the semiconductor substrates it produces, such as using Indium phosphide with its superior performance for 5G, it's definitely worth a look.

As always, don't fall for all the hype and do your own due diligence before investing.

Quick Recap & Conclusion

  • Paul Mampilly's "Super Bull Summit" event teases the opportunity to cash in on America 2.0.
  • His "No. 1 Super Bull Stock" is one that he thinks will rise 1,460%... at least.
  • In order to find out the name of his stock pick you'd normally have to subscribe to his newsletter service.
  • I just revealed the stock for you... it's AXT (AXTI).

Aaannddd... you're welcome!

I hope this quick review has provided some value to you. As always, let us know what you think of this stock pick in the comment section below. Is it really a 14x investment opportunity?


Anders is the founder and chief editor of Green Bull Research. When he's not investigating new opportunities and adding to his portfolio, you might find him taking a nature walk or reading a Steven Pressfield novel.

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