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Paul Mampilly’s Secret Portfolio Summit – 10,000% Returns?

October 5, 2020 by Theodor

If you’re somewhat familiar with the investment world, you might have heard of Paul Mampilly, a Wall Street investor for over 25 years. In his latest marketing ad, Paul Mampilly's Secret Portfolio Summit, the author teases no less than 10 stocks that he claims are in his “secret portfolio”. To find the stocks and their ticker symbols, you must subscribe to his marketing newsletter, Paul’s Secret Portfolio for a dizzying fee of $5,000 per year!

Unlike his other subscription newsletter programs, the Secret Portfolio “offers lesser-known investment opportunities available on the market” that includes “preferred stocks, warrants, royalty trusts, collateralized debt obligations, crypto coins, and even foreign stocks”. Moreover, he claims each recommendation in the program can help you turn “a $10,000 portfolio into a $10 million windfall. So, the returns you could see on a single investment might be gains of 5,000%, 7,500%, even 10,000% or more.” 

For the price, Mampilly promises to include several bonuses such as trade alerts, “Paul’s Secret Portfolio’s Rules of the Investing Game”, weekly updates, a model portfolio to get you started with, and 24/7 access to a customers’ only website, we would expect at least as much given the hefty price tag seesh. 

Since paying $5,000 for an investment program isn't something many ordinary people can afford, let alone in 2020. We took a closer look and identified some of the stocks he claims will bring you big returns. But first, how trustworthy is Paul Mampilly?


Who is Paul Mampilly?

Mampilly started his career on Wall Street in 1991 as an assistant portfolio manager at Bankers Trust. He later jumped ship and held key-positions at ING and Deutsche Bank, managing multimillion-dollar accounts. 

In 2006, Paul apparently received a business proposition from Kinetics Asset Management to manage one of their hedge funds. With his unique set of skills and financial abilities, he turned a $3 billion hedge fund into a $25 billion one and even managed to make a 76% return during the tough times of the 2008-2009 sub-prime crisis. 

At 42 years old, Paul Mampilly retired from Wall Street and is now the author behind several investment consulting services, including 100X Club, Profits Unlimited, Rapid Profit Trader, and Rebound Profit Trader.


The Opportunity 

In his Secret Portfolio Summit, Mampilly teases 10 stocks from at least five different markets, each carrying its own unique opportunities and risks. From what we were able to identify from the 1-hour video, Mampilly talks about biotech stocks, SPACs (Special Purpose-Acquisition Companies), blockchain stocks, and graphene stocks. Two of these (biotech and blockchain) we have reviewed here in the past:  Jeff Brown's 1 Biotech Stock and Paul Mampilly's blockchain stock.

Graphene is a relatively new and lesser-known concept, especially in the trading world. It was only discovered in 2004 and it seems like a wonder material with incredible applications in electronics, optics, sensors, and biodevices. This could be linked to Mampilly’s predilection of teasing biotech stocks, and he is certain this material and a particular company producing it will become important in the upcoming years. 

As exciting as they may seem, biotech stocks are not always the best bets for short minded investors who are looking for quick returns of 50-70% or more. Generally speaking, the majority of biotech stocks on the market need years to produce and win approval for market ready drugs, and the results are often more bad than good.

On the other hand, the same can be said about almost every category that Paul teases, as these industries inherently come with a high degree of uncertainty. Since the stocks being teased by the author carry a high degree of risk, let’s proceed cautiously and see which ones we were able to identify based on the information provided in the Secret Portfolio Summit teaser.


Paul's Secret Portfolio Revealed

As we previously mentioned, the Secret Portfolio Summit teases no less than ten different stocks from various fields, so identifying all of them proved rather challenging since we weren't working with clear, precise information to say the least. Nevertheless, here is what we did uncover from Paul’s Secret Portfolio Summit:

  • The first stock he teases is a graphene stock. “Graphene can filter ocean water in a single-use, stop rust with graphene infused paint, and can detect cancer in the human body”. Mampilly mentions gains by G6, Talga Resources, and Tunghsu Optoelectronic. The author goes on to say that the graphene industry will grow 13x it’s size by 2027. 

The company he mentions is currently developing a graphene-based powder product that can strengthen any given substance. Another clue we receive from Mampilly is that the company he teases is based in Australia and it is also developing a graphene-powdered battery that can allegedly charge a phone in just 1-2 minutes – sign us up! After piecing all these clues together, we are pretty sure the company being teased is First Graphene Ltd. (OTC: FGPHF)

  • The second graphene stock Mampilly teases doesn’t come with too much information, except that it is an offshoot of one of the largest industrial firms in Canada. The country’s federal government is investing in it, and this “tiny company” recently commissioned its first large-scale production facility with a 100% automated production line. Unfortunately, there isn’t any additional information, so we cannot tell for sure which company is being teased here. 
  • We also have a blockchain stock being teased. One of these stocks has allegedly “soared 26,000% by adding blockchain to its name”, and Mampilly thinks it will keep on growing. He then states that he thinks Bitcoin will reach $1 million in his lifetime, but there isn’t any other information provided. Some sleuthing lead us to the following possible results: Long Blockchain Corp. (OTC: LBCC), Riot Blockchain (NASDAQ: RIOT), or Hive Blockchain (OTC: HIVE)
  • Next up we have biotech, as the cryptocurrency teasers are not specific enough to even begin guessing tick symbols. Therefore, the first biotech stock Mampilly teases claims it “can eliminate cancer, diabetes, and other diseases in this decade. A French biopharmaceutical company with eight cancer-killing drugs in its pipeline”

It is also allegedly “able to take T-cells (white blood cells) and transform them into cancer killers”. Moreover, the company partnered with Pfizer and is worth just under $1 billion even though it generates less than $50 million in annual revenue. Finally, Mampilly mentions that “if one of the eight drugs in its pipeline reaches the commercialization phase, it will receive up to $2.8 billion from its partners”. We think the company being teased here is Cellectis (NASDAQ: CLLS)

  • We now move on to “a leader in the use of psychoactive drugs for medical purposes”. According to the author, the company wants to design drugs for international use, and it recently brought in Canada’s top depression expert as a CEO. Another hint is that one of its directors “is a former law enforcement officer with 35 years experience in drug trafficking”.  We think we were able to identify the company in question here as: Champignon Brands (OTC: SHRMF)
  • Finally, Paul Mampilly moves on to Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs), and the first company teased is an “innovation on how companies go public. Monopolizing one of the fastest-growing entertainment markets in the world” currently holding a “60% market share”. According to the author, it could soar 30,000%.  Sadly our scuttlebutt didn't turn up anything here either, which leads us to believe that this may have been a relatively recent acquisition by a listed SPAC.

As we have already mentioned, Mampilly doesn’t provide much information about many of the stocks teased, which means we were only able to identify some of the companies. Ultimately, the author’s goal is to make people sign up for his pricey newsletter program, so without additional info we weren't able to go a perfect 10 for 10.


Is the Secret Portfolio A Good Opportunity?

Since no less than ten different stocks from five different markets were teased and we weren't unable to uncover all of them, it is quite difficult to fully evaluate the opportunity here.

From our point of view, we reckon the most appealing stocks from the ones he teased remain the SPAC's. Acquisitions by experienced operators of businesses that fall within their circle of competence can be a wonderful thing. While these aren't likely to garner 10,000% returns or more over the short-term. If you have patience, some private companies that were acquired and taken public in this fashion have proven themselves to be worthy long-term investments.


Quick Recap & Conclusion

  • In his latest marketing ad, Paul Mampilly pitches his newsletter subscription service, Paul’s Secret Portfolio, which will run you a staggering $5,000 per year. For this money, you receive a bunch of bonuses and reports as well as the guarantee that most of the trading opportunities provided can bring 10,000% or more returns.
  • Paul Mampilly teases no less than 10 different stocks from various fields, including biotech stocks, blockchain, and graphene stocks. We weren’t able to identify all of the stocks teased as there just isn’t enough information provided, but we were able to expose a few including First Graphene (OTC: FGPHF), Cellectis (NASDQ: CLLS), and Champignon Brands (OTC: SHRMF).
  • Of all the stocks being teased, we think that SPAC's present the surest long-term opportunity…provided that companies with long track records of success in their respective industries/sectors, that possess good underlying fundamentals are being acquired by these public acquisition vehicles. Otherwise all bets are off.

What do you think of Mampilly’s Secret Portfolio? Can you guess all the 10 stocks he teases? Are you currently invested in any of the sectors he mentions? Tell us in the comments below.


Theodor is an old school value guy, when he's not looking for great companies and great prices you can find him on the basketball court hooping.

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