Jeff Brown’s #1 Biotech Stock – Exposed!

by Theodor

September 18, 2020

Technology investor Jeff Brown leads off his latest “Tech Melt Stock” video teaser by telling listeners that “tech stocks are about to experience the biggest shock since the 2000 Dotcom bust”. A “Second Wave” meltdown.

He believes Biotech will easily be one of — if not the — biggest bull market over the next decade and he has a new #1 Biotech stock that is set to jump.

Chris Hunt is our host and says that we’re fortunate to be sitting down with “the one man who can probably help guide us better than anyone else”…yup you guessed it, that one man is Jeff Brown. We are already very familiar with Jeff’s work, having previously covered his 6G Stocks Exposed and AI Accelerator Stocks teasers. 

Jeff is given the star treatment in Chris’ intro by stating that his firm – Brownstone Research called the exact peak of the first dotcom boom in early March 2000, that he predicted the housing bubble in 2004, as well as the top in crypto currencies back in December of 2017. That is quite the run for Jeff and his firm. When Chris asks Jeff how he does it? Jeff kinda skirts the question and gives us a generic answer that “it’s been a great run for sure”. How this isn’t work for him. It’s his passion. And he enjoys every minute of it.

Apparently, Jeff is peering into his crystal ball once again and is ready to call that “a big pullback in tech is coming”. He is on the money by saying that most stocks have gotten ahead of themselves, almost melting up on stimulus news and direct Fed intervention.

He goes on to say that the “smart money” already knows this and that “Billionaires are already moving hundreds of millions of dollars ahead of this tech “shock”. So if it’s beginning to look a lot like 1999 again and the top 5 biggest tech companies now make up a greater share of the total market than at any other time in history, what does Jeff and his crystal ball recommend we do?

Well, since the COVID-19 pandemic has led to major changes in the way the world works that usually takes years, sometimes decades to occur, he believes one sector is “a powder keg of opportunity today”. That one sector is….Biotech.

His primary reasoning is that not only is it the industry currently getting the most attention, but also the most investment…from government funding to venture capital, with almost $12 billion in VC funding in the first half of 2020 alone going into biotech companies. Billionaires are also apparently getting in on the action, with everyone’s favorite billionaire that they like to mention in investment teasers nowadays – Jeff Bezos, reportedly already investing over $130 million into the sector.

Jeff says he’s been able to pinpoint an American public company which anyone with a brokerage account can buy and whose growth potential he believes to be “staggering”.  In fact the FDA just fast-tracked this “King of Genetic Sequencing” as he refers to it and you should take a position today.

So just what is Jeff’s #1 biotech stock pick for the tech melt up? For this special privilege we are going to have to pony up $50 ($150 off the retail price) for Jeff’s #1 newsletter, The Near Future Report. But don’t worry, we are going to reveal the name and ticker later in this article for you for free. 

But first let’s take a deeper dive into the opportunity to see if it is even worthwhile.


The Best Biotech Stock of 2020?

While still relatively unknown today, Jeff thinks this company will be “A name everyone will recognize five years from now”.

Perhaps his confidence stems from the fact that allegedly Morgan Stanley, Blackrock, Vanguard have “all written monster checks to the company”. The Rockefeller family’s venture capital firm Venrock, we’re told, is also among the first to fund the company.

We’re given additional clues from Jeff who says that his top biotech play “is probably the top genome sequencing company in its field” but that it’s “on almost nobody’s radar”.

Apart from playing a role in the ongoing research going into COVID-19 right now, the FDA’s recently issued Emergency Use Authorization fast track means that this company will be the first… “the absolute first to use genome sequencing to diagnose Covid-19”.

The next exchange is a rather cautionary tale. Chris states that “Obviously, if this company helps treat the COVID-19, they’re going to be worth a ton of money”. To which Jeff replies “Naturally”. Don’t fall for the hype, as there are going to be tons of COVID-19 “plays” that leave investors with nothing but empty wallets when all the smoke clears.

Even if it doesn’t, Jeff is still all in on the company “regardless of what happens with the coronavirus, they’re going to make a boatload of money”.

We have maintained – see our Jeff Siegel Anti-Aging Stock “Day Zero” review That biotech stocks are by and large pure speculation due to the long time horizon it takes to complete the journey of a new medicine from initial discovery to reaching the marketplace – ten plus years on average by some estimates

Given this, unless an investor has special medical training and/or direct experience to be able to decipher the prospects of a new medicine while still at the clinical trial phase, there is simply no way to know what drug will ultimately make it to market.

Now with that said, each of us has a unique genome, it’s the DNA sequence that makes us all who we are. So our unknown biotech company is working on solving a very worthwhile problem, but is it going to be the one to make the rapid, incredible advances needed in order to break out from the pack?


The Name of Jeff Brown’s #1 Biotech Stock

Let’s have a look at some of the clues Jeff left for us:

  • Top genome sequencing company…”by a landslide”.
  • Dr. Scott Gottlieb, the FDA’s former Commissioner, just joined this company’s Board of Directors.
  • This biotech company has “a new genome sequencer… slated to come out in the fourth quarter!”.

Based on all the facts gathered, we were able to identify Illumina Inc. (NASDAQ: ILMN) as Jeff’s #1 Biotech pick. Here is what lead us to this conclusion:

  • Illumina is the largest genome sequencing and array-based solutions provider for genomic analysis in the world.
  • Dr. Scott Gottlieb, joined Illumina’s board of directors back in February.
  • Illumina just announced the NovaSeq 6000 kit to make whole genome sequencing more accessible.

Overall, Illumina has achieved some positive results in the past when introducing genome analyzers, such as its first all the way back in 2007. Can it continue this streak and is it critical you “take a position now” as Jeff suggests?


Is It a Good Buy?

Unlike many stocks usually teased in investment newsletters, Illumina is already a large-cap company and has been a publicly traded entity since 2000. We are kind of surprised to see it promoted by Brownstone Research, as it is already a mature company with lots of things going for it.

First, the company actually has positive earnings…almost a first with stocks teased in investment newsletters and its genome sequencing devices are used in research centers, academic institutions, government laboratories, and hospitals among other clients.

Second, given its size it is owned by many large institutional investors such as Morgan Stanley, Blackrock, and index funds such as Vanguard’s. This provides much support to the company’s stock price.

Third, Illumina has been on a steady upward growth curve and its underlying financials have been improving as its genome sequencing systems have gained greater traction over time.

With a solid management team known for its capital allocation prowess, profitability, and promising future prospects with its new NovaSeq system, everything about Illumina is looking up. Except its stock price which is already in the stratosphere with a current P/E ratio over 70.


Recap & Conclusion

  • Jeff Brown teased us his #1 biotech stock and newsletter The Near Future Report, which you have to subscribe to for $50 to find out the name and ticker symbol of his best pick.
  • Jeff hyped his pick up by saying “you and your family may look back to the decision you made today to buy this stock with profound gratitude”.
  • Based on all the information provided we were able to reveal the name of the company right here for free as Illumina (NASDAQ: ILMN).
  • Unlike many stocks teased, Illumina has a strong track record of producing results and its sky high stock price reflects this.

Can Illumina keep growing? Is genome sequencing the future of medicine? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

About the author 


Theodor is an old school value guy, when he's not looking for great companies and great prices you can find him on the basketball court hooping.

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  1. Have u personally made any money by buying shares in any of these stocks that u discuss?? Do any “reveals” ever play out into real cash??
    I’m so lucky to have found your service- I have a hundred questions.!!!!
    Many thanks..!!!

  2. I watched the video and am always skeptical about infomercials. I googled the top genetic sequencers and Illumina came up #1, It's also based in San Diego and Jeff made a big point of saying how he visited a company in that city. not too hard to figure out! Thanks for your analysis on this!

  3. I must admit that Jeff Brown's instincts and insights are better than my own, no matter how much I research hot companies and trends. I bought some ILMN last week upon figuring out the San Diego connection and was immediately rewarded, including this morning's premarket rise. I will patiently sit on Illumina's golden recommendation for that 500% increase Jeff is famous for. Okay, just make it 200% and I'll be happy. LOL

    1. His stock at least as of today is not ilmn. That was my first conclusion too so I gambled the 40 bucks just to cure my curiosity. I actually like his analysis and logic but I have my doubts that the background he claims is true.

  4. Hi There, after watching Geoff browns presentation last night he gave even more clues as to the company he is talking about, he mentioned 5 people started this company and that one won a Nobel prize Jennifer A Doudna, won that prize and she is a partner with EDIT, they are the company he is talking about, like ok at there share price lately, just waiting on the press release, which should be sometime this month…..any thoughts?

    1. Yes just one, I have been raising 6 kids by myself for the past 12 years and would like to know the name of this company, after losing everything when I worked for ENRON, and now I am about to lose my house for a second time !!!! Please email me since I can only afford to 1K to buy any stock. Thank you for your time in this matter. .


  5. Respected Mr. Travis
    I own one of the most promising RNAi technology Biotech stock called Arrowhead Pharma (ARWR) with its proprietary TRIM platform and more than 9 drugs with Hugh Promising Pipeline and ARWR stock is on Rapid Fire lately. Please review ARWR stock future potential and hugh partners list (Jansen for Hep B, Tekeda Japan for AATd and Amgen for LPa cardiovascular drug) and Hugh drugs to treat both Lung & Kidney . Thanks in advance and am truly honored if you can and will evaluate my ARWR stock and appreciate your feedback to my Email:
    (610) 621-0926. Thanks again.
    Subhash Patel

  6. Thanks for that in depth analysts. However, do you still believe this company is Illumina, or have that opinion changed. Only saw that interview a couple of days ago, and came up with a different conclusion.
    In the interview, Jeff Brown referred to it as this little know company, which does not point to Illumina, secondly he make reference of several prominent investors, plus Dr. Craig Ventor’s association with this company; could not find the connection of Dr. Ventor and Illumina. Saw some other related article that points to that company being in Brisbane California.

    1. Well, he did also say in the video he went to Humane Longevity. Which humane longevity does have 2 gene sequencing machines. He also stated: it is humane longevity, but the company that made those gene sequencing machines.Those machines are made by, can you guess, Illumina.

  7. Thanks for the info! What do you think of the newsletter overall at $49 for the year? It caught my attention. I googled the name to see if I could check on Jeff Brown, to see if I could gather info on him. Your review popped up. Your thoughts on the value of "Green Bull"

  8. Thank you. I did some research after watching this video and I also thought this was the #1 biotech company he was referring too. Shares going for $376. I hesitate to purchase.

  9. The origins of the DNA sequencing business goes back to ABI (Applied Bio) just down the road in Foster City since ‘72… and they remain the main manufacturer seen on lab benches today. I’m seeing Jeff’s laudatory direction regarding a ‘kit’ to go back even further: The ‘salting of the mines’ (1830’s – shot gun with gold dust), as the volume owners want to bail on a high note. There are many OTHER mines in this instance. Be very aware of ‘biotech/Pharm’ recommendations, and false hype.

    1. Zoom was one of them. Jeff was talking about price to sales ratio of zoom was 55 and amazon's was only 5. Which I am not enitrely sure what that ratio consissts of. But his conclusion said something to the fact affect of is zoom's sale really worth x11 amazon's. And if or once this covid19 issue blows over, maybe, a lot more people will go back to work. Hence, no use for a conference call company, if you are at the company. It's pretty much like the gamestop case, where, gamestop's where overvalued for what its actual worth. And under normal conditions not under this pandemic zoom wouldn't be valued at its current value.

  10. enormously interesting, I would like to get your publications, Unfortunatly I was nor accepted as I do not have an adress in the US, i live in Innsbruck Austriabest regards Hermann

      1. I signed up and this stock I think changes. First of all his logic is sound which leads it to be convincing and he sites accurate and fairly current statistics which is also convincing. The first sign of trouble is that when signing up they literally try to sell you dozens of additional products and reports. Soon after there is the fact that his net worth from what I can tell is 1.85 mil, for a guy that says he’s already made his money that doesn’t sound like much but perhaps he has given it all to the church. Then a google search on his credentials comes up with about 40 reviews that look like he wrote them himself with this one being the first to really raise the question besides Reddit. Finally there is the issue of the so called miracle stock.

        The report top bio tech of 2021 and the report next king of bio tech both start out the same way talking about genome sequencing but one is recommending a bio firm out of San Rafael ca with a drug for hemophilia that seems promising. The other out of terry town NY that seems to be more into the gene sequencing he talks about in the video. Also looks to be promising, but given the price barring a split it is hard to see either getting the 5000 times gains he talks about in fact the second seems a little over valued to me but I like the first.

        All in all I think it is a scam and will attempt to get my money back perhaps I will update after that. As for 5G he’s talking about Nokia which half the internet is speculating on so it doesn’t really fit his model about sticks over valued due to speculation.

        I don’t want to say more as I am half afraid this fella will try to sue me for saying what I have since I apparently am worth more than this guy who’s already made his money.

  11. THANKS For Your honest review, i have been looking lots of this type guy selling this newslletter. I a site call wall street watch dos they are just selling all these types of business, they do not any kind of real honest review like you do. They are just for the money.

    This site is different. Thanks for the honest reviews.

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