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Paul Mampilly’s Midwestern Company Exposed – Stock & Ticker Symbol

Paul Mampilly Midwestern Company Review

June 19, 2020 by Anders

Paul Mampilly has been teasing a Midwestern company that is positioned to ride out a 76,000% surge, but what is he talking about and what's the companies name?

Normally you'd have to buy into the subscription service he's selling, but in this review I'll just be telling you for free, ticker symbol and all.

Let's begin by going over a bit about the teaser...

The teaser:

There might be multiple variations floating around, but this agonizingly long presentation is what I came across...

Wall Street Legend Shocks Audience

Paul Mampilly is the guy behind it all. He's an expert and editor at Banyan Hill Publishing where he runs several investment newsletter advisory services. Before all of this, he worked on Wall Street for over 25 years, managing multi-billion dollar hedge funds and large accounts for banks oversees. He certainly knows his stuff, and even won a 2008 investment competition where he turned $50 million into $88 million, which is darn impressive considering this was during the great recession. And let's not forget that Mampilly is also a great salesman, coming out with investment teasers to lure in new subscribers all the time, such as his "America 2.0" and "Nanopowder" teasers.

In this teaser he talks about how the industry around AI will "surge 76,000%" and that "this technology is the single greatest investment opportunity in modern history".

We are told that there is a "little-known Midwestern company at the forefront of it all" that "holds the KEY to the AI revolution"...

Supposedly it "holds THE KEY that will unlock this technology's full potential - sending it soaring 76,000%".

According to Mampilly, there has "never seen an opportunity as enormously profitable as this", and you will be able to invest and then "sit back" and "watch your gains rack up to $10,000 in profits... then $100,000 and then $1,000,000".

Sounds good to me. I mean, who wouldn't want to just "sit back" and rake in $1,000,000 - a little over-hyped don't you think?

The company he's referring to is a producer of computer chips, computer chips that are "1,000 times faster than anything on the market" and can handle a lot more data...

memory chip

But I'll get more into what these chips are in a second. First let's talk about the sales pitch going on here.

The sales pitch:

All of the information on this Midwestern company is provided in a "free" report he's giving out called How to Ride AI’s 76,000% Surge to Massive Profits...

How to Ride AI’s 76,000% Surge to Massive Profits

However, free isn't always free, and in order to get your hands on this "free" report you first have to buy into his subscription advisory service, Profits Unlimited, which costs $79/yr for the premium option they'll push you to join at. This is an investment advisory service where Mampilly, in a nutshell, tells subscribers what to buy and when.

*But of course you won't have to join to find out what he's teasing anymore!

The AI Opportunity

AI isn't anything new, it's just that in recent years we have seen huge leaps in the progress of this new technology. The term "artificial intelligence" was actually coined at a conference at Dartmouth College back in 1956, however, there were "AI" checkers and chess games being developed back in the very early 1950's that had "sufficient skill to challenge a respectable amateur".

But it recent times, with big advances in all sorts of technologies that AI relies on, AI is growing at a rapid pace, and no one is doubting that this industry is going to be huge.

Statistica predicts the AI software market will be worth around $126 billion in 2025 and Grand View Research predicts it will be around $390.9 billion by this time. I have no idea where Mampilly got the statistic that it will "surge 76,000%", but this doesn't really matter. There are predictions that are all over the place, which should be expected. No one knows how much of an impact it will have, but the prediction that it will be something life-changing is pretty much unanimous.

AI will impact just about everything. Transportation, manufacturing, healthcare, education, media, and so on.

How do you get in on this revolution?

Well, as we know... there is one company that "holds the KEY to the AI revolution" - according to Mampilly.

Let's go over what the name of this company is now...

Mampilly's Midwestern Company Stock Pick

Throughout the teaser Paul Mampilly dropped little clues that I've been able to piece together to find out what he's teasing here. Some of the better hints given include that:

  • it's "the undisputed leader in memory technology"
  • "their memory chips have been described as 'the crude oil of the 21st century'"
  • David Tepper has invested $1.9 billion in the company and it is a "top holding in Vanguard's Selected Value Fund"
  • it has signed an $8 billion deal with Intel and a $2.5 billion deal with Apple
  • "you can buy a stake in this company for as little as $50"

And of course we know that it is based somewhere in the American Midwest.

So, what is it?

Beep, boop, bop...[ALERT: Oil Low]... [Oil Added]... [Process Resumed]... it's good old Micron (MU).

Micron (MU) is a computer memory and computer data storage producer. They make things like dynamic random-access memory (DRAM), flash memory, and USB flash drives.

  • Yes, Micron is a Midwestern company, based in Boise, ID.
  • Yes, Micron is one of the leaders in computer memory technology... but I wouldn't go as far as to say the "undisputed" leader.
  • Yes, Micron is one of the larger holdings in Vanguard's Selected Value Fund and David Tepper does have a large amount of holdings, although last I checked it wasn't $1.9 billion worth (the numbers aren't always accurate because of fluctuations and whatnot).
  • Yes Micron has a deal with Intel (not sure where the "$8 billion" Intel deal came from though) and a $2.5 billion deal with Apple (old news).
  • And yes, the stock is trading at around $50 right now.

Micron (MU) it is. 

BUT, is this really "THE KEY" to the AI revolution. Is it really "at the forefront of it all"?

Good Investment Opportunity or Not?

As a disclosure, I do personally own shares of Micron, but I don't think it's quite as amazing of an opportunity as Mampilly tells us. He acts as if this company is paramount to the future of AI, but I don't really see this being the case, although they are positioned well.

The fact of the matter is that the DRAM chips Micron produces are commonly produced chips. The company has competition from others like Smart Global Holdings, SanDisk, Intel, and Samsung, and because of this doesn't have much price control. 

In short, it's not some one-of-a-kind company that holds "the key"... although it is one of the better companies and still could be a solid investment.

Quick Recap & Conclusion

  • Paul Mampilly's teaser is centered around a Midwestern company that is "the key" to the AI revolution
  • He claims the AI industry could "surge 76,000%" and that this company is at "the forefront of it all"
  • There is a "free" report he's giving out that provides all the information on this company
  • In order to get the "free" report you first have to buy into his Profits Unlimited subscription service
  • I just exposed the stock he's teasing so now you don't have to! - Micron is the pick here

You're welcome!

I hope this short review has provided some value to you and has been helpful. 

As always, leave us your comments and opinion on this pick below! We like to hear back from our readers.


Anders is the founder and chief editor of Green Bull Research. When he's not investigating new opportunities and adding to his portfolio, you might find him taking a nature walk or reading a Steven Pressfield novel.

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