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Paul Mampilly’s Endless-Energy “Nanopowder” Stock – Exposed!

Paul Mampilly Endless Energy Nanopowder Stock

September 20, 2020 by Anders

Paul Mampilly claims that these new batteries will be able to supply "endless energy", and it's all thanks to the "nanopowder" one company manufactures. But what the heck is he talking about here and what is the name of this company?

In this quick review I'll be going over this new battery technology that is being teased as well as the company behind it, which he claims could lead to "unfathomable riches".

The Teaser:

There are likely a handful of teasers floating around the internet for this new opportunity. I've come across two of them, one titled "This Tiny Device Will Power Every Major American City" and the other titled "The No. 1 Stock for America’s New Energy Revolution"...

This Tiny Device Will Power Every Major American City
The No. 1 Stock for America’s New Energy Revolution

Both teaser presentations tease the same opportunity, and there are probably others too.

Mampilly's presentation starts out with him talking about a small device in this black box that can nearly power an entire city "virtually free of charge"...

tiny box


  • not lithium batteries
  • not solar panels
  • not "any clean energy you've ever heard of"
  • its energy never runs out and is "virtually free of charge"

The opportunity is really hyped-up. Mampilly goes on and on about how great of an opportunity this is and how the market will surge up to 20,300% and could turn into a $51 trillion industry.

He also compares this new technology to Intel's revolutionary microchips and hints that the company behind it could see massive price increases just like Intel has... which have been 33,500% since the early 1980's, as we were shown...

He even compares this company to John D. Rockefeller's Standard Oil company - in the way that Rockefeller's company didn't drill for oil and this company he's teasing isn't actually making batteries.

But of course it's all a sales pitch..

You can't take everything you hear to be 100% true and you certainly shouldn't expect this opportunity to be like investing in Intel in the 80's, especially when it's a sales pitch. But... of course no one can predict the future and it is possible.

Back to the point... it's all a sales pitch.

Mampilly is giving away a "free" report that he put together titled "$51 Trillion in Endless Energy: Get Rich on the Battery Breakthrough of the 21st Century"...

paul mampilly endless energy report

Anyone can get this "free" report. The only catch is... wait for it... you have to pay for it - same sales tactic he used with his Rebound Profit Summit teaser.

Yep, that's right... in order to get the "free" report you have to sign up for his Profits Unlimited advisory service. This costs $47/yr through the particular sales funnel I went through and is regularly $97, so it's not a bad deal, but the point is you have to pay.

I don't want to get too into things here, but in summary Profits Unlimited is an investment advisory service run by Paul Mampilly where he provides investment recommendations on a regular basis, market analyses and more.

What Is This "Endless Energy"?

What Paul mampilly is talking about here are batteries that have silicon anodes.

endless energy battery

Mampilly tells us that they are not lithium batteries, but he just must be talking about them not being "normal" lithium batteries, because these batteries that have silicon anodes are called lithium-silicon batteries... and still use lithium.

What makes these batteries better?

In normal lithium-ion batteries the anode is made of graphite. However, with silicon being used to in conjunction with graphite, more energy can be stored. In lithium batteries lithium ions flow to the anode when being charged, and are stored here. Silicon has a much higher specific capacity than graphite, (3600 mAh/g) vs (372 mAh/g), and so it holds a much larger charge.

The graphite isn't being completely replaced, but rather the electrodes are being made of a silicon-graphite composite material. And this isn't some new invention... it was actually first reported back in 2002, according to Wikipedia. The reason it's taking so long to develop into a more usable technology is largely because of the instability problem these batteries have - which is solved by sprinkling small amounts of silicon nanoparticles throughout the graphite anode... which Mampilly calls "nanopowder".


"Nanopowder" consists of nanoparticles of silicon that are used in the silicon-graphite composite material of the battery anode, which as you know "supercharges" the lithium-ion cells.

However, don't fall for the whole "endless energy" pitch. These new supercharged batteries are far from the endless energy providers that Paul Mampilly teases them as being.

Will these supercharged batteries outlast normal lithium-ion ones by 100%, by 200%, or even by 300%?

Not even close.

Elon Musk's Tesla has already been experimenting with silicon in their Model S batteries and he claims this new development increased the car's range by 6%... which is good but nothing like you'd expect after hearing Mampilly hype up this new technology to no-end.

That said, their are improvements still being made and particular company that is being teased here believes their lithium-silicon batteries will last 20% longer... and likely will improve in the future.

Mampilly has been teasing this new battery tech as "The 12 Million Mile Battery", but I really don't know where he is getting is hyped-up information from. 

Who Is Paul Mampilly?

Paul Mampilly

First off, Paul is a really good salesman and certainly knows how to lure people in through his promotional presentations, which usually end up in you dreaming about buying some beach-front home or driving around in a sports car.

Paul Mampilly's current employer is Banyan Hill Publishing, which is an independent investment advisory company that publishes a variety of advisory newsletter services - Mampilly is the editor of several, such as Profits Unlimited, 100X Club, IPO Speculator, and Rebound Trader.

Before this he worked on Wall Street for over 25 years, and his achievements are pretty darn impressive, including having managed accounts for Deutsche Bank and the Royal Bank of Scotland, managing a hedge fund and helping it grow from $1.3 to $5.8 billion, and participating in an investment competition in 2008-2009 where he started out with an investment of $50 million and ended up with $88 million (during the recession).

He certainly knows his stuff and has an solid background, but don't get too excited for his stock pick just yet.

What Is This "Nanopowder" Stock?

By piecing together some of the clues he provided on this company, I was able to figure out who it is. 

Some of the better clues he gives include:

  • "it's a little-known California company"
  • it was started by one of Tesla's original employees, supposedly known as "Employee No. 7"
  • "this company does NOT make batteries. It engineers the material inside" - has something to do with silicon "nanoparticles"
  • BMW just partnered with the company and Mercedes invested $100 million in it
  • it also recently signed a deal with the batter manufacturer Amperex Technology Ltd.

And with that said... beep... boop... bop... the company he is teasing is Sila Nanotechnologies, aka just Sila Nano for short - a manufacturer of next-generation battery materials such as nano-engineered particles of silicon for lithium-silicon batteries.

  • Yes, Sila Nanotechnologies is a California-based company and is still very small
  • Yes, Sila Nanotechnologies was started by "Employee No. 7" or Tesla - Gene Berdichevsky
  • Yes, it's true the company makes the materials inside the batteries, not the batteries themselves
  • Yes, Sila Nano has received a large investment of $100 million from Mercedes (actually from Daimler, the parent company of Mercedes)
  • Yes, the company has a partnership with BMW - announced in 2018
  • Yes, Amperex Technology participated in a deal for their anode advances, investing a large amount of money

All the clues given point to Sila Nano. But, is this really a good investment?

Good Investment or Not?

First off, it's not really even an investment yet... or at least not for the general public.

Sila Nano isn't a publicly traded company at this time, and so you will not be able to invest in it through your broker.

My guess is that Paul Mampilly is going to keep this stock on his radar and alert his True Momentum subscribers when it does become available and when they should invest... which is a bit different from what we normally see him doing.

That said, the future outlook for this company seems to be bright - and there are lots of big companies investing and showing confidence in its future.

Future Outlook

An efficient and economic way to increase the the capacity of batteries... sounds like a great investment... and is an something that could be used in a wide variety of industries, such as electric vehicles, green energy, emerging technology and consumer electronics.

Not only that, but order 841 by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) (Mampilly mentioned this) could further increase the market and demand for these batteries. In a nutshell, what this new order does is opens up new opportunities for electric storage participation in the markets, such as that which could come from this new form of batteries.

It's hard to say how good a company in it's early stages like this will actually do, but there is certainly big potential here.

Quick Recap

  • Paul Mampilly talks about some kind of "nanopowder" providing "endless energy" and bringing about an energy revolution
  • The "nanopowder" he's talking about is silicon nonoparticles, which are used to increase the capacity of lithium batteries
  • Mampilly talks about on company that is set to profit big from this revolution
  • The details on this company are provided in a "free" report, but first you have to subscribe to his Profits Unlimited advisory service to receive this
  • I've exposed the company he's talking about to be Sila Nanotechnologies

And now you don't have to subscribe to his service just to find out.

You're welcome!

I hope this short review has provided some value. Please share it if it has to help spread the word.

Take care and happy investing!


Anders is the founder and chief editor of Green Bull Research. When he's not investigating new opportunities and adding to his portfolio, you might find him taking a nature walk or reading a Steven Pressfield novel.

  • Just to let you know Anders , I am a member of Profits unlimited, But will not sign up again!
    I have multiple guru advisors that I pay for,for information, Pauls record is the worst of all of them. You gave me more information about this tease than I could find out through his on service. Such as the reason I was searching for the company name that had the silicon substance applied inside the battery Sila Nanotechnology ltd. Thank you so very much! I was checking to see if it is the same company I have been buying that does the same thing but actually has been making it and now just got tier 1 customer, should take off soon. If you will not post it up for awhile I will tell you so you can get in while it is cheap, .75-.85 share now. I am trying to get a large stake into it so need some time. I have spent a lot of money on these Teased stocks that don't pan out and found this company on my own looking for another stock being teased. Deal! Ok check it out for yourself . company is one that elon musk had his guys working on for about 10 years in canada , from my understanding the son of the researcher is the one that help start the company that just went public few months back. when you check stock chart on it the 4.85 high was when everone thought Elon was going to announce it on battery day, he didn't. I found it the night before at .90 . By open next day when I was going to get in, it was at the 4.85 so lots are watching this company. I waited and let it drop some and picked up position of $5000 at 3.30 share befor Elon announced the battery to be made now, and right befor market closed picked up another position at 1.30 share, He did not announce this company and watched shares drop .75. I did pick up more shares yesterday for .775, but still trying to get more in, because this company I believe has what Sila has or needs, and will be a long runner in the electric industry for awhile. Check it out, this is for what you do. just signed up for your letter

    • Nice to see someone else like me who caught a real fish im in US so i got it at .32c and even after the rise to 3.90 I am still holding out for at least 10 us dollars a share before i take a profit I've waited 3 years ill wait 3 more if i have to but i think it will be months and god knows hoe high the price will get Thanks Burma for not selling out your a real man.

  • What is bothersome is what seems to be a claim that the battery provides free energy. It will have to be charged up first, and this will cost money and will take oil or coal or nuc or water power to produce the electricity to use to charge the battery. A battery stores and releases energy, it does not produce energy. A dead nono battery will not provide or create any power. It sounds like Mamphilly(?) thinks power for lights comes from the light switch.

  • Man I have just discovered you. You and team are so awesome! The reason I am saying this is I have been sitting here for hrs reading and going over each of these Teasers you write about. I have subscriptions to most of these guys. It has cost me much money that I did not have and used credit card to pay out in time, because of accident where I Died and comatose for 3mnths , I did not have money for investing and buy these reports. I did it because I am now able to see how the world is changed. I wanted to keep trying to Make a living instead of living off of Medicare from here on out. It has taken 4 years to get back to where I am now, not 100% but still working on it.

    I have subscriptions to most of these Gurus : Steven sjugerude, Louis Navallier, Paul Mamphilly, Robet Williams, Jeff Brown, Stansburyy Research, and other that as I write I forget who.But you are SPOT ON! on all of these guys. only wish I found you befor spending so much money on getting their subscriptions.

    If you ever need information on one of these people I have , I am willing to Help and share what I have as long as I still have subscription. Just send me a email. You are Spot ON. Thank You for being a honest Reporter. Something that we don't get to see on the news today.

    • That’s quite a story Mark. I’m glad to hear you are getting better. Hopefully you can get a 100% recovery with time.

      We’re always glad to help the small investors like yourself and I out, and we’re very appreciative of you offering to help us out with exposing teasers. You might be hearing from me or another team member! Thanks.

  • Hi Anders,thank you for this terrific review of Sila Nana——I really trust your expertise and your
    opinion—My COUSIN,now retired,was head of 1 of the TOP FUNDS IN THE WORLD/and about 6 yrs ago,he strongly suggested to me to get involved with a VERY SMALL,UNKNOWN STOCK,HBRM(HERBORIUM)–ACCORDING TO HIS ADVICE,I STARTED PURCHASING HBRM AT


    • At least you should now sell $30,000 worth to recover your initial investment. Don't be greedy. That sale amount will be meaningless if it goes to $3/ share. Your remaining shares will cover you. In addition, sell again at various pre-set milestones such as when it gets to $0.005, $0.01, $ $0.10, etc. Don't risk losing out on all the gains by trying to guess the absolute top.

  • Mr. Anders, interesting to see your endeavors with GreenBull, especially your comments on Manpilly, which I just recently cancelled out of. My antenna was up on him but could not get enough info like like you did. Look forward to seeing some of your other teasers.
    Bill C.

  • Thank you for the insights. Usually when things sound way too good to be true, they never turn out as proimised. Do you think this nanotech company stock will be traded on the NYSE when it does become available?

  • It's physically impossible to charge a battery in 8 minutes, as Paul says and expect it to operate your car for 9,400 miles. He's so full of BS it's hard to comprehend how he advertises what he does. Any high school graduate would know what he says is impossible to do.

  • Thanks for your help! I listen for hours on all these special messages of the great up and comers and am so frustrated when they are all so much hype. Its so hard to find the right price for my investing and you have kept me from spending investment dollars on information that you have processed for me. Thanks again.

  • Thank you for exposing this for what it is. I despise this kind of tactic. Pretty lame.
    It’s the Mampillys of Wall Street that gives Wall Street it’s name.
    It’s what movies are made of.
    You rock!

  • Love your reports..I can't tell you how much time I've wasted on what are told to be "free" ticker symbols and come to find out 90 mins later and a million chores never having got done later that now have a price all a sudden …shame on them and many thanks to you what a breath of fresh air

  • Anders
    Thank You Thank You!! Thank You
    I was about to be Suckered By A Tease. Thank Goodness for devine intervention (my finger slipped and hir the Home key.. Oops! Then I saw Green Bull Research article aboit Teasers Thank The Lord! Reading Your article saved me $79!
    God Bless You and your Reserchers!

  • I appreciate your candor. You consolidated the all angles of his info that pertain to the question "? powder battery?" With including brief info (background) on mamphilly, thank you.
    I hate fumbling through the ~Fluff~
    Of an article, just wanting it to get to the point already!
    You done just that?keep it up, might just keep you. ?
    I'll be watching you~?
    ????so far so good~~~~♡

  • Ij was pretty sure that was the company i mean its the only one as a big fing worn dangling on a small tiny fing hook no one or no normal person has a chance at using to catch their(corporation and insiders') profits, If you want a real proven and in production and working with patents stock check out RHHNF I did like douchebag from this nanoparticle video of a never ending story was saying and for almost 3 years waited for things to manifest and they have 2 weeks ago .32c to $3.90 just because of the patent being finalized. . And then of course profits were taken no real big deal or surprise im waiting for around 10 a share before i grab some profits really and So now we sit at about 2.5oish still a great price in my view but check it all out for yourself please its Truely the only way right now to do what we need without creating a worse place then we mined from. Lets end with this tesla tried to buy him out 3 or 4 years ago for a lot probably were we are stock wise maybe more I'm not caring about the specifics but that's why tesla went into clay lithium technique I think loosely based on this guys tech but with no real production or facilities just ideas and hopes and dreams they call plans they can get patents filled on. Please do your own research's but its hard not to much info but if you look in the right places you see its coming and its demand all over just not a direct point to this Stock or tech which is brine based and is all over and usually takes 2 years to get something possibly battery quality this new tech can do it in Doys and create lithium of the highest purity and definitely of battery quality this is your jump in or regret stock I have know since i started buying in 3 years ago with my AMD profits also check NHYDY because they are doing something especially in Europe i was unaware of until recently Luckly my brothers friend here in Phoenix RIP told me to find his company's Ticker and buy as much as i could because anything aluminum they do here they make all the auto bodies but they do so much more check what they are planning for the next dividend or stock buyback if they can decide how to do what they are trying to because its unheard off. Once again this is all my own opinion and suggestions but not stock advice i might be good but never would I tell others how and where to trust to put their hard or even easy earned money.

  • Whew! Thank you for the detailed explanation of what the black nanopowder is and what part it plays in the construction of the new battery. Relieved that lithium is still used in the electrolyte–thought my tiny investment in two lithium mines might be a bust! Thanks again.

  • Thank you Andy
    Good to have people like you to take the hype out of those “Good News Merchants” and bring a measure of common sense into the debate. Funnily enough, I found this pie in the sky sales gimmick in different languages across Europe by different authors/publishers. They even use the same images and verbose language. I wonder if they buy the copy rights or just plagiaries the message. They all want to sell their “Secret” through their subscriptions.
    I have bookmarked your website and shall pay more attention to what you have to say.

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