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Jim Woods’ Biden Rupture Stocks – The Best Way to Survive a Market Meltdown?

Jim Woods’ Biden Rupture Stocks

May 22, 2023 by Theodor

Jim Woods is issuing a stark warning about an impending financial market meltdown that he says “could occur at any moment.”

This 1990s Japan-style calamity could last more than a decade and the best way to protect our money is with three Biden Rupture Stocks that are set to cruise through this crisis unscathed.


The Teaser

Japan's “Lost Decade” ended up turning into not one, not two, but three consecutive decades of economic stagnation. Upon closer inspection, the parallels with the United States today are eery.

Source: stockinvestor.com

Jim Woods is a 20-year market veteran and a longtime investment newsletter writer and editor. This includes the Eagle Eye Opener, which we have reviewed here, and his EV Charging Company for a 1,450% Gain presentation, which we also took a look at.

Don’t believe me about the Japan parallels?

Consider this, in the early 1990s, Japan saw its cost of oil soar by 167% in just a matter of five months. Last year, oil prices surged more than 418% in the US.

But that's not all. Also in the early 1990s, Japan’s central bank decided to jack up interest rates to a then-record 4.25%. Today, that’s exactly what the Fed is doing.

How did things turn out? Within months, Japan’s markets had crashed 46% and the average worker lost about two-thirds of their annual salary. Not fun.

While the past is not an indicator of the future, those that fail to heed its lessons are doomed to repeat them or something like that.

A Calamity on a Scale Never Seen Before

Bigger than 2020, 2008, and even 1929.

Jim's research shows we’re going to see a much harder, much faster crash than anything Japan experienced. 

He's basing this on a catalyst caused directly by the man currently sitting in the White House…hence the name Biden Rupture.

The reasoning goes like this: Biden's poor decisions (not being tough enough on China, draining the strategic oil reserve, Ukraine subsidies, etc.) are forcing the Fed's hand to raise interest rates, which will inevitably destroy our economy.

Source: stockinvestor.com

In reality, it's the Fed's direct intervention in the market that's causing an endless boom and bust cycle, more so than anything Biden is doing, but I digress.

Either way, we are going to need some safe, resilient places to store our capital if a major financial storm does happen and Jim has a few recommendations for us in this regard.


The Pitch

These picks are neatly packaged in a special dossier titled The Biden Rupture: 3 Rupture-Proof Investments Set To Surf Through This Crisis Unscathed.

Source: stockinvestor.com

Jim notes that whenever he creates these dossiers, they usually go for $199 or more. But he's willing to give this one away for free…if we test out his Intelligence Report investment newsletter. The cost to do so is only $77 for the first year and includes 12 monthly issues of the newsletter itself, full access to a “Protection Portfolio” that is currently made up of 20 investments spread over 11 different sectors, an investing masterclass video series, and more.


The Three Phases of the Biden Rupture

Like classic end times doctrine, the Biden Rupture is to happen in several phases, starting with the one we're in now.

Each phase also has a recommended step we should take to avert disaster.

Phase I: The Pre-Rupture

Inflation is still surging and the prices of goods are at one of their highest points ever. Sound familiar?

This is where we’re at currently and the prescribed financial remedy is to secure a stake in an established company in a sector that always thrives in such situations. Ideally, one with a track record of staying resilient during financial crises.

Jim has ID'ed one such investment in the resource sector. It has a 136-year history and survived both the 2000 and 2008 crashes.

Phase II: The Actual Rupture

During this calamity, the financial markets will crash as much as 50%.

This sounds a lot like debt-ceiling standoff scenarios that are being discussed should the US end up defaulting on its debt in June.

In the very unlikely scenario that this actually happens, as all that is required to avoid it is a Congressional pen stroke, all bets are off.

Every single market sector would get hammered, but one perhaps less so than others – the medical sector, simply because grandma will still need her medicine regardless of what happens to the national debt.

Jim has researched and found an established medical company, that is one of the largest medical device makers in the world.

Phase III: The Aftermath of the Rupture

Once the dust has finally settled and the financial markets have been routed, the only surviving companies may be the ones that offer necessity products and services.

Food is as necessary as it gets, especially food that is affordable.

The average American eats out five times a week and Jim has his eyes on a company that earns a huge chunk of the $789 billion Americans spend on dining out every year. 

Let's find out the names of these stocks.


Revealing Jim Woods' Biden Rupture Stocks

Here is what we know about each pick:

Rupture Stock #1

  • It’s a colossal titan that explores, produces, and refines one of the most important resources around the world.
  • The company is also one of the world’s largest manufacturers of commodity and specialty chemicals.
  • It has rewarded shareholders in the form of increased annual dividends every year over the past 38 years.

Exxon Mobil Corp. (NYSE: XOM) is the pick here. It is one of the largest oil, gas, and chemical producers in the world and has increased its dividend for the past 40 consecutive years.

Rupture Stock #2

  • This company develops and manufactures therapeutic medical devices for chronic diseases.
  • In the past 12 months, it has had over 200 medical product approvals in key geographical areas.
  • For the past 46 years, it has faithfully paid out a dividend and increased it annually.

This sounds like Medtronic plc (NYSE: MDT). The company makes and sells device-based medical therapies to healthcare systems and physicians worldwide. It has also increased its dividend for the past 46 consecutive years.

Rupture Stock #3

  • It’s a company that has over 40,000 outlets in the world, spread over 119 countries.
  • The company helped pioneer the franchise model and earns nearly 60% of its revenue from franchise royalty fees and lease payments.
  • Over 55% of the real estate and 80% of the buildings in its franchise system are owned by it.

Jim is talking about McDonald's Corp. (NYSE: MCD) here. The fast-food franchise pioneer has more than 40,000 restaurants in over 100 countries and famously owns more than 80% of the land and space its outlets operate in.


Rupture-Proof Picks?

What's the old saying…small risk, small reward.

This is what first comes to mind when I see three blue chip stocks each valued at hundreds of billions apiece.

You aren't likely to lose your shirt, but you may also struggle to make a satisfactory return of 10-15% per year from this point forward. This trio of stocks is best suited for a conservative retirement portfolio, which fits the overall theme of Jim's teaser.


Quick Recap & Conclusion

  • Jim Woods says a financial market meltdown is imminent and the best way to protect our money is with three Biden Rupture Stocks that will survive the carnage.
  • The Rupture is said to have three phases with inflation, a stock market meltdown of 50%, and an aftermath to the madness. Each phase also has a recommended step we should take to avert disaster, which centers around a stock pick.
  • These picks are neatly packaged in a special dossier titled The Biden Rupture: 3 Rupture-Proof Investments Set To Surf Through This Crisis Unscathed. It is ours when we sign up for the Intelligence Report investment newsletter at a cost of $77 for the first year.
  • You're better off keeping your money, as we were able to reveal all three “Rupture-Proof” picks as Exxon Mobil Corp. (NYSE: XOM), Medtronic plc (NYSE: MDT), and McDonald's Corp. (NYSE: MCD).
  • Jim's trio of blue-chip stocks are very likely to survive a major downturn, but they also don't have much upside given their already ginormous size. You're likely to get the same or an even better return from a diversified ETF.

What are some better picks for a major market downturn? Leave them in the comments.


Theodor is an old school value guy, when he's not looking for great companies and great prices you can find him on the basketball court hooping.

  • Appreciate the analysis. I also agree about upside although these stocks might serve people looking for steady dividends. I almost always ignore the click bait panic headlines that blame a single politician for some coming economic catastrophe.

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