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Keith Kohl’s “5G Volta” Company – Power Grid Play to Get Rich?

5G Volta Stock

December 30, 2020 by Anders

Keith Kohl from over at Angel Publishing recently started teasing the opportunity to invest in what he calls "5G Volta". He teases one particular stock that he claims "could turn every $1,500 into $120,135".

Bold claims and a lot of hype... and of course you'd normally have to buy into his investment service to get the details on it.

Luckily for you, we'll be revealing the stock he's teasing here for free in a bit. 

Let's start out by going over some of the claims made...

The teaser:

According to him, "'5G-Volta' Could Fund Your Retirement" and this is "The 5G story no one is talking about. It could turn every $1,500 into $120,135"...

5G Volta

Keith Kohl runs investment newsletter services over at Angel Publishing (aka Angel Financial). He specializes in global energy investments and also is knowledgable in the natural resource sector, largely because the two are so closely tied together. We've seen him before teasing the opportunity to invest in a Texas oil company as well as the "Trade War Kickback" opportunity he was pitching for a while, and so we know that some of the things he says one should take with a grain of salt.

For this "5G Volta" investment teaser, Kohl starts out talking about trucks carrying "tens of thousands of tiny modules", moludes that are "tiny, no bigger than 10 grains of salt" coming from a "nondescript warehouse in upstate New York"...

He claims that this "brand-new hardware is a vital component for the 5G revolution".

What we're talking about are these little modules here...

Furthermore, this opportunity all has to do with some "government mandated program" - this is what he's calling "5G Volta" - which he claims "could be your shortcut to tremendous wealth in the year ahead".

The program is "expected to be as big as $1.5 trillion" and early investors "could pocket four-digit gains in the coming months" if you buy into the "little-known company" that's behind it all... the company I'll reveal shortly.

Some other hyped-up claims from the teaser include:

  • "investors who get in now could make 40X their money"
  • "it could generate 4,089% gains in a few months from now if you get in on the ground floor today"

And he even goes on to compare this "5G Volta" opportunity to that of getting in on Nvidia back in the early 2000's, which led to gains of well over 4,000%...

But it doesn't end there. As if that isn't enough, Keith Kohl continues to say that "this might be a replay of Cisco's legendary 200,050% surge".

Lots of numbers being thrown around here, but one thing that is certain is that Kohl is extremely bullish on this investment opportunity... AND that the entire teaser ends in the typical sales pitch.

The sales pitch:

The details on this company are included in a "free" report titled 5G-Volta: Retire Rich on the Power Grid’s Upgrade of the Century...

But in order to get your hands on this "free" report, you first must subscribe to his Energy Investor advisory service for $99/yr or $179/2yrs.

You'd rather just find out the name of this stock for free though, right?

Keep reading.

What The Heck Is "5G Volta"?

Well, "5G Volta" is just a made-up name that Keith Kohl seems to have created for marketing purposes. It's catchy and has a nice ring to it... and it definitely makes you wonder what the heck it is.

What Keith Kohl is actually refering to here all has to do with a project that "was launched in May 2020... when President Trump signed Executive Order 13920".

A simple Google search led me to find that Executive Order 13920 is focused on "securing the United States bulk-power system". Basically what this order says is that the US's electric grid is extremely volunerable to attack from foreign adversaries due to the unrestricted use of foreign supply electric equipment that makes up the grid in the US, and it provides guidelines for putting an end to this threat.

The project has received bipartisan support, and Keith Kohl tells us that the tiny modules shown above are the "critical centerpiece of this plan".

So there we have it. This investment opportunity is focused on the electric grid, hence the made-up term "5G Volta".

The focus here is on revolutionizing the US power grid, which is long overdue for some re-vamping... much of it having been built in the 1800s. 

And the if we narrow in on the opportunity Kohl is teasing more closely, we get to these sensors that monitor the grid...

If an electrical line goes down or a transmitter explodes, the sensors see this and send this information to other parts of the grid to avoid further problems.

One example given in the teaser was if lighning strikes a power line, the sensors will relay the information so that other parts of the grid are switched off to avoid overload.

What the heck does this have to do with 5G?

So how does this all tie together?

Well, 5G is capable of handling much more sensors than 4G, about 1,000 times the capacity. Previously these sensors communicated via 4G, but with 4G we were limited as to the amount. As 5G rolls out more and more, these sensors will be implemented in much higher numbers at vulnerable spots, further securing power grids across the nation.

Not only will these sensors help protect from disastors, but Keith Kohl also mentions how they will be the "brain" of the power grid and help to distribute solar and wind energy where it is needed, so that, for example, California stops losing so much electricity from unpredictable load swings in solar power generation.

According to Mr. Kohl, "at least 101 million 5G sensors have to be deployed across the power grid... and all of them require this tiny module from one little-known company"...

What Is This Module?

It's nothing more than a RF filter that is included in each sensor and is used to communicate with 5G radio waves.

So to sum things up:

  • Executive Order 13920 is focused on securing the US power grid from threats.
  • Sensors are used to monitor the grid and quickly relay information to counter any potential danger.
  • The RF filters the company Keith Kohl is teasing makes are used in these sensors.

So, what's the company being teased?

Revealing This "5G Volta" Company

Here are some of the better clues we were given in the teaser.

Are you ready to get filthy-stinkin' rich?

  • This little-known company's stock "trades at $8 per share" its market cap is "just $314 million".
  • The 5G sensors based on the tiny modules this company makes "will soon be sitting on 1.58 million high-voltage transmission towers", as well as on utitility poles, substations, utility meters, and more - will be an upgrade to the current power grid.
  • And he also mentions that the company has 32 patented technologies in this area.

So, that's all we need to identify the pick here.

Any guesses?

If you're thinking Akoustis Technologies (AKTS) then you are correct.

Akoustis Technologies is a New York-based company that designs and manufactures patented XBAW RF filters (inside the RF chips which they make entirely) for 4G/5G, WiFi and defense markets.

They do indeed hold 32 patents at the moment (others pending), we know they they make RF filters that are used for 5G communication, and some of the other clues given match up too.

Remember the "nondescript warehouse in upstate New York" that was shown?

I found in an SEC report  that this is indeed Akoustis' warehouse located in Canadaigua, New York...

*Note: This company's stock price and market cap have experienced a recent notable uptick. The stock price was hovering around the $8 range for years, and likewise the market cap was around the $314 million range too. This uptick is likely due to customer order news that recently came out.

A 40x Opportunity?

Should you go out and purchase that fancy new sports car in preparation for all the money you'll make?

Well, hold off on that for a second.

Right now the stock, AKTS, is already trading above $8 as I mentioned, and there is certainly no guarantee things will go as Mr. Kohl predicts.

That said, this is a bit of a unique play if you want to get in on 5G. Not only that, but Akoustis has what seems to be a good leadership team, is transitioning from development to commercialization, and seems to be positioned well in a fast growing market segment (that of front-end RF chips) - and just experienced some nice growth as mentioned.

It could be worth a look, but of course do your own due-diligence before investing.

Quick Recap & Conclusion

  • Keith Kohl recently started teasing the opportunity to invest in "5G Volta" for massive potential gains that "could turn every $1,500 into $120,135".
  • This opportunity is centered around Executive Order 13920 and its porpose of securing the US power grid from threats.
  • The company teased is one that manufactures RF filters that are used in grid monitoring sensors that interact with the 5G network.
  • In order to get the details on this company you'd normally have to buy into the advisory service being teased.
  • We just exposed this stock to you for free. It's Akoustis Technologies (AKTS).

You're welcome!

Hopefully you found this review valuable. As always, let us know what you think of this stock pick in the comment section below. Will it make early investors rich?


Anders is the founder and chief editor of Green Bull Research. When he's not investigating new opportunities and adding to his portfolio, you might find him taking a nature walk or reading a Steven Pressfield novel.

  • Hi Anders
    I’m new at this & a bit overwhelmed by so much hype and oversell. So your quick review & research was/is very refreshing. So I thank you for saving me a lot of time. My question to you is “have you invested in this stock?
    You sound like you have total control of your investments and I congratulate you on your insight, ability & knowledge – your tick of approval is worth a lot.
    Q. Is China & Russia going to crash the US dollar & the current banking system? Is gold & silver a good investment or crypto currency?
    Q. Can I trade AKTS via the ASX?
    Q. Should I sell all bank stocks
    I think I need a trustworthy investment advisor but where to find one !!
    I wish you the very best of good health & happiness in 2021 & thanks for sharing.

  • I missed out on one of your sleuthing answers when I didn't catch up to EDIT in time. This one looks good enough for a small play. Thanks.

  • I enjoy reading your research on these secretive stocks that are teased! It is so cool how you explain what you have found out. After reading your articles I usually research the company a bit myself.
    Thank you so much for these emails.. they are great.

  • Anders,

    Really good insight. I appreciate it. Your input is well worth waiting for in scenarios such as this. I also like the additional comments section. I see a subscription in my near future.

  • Hi Anders,
    Thank you for shedding light not only on AKTS (in which I am invested), but also on all the other reports on your findings.
    I find that recently there’s been a huge uptick in Research Firms, their life changing picks & the urgency surrounding it all, I’m receiving so many emails from these companies that my inbox is impossible to manage & for every one I opt out of at least 2-3 take its place.
    My question to you isn’t about AKTS, it’s about cryptocurrencies, Teeka Tiwari, of Palm Beach Research
    and his latest report on Tech Royalties. I’m very interested to know what exactly he’s pushing & is there merit to his recommendations.
    I’d also greatly appreciate your views on Cryptos as a whole. Will they ultimately be our new currency? Are governments really phasing out fiat money to have cryptos replace it? If so, can you make an educated guess on how fast this can actually take place?
    Thx much, Trisha

    • Hi Trisha,

      Teeka’s “Tech Royalties” is something we’ll have to look into more. And as for the future of crypto, I’m bullish generally. That said, governments are certainly not going to let decentralized cryptos like Bitcoin take over. I think that governments will push their own digital currencies to replace cash, ones they will have control over. China seems to be ahead in this race, but others are following suit.

      • I subscribed to palm beach confidential, expensive , but he is good! $2,500
        Then I did TECH ROYALTIES, it was way over my non-tech computer skills. ( that was 2 1/2 years ago)
        You really should check into crypto , especially ISO 2022 tokens and ERC-20 tokens, do your own research.
        But be super slow on transactions ( one wrong button … lose funds !!!!)
        Also, hackers are OUT TO GET AMERICANS!!!!!
        I have Russian, china, and Canada French in my phone (stole Apple ID) on all my devices, put a sweeper on my metamask, stole over $150k when market 90% down. Hacked over 50 crypto accounts & still active !!!
        No one can solve my issue!
        I still 110% believe in crypto ( it’s just beware of GREED, UNQUALIFIED CEOS, HACKERS, SECURITY, SECURITY, SECURITY!
        Research everything before you invest . You will save a lot of mistakes!!!
        My identity has been stolen! I’m ruined 😡. But NOT GIVING UP ON CRYPTO!!!
        My favorites.

        • Hi Kari. I wish you the best with your stolen identity situation. Hopefully we can both get rich from crypto. I’m still investing and try to be as safe as possible when making transactions and storing my private keys. You’re right… it can be risky.

  • Good article…. the only one I thought it was at the beginning was AKTS too.. I got the original advice from Jeff Brown of Brownstone Research…. I REALLY like what he says and does and have subscribed to several of his publications (near future report, topline trader and green chip stocks to name but three!)

    As I read your note it reminded me of stockgumshoe which I have found to be a brilliant and also free service…

    Thanks once again,


    • Hi Paul. It’s true their headquarters are in NC, but they do indeed have a manufacturing facility in Canandaigua, NY, the same one that was shown in the teaser.

  • I found your research article very interesting and valuable. It is the first time I came across you article in my inbox. I will invest a small amount in the stock exposed. Thank you.
    Elisabeth Ullom

  • Thanks Anders, keep the research coming. There are a lot of these guys selling courses and newsletters.
    Just get to the point.

  • Thanks for the information, I was actually trying to figure out which stock he was inferring to without purchasing his book.
    I will be waiting for your next surprise,
    Thanks Again- ken

  • I bought into this yet find I am making a big loss on it at present. I know I have to give it time but all I have seen is it tank.
    I know the whole market is in strange times but I have a feeling this is a loss I will not recover from. Be aware.

  • I’m guessing he buys a cheap stock that he can pitch then when people push stock to 50% increase he sells and moves on. This has ring of deception to me!

    • This is always a concern with investment advisory services like this, but I have no reason to believe that he is actually puming & dumping like this.

  • Hi there, ANDERS /Green Bull Research,

    What an incredible find and disclosure on Akoustis Technologies. You have done an incredible job on your research of this company. Could be an acquisition for some investors into that particular technology. It looks as though they have been around for a while and into the future. Keep up the outstanding work.

    Richard Spencer

  • Hi Anders..Amazing and helpful. You are very honorable. Thank you.
    I will check out your service. Kathleen

  • Thank you Anders. You cut through all of the crap and get right to the real facts about these overzealous sales pitches. This is a valuable service to all readers of Green Bull Research. Much Obliged!!!

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