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Keith Kohl’s “Star Gas” Helium Stock – 3,000% Gains Minimum?

August 15, 2021 by Theodor

Long-time energy investor Keith Kohl is here to share an investment opportunity with us that his research shows “will produce enough wealth to create 25 million billionaires”. A light touch is not Keith's strong suit.

But this is because he has discovered a small “star gas” stock trading at less than $1, which has the key to “infinite energy”. He think it’s one of the best shots for everyday Americans to get richer in 2021, no matter how much you invest. Lets explore these claims further.


The Teaser

This is all about a fuel that experts say will “solve humanity’s energy needs for 80,000 years”. He isn't alone in touting the wonders of this energy, with Goldman Sachs predicting it will produce the “world’s first trillionaire” and Wired saying it is a “clean, virtually infinite power source”.

Keith Kohl is editor of the brand new investment newsletter Family Office Advantage, which provides in-depth coverage of little-known investments trends and special strategies to grow your wealth. For nearly two decades, Keith has covered the energy market and made some major calls before the mainstream media caught on, including the now-famous Bakken oil boom. We have written about Keith's teasers here in the past, including most recently with his “On-Demand Everything” Stocks and going back a bit further, his “TriFuel-238” Company.

Unlike other forms of energy, one teaspoon of this fuel can apparently:

  • Power 23,000 homes for a whole year
  • Generate 10 million times more power than coal
  • Replace 11,000 barrels of oil

All with no carbon emissions, pollution or material environmental destruction.

This is why a single pound of this stuff is worth up to $640,000…and according to Keith TONS have just been discovered.

This of course would make “star gas” worth trillions, perhaps even more. Given this, it should come as no surprise to anyone that aspiring overlords, such as Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Google's Larry Page, and others are pouring billions into the space in a bid to corner the market for trillion-dollar star gas.

But there’s just one catch…


The Pitch

In order to find out more about and get the ticker symbol of the “star gas” stock trading at less than $1 mentioned at the beginning, you need to subscribe to Keith's new Family Office Advantage newsletter for $1,999 if you join before September 30th.

For this not-so-inexpensive price, you will receive the special report “Star Gas Trillions: 30-Fold Gains As Helium Rises”, 52 weekly issues, a model portfolio, and two free “10-bagger” stock ideas.


What in the World is “Star Gas”?

We already know that this fuel isn’t like traditional oil or gas, so it’s not a product of fossils.

Its actually a product of the sun and not just the sun, but every star in space. However, due to the Earth’s magnetic field, “star gas” doesn’t breach our atmosphere, In fact, “there’s hardly any available on this planet!” Keith believes this is what has sparked an astonishing space race, a scramble for this fuel that’s critical to $36 trillion of the world’s industries.

He also notes that “it won both World Wars, put men on the moon, and it’s behind innovations that save millions of lives everyday, like the MRI”. Ladies and gentlemen, the magic “star gas” is helium.

But not just any kind of helium, we're talking about high-grade helium that is at least 99.95% pure…the kind that’s used in all of our current technology. But because helium is 13.6x lighter than air, it’s the only element that literally leaves the planet. So while helium is the second most abundant element in the universe, it’s one of the rarest here on Earth. Even rarer than gold, says Keith.

Bottom line: we already use much more helium than we produce. It doesn't help that helium demand is set to double from its current level to nearly 14 billion cubic feet of gas each year, while “current production is less than half that amount”.

Following the money lays bears out this supply/demand problem. Just four years ago, helium sold for $100 per thousand cubic feet, or MCF. By 2020, the price had more than tripled to over $300 per MCF and recent private contracts have traded hands for nearly $700 per MCF.

This is why Keith is adamant that “this is what will create more new millionaires than any other industry over the next decade”. He says to mark his words (we are) that “many people who get in early will become millionaires”.

All you have to do is grab a tiny “Star Gas” stock currently trading below $1 per share, which could possible own the world's most valuable piece of land. Lets find out the name of this company.


Revealing the “Star Gas” Stock

Keith calls the land this company owns the “Saudi Arabia of Helium”. Here's some clues he offers up that will help us reveal its name:

  • Keith tells us that the company recently IPO'ed this year and that it currently trades for under $1 per share.
  • The company is a helium driller with production testing underway, along with the construction and evaluation of a pilot plant. By September 30th is when the first production plant is scheduled to come online.
  • Early estimates for just its first project are for over 1.1 BILLION CUBIC FEET of helium.
  • The go-public financing was done at 25 cents per share.

Admittedly, this isn't a whole lot to go on. Nonetheless, we we're able to piece some of the info together and have come up with Imperial Helium Corp. (TSX.V: IHC) as a possibility. Here are a couple reasons why:

  • Imperial officially became a publicly-traded company in May of this year.
  • Imperial Helium's founding asset is an Alberta, Canada acreage which holds the potential for more than 1 Billion cubic feet of helium. In line with the 1.1 billion cubic feet estimate.
  • Company recently stated in a news release that “it is well positioned to complete production testing and an independent resource assessment of the Steveville asset during the fourth quarter of 2021”.  This is somewhat in line with the September 30th timeline, just exceeding it.
  • Finally, Imperial Helium's shares currently trade for well under $1 per share.

Are the riches that this company is set to unleash truly unfathomable or is it all hopium?


Opportunity to Make 3,000% or More?

Imperial Helium by its own admission, is a mid-tier Canadian company competing with major global players in the helium market. It is focusing on sourcing high-value helium opportunities that are ready to extract, separate, and sell.

This is interesting for several reasons, the first being that global supply of the critical element known as helium is indeed running low. It is the only element on the planet that is a completely nonrenewable resource. Secondly, the company states that it has developed a proprietary database of existing helium bearing wells that it is evaluating for acquisition and that this strategy makes production that produces cash flow realistic within 24 months from acquisition.

With the company only recently commencing field operations at its Steveville helium property this past June, it could be a while (24 months or more) until some production may come on line.

If you have some play money in your investment account, this early-stage stock may prove to be a worthwhile wager over the long-term.


Quick Recap & Conclusion

  • Veteran energy investor Keith Kohl teases the “Holy Grail of Energy” and a small “star gas” stock trading at less than $1, which has the key to “infinite energy”.
  • If we wish to find out more about either,  we should subscribe to Keith's brand new Family Office Advantage newsletter for $1,999 before the September 30th.
  • It turns out that the “Holy Grail of Energy” is in fact rare earth element helium, which is generated deep underground through the natural radioactive decay of elements such as uranium and thorium. It is also the one element that escapes the Earth's atmosphere and goes out into outer space, hence the name “Star Gas”.
  • While not offered too many clues, we did manage to find an almost identical match to the stock Keith is teasing and it's name is Imperial Helium Corp. (TSX.V: IHC)
  • The opportunity is definitely intriguing as the macroeconomics are in helium's favor, it is only a question of the company in question being able to seize upon the opportunity before it and execute its business model.

Ever invested in a similar alternative energy opportunity? Do you believe helium can hold the key to the ever-elusive nuclear fusion energy? Let us know in the comments section below.


Theodor is an old school value guy, when he's not looking for great companies and great prices you can find him on the basketball court hooping.

  • Imperial was bought by Royal Helium and the Steveville plant is supposed to be up and running next month (April 2023). I don’t agree with most of Khols hype but due to demand and uses (mri machines, rockets, chip manufacturing, tv screens, etc etc) makes some of the small soon to be producers of Helium very attractive.

    The players I have been watching include RHC, HELI, AVN, DMV, HECO and TOH. HELI made money last year and has positive cash flow and earnings, although from a new oil discovery, and a helium well. RHC as stated above should have earnings soon. A good thing about most of these Helium miners is they look to get signed offtake contracts before building their modular plants.

    Anyone interested be sure to do your own due diligence. I’d start with learning about all the uses of Helium and the supply/demand.

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