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Jeff Clark’s “5 Minute Money Multiplier” – 582% Profits?

January 6, 2021 by Theodor

A couple of months ago, Clark released a new video pitching a new investment strategy that he has been promoting quite aggressively. He talks about a revolutionary “5 Minute Money Multiplier” approach to options that can potentially bring you profits of 500% or more, in a matter of weeks or months. In reality, what Jeff Clark is really pitching here is his investment newsletter, the Jeff Clark Trader, for only $19 per month. 

We have already covered the Jeff Clark Trader in the past , but this time around Jeff offers us several special bonus reports in addition to a basic subscription. One of the special reports is entitled “3 Stock Retirement Blueprint” which talks about the author’s options investment strategy, as well as three particular stocks that could benefit from this technique. Saying that it could bring you profits of 10X, even 20X the amount you originally invest. Sounds intriguing enough for a further look, here is what we were able to find out, for free.

Jeff Clark is a retired investor and former San Francisco stock broker who made enough money to retire at 40 years old. Ever since then, he has filled up his time as the editor of a few investment newsletters, where he urges people to find new ways to invest using options instead of searching for the next big stock. 

He describes himself as the son of a farmer in Kansas that learned how to trade stock options “the hard way”. As mentioned, Clark formerly used to work for a brokerage house in San Francisco until he joined Stansberry Research, where he edited two of their regular investment advisories: Pro Trader, and The Short Report. He now heads up two different newsletters, the one being teased here and the Delta Report, which provides tips on how to deal with more advanced options trading strategies.


The Options Opportunity

Unlike other newsletters and videos coming from the same author that we have reviewed here: America's Boldest Financial Experiment, this one kind of lacks substance, meaning that it doesn’t provide much valuable information or insight into the “5 Minute Money Multiplier” strategy. The teaser itself is peppered with Clark’s past accomplishments and the repetitive push to subscribe to the Jeff Clark Trader newsletter to benefit from one strategy that he claims will bring you better results than investing in stocks as the majority of retail investors do. 

He teases a trading strategy but no specific investments, claiming that “it’s the easy way to make serious money… fast”. According to him, by using what he calls the Money Multiplier, “you can reap average gains of 582%”. However, he does get some brownie points by alerting his future potential subscribers to the fact that “investing involves risk and past performance is no guarantee of future success”. On the other hand, any investment opportunity (especially nowadays) carries a degree of risk, even blue chip stocks like Amazon, Facebook, or Apple that seem to never go down (until they do).

Clark mentions that the money multiplier “helps you take a small amount of money and multiply it so fast, it will make your broker’s head spin”, only to talk about the fact that you don’t even need a broker to perform this technique, a few minutes later. According to his claims, you can earn money “in as little as 5 minutes per week”, which is supposed to be a hint that his options based strategy may be based on automated trading algorithms.


What Exactly Is Jeff Clark Teasing?

Jeff doesn’t talk about any specific company or stock he would recommend, but instead is pitching for some sort of options based investment strategy that will bring you larger profits than good ol' regular common stocks. To make his claims more appealing, he mentions that “three particular stocks are the best ones to trade in the options market” but won’t get into details regarding any of them. He says that he will uncover the name of these stocks, as well as the options technique he uses to profit from them, in a special report that is part of his Jeff Clark Trader newsletter.

One thing that at least two of his videos have in common is the claims Clark makes when it comes to the “clients” who used his advice and have changed their lives as a result. In one video, Clark mentions a judge who was only left with $140,000 after the 2008 economic crisis and decided to take Clark’s advice and invest what he had left in options. He allegedly turned his initial investment into $480,000. In his latest video, the author comes with the same story and adds the same figures, only that now the judge was, apparently, a lawyer. The two teasers were also for two different options investment techniques, so we’re not sure exactly how true these success stories really are. 

However, one thing is for sure – as opposed to other similar authors who claim that they can make you wealthy overnight (or, at least, over a very short period of time), Clark is one of the only ones to raise awareness about the potential loss you might experience. No investment is ever 100% safe, and even though in some cases people might stumble across decent profits, most of the time people will not make back their initial investment.

The author also speaks some truth when he says, that people are not inherently wired to become long-term investors and that most of us are not born with an instinct for profit making. He goes on to say that given these circumstances, the only shortcut to investing success is to have a good mentor teach you the market's ways. 


Is Options Trading A Good Opportunity?

With very limited materials on our hands, it’s unclear whether or not Clark’s options trading method is likely to bring you any profits over the short or long-term. He mentions that investing in stocks and waiting for them to appreciate is the hard way of making money and proposes an alternative method that won’t take 20 years or until you’re ready to retire. 

Since the author doesn't go into any depth about the underlying mechanics of the options-based strategy he’s teasing and you must subscribe to his newsletter for $19 per year, and read the special report, 3 Stock Retirement Blueprintto get any hint about its previous back tested results. We can only talk about the investment worthiness of options trading in general. We do verifiable know that the equity trading success rate if you put in little time and practice into your trading,  is close to 0%. I don't know about the statistical success rate of options players, but I would say it's similar to equity trading – less than a 5% success rate.


Quick Recap & Conclusion

  • Jeff Clark is an American options investor who retired at only 40 years old, after becoming a millionaire from his investment techniques.
  • In his latest video, Clark talks about a new trading technique to use when dealing with options that could potentially bring you gains of 582%, on average, in just a few weeks or months. 
  • He calls the old way of investing in stocks and selling them for a bigger price the slow method of earning a profit and mentions that, in some cases, it might take you up to 20 years to make enough. 
  • He claims that he has identified three stocks that will bring you the desired profits by using a certain type of options investing technique he calls the “money multiplier”. 
  • Clark says the technique is easy to use in the comfort of your own home and won’t take more than five minutes a week, and won’t even require you to have a personal broker. 
  • He teases his subscription program, the Jeff Clark Trader for $19 per year, in which he includes two bonus reports, and an 8-part video training series to help you learn more about options and how to trade them to your benefit. 
  • He doesn’t offer any clues about the money multiplier technique or the stocks he identified to play their options, but if its anything like most options-based trading strategies it isn't likely to yield consistent profits, if any.

Have you ever tried trading options or any other asset besides stocks? Given today's sky-high market multiples, are you considering any alternative investments at this time? Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.


Theodor is an old school value guy, when he's not looking for great companies and great prices you can find him on the basketball court hooping.

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