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Jeff Brown’s “Convergence” Small Cap Stock – Opportunity to Become a Millionaire?

May 30, 2021 by Theodor

Ever prolific, private tech investor Jeff Brown is back touting “a massive stock market event that is now underway” and how we can get in on it too.

This event has to do with the worlds of technology and finance and “it has previously happened just a few times in human history”. But, each time it has happened, “it’s generated returns large enough to mint millionaires”. Jeff thinks that this time will be no different and is teasing a “small cap company using AI to discover drugs” for massive potential gains. Lets get to the bottom of this.


The Teaser

Right off the bat we are given a quote by a prominent Oxford scholar, which reads “this technology could overhaul our societies and economies – and our bodies and minds too.” That's a little dystopian for my liking, but lets see where this goes…we are next told that none other than Bill Gates has pulled out his heft wallet and invested over $300 million of his own money into this tech as well, oh boy.

Jeff Brown has a quarter century of technology industry experience, working for the likes of Qualcomm, NXP Semiconductors, and Juniper Networks. Jeff is also an active angel investor in early-stage technology ventures, giving him front line knowledge which he attempts to pass on to his readers. You can be the judge of this, as we have covered a healthy dose of Jeff's teasers here, including his “Digital Leap” Stock and Stock Market “Glitch”.

To immediately disqualify some potentials, Jeff tell us that “this isn’t about virtual reality or 5G… and this also has nothing to do with Bitcoin or blockchain.” It is something entirely different called “Convergence” and it is incredibly rare—but when it does happen, it transforms the world around us. Jeff does his best to tamper down our expectations by saying  he “cannot, and will not, promise you’ll become a multi-millionaire overnight. But in the past, when this “Convergence” event has occurred…the results have been extraordinary.”

Despite the magnitude of this potential event, 99 out of 100 people have no idea “because the “Convergence” is “happening at a small cap biotech company, 1% the size of Johnson & Johnson.” Read on to find out what biotech company this could be.


The Sales Pitch

Despite the claim that Jeff is “going to give you, right here on camera… for free…the name and stock ticker of a company on the front lines of this “event.” This is nothing more than hype and set up to subscribe to Brownstone Research's Exponential Tech Investor newsletter. A one year subscription will regularly run you $4,000, but through this presentation, you can join Exponential Tech Investor for 50% off, meaning you would only pay $2,000.

As part of the membership to Exponential Tech Investor, Jeff is going to give you access to his “watchlist” of the exact companies he's tracking in the private world right now as well as direct access to a comprehensive list of small cap 5G investments dubbed “The Million-Dollar Portfolio.”


What in the World is A “Convergence”?

Over the last century, Jeff proclaims that “human beings have discovered answers to countless diseases once thought incurable.” But there is one big problem, in Jeff's words “human drug researchers—the people who discover new medicines—have no idea what they’re doing.” You will get no argument from me here.

Big Pharma represents one of the single biggest pools of wealth in human history, with FDA approved drugs generating more than $1 trillion each year. It turns out that treating symptoms instead of curing underlying afflictions is incredibly lucrative.

Next, one of the big elephants in the room (or biotech lab) is actually revealed, that is the fact that in order to actually get a drug to market, it can take decades…and billions on billions of dollars…and that’s if you get lucky. To drive the point home, consider this: only 1 in 5,000 drugs that are discovered in labs actually make it to market, that's a 0.02% success rate.

Things are apparently so bad, that scientists are publishing studies trying to figure out why their other studies are failing so often.

Jeff has an explanation for this, he thinks that humans plain and simply just aren’t cut out for drug discovery and that artificial intelligence (AI) would do away with such inefficiencies. He akins it to “trying to randomly guess a password…Or playing a slot machine…Or, according to one PhD, like throwing a stick at a tree and seeing what happens.” This is where the small cap being teased comes in, which apparently has found a “new way” to discover drugs, that will bump up the new drug discovery rate to 1%, 2%, even 3% from the current dismal 0.02%. Lets find out what this company is and who is behind it.


Revealing The “Convergence” Small-Cap Stock

Here are some clues that put us on the right track:

  • A “Convergence” is the moment AI completely disrupts an industry. This is now happening to the biotech field, just like it has happened already to manufacturing and computing, to name a few.
  • According to a protected government document, this company’s technology can, quote, “evaluate billions of molecules per week.” Which is 10.3 billion percent faster than the people who have discovered every cure to date.
  • This technology is not “under development” its already operational right now “in a lab in New York, at a tiny biotech company.”
  • Hedge Fund Citron Research, has called this AI technology the “most disruptive software platform to ever hit the pharmaceutical industry.”
  • Billionaires Bill Gates, David E. Shaw, and Ron Baron are all shareholders.
  • Finally, we are told that this  “this small-cap is transforming the way therapeutics are discovered.”

What is the name of the New York-based company causing a “monumental shift” in the drug discovery process? After some digging, we believe the author is teasing a direct investment in Schrödinger, Inc. (Nasdaq: SDGR) Here are a few things which gave it away:

  • It is a New York-based company founded in 1990, which invests heavily into research and development (R&D) in order to transform drug discovery and materials research with advanced molecular modeling.” Which is befitting of the “transforming the way therapeutics are discovered label.”
  • While not exactly a traditional small-cap at a current valuation of around $5 billion, it “provides a physics-based software platform that enables discovery of novel molecules for drug development and materials applications.” Fitting the “disruptive software platform” tag.
  • David E. Shaw and Bill Gates are much touted major shareholders

With that out of the way, there's only one question left to answer…


Can The “Convergence” Stock Really Make Us Millionaires?

With the business being around for the better part of 30 years, its software platform is deployed in fields as diverse as aerospace, energy, semiconductors, and electronics displays, giving it a stable subscription base and cash flow in turn.

While it's compound annual growth rate of 15-25% isn't hypergrowth, they do have a 99% customer retention rate, which bodes well for its future. Our trusty Value Spreadsheet Premium tells us the expected rate of return from its current valuation is below average:

Bottom line: the current valuation of 32x current sales is too rich for our blood, but at a better price we would consider taking a second look.


Quick Recap & Conclusion

  • Jeff Brown teases us with a company whose “technology could overhaul our societies and economies.”
  • We are promised the name and stock ticker of a company at the center of this “Convergence” event, which could “generate returns large enough to make millionaires out of us.”
  • Predictably, this is just fodder to get us to subscribe to Brownstone Research's Exponential Tech Investor newsletter, at an annual cost of $2,000, which is 50% off the standard price of $4,000 per year.
  • Thankfully we were able to uncover the name of the small-cap stock being teased for free as: Schrödinger, Inc. (Nasdaq: SDGR), so that another bill doesn't have to come out of your pocket.
  • The business is fundamentally sound, with a real product, revenue, and cash flow. The current valuation isn't the best entry point however and we would rather wait to be quoted a better price by Mr. Market.

Do you have any experience investing into biotech/life sciences businesses? What are your personal thoughts on the “physics-based software platform” which this small-cap has developed? Let us know in the comments section below.


Theodor is an old school value guy, when he's not looking for great companies and great prices you can find him on the basketball court hooping.

  • Jeff Brown is a good talking educated salesman, however he gets people who view his video’s hooked into watching very long segments to convince you he knows so much and has a proven track record of identifying cutting edge transformations for humankind. For example curing blindness in humans. He went so far in his snake oil sales pitch he practically guaranteed the cure was imminent like the next day but you have to give him 4K before midnight to find out the company to invest in. Never panned out no national news the next day weeks months. For as long as he has been around touting his wisdom and potential wealth gains by joining his team subscribing to his ridiculous expensive newsletters just check out his net worth. 18-24 mil. He should easily be a billionaire.

    Bottom line he spends a awful amount on advertising everywhere and keeps catching new lemmings who are sucked into his eloquent vortex as a wise sage.

    • You’re right. If all these people were as good as they say. They would have billions and do seminars for free, to help the little guy as they say.They wouldn’t need to sell anything. Except for some of their shares to take profits!

  • Guys and ladies
    Thanks for your work. I'm one of the lemmings who have been sucked into his hype. Jeff puts out an emergency meeting, only to find out he's regurgitating or repackaging the same old Shee-I-T. I was riding high in January and now wish I had not pulled funds out of my trust at ML nor bought any of his sales pitches. It's now June and I'm riding low.
    I'm so tired of his new can't wait can't miss offers only to realize he was talking the same BS he was selling six months ago.

  • Hi,
    Thanks for your aricles exposing underhanded tactics of many of 'stock experts' pushing their usless newsletters.
    But Jeff Brown has proved to beat them all (in my experience), as others I tried provided 100% money back guarantee, while Jeff offered "100% Satisfaction Guarantee".
    Unfortunately I didn't notice the difference and bought $2000 sub only to discover minutes later that it was NOT guaranteeing to refund my money if I as not satisfied.
    So I emailed "members@…" and asked immediately for the refund as I have not even logged into the service not received any of the reports etc.
    Unfortunately, despite repeated emails I did NOT hear from them, so I will have to reverse credit card transaction as FRAUDULENT as this was clearly a SCAM tactic!
    And in New Zealand Fair Trade Laws do not allow such methods, with 7 days refund claim period.
    How can you get 100% satisfaction if you don't get back your money but are FORCED into some other similar scam ?!
    So please expose this fraudster for what he is, regardless of his "success".
    New Zealand

  • I bought SDGR in Nov 2020 at $59/share and it soared to $105 on 2/19/21 which was a 78% gain. I wish I took my profits or even sold half my shares but Jeff recommended holding on. This turned out to be poor advice. Since then the stick has crashed to around $55 a share. I sold it all at $60- basically breaking even. It has risen to ~$72/share today. Joel Litman’s Altimeter, Trade Smith, and Marc Chaikin’s

    • Similar experience with several of his recommendations. One actually went way up but he said to hold on – there is more, It is now a big loser.
      Others just took the short route down. His recommendation: hold on, it will go up. Don't use stop loss utilities as market is too volatile.
      C'est la guerre.

    • since you bought SGDR you might have more details of anything that came from that company to fight pancreatic cancer. like a name of a drug or anything. not one had anything good to say about jeff brown, i know but i’m looking for anything that might give some information. i know, if it sounds un-believable it probably is. the company looks legit. i’ll try there next.

  • Thank you very much for divulging these scam teasers. You know you are helping millions of people by exposing these heartless people. It is one thing to spend good, hard earned money to advance one’s financial situation, but to be intentionally scammed for profit, when they already financially stable or to gain their financial stability at the expense of unsuspecting people who just want to have a better life, is heartless numb and inhuman. I’m retired, I read quite a bit of these hypes in various financial articles. Luckily, i have avoided a number of them from a common adage “Too good to be true”. I just happen to come across you on the teaser of 5G stock “Gilt”. I am ever grateful for your research on these teasers.

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