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Jeff Brown’s “6G” Stocks Exposed! – “Backdoor” Opportunities

Jeff Brown 6G Stocks Review

July 14, 2020 by Anders

Jeff Brown has been teasing the opportunity to invest in "6G" stocks. Yes, you read that correctly, "6G"... as he calls it.

This opportunity is said to be able to make early investors a fortune from of a few key investments, but can it really? Of course you can't always trust 100% of what you hear in investment teasers.

In this short review I'll be going over what's going on here and also exposing the stocks he's teasing. You can thank me later.

The teaser:

There is probably more than one teaser variation floating around, but what I came across was titled "Forget About 5G: The Biggest Companies in the World Pay Millions Every Monty to Use Exclusive '6G' Network"...

Jeff Brown 6G

Jeff Brown, as we know, is the guy behind this all. He's an ex-tech executive who has worked in Silicon Valley and Tokyo, with expertise in the chip, processor, and semiconductor fields. His background has allowed him to get unique perspectives and "inside" information on new technologies, which is why he's also a very successful angel investor and why he was, for example, one of the first invited to sit in a self-driving car on a NASA campus back in 2011. He knows a thing or two about tech investing, that's for sure... but he's also good at really hyping up new opportunities, and for this reason you can't fall for everything he says.

It's "Too Late" to Invest in 5G..

This new "6G" tech he's been teasing "will make regular 5G obsolute", according to him.

And he goes on to claim that "if you’re just getting around to investing in 5G… you’re too late".

Really Jeff? Too late to invest in 5G stocks already? Then, let me ask you... why are you still out there teasing your 5G stock picks, such as your "#1 tech stock" for example!?

An "Early Version" of 6G..

That's what we are told this new tech is... and "early version" of 6G. 

Brown tells us that it is the "next level up in speed, processing, and computing power", and that all the top companies out there are investing heavily in this tech...

Even Netflix, Facebook, Apple and other big tech companies are paying a fortune for access to this "6G" network - Apple is paying over $30 million a month to use this network to run its iCloud and Apple Music services.

He goes on to tell us that this network (6G) is capable of processing data instantaneously. This is what everyone wants... faster data processing... which is important for a lot of things, especially with all the new tech like AI, IoT, etc. being developed.

We are told that "6G is not another spectrum of wireless", but I'll get more into what exactly this "6G" is that he's talking about in a bit.

The Investment Opportunity to "Make a Fortune"..

There's just one company behind this new "6G" network. Jeff is calling it "the most important tech company in the world".

This information he tells us... it's AWS he's talking about. HOWEVER, this isn't the big investment opportunity being teased here.

Of course, there is a "backdoor way to make a fortune off this company".

Brown tells us that "a few key investments in 6G could mean huge gains for investors".

There are 2 smaller companies that he suggests investing in to profit big from this tech.

As stated, "there’s a small company whose critical hardware makes this 6G network go"... and "this company could soar".

That is just one of the two companies being teased, but I'll expose what he's teasing here in a bit.

The sales pitch:

If you are familiar with how these investment teasers work then you know they always end in a sales pitch.

All the information on how to profit off of "6G", including the names of the companies he suggests investing in, is included in a special report titled Beyond 5G: How to Make a Fortune Off Amazon Web Services...

This report is something that he's actually giving out for "free"... so he says.

The idea is that you can get the report for "free", but in order for that to happen you'll first have to take out that credit card of yours and join his paid newsletter advisory service, called The Near Future Report. This is an investment advisory service where he provides subscribers with tech investment recommendations on a regular basis. It costs $129/yr normally, but is usually discounted to $49 for the first year.

6G and "The Most Important Tech Company in the World"

What the heck is this 6G talk?

The "6G" that Jeff Brown is talking about is not "true" 6G, just "another level of network beyond 5G".

Remember how AT&T got sued for claiming their networks were 5G when they weren't? Ya, well this is the same sort of thing that Jeff Brown is doing here... just he'll get away with it like always.

This "6G" that Jeff is talking about actually runs on the 5G spectrum.

As was mentioned, it can process loads more data and runs faster, it allows for processing and analyzing data simultaneously... and this makes it important for all the new AI, IoT, etc. types of tech.

What is "6G"? 

It's nothing more than top-notch cloud computing services. And more specifically, it's the top-notch service that AWS offers.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

This is Jeff Brown's "most important tech company in the world".

AWS is a subsidiary of Amazon that provides an on-demand cloud computing platform. They have servers located all around the world and have grown to become Amazon's most profitable business venture, largely due to the extensive infrastructure they have in place... and of course the highest quality hardware being implemented into their servers.

As was mentioned, tons of big companies use their web services... and they have the most advanced hardware in the world.

However, this isn't running some monopoly here. While AWS is at the top of the industry and is the most broadly adopted cloud platform in the world, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform are right up there with them. Apple, for example, hosts iCloud components on Microsoft Azure and the Google Cloud Platform as well. 

Brown tells us that there is just "one company" behind this "6G"... but the "6G" he's talking about isn't even 6G... and this is misleading, plain and simple.

But anyways... he teases some backdoor opportunities to invest in the tech here, so let's see if we can expose them so that you don't have to buy into that "free" report he's giving out.

The "Backdoor" Investment Opportunities

Jeff Brown teases 3 different investment opportunities, the first of which is just buying AMZN... not a backdoor opportunity, but the other 2 are...

  1. Buy Amazon (AMZN)
  2. Buy the company that makes the hardware for AWS
  3. Buy the company who makes processors for AMS's data centers...

They both are actually hardware companies from the sounds of it, but of course he doesn't give us the names of companies #2 and #3.

So, let's see what we can find out from the clues given, which were very limited.

Company #2

  • Brown said that "this company would be the top tech stock of 2016"
  • In the early days they were "mostly a gaming company"

And we were told that this is the same company that makes the advanced hardware for Google's And Microsoft's cloud computing services.

So... not much to go off of here, but luckily just enough for me to piece together this puzzle.

The company being teased here is good old Nvidia (NVDA).

Nvidia is a GPU (graphics processing unit) manufacturer that started out making these processors for gaming devices, and has since expanded into professional markets. Their "chips" are now used in everything from gaming consoles, to self-driving vehicles, to AWS's services and much more.

All of the clues match up well, but what really gave this away was when he stated it was his top tech pick of 2016, which I found out it was after doing some digging around.

Nvidia it is, but what about the other company?...

Company #3

This company has to do with making processors for storing data or something like this. We're told that it...

  • "is producing the bulk of these processors for AWS"
  • "In the fourth quarter of 2019, sales were over $2 billion"

When Brown states that it makes "processors" for AWS, it's hard to know exactly what he means by this. After all, Amazon itself is already custom building their own "Graviton" processors, but they also use Intel and AMD processors for their EC2 services.

This is a tricky one and there aren't any good clues given. However, it seems that AMD is a pretty good match. As mentioned, AMD does provide processors to AWS for some of their services, and it was also mentioned that this company's sales were over $2 billion in the fourth quarter of 2019. Well, AMD's 2019 fourth quarter sales were reported at $2.13 billion

AMD is actually a competitor to Nvidia, making GPUs and CPUs, with some of their products known for their high memory clockspeeds.

Is it AMD? This one I'm not positive on.

*If you know the company Brown is teasing here, or have any guesses, please comment below this post!

Good Opportunity or Not?

It's not as good as he teases it to be, as usual, but is still worth a look no-doubt.

However, the opportunity here is misleading. Jeff Brown acts as if the companies he's teasing are almost entirely dependent on the success of AWS. Now, I'm not worried about AWS's success, I think it's a good long-term business and in recent years has climbed its was to the top with high profits. However, Nvidia and AMD will still be fine if AWS would somehow fail. 

Sure, they will piggyback on AWS's success to some extent because the company buys from them, but they both have many other large customers who need their hardware... and both are getting in on the AI revolution and other big technologies.

Nvidia is a company many are bullish on. It's actually been teased quite a bit recently, even by Jeff Brown himself in the past as an "AI Accelerator" company.

As always, do your own due diligence before investing in any of the companies being teased.

Quick Recap & Conclusion

  • Jeff Brown says that you should "forget about 5G"... he claims "6G" is here and that investors can make a fortune if they know where to invest.
  • He claims that AWS is "the most important tech company in the world" - and they are the company behind this "6G".
  • The "6G" Brown talks about isn't really 6G... but anyways, he teases two "backdoor" investment opportuties to get in on it.
  • In order to find out what the 2 stocks are that he's teasing, you have to get his "free" report, which you have to pay for by subscribing to his Near Future Report newsletter advisory service.
  • I've just exposed his stock picks so that now you don't have to buy into his service just to find out (well, one of them for sure anyhow - AMD I'm not 100% sure on).

You're welcome!

I hope this short review has provided some value to you, which is our aim here at Green Bull Research. 

As always, let us know what you think of these picks in the comment section below. Will they make investors a fortune?


Anders is the founder and chief editor of Green Bull Research. When he's not investigating new opportunities and adding to his portfolio, you might find him taking a nature walk or reading a Steven Pressfield novel.

  • Thanks for this! I’m just learning about investing so I was almost duped! Are there any suggestions on free resources for newbies or “dummies” new to investing?

    • Glad to help Rachel!

      INSIDER Weekly is a good resource that we actually do recommend here at Green Bull. It’s probably better if you have some experience investing, but newbies should be able to follow along. That said, it’s not free. They have a $1 trial for the first month and then it’s $35/mo after that. It’s worth it though. You can find more information here.

      • Hi,
        My name is cliff …….. i was told that you have a 50 dollar deal on getting info and wondered if if stilll was up for grabs . i saw the videos as adds and thats how i found out about you, Cliff Street

        • Hi Cliff. I think you might be talking about some sort of promotional offer from Jeff Brown and the company he works for, which we here at Green Bull Research are not affiliated with in any way. Here we don’t have any such $50 deal.


  • Dear Anders it's people like you that restores hope back into my life. I was lost and overwhelmed and I was fortunate enough to find your brilliant mind and sharing kind heart. I found hope when I found you. I am a survivor and I don't have much but had to go all in to change my life. It was long hard research to much to handle and then you have refreshed my determination and will to take this bull by the horns. Thank you so much for you being you and giving back to the ordinary everyday human being. I love you Amanda

    • Hi Amanda. I really appreciate the kind words. These are the comments that help myself and others here at Green Bull keep going. I wish you the best and am glad to help!

  • Thank you for being honest. If your not sure you say so. I am perplexed at these billionaires who say they want to help us with their free advice but you have to pay a sum of money for an annual subscription and when you get the subscription you find that it's worthless. Now, every time I see "Ad" in front of a title, I know that it's another lie, it's not free!!! Can't they be charged for false advertising by U. S. Government watchdogs?

    Thanks again for being honest.

    Ed Strite

  • My research shows Samsung has replaced AMD 5nm chips in testla self driving vehicles I would guess he is pushing amd because the other 2 are too expensive for the little person!

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