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Jason Simpkins’ Invisible Detection Tech Stock – 21,608% Gains?

September 21, 2020 by Theodor

By now, you are probably familiar with the claim “one tiny stock will bring you massive earnings” and variations of this same theme. Dozens of financial analysts, money gurus, and investment consultants claim they have the “next best thing” that will help you attain incredible returns with just a small initial investment. Enter Jason Simpkins, and his latest pitch, the Invisible Detection tech stock. We have covered Jason's teasers in the past – Simpkin's Laser Defense Firm Exposed!

This initial teaser of Simpkins' dates back more than a year but he periodically changes it to make sure it perfectly fits the current economic environment. His “Invisible Detection” tech stock is no different since he has been talking about it for over a year only to “re-polish” a few times.

In his latest marketing gimmick, Simpkins talks about potential 21,608% gains from a “tiny tech stock that just won the World War against COVID-19.” This is a bit of stretch to say the least, as the U.S. is still struggling with over 4.5 million cases as of this writing, as well as social distancing, and other measures meant to contain the virus.

Either way, he promises to reveal the company’s name and ticker symbol if you subscribe to his marketing newsletter, The Wealth Warrior, for $99 per year. For this deal, the author throws in one Special report – Invisible Detection: 2,500% Gains on the Coronavirus Tech Boom, as well as two other Bonus Reports – The 5th Branch of Military: Profit From the $232 Billion Cyber War and The 5G Mega-War: Profit From the $12 Trillion Race for Wireless Dominance. On top of these, you will also get 12 monthly issues of the newsletter, buy and sell alerts, and other “insider” investment opportunities.

For those of you who don’t want to break the piggy bank just yet, we will reveal the name of the company and its ticker symbol a little later in this article to let you decide for yourself whether or not it is a good investment. 


Who is Jason Simpkins?

With a vast experience of over 10 years as a financial reporter and analyst, Jason Simpkins currently serves as the Investment Director of The Wealth Warrior, the newsletter program he’s pitching in the teaser we’re discussing. 

He's written more than 1,000 articles in the fields of macroeconomics and finance and even launched his own energy-based investment newsletter, teaching people how to smartly invest their money and what stocks to buy. Of course, you will find exaggerations similar to the “21,608% gains” mentioned here as he is urging people to subscribe to his service and such hype sometimes works to lure people in that are in search of fast returns.


A Real 21,608% Opportunity?

Simpkins talks about a small tech company currently active in the field of AI and virtual reality (VR), which will potentially bring you $1 million dollars for a small initial investment of just $5,000. We're not shocked as we have covered teasers with similar lofty claims here in the past – Project Xi Tech Stocks – Breakthrough of the Century?

He goes on to talk about the technology that the company has already implemented in schools, airports, and governmental buildings, claiming that it “stopped mass shootings in schools…prevented terror attacks in public arenas…and it made companies billions in sales”

You don’t have to be a financial genius to know that Simpkins is hyping up the opportunity to justify his newsletter's $99 yearly subscription fee. After all, who wouldn’t want to retire with a few million dollars from just one successful stock investment? 

However, the market for VR and AI powered retail signage respectively, is already extremely competitive, with new technologies being developed and implemented on a monthly basis. Thus, there are plenty of investment opportunities, some of them with potential big returns over the short to mid-term. But, is Simpkins’ chosen company one of them? Let’s take a closer look at it and what he promises.


The Company Being Teased

Michael claims that a tiny “20-cent-per share company has all the patents” for a new technology and that investing in it, could potentially bring you “1,500% gains that is only the beginning.”

  • One of the first clues he throws in is “a new device – greenlighted by Trump Executive Order 13769 – combining AI and Machine Vision”. He goes on to say that, “On February 10, 2017, Trump issued Executive Order 13769 which greenlighted ‘Stealth ID’ technology to be deployed at airports and border…”
  • He continues by mentioning that among its customers “are big Fortune 100 companies and governments” and this tech can be used in a variety of fields, including identifying potentially terrorist threats as well as new cases of COVID-19 through thermal scanning. 
  • Another clue is that this specific company has already struck a deal with Intel but, according to Simpkins, “when its name becomes known, it won’t trade for under $1 for long. Or even $10 or $25.” Also, according to the author, “the company is already in talks with major U.S. cities to deploy on their citywide security camera networks and with major oil companies for pipeline monitoring.”

So, who is this company Simpkins is teasing? We put all the clues together and we think he’s talking about VSBLTY (OTC: VSBGF)

In its own words, VSBLTY, Inc. is a software company in the business of commercializing digital display and intelligent analytics. By combining interactive touch-screens and data-capture cameras, with cloud-based and edge-based facial analytics, VSBLTY, Inc. provides solutions for retailers and out of home digital signage networks.

The company does have some interesting technology, blending marketing tech with machine learning. But given the very early stage of development that the company is still at, it will be some time before their reality catches up to their potential…if it ever does. We would recommend keeping expectations in check and looking at the company as the speculative wager that it is.


Is It a Good Opportunity?

Truth be told, VSBLTY is a small company, with no real financials and little to no trading volume, which means investing in it at this stage is still very much a speculative trade. Since we’re also talking about a AI and VR market that is extremely volatile, its a double whammy here.

The company itself has only been around for five years and had low albeit growing revenue in 2016 and 2017 until it dropped off a cliff in 2018. The company is now back trying to transition pilot projects with customers to actual ongoing working relationships. 

As we mentioned earlier, we’re talking about a highly competitive digital signage field and things can dramatically change overnight. Currently, VSBLTY trades for around $0.11 per share, so Jason's $25 per share target over the short-term seems like a stretch. In fact, we highly doubt it, given various other companies are currently developing very similar technology and they are further along at this stage.


Quick Recap & Conclusion

  • In his latest marketing campaign, financial advisor Jason Simpkins pitches us his newsletter program, The Wealth Warrior, that sells for $99 per year. Once you subscribe, you receive three special reports, investment opportunities, full access to The Wealth Warrior website, as well as other bonuses to help you invest your money. However, if you don’t want to spend that cash, we revealed the company he teased and its ticker symbol for free.
  • The AI/VR company Simpkins teased was, VSBLTY, Inc. (OTC: VSBGF), a software company based in Canada founded back in 2015. It pushes its main product, a tech that combines AI and Virtual Reality (VR) to deliver a platform designed to invisibly detect potential threats. 
  • The company may have developed a technology “that might soon be a larger part of all our lives” according to Jason. However, we’re still skeptical when it comes to down to the actual financial performance, especially since it has only been publicly listed for about a year. As we already mentioned, it currently sells for around $0.11 per share and we have our doubts about Simpkins’ enthusiastic reviews that investing in it might bring you “1,500% gains.” 

What do you think about the AI/VR retail signage market? Do you know other companies better than VSBLTY in the same field? Do you think thermal scanning can help put an end to the COVID-19 pandemic? Let us know in the comments below.


Theodor is an old school value guy, when he's not looking for great companies and great prices you can find him on the basketball court hooping.

  • Hey!

    I REALLY appreciate you, Green Bull Research!

    I get sooooo tired of the teasers.

    It seems like these "expert" financial advisors, at least some of them if not most are making their money with there "special' connections and insight by SELLING their advice!

    I am sure some of them have in fact made money with their ten years ago facts.

    NO ONE has a crystal ball and good sound personal research is ALWAYS the best way to approach the exposed teasers by Green Bull research!

    Once again, THANK YOU Green Bull Research for exposing theses teasers!

    I am 62 years old, worried about my current investments and am TRYING to protect what little my spouse and I have managed to save and invest after 41 years.

    Thank You…..once again!

  • Thank you for exposing the truth. You are the epitome of true journalism exposing hyped up or bait and hook sources. Keep it up!

  • I was totally scammed by Jason's infomercial and lost over $2,000. in the first week.
    I did some research on the web and would not be able to break even on this VSBFGF
    stock until December 2021.
    He a total scam artist.
    The way he makes a lot of money on these informercials is buy the stocks being promoted
    at their lowest point.
    He then releases his phony info and then enough people fall for the scheme and the stock
    goes up he sell at a profit and the stock price drops.
    He then waits a while and releases the informercial again and repeats his scheme all over again.
    Scam artist extraordinaire!

  • Wow, it gives me an overview of what Mr. Simpkins talking about. The reason I able to reach your site is to search for invisible detection, as I was wondering why on earth that I need to subscribe to his newsletter in order for me to get the details of the company. Thanks for the information, now I know.

  • thank you for your work. mr. simpkins is promoting access to buy stocks of another company that will transport nanosats of the burgeoning low earth orbit satellite industry into space for a fraction of what spaces charges. again, potential returns are in four digits. but this one sounds having good potential. i'll do more scrounging into info of this company.

  • Hallo,
    I look a little at old opportunities that you have developed.
    this company was at $ 0.11 when he recommended the company.
    so about 1 year later it had given 1000% return, so it was not a bad tip.

    Have you checked afterwards which analyzes have given the best return, who has succeeded best of all Analysts?

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