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Jason Williams’ “Electric Glass” Company – Turn $500 Into $131,600?

June 18, 2021 by Theodor

Former investment banker Jason Williams is here today to talk to us about how “a highly conductive glass” is going to create an energy revolution and that there is “one tiny company at the center of it all”.

For those who have seen their fair share of investment newsletter pitches, this one starts out in a similar fashion with mention of “revolutionary technology” that you need to “get in early on”. Despite this, lets see if this “electric glass” can really reshape the world or if its all smoke and mirrors.


The Teaser

Williams begins by mentioning how small pieces of “highly conductive glass” are ten times more powerful than even Tesla’s lithium-ion batteries and can help power an entire city. Creating a disruptive, cheaper, cleaner, more efficient way to provide power as opposed to electricity.

Jason Williams has worked as an investment banking analyst for Morgan Stanley and “built up a network of CEOs, billionaire investors, startup funders”, etc. from scratch. He left Wall Street to become an investment consultant and is also the founder of “Main Street Ventures”, a pre-IPO investment service. We have covered one of Jason's previous Angel Publishing teasers here – “Farm Cash” which strides an entirely different chord and talks about royalty streams.

According to Jason, as more homes and businesses convert to solar, they’ll need “Electric Glass” to help them store their excess energy for later. One of the reasons cited for solar's lack of adoption to date is its hefty price tag, with expensive lithium as a primary material, it can get quite expensive. 

This is where “Electric Glass” comes in, as one of its primary ingredients is plain old sodium. Which costs around $3 a kilo compared to about $9 for a kilogram of lithium.  So not only is “Electric Glass” 10 times more powerful than lithium-ion batteries, but “it may only cost a third of that to install a powerful solar battery on your home”.

Jason thinks this is just the beginning.


The Pitch

As usual, in order to find out the name of this renewable energy play, you are asked to pony up $99 for an annual subscription to The Wealth Advisory, which is an Angel Financial publication.

For this price, you will get access to the special report “How to Get In On the Ground Floor of the Multitrillion Dollar Electric Glass Revolution”, where he reveals the name and ticker symbol of the company that creates “electric glass batteries” as well as 12 monthly issues of the newsletter, VIP access to its private archives, weekly market updates and two special bonus reports.


What in the World is Electric Glass?

As the pitch continues, it becomes evident quite quickly that what he refers to as electric glass is nothing more than solid-state batteries, which aren’t new by any means. In fact, they have been teased and discussed by many other investment advisors before, so the novelty claims Williams was relying on are far from reality. These batteries have also been referred to as “forever batteries”, “Quantum glass batteries”, and yes even “Jesus batteries”. There are currently a number of companies that manufacture them and the same “glass battery” tech that Williams is teasing here, is the exact same one that was teased by Matt McCall, in 2020.

As we listen to more from Williams’, we find out that, according to him, these batteries “will transform the entire $3.3 trillion energy industry” including:

  • Wind – a rising $184 billion industry
  • Hydropower – a roughly $500 billion industry
  • The $5 billion geothermal market

In addition to creating millions of jobs over the next few years. Williams concludes by stating that “he expects the return on “Electric Glass” to make Tesla look like chump change”.

Thankfully, for most of the presentation, the author generously drops details about the company being pitched, so we were able to nail down the one he keeps boasting about. Keep reading.


Exposing The Company That Makes The “Electric Glass Battery”

Since Williams’ pitch was filled with useful hints and details about the company being teasing, here is everything we were able to uncover:

  • First, he talks about “a small company” that could disrupt the energy industry through its technology.
  • He mentions that the US Department of Energy gave this company its initial seed funding back in 2010. According to the document, “it’s gearing up to deploy ‘electric glass’ to 8,000 charging stations across the country in one of the largest infrastructure contracts in history.”
  • According to him, “this tiny company owns more than 200 critical patents for this groundbreaking technology and has a virtual lock on the entire global supply of ‘electric glass’”.
  • He also claims that “the founder was a boy genius who immigrated to America at just 15 years old to study computer science at the University of Maryland”.
  • In 1987, still only 20 years old, he was recruited by Hewlett-Packard to modernize its telecommunication division. 
  • Williams also says that “on the board is not one, but two former Tesla execs who left Elon Musk’s company to throw their chips in with this one” and since this “electric glass” company is one of the main competitors to Tesla, it only makes this that much more significant.
  • We also learned that the likes of Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Alibaba’s founder, Jack Ma, and others have poured hundreds of millions of dollars into this company to help them make “electric glass  a reality”.

Based on all these clues, we were able to identify the company in question as Quantumscape Corp. (NYSE: QS), a secretive battery startup that went public through a Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) merger last year. Here are some things that gave it away:


Good Opportunity to Get in on the Ground Floor?

Secretive is a fitting word to describe Quantumscape. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but one concern is that nobody outside the company knows how well their batteries really work and since there aren’t any details besides the their own optimistic SPAC go-public presentation that goes into at least some of the details, there really isn't a whole lot to go on.

Our ever-handy Value Spreadsheet analysis bears out this point, indicating that the stock is currently ahead of the existing business fundamentals:


Quick Recap & Conclusion

  • Jason Williams is a former Wall Street banker who now works as an investment consultant. He is the founder of Main Street Ventures and the author of The Wealth Advisory
  • In one of his latest videos, he pitches a special report “How to Get In On the Ground Floor of the Multitrillion Dollar Electric Glass Revolution”, where he teases the name and ticker symbol of a company that creates “quantum glass batteries”.
  • To find out the name of this company, you need to pay $99 for an annual subscription to The Wealth Advisory.
  • Fortunately, the author offered us up relevant hints throughout the pitch and we were able to identify the company in question for free as Quantumscape (NYSE: QS).
  • Even though the company has patent protection for an in-demand product, without a tangible product currently on the market, its too early to go all in on Quantumscape at this time.

What do you think of solid-state batteries? Will they be the engine that drives electric vehicles or will it be something else? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.


Theodor is an old school value guy, when he's not looking for great companies and great prices you can find him on the basketball court hooping.

  • I think lithium-based batteries are going to come up short and it's going to come down to solid state batteries and/or hydrogen fuel cells. There's a company in the UK that is working on solid state batteries, too. I don't know if Quantumscape is going to be profitable or not but the solid state battery space bears watching.

  • I enjoy reading these articles more than the law should allow! I'm so happy I found you. I can entertain myself all day on your website. Thank you for making this information available to me. I am 64 years old and this reminds me, oddly, of playing a game in elementary school, Black Magic. Mind you that was a long time ago, and it still bothers me. You see you had to be “in” on it or you never understood the game. Heck no, I'm not going to ruin it for everyone and tell now. To this day I don't like magic. The clowns that write these teasers that go on for an eternity, you aren't able to move lest you have to start over, slay me. I must admit they got me a couple times. Then never again! I'd hang on to the next word believing their promise to reveal the “secret”, only to have wasted an hour and a half of my wonderful life.

    Toche’ Theodor, PHENOMENAL writing. Informative and interesting read. Keep ‘em coming!

    Patricia Kelly

  • I keep getting emails from Tom Gentile and it seems like he comes up with a new $1499.00 deal every week or month. What’s the deal with him? Is he a scammer?

    • My friends and I did the Tom Gentile's Microcurrency Trader" 2019-2020 and although he made some good calls on a few short-term and many long-term cryptocurrencies… he fell short on his promise, the guarantee, and his email was non-existent when we tried to use his contact to ask for a refund. Just over half were good-great calls, we lost around five profits that were losses. We made some money, but it's not like the guarantee percentage he claimed it would make.

      There's free signals "Live" on youtube, and it's not a bad idea to learn charts and make your own style of trading that suits you best.

  • I own a few shares of a lithium mine. Sounds as if this glass battery in not as great as this guy says it is. But–the latest I read is that a aluminum ion battery is the latest and will put the lithium battery in the rear view mirror. Know anything about it???

    • Hi Art. You can purchase shares on my different platforms. TD Ameritrade, E-Trade, Fidelity Investments… these are some of the more popular ones.

  • thank you for your analysis–I was considering investing in his Wealth Advisory but already own memberships in other Angel Publishing offerings. I believe I will pass on this as they failed to give me a botton to push to join. It is also more expenxive at $909.00 for a year then the $49.00 I was willing to pay. Thank you again, Maida Burrow

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