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George Gilder’s “5G Killer” Stocks – Exposed

George Gilder 5G Killer Stocks

March 31, 2021 by Anders

In a recent investment teaser, tech futurist George Gilder has been luring subscribers into his investment newsletter service by teasing the opportunity to invest in "The 5G Killer" technology. He teases several stocks here... and it's these stocks that we'll be exposing right now - for free!

According to Gilder, this "once-forgotten tech... could bring the $13.1 trillion 5G revolution to a grinding halt"...

George Gilder has been called a lot of things over the years, most notably he was called "America's Foremost Tech Prophet" by The Economist. And the reason for this has been his uncanny ability to predict changes in technology and future trends. Some of his more notable predictions include predicting the "death" of cable TV in 1994 and the smartphone revolution before the iPhone even came out. Now of course he isn't able to predict the future of tech to perfection, but has been rather successful in seeing which directions things might unfold, in a more general sense, which is obviously great if you're a tech investor. That said, we also know his teaser pitches can be a bit over-hyped, as we saw in his "Reboot" and "15G" investment teasers... so don't get too excited just yet.

Right now he claims we could see the end of 5G. Yes, that's right, 5G is just getting started and we're being told that it could be the end of it already... all thanks to some "5G Killer" tech that has something to do with "Docket 18-295".

What Is This 5G Killer Tech?

As we're told, this "5G killer" technology has something to do with Docket 18-295.

Gilder also makes mention of a "Docket 18-413", which was a document from 1985 that allowed new tech firms to innovate across the wireless communication spectrum.

And that's what this new docket... Docket 18-295 is all about. In a nutshell, Docket 18-295 is a document that was just released in 2020 that opens up a new part of the wireless communication spectrum to public companies for the first time, or at least to the public in the mobile communications area. It's actually been used by microwave services to support utilities, public safety and more, but as for mobile communications like using it to access a funny cat video on your iPhone, well, this is new.

Gilder claims that access to this new 6 GHz part of the spectrum is bringing about “WiFi 6E enabled” routers and these will be "significantly faster than even the best that 5G has to offer”.

In the US wifi has traditionally been operating on the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands, and with new wifi 6 devices having the ability to operate on 6 GHz there is a big opportunity for companies to bring faster connections to internet users accross the US. 

The opportunity here is pretty obvious. We all want faster internet, and with this new part of the spectrum being opened to the public, we can have it. Not only that, but wifi 6 will also be able to handle more connected devices and could decrease battery drainage on said devicesa.

Will WIFI 6 Really "Kill" 5G?

Probably not, which is why the name "5G Killer" that George Gilder is using here is a bit misleading.

What we're more likely to see in the future is a world were 5G and wifi 6 work together to bring us higher speeds and increased capacity.

Wifi and cellular networks have always coexisted, so why would this change now?

Wifi is a LAN (local area network) that we use indoors, generally speaking. And cellular networks like 5G are WAN (wide area networks) that we use for both indoors and outdoors... again, generally speaking.

Theres is no reason wifi 6 will kill 5G. Wifi will continue to be used more for indoors due to it's lesser cost of deployment, and 5G will be used more for outdoors because of its longer range (although not very long). The two technologies compliment eachother.

Gilder's "5G Killer" Stocks

I'm not going to go too much into detail here because we've actually already exposed these stocks in a past article. This is because Gilder's new "5G Killer" teaser actually isn't that new. It is more like a re-hashed old teaser that he slapped a shiny new name on.

Anyways, Gilder teases 3 stocks to get in on this new opportunity. Normally you'd have to buy into his advisory service called The George Gilder Report to get access to the report (Three Spectrum Millionaire-Makers) that provides the details on these stocks. But luckily for you, you came across Green Bull Research and we help expose stocks like this for free.

Let's go over some of the clues and expose them, shall we?

  • Stock #1 makes "the computer chips required to tap into the new 6 GHz band" and we are also told that this company already supplies computer chips to Apple, Comcast, Google, Microsoft, and even Tesla. We also know that Gilder recommended this firm in the past, and claims it "soared more than 20x in the next four years" after his recommendation. Now he thinks it's a must-own again.

The pick here matches niclely with Qualcomm (QCOM). They have already started making wifi 6 chipsets and Gilder has been bullish on the stock for years, having been recommending it since the year 2000 and maybe earlier (hard to find information earlier than that). Not only that, but from the company's 1992 lows to it's peak in early 2000, it's stock did soar over 20x. So it could be that Gilder recommended the stock as far back as then.

  • Stock #2 "already supplies close to 58 million homes and businesses across America" and "could be installing its technology in your neighborhood". We're also told that "its network is already growing at an exponential rate – doubling roughly every 18-24 months".

Comcast (CMCSA) looks like the pick here. When they became the nation's largest internet provider there were all sorts of reports about how they covered nearly "58 million homes and businesses". And the company also "has increased speeds 17 times in 17 years and doubles the capacity of its broadband network every 18-24 months" (source). It's a good match here.

  • Stock #3 "just made one of the smartest acquisitions in history. It now supplies nine of the world’s top ten global internet networks and the top six internet content providers". It's also a company that he's known the founder of for over 2 decades.

Last but not least, this third stock pick looks like Infinera (INFN). They do supply most of the top internet networks and Gilder has met David Welch, one of the company's founders, over the years and Welch even spoke at some of Gilder's conferences, such as his Telecosm 2009, but the clues here are pretty vague. That said, Gilder has also talked about and recommended the company in the past, so it's likely this is the one being teased once again.

Is the Opportunity That Great?

If you're looking for life-changing profits then these stocks probably aren't for you. The first two are bluechip and it certainly wouldn't be easy for them to double or triple in price. At the time of writing this Comcast's market cap is at $251 billion and we have Qualcomm's market cap at $147 billion. Infinera is the smallest company of them all with a market cap at $1.94 billion, so this one has better potential here for large gains.

The market emerging around wifi 6 does present some good investment opportunities, but these probably aren't ones that are going to make you rich, or at least not the first two. As always, you have to try to balance risk to reward, and with these comanies the risk is much lower than most, but so is the potential reward.

Quick Recap & Conclusion

  • George Gilder is teasing the opportunity to invest in "5G Killer" technology.
  • All the details on these stocks are in his report titled Three Spectrum Millionaire-Makers, which you only can get if you buy into his The George Gilder Report newsletter service.
  • This is a re-hashed teaser that has been used in the past.
  • We've just exposed the three stocks Gilder is teasing for free - Qualcomm (QCOM), Comcast (CMCSA), and Infinera (INFN) look like positive matches here.

And that's it! You're welcome!

I hope you've found some value in this article. As always, let us know what you think of these stock picks in the comment section below. Are they worth investing in? Will wifi 6 really "kill" 5G?


Anders is the founder and chief editor of Green Bull Research. When he's not investigating new opportunities and adding to his portfolio, you might find him taking a nature walk or reading a Steven Pressfield novel.

  • Thank you Anders, if I had the money I would already b w/your company: am making some $ but, not enough to join you. I bought UUUU at $1.58 and it is making $$$ for me; have taken some of the table & look forward to joining you. Have you moved to Singapore? Stay well/healthy/wealthy…! Thanks

  • "If you're looking for life-changing profits then these stocks probably aren't for you."

    Exactly my opinion also !

  • Love getting these names without having to pay for membership in any of these investment services. Not sure if all these improvements in communication are necessary. Hate to tell you I don't even own a smartphone. Maybe I'll venture to get a simple one from Jitterbug. So you see I am not really qualified to say anything of value about this field of investment.

  • Thank you so much for your efforts into researching and sharing the information. I would definitely not have figured out on my own the three stocks referred to by you.

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