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Eric Fry’s Stock Picks EXPOSED [Updated 2024]

January 3, 2024 by Phil

In this article, we will expose Eric Fry's stock picks to help you assess him and his services. Based on what we've seen, he is mostly interested in energy and technology. Obviously, both are in demand today.

The editor currently has two services at InvestorPlace. The first one is more conservative (Fry's Investment Report) and the second, more aggressive (The Speculator).

To help you, Green Bull Research will use this space for a running list of his teasers, so do check this out once in a while. You know how we aim to provide in-depth analysis and research for our readers.

Our website will continue to look at the clues and expose the companies.

This way, you do not need to subscribe right away just to see what they are. Our goal is to save you money and time, as unsubscribing from many newsletters can be such a painful process.

So check out our list below.

*Got a recommendation that's not on the list? Let us know in the comment section below this post.*

Fry's 2023 Picks

His “iFuel” Hydrogen Stocks"

  • Title of Teaser Presentation: “iFuel” Hydrogen Stocks
  • Name of "Special" Report: "Five Explosive Microcaps For 10X Hydrogen Gains" and "The $14 Trillion Energy Transition Playbook'"
  • Promoted Under: The Speculator

Eric Fry is banking on a so-called "iFuel" to help the U.S. become energy independent. Since he believes Hydrogen will be "the" energy source of the future, you can get sky-high returns with his Hydrogen stock picks.

Those pushing for a carbon-free future see Hydrogen as the next best thing. It's supposed to be the key to a more sustainable global energy source.

In fact, the federal government is among its biggest backers. Therefore, we can see how it has the capacity to accelerate in the future. Fry believes we can finally see it grow because of falling prices.

To capitalize on Hydrogen, you, therefore, need to know which companies are leading in the space. Of course, he wants to help you make gains by investing in these stocks.

However, you need to subscribe to his investment research service, The Speculator.

Aside from the newsletter, you will also gain access to his special reports: Five Explosive Microcaps For 10X Hydrogen Gains and The $14 Trillion Energy Transition Playbook.

In these reports, he will reveal which companies are taking advantage of the high interest in clean energy. 

Among his iFuel Hydrogen stocks, we have information on his first two.

The first one is actually revealed by Fry himself.

A prominent player in the industry, it is a huge oil corporation. Further, the business just established the world's largest investment fund focused on clean hydrogen initiatives.

This is Fry's top pick because its $1.6 billion fund will prioritize hydrogen projects across the entire production chain. For the editor, it's a safe bet that it will benefit from the continuing rise of Hydrogen.

The company? TotalEnergies SE (NYSE: TTE).

As for the second one, our only hint is that they manufacture cutting-edge electrolyzers, which are required for the creation of Hydrogen.

We are speculating here, but we think this is mainly due to a lack of electrolyzers available today.

This is critical since electrolyzers are critical in completing all planned hydrogen projects. As a result, this subsection will experience accelerated expansion in the coming years.

Based on what we know, we believe the stock might be Plug Power Inc. (Nasdaq: PLUG). However, we are not too certain about it due to the limited clues provided.

As we studied the other stocks, they're mainly different components in making Hydrogen work as "the" main clean energy source. Since he has provided no further information, that's the most we have on the teaser.

***If you are a subscriber and know what his picks are, please let us know so we can update this post!***

>> Read our full write-up of this "iFuel" Hydrogen Stocks here.

Picks From 2022

His “Trade of the Decade"

  • Title of Teaser Presentation: "Trade of the Decade"
  • Name of "Special" Report: "Trade of the Decade Portfolio"
  • Promoted Under: The Speculator

The editor's teaser is supposed to tell you what the ultimate trade for these times is. According to Fry, if you invest in his recommendations, you can get up to 1,000% gains. Is this really attainable? Let's talk about it. 

So, what is this "Trade of the Decade?" Three letters: O. I. L.

Despite the surge of interest in emerging markets like solar and wind, and even electric cars, the investor believes don't bet against reliable oil.

In no way is he saying the new "green" options will not make money, of course. But based on his research and analysis, you'll make the most with oil.

His reasoning? He has observed that there's still consistent demand for it. Further, this demand has also been greater than the actual global supply.

Fry believes any smart investor would need to take advantage of this. However, not everyone knows where to bet. In response, his special report will reveal to subscribers companies where you can get the most returns for your money.

Top 5

To be honest, the clues he leaves us do not give us too much.

For the first one, the editor tells us that its main customer base is the European market. This oil and gas company is benefitting because Europe's no longer keen on going to Russia for energy.

As to the second, Fry has his eyes on a so-called undervalued stock that seems to be hiding in plain sight. Since it's valued much lower than competitors, you can get huge upswings with this stock.

Meanwhile, the third apparently applies technology to the oil sector. It is a small-cap investment that he encourages his subscribers to check out. According to him, it's the leading company in sensors.

As for the last two companies, the clues make it even harder to figure out. All that we know is that these oil and gas companies are based in Canada. Moreover, they mostly cater to both Canada and the U.S.

Truth is, the clues are a little too general, but the third one could point to private companies like OSIsoft and Belmont Scientific.

Looking at the big picture, though, here is what we said in our past article on this teaser:

A leveraged trade into oil and gas producers isn’t necessary and a straight-up investment into the commodity referred to as “liquid gold” would suffice or something like the ProShares Ultra Crude Oil ETF (NYSE: UCO) that is up nearly 78% year-to-date.

***If you are a subscriber and know what his picks are, please let us know so we can update this post!***

>> Read our full write-up of "Trade of the Decade" here.

2020 Picks

His "Technochasm Stocks"

  • Title of Teaser Presentation: "The Technochasm Summit"
  • Name of "Special" Report: Technochasm Stocks
  • Promoted Under: The Speculator

In this presentation, Fry elaborates on a term he calls "technochasm." According to him, when you invest in this group of stocks that are changing the financial landscape, you can make up to 10x your money.

The investor gets deep in his discussion here. For him, there is a current "socioeconomic force" that will ultimately annihilate the "world's most prominent businesses and brands."

Well, we told you it's something.

Don't fret, he reassures us. Fry says that the good news here is that these will be replaced by innovative startups. As a result, there is room for "exponential progress." His example here is Amazon.

So to make the gains he promises, you need to know which seven small companies are about to go big. Of course, he will reveal these in his special report.

The One (of Seven)

In the summit, though, he only talks about one that's deeply connected to semiconductor manufacturers. Moreover, it has more than 800 patents, making it an essential ally to chipmakers.

Though a small company, it grew by 1,850% in 2019 with less than 1,000 employees. In fact, Fortune even named it “one of the fastest-growing companies in America in 2018.”

Based on these clues, we believe the company is Infinera (NASDAQ: INFN). It is a fast-rising American optical company with over 2,000 patents.

In addition, there's also a chance that Fry could be referring to Axcelis Technologies (NASDAQ: ACLS) or ON Semiconductor Corp. (NASDAQ: ON).

***If you are a subscriber and know what his picks are, please let us know so we can update this post!***

>> Read our full write-up of "Technochasm Stocks" here.

Who Is Eric Fry?

According to his profile, you can trust the editor because he knows what he is talking about. In fact, he was declared the winner at the Portfolios with Purpose investment competition in 2016.

In the contest, his impressive 150% returns in one year bested more than 500 other investors. InvestorPlace believes this clearly means you can trust him and his recommendations.

As well, the investor has nearly two decades of experience in international equities. In addition, Fry has been a portfolio manager for ten years, with a leaning on short-selling and international investments.

If you'll believe his press releases, he has seen 1,000% to 2,712% returns on his recommendations. 

Despite the seemingly impressive background, we always urge our readers to pause & research first. In this case, his newsletter costs a lot, and we want you to have an informed decision when subscribing.

Conclusion: Should You Buy Fry's Recommendations?

In the end, you will have to make the ultimate decision if you'll believe his picks. Fry does make huge claims, and this is typical of most investment research editors. 

This is why our goal here in exposing most teasers is to help you see what they are. Before giving your email and credit card details, there's a chance for you to examine if you're comfortable with his picks.

Though we expose them, we're not automatically saying you should buy them. Green Bull Research only has one stock advisory service we actually recommend, by the way.

Since we have already seen countless negative feedbacks from other newsletters, we encourage you to be careful in choosing which service you subscribe to. 

As for Eric Fry's stock picks, what's your take on them? Do let us know below so we can continue the conversation and help each other invest wisely.


A writer and researcher, Phil enjoys exploring topics about finance, investments, and consumer behavior. His two young kids serve as inspiration for his advocacy on education and the youth.

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