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Dr. Kent Moors’ “Sigma Surges” – What The Heck Are They?

December 29, 2020 by Theodor

In a recent video, Dr. Kent Moors presented a webinar in which he talked about the “Sigma Surges” or a complicated analytical tool that manages to go through thousands of mathematical equations and a large volume of data to identify stocks that can potentially “surge” and bring you profits of up to 400% in as little as a couple of weeks. 

These claims are allegedly backed up by the “Sigma” system that Moors talks about in detail in this latest video. He also says that he has identified three stocks that “have all hit a critical buying moment”, which he will later disclose in a special report entitled “Sigma: Double Your Money Every 14 Days”. The report is part of the yearly subscription to the investment newsletter Sigma Trader, available at RogueInvesting.com for $1,995 per year, and includes two bonus reports, a minimum of 48 trade recommendations, weekly updates, and a 24 triple-digit gain guarantee or another year of free subscription. There is no money-back policy though, so, once you subscribe, you won’t be able to get your money back, even if you change your mind or the picks don’t exactly pan out as expected.

For those who prefer to save the price of the subscription, here is what we were able to uncover for free.

Kent Moors has an impressive resume, he is acknowledged as an international expert in oil and natural gas policy, risk management, emerging market economic development, and market risk assessment. He allegedly advises 29 governments, hedge funds, and has “performed numerous still classified missions for the U.S. government during his decades-long career” as a former CIA operative. His consulting clients include the U.S. State Department, Russia, Kazakhstan, and “dozens of smaller public and private entities”. 

Dr. Moors earned the Distinguished Service commendations from Presidents Nixon, Reagan, and Clinton, and has put up around $1.3 million of his own personal funds to test his Sigma Surges theory. 


The Sigma Surge Opportunity

What Moors talks about in his video is a proprietary trading system with up to 93% accuracy or so it is claimed. Moors also states that it can generate gains of 201% to 800% every three days. With figures that high our natural skepticism begins to set in, as there are few reliable ways to double your money in the market in just a few days. However, the author swears by the fact that if investors follow the recommended system, they can earn huge returns. We could swear that we have heard such claims being made about proprietary trading systems before…Elliot Wave Trader Review and Adam O’Dell’s Green Zone.

To prove that the system works, Moors even said he put $1.3 million of his own money up to back test the theory about these Sigma Surges. He claims he has been running the system for months now, ever since the dawn of the current pandemic, and during this time he has uncovered “stocks with the potential to deliver gains of 113%, 211%, and even 510% in as little as 24 hours”. 

Moors goes on to say that “in less than four months, the Sigma System pinpointed 139 surges in a couple of stocks – with 44 triple-digit wins and ten losses for a win rate of 93%”. This is already significantly smaller than the numbers Moors teased at the beginning of his video and also taking into account the fact that few investors pick only one-two stocks to invest their money into rather than a broader portfolio. Even so, the doctor swears by the system and urges people to read his report to find out the real meat and potatoes of how it works. Keep reading as we go into this next.


The Sigma Surge Stocks Being Teased

Throughout his video, Dr. Moors talks more about how the Sigma system works and less about the three stocks he says he has identified. He says that “they’ve all hit a critical buying moment” based on his Sigma algorithm but doesn’t offer any other details about them. Even so, here is what we were able to gather about this “Sigma Surge System”:

  • Moors says that “none of the stocks he has identified thus far involved shorting and that each and every one was selected and screened using his proprietary Sigma System.”
  • He continues by mentioning that “this is not high-frequency trading, nor is it day trading”, which means you won’t have to sit in front of a computer screen all day to monitor the potential “surges” in certain stocks. Dr. Moors swears that all you need is a brokerage account and a few minutes per week to start making profits. 
  • Another important piece of information about the system Moors created is the fact that he allegedly calibrates the system every 20-25 trading sessions to make sure it picks up on the market’s constant changes and volatility as well as sensitive political news that might impact the stock market. 
  • He says his algorithm “generates 46,656 lines of formulae per stock plugged in” and talks about “a calculated pit of data stretching to more than 32 pages of mathematical equations”, all to identify just one stock. 
  • However, the system he created doesn’t search for stocks to invest in, but rather to trade for just a few days or weeks at a time, before ultimately selling them. Therefore, the Sigma algorithm is rooted in market speculation and short-term trading opportunities rather than long-term investment. 

He also mentions that “just like the system detects a surge when the stock is about to experience a meteoric rise… it is also programmed to detect when a reversal is imminent”, a phenomenon he calls “the return to equilibrium”. Based on this info, one would think that Moors always stays ahead of the game and knows exactly the right time to sell a stock for maximum profits.

According to the statistician and investor, the Sigma System is made up of three stages:

  1. Run Allocation – “when the system uses an understanding of stocks, governmental policies, political influence, financials, markets, and related environments to create a matrix of equities”.
  2. The use of an augmented software to “scrub the news and reports for information and relevant data”.
  3. The last stage consists of the system tracking market events called kurtosis (gains generated in concentrated windows of volatility) and predicting which stocks out of a defined list are most likely to surge and when. 

Moors insists that you need to understand the quantum equilibrium theory (after a rapid movement of volatility on a normal curve, there will be a return to normalized standards from where the movement began) to best predict when a stock is about to surge and when it’s the perfect time to sell it.


Can You Really Double Your Money In Just A Few Days?

The Sigma Surge System uses advanced mathematical algorithms to determine the best short-term trading opportunities. However, just like any other software or proprietary investment system that is subscription based, profits are far from guaranteed and you most certainly shouldn’t expect to double your profits in just a matter of days.

At the end of the day, you’re paying for someone to run these tests and give you a detailed analysis of the market and name some stocks that carry the potential of some gains, but you’re still relying purely on statistics (data) and extrapolated predictions of the future, which is inherently unknowable. There have been some pretty spectacular automated trading disasters of the years and very few if any of these “prop trading” systems have withstood the test of time, mainly owing to the fact that the more profitable a system gets, the more it will be used, and the more it is used, the less effective it will ultimately become since it will begin to trade against itself.


Quick Recap & Conclusion

  • The “Sigma Surges” is a prerecorded video pitch in the form of a webinar that pops up on RogueInvesting.com.
  • It talks about an automated investing system with up to 93% accuracy, developed and regularly calibrated by Dr. Kent Moors that promises gains of up to 800% every three days. 
  • The program is based on a series of complicated machine-learning algorithms that uses “46,656 lines of formulae per stock plugged in”
  • The Sigma Surges System is explained in full detail in the report “Sigma: Double Your Money Every 14 Days”, part of the investment newsletter Sigma Trader, which Moors pitches for $1,995 per year. 
  • Dr. Moors also teases three stocks that might have hit the perfect buying time but doesn’t talk about them in any detail. Instead, he promises to reveal their name and ticker symbols if you sign up to his investment newsletter.
  • Ultimately, we cannot name one proprietary trading system that has had not only a long track record of success, but also withstood the vestiges of time. This one we believe will prove no different.

What do you think about the Sigma Surge System? Have you ever used an automated or “prop trading” system in the past with any success? Let us know your experience in the comments section below.


Theodor is an old school value guy, when he's not looking for great companies and great prices you can find him on the basketball court hooping.

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