Adam O’ Dell’s “Green Zone” – Is It Legit? [Review]

Adam O'Dell's The Green Zone Review

by Anders

June 22, 2020

You've probably seen the promotions for it. Adam O'Dell's "Green Zone" investment opportunity has been receiving a lot of attention lately, but this isn't necessarily a good thing.

What is a "Green Zone"? How does this trading system work? Is it legit? What's it's track-record?, etc...

All of these are good questions, and in this short review I'll be going over it all.

The teasers for this opportunity have been hyped-up to no-end, as usual. Some of what's been said includes that this "small but powerful window of opportunity has delivered gains as high as 116%, 124%, 140%, 197%, 201%, 336% and even 432%... ALL in less than 90 days!"... and it's even been teased that you could take a "dream trip" anywhere around the world, buy that "RV, boat or motorcycle you've always wanted", and more... with all the money you'll supposedly make after joining and following along.

Sounds pretty good... but of course you have to take what's said in the teasers with a gain of salt.

What Is "The Green Zone"?

the Green Zone

"The Green Zone" is the name that Adam O'Dell uses to refer to "small windows of opportunities in stocks" that can be very profitable. It is this "Green Zone" that he alerts subscribers to so in order to make trades that have higher probabilities of profits.

He also refers to these "Green Zones" as "mathematical profit opportunities", because of how he is alerted to them from an algorithm that reads the market and utilizes various indicators to find such opportunities.

How It Works

It's all based on a system that he has developed over the years, which he calls the "Cycle 9 System".

This system is focused on two things only, trend and momentum. However, in order to measure these, it relies on many different indicators. BUT, something you may find interesting is that his system disregards earnings reports, market volatility and bad press, doesn't care if it's a growth stock or a value stock, whether its earnings are low or if a new CEO is taking over, etc... and this is because the focus is on short-term trades.

And, more specifically, it's about trading options. He mentions that stocks can also be traded and be profitable when in "the green zone", but encourages subscribers following along to go with the underlying options for bigger gains - such trades are over and done in 90 days or less.

In the basic diagram below, you can see a general overview of what he's looking for. Trends must be pushing the price up and momentum increasing.

Who Is Adam O'Dell?

Adam O'Dell

Adam O'Dell is a chief investment strategist for the Money & Markets publishing company. His job, in a nutshell, is to provide investment advice through different subscription advisory service that are offered.

He doesn't seem to have any incredible background of being some former Wall Street hedge-fund manager or anything like that, but he has built a reputation for himself when it comes to investing and he is a Chartered Market Technician. It's also been said that he's known as "the math guy" around the office, and this is because he uses systemic rules-based strategies and algorithms to find winning trades. This is just his style, and so this whole "Cycle 9 System" makes sense.

Cycle 9 Alert

Cycle 9 Alert

So, we know that the "Green Zone" just refers to small windows of opportunities that Adam O'Dell's "Cycle 9 System" algorithm finds. And if you want to follow along and be updated when his system does give out alerts, then you'd need to subscribe to his "Cycle 9 Alert" subscription advisory service.

Through this service subscribers are provided with:

  • Weekly Research Update - Each Week O'Dell reviews all of his open positions, provides subscribers with updates on the market and trends, and more.
  • Trade Alerts - Trade alerts are sent out when his system provides the "Go" signal, which is when a stock's price is in "The Green Zone".
  • Sell Alerts - When a stock exits "The Green Zone", a sell alert will be sent out.
  • Concierge Service - The Cycle 9 support team is available, but I really don't know if they can answer questions other than those that are general or have to do with your subscription.
  • VIP Website Access - Subscribers will also get access to the members area, in which they can find an archive of all past reports, alerts, etc.


It certainly isn't cheap. A 1 year subscription will cost you $1,795, or at least this is how much it is advertised for going through the sales funnel I went through.

It's supposedly already a big discount.


Adam O'Dell boasts that he wins "an average of nearly seven out of every 10 trades" provided through this service.

He also says you'll be able to "Bank an average profit of 20% per trade every two months"... and he goes on to show a bunch of amazing trades he's made, such as this...

The track record for this service is supposedly amazing, and he claims it has historically beat the market by 25-to-1.

HOWEVER, subscribers don't seem to agree with this. 


There are a number of subscriber reviews on StockGumshoe that don't paint a very pretty picture of the performance of this advisory service.

One of the main complaints that I've has to do with it being nearly impossible to get into the trades recommended at the right price...

Remember, this is all about options trading here. Prices can change quickly, and I've even heard from subscribers who act on his recommendations within minutes that they are still hard to get in.

*Note: This is often a common complaint with services that recommend options trading, such as with Daily Flash Cash and the Daily Double Club.

Now of course O'Dell gets in before everyone, and so his trades all make-out nicely.

Not only this, but I've also read from more than one subscriber that he inflates his win count by counting some wins more than once!...

The takeaway here: you can't trust the performance record that O'Dell brags about in the promotions, nor can you expect the same results.

Is This Legit?

Well, there is no good excuse for the inflated win rates being advertised. As usual, the marketing behind this service is a bit over-the-top and could be toned-down.

However, when it comes to the fact that it is very difficult to enter trade recommendations at the right price, I don't really have a good solution. This is just the way it is when subscribers follow along with a service like this and all jump on recommendations right away, driving up the price. Of course O'Dell is the one making out the best from this, but does this mean he should stock making the trades he recommends? I don't know what the best solution would be.

All this considered, the service is legit. But this isn't to say you should go out and join right away.

Quick Recap & Conclusion

Okay, so... we know that "the green zone" is just a term used to refer to a window of opportunity in a stock that Adam O'Dell's "Cycle 9 System" identifies as having increased profitability. 

We also know that this algorithm-based system uses multiple indicators to gauge the trend and momentum, and is only focused on short-term trades of stocks' underlying options.

The only way to get access to this system and get alerts when a stock is in "the green zone" is to subscribe to his Cycle 9 Alert advisory service.

Should you join?

Well, the choice is yours. Here at Green Bull we always recommend you do your own due-diligence. That said, there are quite a few subscriber complaints and the price is fairly high, so I wouldn't be quick to buy into this.

As always, let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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Anders is the founder and chief editor of Green Bull Research. When he's not investigating new opportunities and adding to his portfolio, you might find him taking a nature walk or reading a Steven Pressfield novel.

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