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Charlie Shrem’s Crypto Cash Calendar – A Primer

April 26, 2022 by Phil

Is Charlie Shrem's Crypto Cash Calendar legit? We will look at Crypto Investor Network's specific feature in this review.

As you know, we have tackled a lot of services on digital currencies already. We have written about Stansberry's Crypto Capital, Banyan Hill's Crypto Flash Trader, and Weiss Crypto Ratings, among others.

But people cannot seem to get enough information about the currency. This is especially true because it does seem to be the future of money.

Even CNBC says this much in an article on cash alternatives. Since the pandemic has "accelerated the shift toward digital and contactless payments," they will likely stay even if we completely recover.

Crypto remains to be among the top choices, along with stablecoins and central bank digital currencies (CBDCs).

The question is, will Shrem's calendar help you adjust to the times? Will he indeed be able to point you to the most lucrative upcoming penny crypto?


  • Name of the program: Crypto Cash Calendar
  • Program service: Master list of all recently announced and upcoming newly-listed crypto dates 
  • Newsletter where it is found: Crypto Investor Network
  • Editor: Charlie Shrem and Luke Lango
  • Publisher: InvestorPlace
  • Website: www.investorplace.com
  • Newsletter Service: Investment advisory on cryptocurrency
  • Cost: $99 annual subscription fee

Crypto Cash Calendar claims to give you a year's worth of critical dates for upcoming penny cryptos. The timeline promises to tell you when they will go public.

Since you will be among the first, you can buy them at the cheapest rates. Your purchases will be valuable because Shrem's recommendations are based on those about to go big.

You can get this particular feature when you subscribe to his Crypto Investor Network for $99 per year. We already have a write-up on this newsletter, so check it out to get a more comprehensive review.

What is Crypto Cash Calendar?

If it fulfills what it promises, this could be a game-changer. But before we believe all the claims, let's analyze how they plan to do things first.

Based on experience, we know how investment research firms tend to overpromise and underdeliver.

Shrem, Lango, and his team came up with the Crypto Cash Calendar. They say that it's a tool that regularly monitors all the biggest and best upcoming penny crypto opportunities.

With the timeline, they say you'll be able to figure out when these small cryptos might be ready to rise. Shrem says it is his job to keep an eye on these opportunities.

When the Crypto Cash Calendar Indicator says Buy, he will even tell you what your next steps should be. It's like having a personal wealth-building map, he claims.

Further, InvestorPlace says it's the only step-by-step program in the world that demonstrates how to get in on the world's fastest-moving penny cryptos.

In fact, it says that the process is so easy. You can immediately figure out which new coins to buy at the right time and set yourself up for huge gains.

You will be able to see the Crypto Cash Calendar with your subscription. It even lists all the crypto dates that have been recently announced and will be added in the future.

All these are in a simple calendar, and the team tells you which to buy. As a bonus, it also includes write-ups of each altcoin that the editors think is good.

Additionally, you'll get an alert when new crypto is revealed or moves into the "Buy" range. Shrem claims it's more potent than any other calendar because it shows you how to be the first in line. 

There is also the Crypto Cash Calendar Trading Primer that you will get with your subscription. 

This report is like a "how-to guide" with a lot of helpful information. It will teach you the specifics on the four critical crypto indicators, including his secret Buy indicator. 

The primer will also explain how it predicts significant price movement patterns weeks before they occur. 

So far, so good, right? But how exactly does the team process the information in the calendar?

How it Works

Shrem says that acquiring the correct digital currency when it's new can be a great way to quickly make a lot of money. 

It is also the best time to buy these coins since they are new, small, and cheap. In fact, the editor says that the next billion- or even trillion-dollar coin could come from these.

Also, Shrem adds that many valuable cryptocurrencies will go public in the next few weeks and months. There's nothing more exciting than having shares in a crypto that could be great in the future.

You can't get so many big ownership stakes for so little money in any other business right now. This is partly because big banks and funds can't get their hands on the new penny cryptos.

In addition, the "Crypto Godfather" says this about the fastest rising cryptocurrencies: they follow four essential rules. These act as his guide when he makes investments.

Number one: It must have value on its own.

The editor wants to understand what this new crypto project does for society and the economy. It has to solve a real-world problem and advance it substantially when it comes to technology.

Number two: It must go after a big, receptive market to start.

It must also solve a genuine problem globally that can reach a big market.

Number three: It must have the backing of intelligent innovators.

As per Shrem, whenever you want to invest in a new cryptocurrency or blockchain venture, you need to ensure an excellent team is behind it.

They should inspire confidence and possess the drive to make something new and different.

Number four: You need the perfect time to buy.

Timing is crucial when it comes to trading. People who invest in cryptos make a big mistake when they get in at the wrong time, even if they are experts.

Fortunately, Shrem says that his calendar can help you figure out when to invest.

Our initial impression here is that he does not seem to be saying anything new or revolutionary. You can get these pointers on free resources online. So we are still skeptical about the legitimacy of his claims.

What we were looking for is something more quantitative. Maybe something that involves algorithms and mathematical formulae. While these are not fool-proof, at least data will back them up.

For us, these all seem very subjective as of now.

However, we cannot discount his experience in the field. So that also accounts for something since the indicators primarily rely on his assessments.

But who is he, and why should you trust him?

Who is Charlie Shrem?

What does the guy have that makes him credible? Is he authoritative enough in the field to come up with such a calendar?

Charlie Shrem was only a senior in 2011 when Bitcoin debuted as a digital currency. He started investing in the cryptocurrency at the time. Unfortunately, his storage provider failed.

As a result of this, Shrem co-founded a company with Gareth Nelson, another crypto supporter. They named it BitInstant.

BitInstant was a huge hit. The crypto pioneer even claims that the firm accounted for roughly 30% of all Bitcoin exchanges at the time. The company ran from September 2011 to July 2013.

Looking back at the period, Shrem said he behaved like a true blue "Bitcoin purist."

During BitInstant's success, he became the Bitcoin Foundation's vice-chair. Consequently, Shrem's private fortune also skyrocketed during BitInstant's rapid rise.

But in January 2014, he was arrested and charged.

Shrem's lawsuits centered on dubious banking practices. Authorities say he used BitInstant accounts to launder money. Additionally, he was accused of running an unregistered money-transfer business.

After his release in mid-2016, the crypto forerunner said he worked as a dishwasher. He reportedly lost most of his BitInstant earnings due to legal fees and penalties.

Despite all these, the editor continued to support Bitcoin and crypto. Shrem even stated that he will keep investing in cryptocurrencies. 

And he's back with new ideas and businesses. Shrem launched Untold Stories in 2019. It's a podcast that delves into the lives of crypto's movers and shakers.

Up to now, many continue to seek him out to lecture on cryptocurrency topics. Also, he continues to advise various companies and organizations involved in digital currency.

Through the years, people called Shrem "Bitcoin royalty," "one of bitcoin's early tycoons," and "crypto visionary."

Unfortunately, he also has another claim to fame. As previously stated, he is also well-known as "Bitcoin's first criminal."

What is Crypto Investor Network?

The advisory's focus appears to be on cryptocurrency blockchains. You can clearly see this as you scan the InvestorPlace website. Its editorial staff believes that this will experience explosive growth in the near future.

In addition, its teaser claims that the service is particularly interested in alternative cryptocurrencies. Altcoins are having an even more significant impact than Bitcoin, according to editors Shrem and Lango.

Blockchain is the underlying technology in both cases. The newsletter will pay particular attention to altcoins and blockchain. This is because of their interconnectedness.

Once you subscribe, you can access the tandem's crypto recommendations. Also, you'll better understand the space through such resources.

As a bonus, you'll be able to check their exclusive reports and portfolios. This way, you can take advantage of lucrative opportunities in the space.

Track Record and Reviews

Shrem uses Ethereum as an example of his predicting prowess. He claims to have recommended it to his Twitter followers on 20 December 2018.

Had you grabbed Ethereum at the exact moment I recommended it, you could have seen max gains of 4,300%.
That would turn every $250 invested into $10,857. Or every $1,000 into $43,431.

Although we could not verify this with a screenshot, his claim is better than most. Shrem even includes a date for those who wish to verify.

The newsletter where you can get the calendar has a 3.7/5 rating from Stock Gumshoe. However, there were only less than ten reviewers as of this writing for Crypto Investor Network.

We saw enlightening comments on a Travis Johnson review that mentioned Crypto Cash Calendar.

One reviewer vouched for Shrem's credibility and ability in the crypto world.

Another one, however, had an actual unpleasant experience.

This does not bode well for the service if this is the case. It seems like subscribers expected more but got much less.

Once again, these are the experiences of these specific individuals. Use them only as a guide when you decide since you could also have a different experience.

Conclusion - Is it Legit?

The particular feature of Crypto Investor Network promises to give you an insider look at a lucrative timeline. Shrem says he can tell you when penny crypto stocks will go public.

This is supposedly a big deal because you can be among the first to invest in them. This means is that they are at their cheapest rates, so you can be there as they rise.

It is a promising idea. In Shrem's pitch, he even cites his pioneering history with Bitcoin and other digital currencies. He wants you to know that he knows what he is talking about.

He emphasizes this because Shrem needs you to trust his word since his criteria are very subjective.

Although we cannot dispute his track record, we also so a specific negative comment about the calendar. Apparently, he was not able to deliver what he promised.

However, in the end, it will be up to you how you want to weigh all the factors we discussed. We talked about various aspects of Charlie Shrem's Crypto Cash Calendar so you can assess if you can trust the service.


A writer and researcher, Phil enjoys exploring topics about finance, investments, and consumer behavior. His two young kids serve as inspiration for his advocacy on education and the youth.

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