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A Crypto Capital Review (Stansberry Research) You Can Trust

February 15, 2022 by Phil

This Crypto Capital review (Stansberry Research) will help you determine if Eric Wade's claims are legit. 

Nowadays, everyone seems to be talking about crypto. We are not just talking about bitcoin. Because there are so many others, people do not run out of topics on the subject.

There is merit to everyone's curiosity and concern.

In a Yahoo! Finance article, Goldman Sachs declares that "bitcoin is now considered an asset class." Therefore, investors and observers should take it more seriously.

The firm, though, emphasizes the risks involved. Since it is  still considerably new, it is still in an adoption phase. It also does not "behave as one would intuitively expect relative to other assets."

However, it still acknowledges that we are indeed experiencing the emergence of a new asset class. Goldman Sachs says this is a rare experience, so we must learn what we can from the experience.

Crypto is becoming so popular that it is already dominating not just newspaper finance pages but even the Super Bowl. Consider this fortune.com headline:

The Super Bowl is now being called ‘Crypto Bowl’ as upstart finance firms spend millions on T.V. ads

The article talks about how crypto companies have secured prime ad spots in the Super Bowl. These cost millions, in addition to the talent fees for the stars and the production expenses.

Binance cautions against getting into crypto without enough information. Apparently, this is in response to its competitors, FTX and Crypto.com, who have been aggressive in their marketing efforts.

Its point is that people should not get into it just because celebrities tell them to. Binance encourages people to research on their own and learn about it first because there are considerable risks involved.

As you can see, there is a legitimate interest in this space. This is the primary reason why investment advisory firms like Stansberry Research are pushing hard for their crypto advisory.

Naturally, it wants to compete for the market segment that's curious and interested in investing. Since there is hype for crypto, people would definitely want guidance from experts who have researched on crypto.

But what is the edge of Crypto Capital over the services from other publishers?

One of the main selling points seems to be the editor himself, Eric Wade.

The company claims that he has the best reputation among its editors since he gave his readers multiple chances of making ten times their money.

This is the promise of the newsletter. Subscribe to its service, and you can make up to 100 times your money! Is this possible? Well, it is in the realm of the possible.

But can he guarantee that for sure? What is his track record in the space that makes him qualified? Have people come out in support of him and Crypto Capital? 

We will discuss a lot on this review as we want to tell you what we really think about him and his service. We agree that there are a lot of investors who want to try crypto because of others' experiences.

Many advocates swear by it and proclaim that others should try it immediately so they can make money as well.


  • Name: Crypto Capital
  • Editor: Eric Wade
  • Publisher: Stansberry Research
  • Website: www.stansberryresearch.com
  • Service: Newsletter research on cryptocurrency
  • Cost: $2,500 annual subscription fee

The advisory service promises to give you the best crypto ideas of Eric Wade. He promises that you can become the next crypto millionaire with his in-depth knowledge and analysis.

As the publisher, Stansberry Research is all out in promoting the service. It even says that they have slashed the $5,000 original price so more people can avail of Crypto Capital as an act of goodwill.

Apart from the monthly updates, you will also receive weekly alerts and a few special reports.

What is Crypto Capital?

Just like the majority of crypto advisory services, this one boasts about the developments we are all experiencing. It is supposedly changing everything we know about money.

To a certain extent, it is true. The space is changing some of the ways we make transactions. More and more people and businesses are adapting to it.

Based on the pitch for his service, Wade says he will be able to help you navigate the crypto world. In fact, if you listen to his advice, you can make ten times your money.

What he is banking on here is the mystery and unknown factor in the currency. Because a lot of people know about or understand it, Wade wants you to trust him fully. Why shouldn't you? He is an expert, after all.

Since many seem to have become millionaires because of crypto, more want to enter the space.

A CNBC Millionaire Survey article even discusses that the majority of millennial millionaires have most of their wealth in crypto. Despite the recent declines, they will continue to add more in 2022.

The article also says that there seems to be a generational divide regarding attitudes towards the currency. 

While older generations of millionaires are still largely skeptical... cryptocurrencies have become the primary source of wealth creation and asset growth for many younger investors who got in early and have seen rapid returns.

News like these encourages observers to try it out finally.

Once you subscribe, you will hear about Wade's insights. According to the company, just trust him, and you will see returns that you have never seen before.

In terms of safety, you will see an indicator on the page that says that this is very speculative. We like that it is upfront about such a thing and that the information is front and center. 

Others usually hide this fact in the fine print. With Crypto Capital, the safety rating is among the first you will see. This way, you will know early on what you are getting yourself into.

You will get an issue monthly, but there are weekly updates. The information page also clarifies that the typical holding period here is six months.

We have an issue with the frequency of the updates for the service. Since crypto is very risky and volatile, we think weekly, or monthly updates will not suffice. 

It is highly likely that by the time you act on a recommendation, it could be too late. 

What do you think about it? Do you agree with our assessment?

In the case of Crypto Flash Trader, which we have already reviewed, it offers more timely alerts. It has weekly check-ins and daily trade alerts on weekdays.

We assume that with real-time advice, you can act more promptly on recommendations.

Do you agree with us here? Tell us in the comments section below.

Who is behind Crypto Capital?

Stansberry Research

Here is the company description based on the website:

Stansberry Research is a subscription-based publisher of financial information and software, serving millions of investors around the world.

It is as straightforward as it gets. According to the firm, its goal is to provide information its team members would also want for themselves.

Having this as a guide, Stansberry says they only publish what's credible, practical, and relevant.

This also means that they are picky with the team members they choose. The company states that if it cannot stand with a person's body of work, it will not hire that person.

Here are the other values of Stansberry based on its website. The firm believes in:

  • Offering a range of opinions
  • Transparency and accountability
  • Unmatched customer service and no-risk subscriptions

If you look at the website, you will see that it indeed has a lot of people and services.

You may choose based on how safe you want to be as an investor. It has subscriptions for very conservative investors to those who prefer very speculative investments.

Aside from individual newsletters, it also has portfolios, membership bundles, and free resources.

Eric Wade

Stansberry builds the editor up in a big way. According to the marketing pitch of Crypto Capital, he is a legend of sorts in the company.

In the 20-plus year history of our firm Stansberry Research, only one of our experts has given our readers the chance to make 10 times their money multiple times.

His name is Eric Wade.

Apparently, he is such an effective editor that subscribers who followed his recommendations earned lots of dough.

According to Stansberry, if you invested $5,000 in Wade's coins in 2020, you would have made a killing. Your money would have turned into $70,869. That's a 1,317% gain.

Seems impressive? Well, that's just on one of his recommendations. There are a lot of others, he claims. One even goes as high as $4,134% gain for your money.

Too good to be true? Oh, it is. But we will discuss more on the merits later. For now, who is Eric Wade, and how can he claim to have these types of returns? What's his background?

Based on his profile, he is an "Internet entrepreneur and investor." The editor started trading futures contracts and picking stocks while still in school.

Wade then became a qualified financial manager at the most prominent retail brokerage in the United States. Wallstreet.com, his nicknamed Internet domain, was later sold for more than $1 million.

In addition, he was also an angel investor, a scriptwriter for films, and the founder of a well-known family business. 

He's also collaborated with some of the world's largest corporations and advertising firms to help them improve their marketing reach.

Mining bitcoin was the first step in Eric's cryptocurrency career. He quickly went to Ethereum mining and even learned how to program and build his own mining machines.

Based on his background, he does seem to have experience in various fields. These include marketing, communications, business, technology, and, yes, crypto.

Aside from Crypto Capital, he is also the editor of Crypto Cashflow.

How it Works

According to Wade, the reason why there is so much potential with crypto is fear. People want to protect their money from the extreme fluctuations of paper money.

This is why investing in the space will lead to significant gains. He even claims that people do not need to wait for decades to triple or quadruple their money.

The future of currency is here, and crypto is at its forefront. This is why you need to listen to him and his recommendations. Since there are so many unknowns in the area, you have to listen to an expert.

When we examined one of his pitches for the newsletter, he mentioned the future of non-fungible tokens or NFTs.

He says that though there are wildly speculative investments in NFTs, there are those that have legit implications in real life. Examples of these are in the areas of music, art, and sports.

But in the kilometric pitch, were we able to find a science or a process? Not really.

Since the editor promises such astronomical gains, we expected at least a brief discussion on how he arrives at his recommendations. Yes, some people do not need to see the dirty details. 

But we are concerned because we want to know if there is a science to the newsletter's portfolio. 

Some may ask, isn't his name enough? To be frank, though he does seem to be an impressive fellow, he is not a household name like the more prominent advisory editors who do not divulge their methods.

So the lack of the how's is really regrettable for people who cannot just blindly subscribe or invest.

What You Get

For the subscription fee of $2,500, you will get the following:

  • A Full Year of Crypto Capital (Monthly Issues & Full Portfolio)
  • Buy & Sell Crypto Alerts
  • Exclusive Members-Only Website
  • U.S. Based Customer Support
  • SPECIAL REPORT: The NFT Portfolio: Six Coins that Could 10x Your Money in 2022
  • FREE BONUS: Crypto Capital Handbook & Special Reports Archive
  • FREE BONUS: Crypto Capital Masterclass Training Series

Take note that the special and bonus reports change frequently. So do get in touch with the company to know about their updated offers when you subscribe.

Cost and Refund Policy

We think it's unfair that you cannot get your money back if you are dissatisfied with Crypto Capital's service. All that they offer as of the moment is a credit refund.

Track Record and Reviews

Even though Eric Wade contends that his performance and claims are not too good to be true, they really are.

Absent third-party and objective proof, it's hard to believe all of them. If all the claims are indeed valid, we want to see genuine assessments from reputable sources.

Unfortunately, we only have his and his copywriting team's word. 

We are not saying they are not accurate. But there seems to be minimal effort to show that the claims would stand objective scrutiny.

As you know, it is easy to isolate past performance and indicators. Anybody could claim they made the right calls in the past. This is why it is better to show irrefutable proof.

But according to the pitch, Wade's average gain is an "incredible 97.4%."

One specific example where he says he got it right was when he recommended a coin called Terra (ticker symbol: LUNA). When Wade recommended it in September 2020, it grew immediately.

He claims that it has jumped a whopping 1,614% in less than six months.

To experience such a rise in the stock market, a person would need to invest and wait for 28 years. But with Wade, oh no, you don't need to wait that long. Five months is already good enough.

But as we have said, we have not seen convincing proof that he has performed this well in the past. So it can be true, but also, it can also be inaccurate absent verifiable information.

Eric Wade's service was able to get a decent 3.8/5 rating from Stock Gumshoe's Crypto Capital review page. This is a result of votes from around 30 subscribers.

The overall score is from the votes from different aspects of the newsletter.

Those who read the website and have subscribed to the service can chime in on investment performance and quality Of writing and analysis.

Voters can also rate the advisory services based on value for price and even customer service.

As of writing, there was only one comment.

User macrame momma noted that Crypto Capital seems to have the top-performing service in Stansberry. Due to this, the commenter was eager to know more about the service.

In Stock Gumshoe's Quick Take article on Crypto Capital, Travis Johnson was understandably cautious. He directed his point both to investing in crypto and believing everything Wade says.

In the 2019 write-up, Johnson says that he finds some of Wade's claims absurd. One example is the editor's statement on having a model that's "fully grounded on historical data."

The Stock Gumshoe head asserts that being a fairly new investment, a lot of our knowledge on crypto is still emerging. Some current models did not even exist a few years ago. 

So it would be a stretch to claim that his model is that reliable or fool-proof. But Johnson also adds that he remains to be open-minded as he does not have deep knowledge of crypto as well.

Another issue Gumshoe highlighted is Wade's use of the "fear of missing out" (FOMO) tactic. Since it is a proven motivator of purchases, the marketing pitch uses a lot of such language.

Even today, Wade uses the technique. To be fair, a good majority of copywriters and editors employ this to get people to act immediately. This is the same reasoning behind the timers on subscription pages.

Our point here is that since we know about them, we can be more cautious. Even if there seems to be a deadline, it pays to be critical about our investments and subscriptions. 

You have to be careful, especially with such a service like Crypto Capital, where you have to shell out $2,500 to get in. That's a substantial amount.

In fact, some commenters in the article said that you would be better off investing that amount in crypto.

Well, if you will get crappy advice, this seems wise. But if you are bound to get intelligent recommendations, the hefty fee will pay for itself.

This is why we encourage you to weigh all factors first before subscribing. Our goal is to help you determine if an advisory will be helpful for you or not.

We saw a comment on the article where the user gave a hypothetical scenario if Wade was actually employing a pump and dump scheme.

We are not saying that it's true or unlikely. But what we can learn from the comment is that there are various schemes out there, and we should be informed about them. 

There was also an exchange in the article where two subscribers were satisfied with the service.

Users chrizcringle and Migi were happy with Crypto Capital.

Meanwhile, we also one person who said they stopped subscribing eventually.

In assessing if the service is for you, you must understand your attitude towards risk. Crypto remains a speculative space, so subscribe to a service you can trust.

Yes, comments and reviews are helpful, but everyone has their own criteria. There will be legit good and bad reviews, unless they are scams.

It would also help to compare services across different publishers.

You may refer to our review of Crypto Flash Trader to know more about Banyan Hill's advisory. Other crypto service reviews on this website are Weiss Crypto Ratings and Blockmint.

We are sure you will find all the research in those articles helpful.

Pros v Cons


  • Stansberry has years of experience and is backed by a large team of "experts"
  • Many have found success in crypto; some even ended up as millionaires
  • Clear about the very speculative nature of cryptos


  • No clear explanation of Wade's processes
  • Promises do not seem to be realistic based on the given information
  • No cash refund

Conclusion - Is it Worth the Subscription Fee?

Many people, especially the younger ones, have found success in cryptocurrency. Naturally, many would be inspired to invest in them as well.

If you think stocks, options, and the like are confusing, cryptos are no different. Since it is relatively new, a lot of the developments are happening almost every few months. 

This is why we need more research advisory services. What we need from them, though, is not just the steps to make money. 

Our hope is that more firms would step up in helping educate more people so they would be aware of the genuine risks in crypto.

So is this a service that offers you the whole picture? Well, based on our Crypto Capital review (Stansberry Research), what do you think? Are you satisfied that it can guide you properly in the space?


A writer and researcher, Phil enjoys exploring topics about finance, investments, and consumer behavior. His two young kids serve as inspiration for his advocacy on education and the youth.

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