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E.B. Tucker’s “5G Master Key” Company – Exposed!

5G Master Key Company Review

June 19, 2020 by Anders

E.B. Tucker claims that the company behind this "5G Master Key" will likely see its stock price soar in the coming future. But what is this company and is it really as great as he claims it is?

In this review I'll be going over what we were told, what the technology he's talking about is, and piecing together the clues to expose the "5G Master Key" company being teased.

The teaser:

You've probably come across the teaser presentation for this opportunity. There might be more than one variation of it, but what I came across was this...

5G Master Key video

E.B. Tucker is the guy behind the presentation (was also behind the "omega shares" opportunity we recently reviewed). He is a senior tech analyst at Casey Research, which is an investment advisory firm, who runs several different investment newsletter advisory services, such as Strategic Investor and Strategic Trader. He's known for being a big-time speculator, and besides speculating on up-and-coming tech stocks like he's doing here, he has a background in gold & silver investments and is often speculating in this sector.

Tucker talks about how there is a "fatal flaw with 5G" and that there is one company that has the "5G Master Key" to fix this problem, which positions this company very handsomely to reap the rewards of the 5G boom that is upon us, and seems to be inevitable.

Some other things were are told about this company are that...

  • "this tiny firm’s shares could soar in the months ahead"
  • it's the "perfect picks-and-shovels play for the $12 trillion 5G buildout boom"

In the presentation E.B. Tucker goes on to talk about companies that provided technology that helped fix problems with earlier generations of mobile communication networks, such as Qualcomm's Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) technology that increased bandwidth efficiency (he calls it the "2G Master Key") and Nvidia's GPU technology that fixed a background noise problem that 4G tech was having (he calls the "4G Master Key").

The stock prices for these companies soared, and Tucker hints at this 5G master key company possibly soaring even higher.

chart 1

And of course... the sales pitch:

How do you find out what the company is he's teasing?

Well, I'll be telling you after this, but normally you'd have to get his "free report" in order to find out. This is called The 5G Master Key: How to Cash in as 5G Sweeps the Globe...

The 5G Master Key - How to Cash in as 5G Sweeps the Globe

HOWEVER... in order to get your hands on this "free report" you will first have to pay to buy into the subscription advisory service being pushed here.

The sales pitch is for Strategic Investor, which is run by E.B. Tucker and another guy named Dave Forest at Casey Research. This is a follow-along investment advisory service that provides monthly stock recommendations, weekly updates and trade alerts, model portfolio access and more - pretty typical of these kinds of services. The cheapest subscription cost is $49/yr, but you'll likely be pushed to purchase their "Platinum" subscription for $79.

What Is The "5G Master Key"?

5G is 100x faster than 4G... so what could be the problem?

Well, as E.B. Tucker talked about, there is a big problem with 5G, and this is that 5G signals can't pass through walls, windows, or much of anything.

We have no problem like this with 4G. Just place a router somewhere in your house and you can get signal in any room, but with 5G the doors block this signal.

5G uses wider spectrum at higher frequencies. This is its strength and this is what allows people connected to 5G to download HD full-length movies in very little time. But, this is also its weakness, because as the frequencies of these signals heighten, the ability they have to pass through materials decreases.

The Solution?

Well, according to E.B. Tucker, the "5G Master Key" solution is what is referred to as "SKY" technology.

He talks about how this SKY technology will makes use of small satellites that hover above the earth, transmitting and extending short-range 5G signals... providing blanket coverage over wide areas as shown...

sky technology

In the presentation we were also shown this image of the technology this "little known" manufactures. This is the "5G Master Key"...

5g master key

But wait a minute, this isn't a satellite...?

That's right, this isn't. The "5G Master Key" technology that E.B. Tucker is teasing here is satellite modem technology.

Basically, this modem technology is what receives 5G signals from satellites, making all of this possible. 

But, does it really solve the "5G Fatal Flaw"?

To be honest, E.B. Tucker's logic here doesn't make all that much sense to me.

He talks about the problem with 5G being that the signals can't pass through solid objects. This is true. However, this SKY technology... and this blanket 5G satellite coverage isn't going to solve this. It will help with 5G and could eliminate much of the need for cell towers all over the place and whatnot, but the problem of 5G signals not passing through walls, windows, etc. is still going to exist.

That said, there are companies out there working on solutions. For example, Inseego, which was teased as "The Next Tech Giant" by David Fessler, makes small hotspots and routers that can be placed all over to tap into 5G,  and Ericsson is making "strip antennas" that can be placed underneath wallpaper, painted over, etc. that can be placed all over and allow devices to tap into 5G as well (this was Premium Income Letter's 5G pick).

The Company He's Teasing

Throughout the presentation we were given hint after hint about this company, and luckily there were enough to find out exactly what it is.

Some of the better hints given include:

  • it's a "tiny company"
  • has over 124 patents
  • has made multi-million-dollar contracts with T-Mobile and Sprint
  • it was picked by Gazprom Space Systems (GSS) in an 18 million deal to "help spread broadband coverage across all of Russia", "China Satcom selected this company’s ground-breaking technology to provide broadband connection across China", and they have a deal with Peru worth $285 million to "provide connectivity support"
  • "has also inked contracts with huge defense firms like Lockheed Martin, L3, and Honeywell"
  • "you can take a stake today for around $10 a share"

Without wasting any more time, I'll get straight to the point. The company he's talking about is Gilat Satellite Networks (GILT), and here's why...

Not all of the clues match up 100% perfectly, but all of them combined leave no doubt that Gilat is the company being teased here. 

And let's not forget that what the company does and makes is also a match.

Gilat Satellite Networks (GILT) is an Israel-headquartered company that makes satellite modem technology, such as their SKYEDGE II (VSAT platform) here...


Just as E.B. Tucker mentioned, they use what is called "SKY" technology. This is what he was referring to, and the similarities between the SKYEDGE II (shown above) and the black box shown in the presentation by E.B. Tucker are obvious.

All clues point to Gilat being the "5G Master Key" company. BUT, is this really the amazing stock pick he teases it as being?

Good Investment Opportunity?

Qualcomm and Nvidia, which he mentioned provided the "2G Master Key" and the "4G Master Key" respectively, both rose over 16,000%. Does this mean that this "5G Master Key" stock is going to rise even higher?

Well, don't get your hopes up. Making predictions like this requires some serious speculation. While it could very well happen, it certainly shouldn't be expected.

Yes, there are other analysts besides just those at Casey Research that are bullish on GILT, but I haven't seen any predictions of this company being the incredible pick that Tucker teases it as being.

As you probably already know, whenever there is an investment teaser that ends in a sales pitch, you should never take everything that's said to be 100% true... it's often a tad misleading at the very least.

Quick Recap & Recommendation

  • E.B. Tucker claims that there is a "5G Master Key" technology that will fix the "fatal flaw with 5G"
  • His logic doesn't really make sense because the company behind this technology isn't going to fix the problem of 5G signals not being able to pass through walls and whatnot, but nonetheless will be a big advantage to 5G infrastructure
  • He is giving out a "free report" that provides all the details on this one company whose "shares could soar in the months ahead", but first you have to pay to subscribe to his Strategic Investor newsletter advisory service
  • I've just exposed the "5G Master Key" company to be Gilat Satellite Networks (GILT)
  • Don't fall for the hype. It is a well-positioned company but don't expect to see 16,000%+ gains like he hints at

And now you don't have to buy a subscription just to find out what he's talking about.

You're welcome!

I hope this short review has provided value and helped you out. If so, please share to spread the word!


Anders is the founder and chief editor of Green Bull Research. When he's not investigating new opportunities and adding to his portfolio, you might find him taking a nature walk or reading a Steven Pressfield novel.

  • Great insight Anders, the market is flooded with these long winded teaser stuff and your email is a outstanding service. I’ll pay attention to your advertisements before any of those associated with an expensive sales pitch at the end. I assume you are independent and don’t have a business contract with another stock research entity, correct?

    Thanks again and enjoy the walks.

    • Hi Paul. Thank you for the comment. I appreciate the compliment.

      Here at Green Bull Research we do earn money by recommending some services, but try our best to still provide as unbiased information as possible. Our number one goal is to cut through the BS to help investors grow their wealth.

  • Thank You!! Not that I have a lot of money do to 28 yrs military and they don't pay much.

    I had a thought, you said that someone had a strip that could be put under wallpaper, etc, What if someone put that strip in a case for the 5G. Just a thought because most of us have a case for our phones.. Maybe the strip must be large but still just a thought.

    Again, Thank you.

  • I was wondering about Casey's 5G Master key claims too. Sat Technology being the solution? You still got to get through the structure. Down here in Louisiana, the land of pine trees, regular cellular phone signals are absorbed by all the pine trees. So, are TV signals. Let there be a good thunderstorm and your sat service is disrupted. If it rains heavy enough the rainwall will block the sat signal completely. Even in some of the old granite building, that I have a cause to work in, some are using 4G antenna/repeater kits to get a decent 4G signal. If you are on the wrong side of the building you have to go to the window to get a signal. My brother-in-law built a house with a metal roof. No cellular phone signal inside. You had to press up to a window or step outside to use your phone. He later got an antenna that sat on the roof that fed an internal repeater to get the signal inside the house. Casey Research still has a lot of explaining to do. I thought we were going to skip over 5G and go straight to 6G. Wasn't there recently an article on that?

    • 6g will not happen anytime soon! Believe that. 5g is not fully implemented as it still piggy backs on 4g for the data load. But those sattellites will be involved and play a major part in global communications. gilt is a good investment and several others for future.

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